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Broadchurch: Sins of the Father: Episode 3, Part 5 - second half

Title: Broadchurch: Sins Of The Father

Date of commencement: September 22 2013

Date of completion: December 24 2014

Series: Broadchurch, a sequel to the original, and following on from Life Without Joe

Rating: M

Authors: tkel_paris and tardis_mole

Summary: Two years after Danny's death, life is slowly getting back to normal in Broadchurch. But Hardy's happy life is about to be turned upside down by a spectre from the past he had hoped had been laid to rest. Someone from his past wants to talk to him, someone wants revenge, someone wants to see him ruined. But it's not one 'someone'. But first, he must face the girl in his garden.

Disclaimer: We own nothing, but this is based on Broadchurch by Chris Chibnal, with added clues from the novel by Erin Kelly. We gain no financial benefit nor gratuities, only the enjoyment from writing and working together on this epic journey, shared for the enjoyment of others.

Dedication: Chris Chibnal, long time friend. bas_math_girl, for her beta. And each other for hopefully not ruining each other's lives for too long during the writing part.

Warning: If you have not watched Broadchurch in its entirety, do not read this. We mean it. You will be spoiled. Stop and go back. Now. Ideally you have seen the entire show, not just what was aired on BBC America if you live on that side of the pond, but this is understandable in either case. Also, if you have not read tardis_mole's Life Without Joe, that's okay. It's possible to read this without reading that, if you're not on Moley's approved list. You'll probably find this makes a little more sense if you have read it, but you should be fine without it. Take the time to read Erin Kelly’s novelization, if you can, as it provided certain details that helped with writing this. Though you won’t need to rely on it.

Authors' Notes: See Episode One, Part One. They're a bit long to include in each post. And once again LJ was being a right pain. I was SURE part 5 would be fine.



Episode Three, Part Five: Intolerant Poeple, Continued

A bit later Ellie and Anna walked out carrying several items in evidence bags; a packet of cigarettes, the letter and a diary.

Anna asked as they approached the car, “Do you think they had anything to do with it?”

Not sure. Did you notice how strict and old-fashioned they were? Having said that, I think it's highly unlikely he could have committed the first crime. But with the second victim having stayed here I have even more reason to check his alibi.”

And the sister and the mother? Surely you don't suspect them?

Too numb. Too shaken.” She opened the boot.

We'll need to question Becca Fisher about how many women she had staying who look like that and have a boy with them.

Ellie almost nodded as she placed the evidence bags inside. “No need. Uniform already did that legwork when Luiz Gotleib was killed. The descritpion matches the Tess Hardy. Ben Hardy is the only boy that has stayed at the Traders’ since last summer that doesn’t have a brother. The Wallace family arrived before the Gotleibs, so it could only be Ben they were talking about. But I want Becca called in to record a statement.”

DS Miller?”

Ellie stopped, refusing to look the way of the speaker. Her face could not hide the disgust or frustration she felt rising like dough filmed and played faster. Ellie closed the boot, turned and folded her arms. “Miss. Karen White. Come to darken our town again? I thought we'd seen the last of you after Danny’s memorial.”

Another murder in Broadchurch, another potential failure for DI Hardy. And this one dumped in your garden. With his track record in solving murders, I’m surprised you haven’t refused to work with him, by now.”

Anna stiffened, but Ellie made no reaction at all, which meant she was about to punch someone.

Karen failed to notice the warning sign. She simply ploughed straight on. “This time, he’s the prime suspect and yet he’s the officer-in-charge. And he has a new wife in town. Better warn her not to trust him. He has a history of cheating and leaving unwanted children behind.”

Typical of a reporter to get her facts twisted after dreaming them up. In the cold light of day, you’re still full of it. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the author of that little collection was high on something.”

Karen frowned, frustrated that Miller wasn’t reacting as she’d expected her to. She’d planned on anger and a sense of betrayal at the very least. She had planned to act on that, but now she felt deflated. “Sandbrook wasn’t his first failure, by the way,” she offered. “There was Leatherhead before that.”

Ellie kept silent.

Believe in him if you dare. You'll only drag yourself down.” With that volley Karen walked off, acting like she had won a victory.

Ellie just remained still, expressionless.

Anna looked back and forth. “I take it you didn't believe a word of that.”

It's as much what she didn't say as how she said what she did,” Ellie explained. I know my husband is innocent, and he’s not the officer-in-charge. I am. Karen White knows nothing. She made it up.

What about the cheating and leaving kids behind?”

He didn’t cheat on Tess. She cheated on him. As for leaving children behind; he had no choice. Tess threw him out and he was sleeping rough. He didn’t want to put his daughter through that. Besides, I know things about Sandbrook that Karen White couldn’t possibly have access to.”


Let's just say I had some time on my hands when my now husband and I weren't talking. I wanted to know the truth. There are things about the Sandbrook investigation that the first Mrs. Hardy doesnt want to ever come out about the case. If Alec hadn't been so worried about Daisy's reaction I think Tess might have lost her job. She can't admit that to the Press, so she’s turned the story around to blame him.


I've seen DI Hardy’s work history.” She looked at Anna with a hint of a smug smile. “According to his records, he never worked in Leatherhead. Never even set foot there. That's why he's always been confused about why Karen has had it in for him. And now I know why.”

Broome’s eyes widened. “Why don't you say anything? You have the proof.”

Oh, I'm waiting for the right moment. She wouldn't have believed me anyway. Might even think it was forged. Or that there was something about it that can't be put on record. You heard her. She's convinced I needed 'pointers on the man you think you know', like shes rubbing it in that I didn't see Joe as a killer, and have poor judgment where men are concerned.” Her eyes narrowed as she looked back at the path Karen had taken. “I'm suspecting she thinks she can play Tess and me off each other, but I'm not playing games with anyone. I'm only going to deal with that woman as far as the investigation requires, and maybe I can also ensure my husband can finally see his daughter again. Besides, I suspect that Tess has her own agenda in talking with Karen, who has no idea she's being used thanks to her own biases.”

Ellie took a deep breath and walked to the driver's door. As Broome went to the passenger door, she added, “I have too much on my plate to properly investigate Karen's claims, but I know two people who can. They'll gladly find out the truth for me because they can make the time to go wherever the evidence leads out of town, and they each have motivation to see what Karen has got wrong.

As they belted up, Ellie looked again at her temporary partner. “But believe me, Anna. I'm going to relish the moment when I can expose Karen White for incompetence and lack of integrity.”

Broome nodded and smiled. “I have little use for reporters, and that one did trigger too many suspicious thoughts. If I can help knock her down to size, it'll be a pleasure.”


To be continued...

Tags: broadchurch, fanfic, rating = m, tardis-mole
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