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Title: Broadchurch: Sins Of The Father

Date of commencement: September 22 2013

Date of completion: December 24 2014

Series: Broadchurch, a sequel to the original, and following on from Life Without Joe

Rating: M

Authors: tkel_paris and tardis_mole

Summary: Two years after Danny's death, life is slowly getting back to normal in Broadchurch. But Hardy's happy life is about to be turned upside down by a spectre from the past he had hoped had been laid to rest. Someone from his past wants to talk to him, someone wants revenge, someone wants to see him ruined. But it's not one 'someone'. But first, he must face the girl in his garden.

Disclaimer: We own nothing, but this is based on Broadchurch by Chris Chibnal, with added clues from the novel by Erin Kelly. We gain no financial benefit nor gratuities, only the enjoyment from writing and working together on this epic journey, shared for the enjoyment of others.

Dedication: Chris Chibnal, long time friend. bas_math_girl, for her beta. And each other for hopefully not ruining each other's lives for too long during the writing part.

Warning: If you have not watched Broadchurch in its entirety, do not read this. We mean it. You will be spoiled. Stop and go back. Now. Ideally you have seen the entire show, not just what was aired on BBC America if you live on that side of the pond, but this is understandable in either case. Also, if you have not read tardis_mole's Life Without Joe, that's okay. It's possible to read this without reading that, if you're not on Moley's approved list. You'll probably find this makes a little more sense if you have read it, but you should be fine without it. Take the time to read Erin Kelly’s novelization, if you can, as it provided certain details that helped with writing this. Though you won’t need to rely on it.

Authors' Notes: See Episode One, Part One. They're a bit long to include in each post.



Episode Four. Part One: Every Beat Of My Heart

Six-monthly check,” the doctor spoke almost to himself as he returned the de-fib to its hook on the wall. He plugged it in to recharge and moved towards his desk. How have you been?”

I’ve been fine,” he replied. “I’ve been jogging most mornings and eating healthily. My wife makes sure I have no excuse there, although I have had the odd bag of chips.”

The doctor gave him a sharp stare, one of those you’d expect from a bear from darkest Peru if you’d taken one of his marmalade sandwiches. “As long as it is the odd bag,” he said. He reread the previous entries on the screen and stood up, taking out his stethoscope. “The last thing we need is for you to add more problems to what you already have. Jacket off please.”

Hardy tugged off his jacket and waited for him to listen to his heart.

I think it might be a good idea if you have your son checked as well,” he spoke as he approached Hardy. “Sleeve.”

Hardy frowned in confusion as he watched the doctor record his heart rate on a small piece of paper and return with an armband. Hardy waited for the inevitable tightening around his arm. He wasn’t particularly a whimp, but he hated having his blood pressure checked. It was uncomfortable.

He has probably inherited your problems from you,” he continued. “Hate to be blunt, but he’s long over due a pace-maker. It was a struggle to get him to stabilise. Even so, and I know you both have frayed nerves, but the waiting room is not the place. You should be supporting each other, not at logger-heads.”

My son has been twice to see you,” Hardy reminded the doctor. “He’s due another check-up in September. And the woman I was arguing with was my ex wife.”

The doctor paused. “Really? Oh. Well, apologies. Even so, you still need a little decorum. Your son needs his parents to be there for him and his needs, and not distracted by squabbling. It doesn’t help matters at all.”

Do you mean Ben?”

The doctor lifted his eyebrows. “Of course I mean Ben. He’s inherited the same condition you have... Oh my god. You don’t know. She hasn’t told you, has she?”

Know what?”

The doctor looked increasingly uncomfortable. “Ben was rushing in last night with acute arrhythmia.” He hesitated. “Um, simple question. Is Ben Hardy your son?”


Oh. Well, that puts a different slant on things. I am terribly sorry. I assumed because you have the same name and he is your ex-wife’s son that he was also your son.”

No,” Hardy repeated. “And I’m very annoyed that she’s given you that impression. And even more annoyed that she gave him my name.”

So you weren’t together when Ben was born?”

For appearances, but she got pregnant by another man. I never found out who, but I presume it’s the man she’s with now. I had a paternity test done to prove Ben wasn’t mine. I was vindicated. And I didn’t enjoy that one bit.”

He looks a lot like you.”

I noticed that when I saw him for the first time since he was two years old, yesterday,” Hardy admitted. “But he’s not mine.”

The doctor looked like he had more to say and wondered if it was his place to say it. He checked the pacemaker’s memory and printed it out while he silently debated and decided to say it. “I’d have the test done again, Mr. Hardy,” he suggested quietly. “Your heart condition is very rare and only occurs in families with a history of it. Parent and child."

Hardy felt himself flinch involuntarily at the implication, but he was adamant. “He’s not my son.”

His tone was confidant, but the assurance behind it was beginning to waver.


Along the hall in the children’s ward, in a single-bed room, Ben lay sedated and on a heart monitor. He had an oxygen mask over his face and his Minion tucked in his arm. Bruce gazed disinterestedly at the bed and wandered over to the window to stare out at the sun-baked day. People were out there having fun, while he was stuck in here.

Tess sat in the chair beside the bed, numbed by what had happened. Her son had a bad heart. It had changed everything. Ben would have to be kept calm and not be allowed to run around like other children. He would have to take medication for the rest of his life, or have a pace-maker once he got home. He was too weak to have it done immediately and the local hospital wouldn’t do it. Different health authority.

Is there any family history of heart problems?” the nurse asked.

Tess shook her head, hugging a now cold cup of coffee. “Not on my side. Bruce?”

Bruce had been increasingly edgy about divulging his family’s health information. “I told you, it’s none of anyone’s business!”

For goodness sake, Bruce,” Tess urged him angrily. “Ben could die.”

Leave me out if it!” Bruce forced out.

What is wrong with you? This is your son!”

Bruce huffed a breath in annoyance and turned away, staring out of the window. He refused to say anything more.

The nurse looked uncomfortable. “We’ll need to do more tests,” she said.

Do it, whatever you need to do,” Tess urged her.

We’ll need to take bloods to rule out anything else and other causes,” the nurse added. “There are three possibilities that might have caused the arrhythmia; undiscovered illness, a heart injury or a defect.”

Please, do anything, everything. Do whatever it takes to find the problem and get Ben well again.”

It would take some time for the results to come back. The samples had to be sent to the general. At this point in time, Ben was too ill to be moved.

Daisy read to her brother, having brought his favourite book. He had slipped in and out of consciousness, and she was unsure exactly how much of the story he had heard. He couldn’t even roll over, as any sudden movement could trigger another episode.

She didn’t take this well at all. After the second heart attack, she sobbed gently. All his life she had looked after him, told him about her dad, probably turned him into a hero figure, but that was what he was to her.

Is he going to die?” she asked the nurse who came in to check his vitals every few minutes.

I couldn’t say, love,” the nurse replied gently. “But we’ll do everything we can to make sure he doesn’t.”

I need to know,” Daisy persisted. “I lost my dad and now I’m going to lose my brother. Aren’t I?”

Daisy, don’t talk like that,” Tess cut in. “Your dad made his choice. He left. He doesn’t care about you. All he ever cared about was work.”

That’s not true,” Daisy insisted. “You kicked him out.”

Please,” the nurse quieted. “Right now, we need a little more focus on Ben. If you can’t do that then I’m afraid I’d have to ask you to leave. Either way you’ve all been up all night. I strongly suggest you go and get some sleep.”


Leaving the ward to return to the hotel, Daisy caught sight of someone she recognised.

Just need the loo,” she called out.

Daisy!” Bruce grumbled.

Bruce,” Tess quieted. “Do you want us to wait for you, or will you be all right?”

No, I’ll be fine,” Daisy assured her. “I’ll catch up.”

She watched her mum and Bruce vanish out the doors and around the corner and turned back to her dad standing in the corridor. He too had waited for them to leave. She saw his eyes shift to Daisy. She ran to him and hugged him.

His arms wrapped tightly around her. “Daisy, are you all right?”

Yeah, I’m ok,” she assured him. “Oh, god, Chloe was right. You do want to see me, you have wanted to see me.”

The mention of Chloe reminded him of the offer, but he did not dare speak of it. “Every day, love.” He looked at her carefully and knew she wasn’t ok at all. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for you.”

Mum said you slept with someone else, but I didn’t believe her.”

Good, because I didn’t,” he replied, but fell short of telling her what really happened.

What are you doing here? Have you come to see Ben?”

No, I’m here for a check-up,” he told her honestly. He could find no reason to keep the truth from her. “I have a bad heart. I had a pacemaker fitted.”

Ben needs one of those,” Daisy replied. “The doctor said it was inherited.”

To Hardy’s relief she changed the subject.

Why haven’t you called?”

I have, every week, sometimes every day.”

There’s nothing on my phone. Are you sure you called the right number?”

Hardy wondered if it was more than his ex was deleting the calls, but he said nothing. “You’ve grown so tall,” he said.

Daisy smiled widely. “I get that from you,” she grinned. For the first time in forever she felt safe and relaxed, but it couldn’t last. She glanced at the door. “I better go. Or Bruce will kick hell.”

He’s controlling.”

That’s an understatement. He’s nasty. I don’t like him at all and neither does Ben. Can’t you take us away?”

I can’t do that, Daisy. The court gave custody to your mum.”

But you could fight it. We could be a family again. And Ben could see what a real dad is like, coz Bruce is rubbish.”

He sighed. “I can’t take Ben.

Why not?”

He knew this moment would come sooner or later. “He’s not my son, Daisy.”

Daisy stared at him realising what he wasn’t saying. She took a step back from him in shock.

I wish... I so wanted to believe he was, but the truth is he couldn’t have been mine.”

Daisy gave him one last look and fled. Leaving her father stock still.


To be continued...


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Jan. 3rd, 2015 12:46 pm (UTC)
Uh-oh! Not sure that was the best time for Hardy to tell Daisy that Ben is not his son. Still, I don't suppose she gave him much choice.
Jan. 7th, 2015 05:47 am (UTC)
What was he supposed to do? That's the problem.
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