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FIC: Wedding on Oodsphere (1/1)

Title: Wedding on Oodsphere

Genre: Doctor Who

Rating: T

Author: tkel_paris

Summary: A sudden summons drives the celebrating Children of Time to Oodsphere. Donna's life is at stake, and there's an unusual way of fixing it. No one saw this coming. Or if they did, none will admit to it.

Disclaimer: Not mine. This might've happened otherwise.

Dedication: alimoseby and bas_math_girl as a Christmas present. Their posted images – along with a slight dare from the minx that is BMG – inspired me. Ali's is here and BMG's is here.

Author's Note: A belated offering for the winter time season. And now I have THREE Nativity movies to see. My DT and CT viewing list keeps growing. (They're prolific, as my beta, tardis_mole, pointed out to me.) Maybe I should keep a Wish List post, and update it when either I buy something or a friend gifts me with something. Or I've seen it. (I finally saw “Lair of the White Worm” and was thoroughly creeped out. Mom can have that movie as part of her collection of horror films, even though it was amusing to see a YOUNG Peter Capaldi.)

Wedding on Oodsphere

Started December 26, 2014

Finished December 31, 2014

One moment they were all cheering and hugging each other. Some more energetically than others, depending on whether they had permitted hugging earlier or had missed someone more than the others.

Then all hell broke loose.

The TARDIS lurched violently as her engines suddenly powered into action by themselves, sending the companions and the Doctor to the floor in various heaps.

“What's happening?!” screamed Jackie and Rose, almost as one.

The Doctor, the Duplicate, and Donna all clawed their way to the controls to see. It was the Duplicate who first answered.

“She's locked us out! Wherever we're going, we can't stop it!”

“She's got somewhere specific in mind, but she won't tell us where,” Donna called out.

“Come on!” shouted the Doctor. “There's still work to be done! I need to get everyone home!”

The shuddering and bouncing around got worse. The Three-Fold Man held on to the controls, but the others had to fight to find purchase. Jack and Sarah Jane had each located a post to grab, Mickey and Martha a railing each, and Jackie and Rose had to struggle to keep hold of where the railings met the posts.

Their crazy journey came to a sudden halt, making everyone lose their grip again.

Multiple groans were released as the Children of Time dragged themselves to their feet.

“Where are we?” asked Jack.

Donna was first to the controls this time, having not been sent as far as either of the Doctors. She looked at the destination indicators, and blinked. “Why here again?”

The Doctor joined her. “Um, Old Girl, some of them might be a bit cold.”

The TARDIS opened the doors for them, bringing cooler air into the room. Then she shut off the lights, leaving only the sunlight from outside to keep them out of darkness.

The Duplicate sighed. “Guess we're on a little unplanned adventure. Just like almost always, right?”

Donna, Martha, and Sarah Jane all laughed. Jack and Mickey joined in after a moment, but three were not so amused.

Jackie was first to express displeasure. “You mean my daughter took up with an alien who doesn't know how to fly his own ship?!”

“Mum! He's got us to the right destination. Sometimes.”

The Doctor decided to grab his coat, although he expected to have to give it up at any moment to one of the ladies.

“Oi!” the Duplicate called out, rushing after him to the outside.

Donna shrugged. “Hope this jacket will keep me warm.” She followed them, leading the others outside.

All except the Three-Fold Man were in awe. It was a winter planet, snow falling around them. It was beautiful how the mountains captured the snowfall, and the sky seemed to clear in the distance, giving off signs that there would be a beautiful sunset very soon.

But the incredible part was that they were indoors. The snow was falling against the glass roof, which was a domed ceiling.

While shivering, Martha was first to comment. “It's amazing. Where are we? You sounded like you knew the planet, Donna.”

“Yeah, it's Ood Sphere.”

Any other comments where halted when footsteps approached. They had a welcoming committee.

Rose recognized them at first. “Ood! Doctor!”

“It's all right, Rose. This is the Oodsphere. Those Ood you saw were imprisoned, slaves. These Ood have been freed. This is their homeworld.”

“Yep!” proclaimed the Duplicate. “All because of Donna and the Doctor!”

One Ood stepped forward from the rest of the Ood, bringing a smile to the Doctor's face.

“Ah, Ood Sigma! We weren't planning to be here.”

“You have been summoned here. We have given out the call for some time, Time Lord. Why did you not come sooner?”

He blinked. “Um, I didn't get the signal.”

“Then we do not have much time left. The life of the Doctor-Donna is in danger.”

“I am aware of that.”

“Then your ship was aware that you were not taking action as you ought. We have another solution for you, Doctor.”

“What?! Another solution?!”

The Doctor could only see either Donna burning up or him wiping her mind. What did the Ood have in mind?

“One that your mind has been clouded to by events from your past. But our solution will clear that, if you will follow the instructions given to us.”

“Given? Who did?” the Duplicate demanded.

“She will reveal herself when all is ready. We do not have much time.”

Seeing the Doctor needed a distraction to refocus his mind and calm himself, Donna pointed out one other thing. “Spaceman, this isn't the spot we landed the last time.”

“I noticed that, too,” said the Duplicate. “So where are we?”

A remarkable sight surrounded them. The building overlooked a skyline that was even more breath-taking. Although the sun was still in the sky stars were already making appearances in the orange colors in the setting light. The snow was slowing down, showing the first signs of a sunset over the mountaintops. Already there were hints of color that was never seen on Earth: almost glittery effects in the sky that had to be from the still falling snow nearby.

“Evidently we'll find out in a moment,” remarked the Doctor.

“So these are the Ood,” Jack remarked casually. “How do you tell the genders apart again? It's been a while since I last heard.”

Ood Sigma spoke. “Doctor-Donna,” he addressed Donna. “You must follow these Ood to prepare for the change that will save your life.”

“What is it?”

“There is little time to waste. Please, let the Ood repay their debt to you.”

Donna gave the Doctor and Duplicate a confused look, but followed into an adjoining chamber built inside the mountain, the doors closing behind her.

Ood Sigma then turned to the Duplicate, motioning with his free hand to others. “You must follow this group of Ood.”

“Why me?”

“Your creation left you in danger as well. The process shall permit you a healthy life. You know what your danger is to your body and mind.”

His eyes widened. His single heart powering all that Time Lord knowledge. Yes, he would lose his health soon enough. So he followed without further question through a nearby door.

The Doctor turned to him. “And me? You have something in mind for me?”

“Your change is already inside your ship, and the event will heal the damage to your mind.”

“What damage?” cried Rose.

Ood Sigma ignored her. “You have lived with it since the end of the Time War, and the culprit is still harming you to this very moment. It has left you with false memories, altering your actions.”

He stilled, leaving his companions present alarmed for him.

“Can you detect the tendrils of her influence in your mind, Doctor?”

He paled.

Martha risked approaching Ood Sigma. “What do you mean? What damage?”

“A time demon imprinted on the TARDIS in reaction to something the Doctor did. She then imprinted on someone he was destined to meet, and has caused him and the universe pain ever since. This event will also stop her for good.”


“You will all learn as soon as we are ready. You have fifteen minutes, Time Lord. Hurry.”

The Doctor did not like being in the dark, but now that he knew that Ood Sigma was confident that they had an alternative to Donna dying or being mind-wiped he was willing to be patient. He was worried because he had no idea how long Donna had left. So he ran back inside.

Jack, Martha, Mickey, and Sarah Jane were soon asking all sorts of questions about the Ood and how they were freed. Ood Sigma answered, with the Doctor pitching in when he thought the story was being told wrong – which was less often than he had expected. Jackie listened in interest, but lacked the nerve to speak to any of them.

Rose on the other hand kept back, not wanting to get that close to anything that reminded her of the space station around the Impossible Planet. Even if the Doctor acted like these Ood were harmless. What if he was wrong?

With two minutes left the Doctor came back outside, and was scowling. “This suit is jinxed!”

“You will find that taken care of, Time Lord,” Ood Sigma contended.

The others stared at him, but only three recognized the suit. It was the formal black suit with a bowtie. The one he wore on Pete's World. The one he wore to Lazarus Labs. The one he wore on the space ship Titanic.

Jack whistled. “Looking good, Doctor.”

Before the Doctor could tell Jack to stop it, the Duplicate was led back in. Instead of the blue suit he had snagged earlier he was now wearing all white. A long white item that reminded the Doctor of the banyans his people wore almost hid the trousers underneath. Something about the banyan shimmered, and the Doctor could feel a crackling energy coming from it.

Jack sensed it, too. “Are you okay?” he asked the Duplicate.

He grimaced briefly. “I feel like something's about to happen. I'm hoping for one thing, but I have no idea how it'll happen.”

Then the other doors opened, revealing Donna. Each man in the room caught his breath, and the women all dropped their jaws.

Donna had changed into a winter white dress that went straight down her form, hugging her hips and torso as it flowed down. A cloak in matching material was fastened loosely around her neck, and it had a hood rimmed with what the Doctor's eyes told him was synthetic animal fur. It made her look like an angel.

The Doctor remained silent, speechless.

The Duplicate shook his head. “Donna, how can you not think you're lovely?”

“I'd almost like to have that dress for my wedding,” Martha enthused.

“I wish I'd had the money to wear something that nice for my wedding, even though it wasn't in a church,” remarked Jackie in awe.

“I don't think that material is anything like the silk it resembles,” observed Sarah Jane.

Mickey smiled. “I'd consider going for an older woman if she looked like that.”

Jack whistled. “And that dress proves to me that my instincts were right.”

“What instincts?” asked Rose. “You didn't hug her.”

“And this situation is telling me that I was right to stay back. I don't want to make the Doctor mad at me.”

Donna blushed over all the comments and interrupted before anyone else could speak. “As pretty as this is, I feel like I've been set up for another wedding. Ood Sigma, what does this have to do with saving my life?”

“The garments you and the one who you and the Doctor created are wearing will facilitate the necessary changes each of you must undergo. We foresaw the need for this, but we lacked the one vital part. Fortunately, she came to us when she heard our call.”

The Doctor frowned. “Who?”

They heard footsteps approaching, but they were lighter than the others. Whoever it was knew how to step softly, even though their shoes still registered against the floor. They brought in someone also wearing the same fabric, although hers more resembled the Duplicate's garments than Donna's. Despite the cloak she wore.

The Children of Time all frowned, wondering just who this newcomer was. But Jack's time senses went off inside his head. He knew she was a fellow time sensitive, but why did she also smell so familiar?

She stopped before them and lowered her hood.

The Doctor, Donna, the Duplicate, and Martha all gasped. But only the fourth could manage words.

“It can't be!”

The blonde grinned hugely. “Hello again, Martha!”

“Jenny,” the Duplicate gasped. “How?!”

“I revived after I was left behind. In light of everything Donna said about how dangerous it might be for your DNA to end up in the wrong hands, I'm surprised none of you were there for what was supposed to be my funeral.”

The Doctor facepalmed himself, her words shoving him out of the shock. “Prizithi! I'm sorry. I am so sorry.”

Jack suddenly understood. She was his old friend's daughter. The one Martha had hinted about. Which meant she was strictly speaking underage.

“What's that?” demanded Rose. “And who is this?”

Jenny ignored her. “I see the TARDIS is in position.” She then focused on the Old Girl, whose chiming could be heard from outside. She smiled. “Good. We're ready. We need absolute silence from everyone else.”

“Not until you tell us who you are and what's going on!” Rose demanded. “This looks like a wedding!”

“Rose, be quiet!” snapped the Doctor. “Two lives are at stake here!”

“Anyone who will not be silent will have their mouths covered,” Ood Sigma added, giving Rose a pointed glare.

That took the wind out of Rose's sails. She was not about to let an Ood come near her. Her fears of the past repeating overpowered her need to be near the Doctor.

Three Ood stepped forward, each one approaching one of the three in white, as Ood Sigma stepped next to the Doctor. They wordlessly guided them to all step on points of a circle near the TARDIS. The Duplicate and Donna stood closest to the Old Girl, the Doctor on Donna's other side and Jenny on his other side. They held hands as directed.

The TARDIS doors suddenly opened on their own. The Three-Fold Man started, but Jenny remained stoic. “Begin,” she commanded.

All the other Ood raised their hands, communicator ball or their hindbrain in both. A singing began, a medley that stirred the hearts of all of the Children of Time and filled their hearts with the sense that something extraordinary was about to happen.

None of the Three-Fold Man recognized the sound. It was different than the Song of Freedom and held a greater power to it.

Ood Sigma had put his translator into its storage pocket. He wrapped a ribbon of the same shimmering material around the Doctor and Donna's wrists, joining their hands.

The Doctor's eyes widened. He recognized the method and the connotation, but how did the Ood know it?

Then as Ood Sigma stepped back and joined in the singing the white cloth began to shimmer more strongly. It made Donna, the Duplicate, and Jenny tremble with its energy. The Doctor alone was nearly unaffected, but he found he could not let go of either Donna or Jenny's hands.

But then his mind heard an echo. Will you help?

It was the TARDIS, but she was speaking in a clear voice – not with the chimes. He knew what his answer was without thinking.


Seek Donna's mind out with yours. Your instincts will tell you what to do.

He looked at her and aimed his telepathy at her, as little he had used it. She still shuddered but met his eyes. Their gazes were locked. And then something came forward, the urge to say something in their minds that he had thought he never would have the occasion to say. Even though he had thought he was going to be given no choice but to say it to someone he was not wanting to say it to.

His whispered telepathically to her. And was shocked when she instinctively knew the answering vow.

He felt their minds bind more closely together, and then he saw just how she was still managing to be alive. He could see the link between her and the Duplicate. Each was stabilizing the other, although it could not last. Their child's single heart could not continue to pump enough blood to keep his brain fully functional. Even if the Time Senses shut down, he was missing more than just the second heart he should have had. It was still inside Donna.

Jenny's voice suddenly rang through the room. “Time Vortex, I invite you to step forward to complete the process.”

That dreaded panel at the Controls opened without anyone moving it, and a golden light drifted out to reach the four standing nearby.

The Doctor suddenly noticed it, but he couldn't find the air to scream. His voice had gone AWOL.

Donna and the Duplicate opened their mouths to scream, but the light reached them too soon. It engulfed them, leaving the others unable to let go. Soon Jenny and the Doctor also vanished from sight.

The other Children of Time all opened their mouths, but they couldn't find their voices either. The song had taken effect and rendered them silent.

Inside the golden light, the Doctor watched as the energy was crackling through his family's bodies and yet somehow leaving him alone. Yet not alone, for he could feel it running through him. Information and energy were being transferred through him back and forth between Donna and Jenny, and the energy was moving freely between the other three.

Then he could see what was happening. The energy did have a direction to it, a method to what had seemed like madness. So he focused instead on helping them cope as the light grew so bright that none of them could see.

Yet he could feel them drawing closer to each other.

The light grew brighter outside as the singing reached a crescendo. One flash burst, making everyone either close their eyes or cover them or both.

The light suddenly grew brighter, and aimed for Rose, zapping her. She screamed and collapsed, still conscious as something was drawn from her body.

The light dimmed enough that the Children of Time could open their eyes, blinking away the afterimages. It took a moment before they could look clearly enough, and it wasn't until the Ood stopped their song that the companions could see. When they did all their jaws dropped.

In the air was a reddish energy trapped within a ball held by the energy of the TARDIS. Suddenly it faded to nothing, and then the energy flew right back into the TARDIS and the panel closed after it. But there was a strange sense that something had popped in the universe. Jack felt it the strongest.

The Doctor and Donna were kneeling next to each other, wrists no longer bound. The ribbon had vanished. They were reaching out to where the Duplicate and Jenny had been standing, but in their places were toddlers, surrounded by and nearly drowning in the clothes that were far too big for them. One blonde girl sitting where Jenny had been, and a boy with dark ginger hair where the Duplicate had been.

No one spoke. Not even the Doctor or Donna. They seemed to wordlessly comfort the rapidly alarmed children as each scooped a child into their arms – the long-sleeved shirts being used like blankets. The trousers and cloak were left on the ground. Although Donna eyed them with a mind to take them if they were permitted.

Ood Sigma took his communicator ball out again. “We have succeeded in saving two lives, stopping the Time Demon, and the Doctor's song of loneliness has ended.”

That drew the Doctor's attention away from his little girl, and made him scowl. “What?! You know, I could've benefited from that knowledge! I was wondering if you were seeing my next death, and I didn't want that to happen to this body anytime soon!”

Donna groaned as she stood with the Duplicate in her arms. “Have you always been this vain, Doctor?”

He thought a moment. “Eh, only one other me could compete. You would've slapped that me with both hands, Donna.”

She grimaced. “Oh. Well, the only people who'd like that jacket would be kids buying action figures.”

“You remember?!”

“Bits and pieces. It's more a feeling I'm getting from you.”

His face started beaming. “Isn't that brilliant?”

She blushed. “Yeah, and there are short ears here, Doctor. You sure they can't pick up on your thoughts right now?”

He turned pink.

Sarah Jane at last found her voice. “Doctor, what happened? How are those two kids now?”

Ood Sigma answered first.

“The mind of the Doctor that the Doctor-Donna gained was too much for their respective Human bodies and brains to process for long. They were each held stable by the presence of the other half of the Doctor-Donna. The excess energy from the Doctor's regeneration needed to be harnessed or extracted from the female half to help the male half heal. That is what the Doctor's daughter helped us with, the materials needed to channel the energy into a directed manner. And her own creation from a machine left her lacking some of the critical energy and training to function as one of her father's kind. The Doctor's TARDIS was the final factor as she has the ability to regress a person, which would grant both the male half and the Doctor's daughter the childhoods they should have had from the beginning.”

Jack made the connection. “So she did what she did to Blon. Did she help the energy transfer as well?”

“That is correct,” Sigma replied. “It would not have completed without her taking control of some of the processes.”

Mickey was next to find his voice. “But what about what happened to Rose? There was something that hit her, and there was this red light that was... consumed by the light from the TARDIS.”

The Doctor cleared his throat. “That was the last remnants of a dangerous weapon from the Time War: the Moment.”

“What?!” Rose was baffled. “How could it have anything to do with me?”

“Because the weapon was self-aware, and took on an image she read from my timeline. Yours, Rose.”

Jackie's yell was incoherent, and Rose and Mickey's were not far behind.

“Wait, this weapon could think for itself?!” gasped Martha.

“Yes, but she had little ability to act on her own as a weapon. I... I always thought I'd been left no choice but to destroy my homeworld to save the universe, but now I remember a bit more. I found another way, and I think I had help. There were two other mes there, but I can't remember who they were – which means that those mes are in the future. But the Moment was not happy about that. She acted like she was trying to be helpful, but she was manipulative. I can see that now, and... ooh! My timeline has been subtly altered!”

Jack was alarmed. “And that's good?”

“Because the behavior of those future mes have been altered from now on. In retaliation for not being used the Moment imprinted herself on the TARDIS. I wasn't able to do anything about it, and it left the last me vulnerable to influence. But her manipulation of me was not the worst of it. She used an innocent Human girl to mess with my timeline, my future. And that was Rose.”

Everyone was shocked. Save Donna.

Rose shook her head slowly, in disbelief. “But... I chose my own actions. How could she have anything to do with them?”

“She acts like a whisper in your mind, tendrils that are so subtly wrapped around your mind that they're hard to tell apart from some of the random thoughts we all get. She needed someone still growing up, whose own selfish tendencies could be used to manipulate me further. When you set foot in the TARDIS you came under the Moment's influence, Rose. She was waiting 900 years for you, to cause damage that would keep me busy for years.”

Rose went silent. “Oh my God... I remember... I first wasn't thinking of you as more than the alien bloke who could show me exciting things, but after you brought me back that first time... when we were a year late... now I remember the whispers. Coaxing me into thinking of... claiming you as my own no matter what.” She shuddered. “I remember being disgusted at the thought of being sexually involved with that you.”

“Thanks, Rose,” he said flatly. “You liked this me better, and Donna would've probably liked the last me better.”

“I might not remember all of it, but I know this much,” Donna contended. “Each you was special, and to ignore one of them is to cut off a key part of what makes you the person you are now.”

He smiled softly at her. “Still think I'm a skinny streak of nothing?”

“Well... you've grown on me, and I couldn't exactly hint that I had noticed on that rooftop that you have beautiful eyes and a lovely smile after all that happened between us, could I? Or that I'd checked out your bum – right in front of Lance! – when you climbed that ladder?”

Jack covered his mouth to stop the laugh that was bubbling up. Martha and Sarah Jane didn't bother to hide their grins. Mickey was rolling his eyes while Jackie – shocked as she was – was fighting twitching lips. Rose didn't seem to hear.

The Doctor sighed. “Yeah... that whole 'I just want a mate' thing was the daftest thing I ever said.”

“It's up there. I'd bet some of the things you told Rose beat it.”

He flinched. “Um... maybe more the things I told Jackie.” He cleared his throat and looked at her. “I never gave you the credit you deserved. You had a thankless task, and you deserved compassion not contempt. Especially not from your own child.”

Jackie straightened slowly, her face a blank mask. “About time you did more than shut up when I threatened you with my ankle!”

Rose didn't even react. She just went thoughtful. “Pete... he was talking about how I should've been grateful for what she did given her circumstances, but I didn't listen. I was focused on that Cannon. Oh god! That was the Moment, too, wasn't it?! I knew you said the parallel world be cut off, but there was this whisper from when I was hearing your voice... Was that the Moment, too?!”

He paled. “Yeah. She was urging me to burn a sun, to say goodbye. Oh, no, no, no, no, no! She used that to set up the damage done today!”

Her face nearly turned white. “I heard you saying that crossing over would destroy everything including us... and yet all I could do was voice the thought that instantly came to mind. I said, 'So?' Like there would've been time for us before that destruction. What have I done?”

“I did resist her influence in some ways. She tried to discourage me from taking you, Donna. She saw me falling in love, fully and properly, and she tried to keep us apart. Even used you to do it. But the timelines were too strong, and Dalek Caan countered the Moment's actions.”

“But does that mean that Rose caused some of this?”

“She bears some fault, because it is possible to resist such an influence. But I can hold her punishment to exile back on the parallel world. And I have to get you back if we're to return you to your family, Jackie. You had a baby, didn't you?”

Jackie smiled. “Yeah. Had a boy. Tony. Even followed him with another girl, Sally.”

Mickey smiled. “They're good kids. I'll... I'll miss them. If it's okay for me to come back, Boss.”

The Doctor blinked. “Don't want to go back?”

“There's nothing for me there anymore. My gran died, and things have been dead between me and Rose since we were still in this universe together. That's part of why I left for there in the first place.”

Rose slowly stood. “But... if the Moment imprinted herself on the TARDIS, how could her influence be got rid of?”

“The Time Vortex can be used for very powerful things if properly done,” Ood Sigma said. “The Doctor's ship needed the help of regeneration energy to expel the remaining influence. The Doctor's previous self was able to dissipate some of it when he stopped the Bad Wolf, the revived Moment. But the rest was still in his mind and yours. Gaining bonds with children and a wife have healed his mind, which allowed the TARDIS the energy needed to heal you, Rose Tyler.”

“I'm not sure I followed that, but if it worked...” Rose paused. “Wait, a wife?”

“What you witnessed was not only a healing process. It was also a wedding.”

“Nothing like any of my previous ones,” the Doctor flippantly remarked. “Never envied Humans for their wedding troubles before.”

“Careful or my mother will interpret that as willingness to go through a Human ceremony,” Donna tossed at him.

He was not sure whether to shudder or grin.

She rolled her eyes. “Ood Sigma, thank you. We'll have to return once we've had a chance to adjust, and got everyone home.”

Ood Sigma nodded and gave a slight bow. “It was our honour, Doctor-Donna. Go with the blessings of the Ood. And know that your life has been extended by the process of the first transformation and this one.”

The return journey was far less eventful. Even with two toddlers who had to be supervised as they dropped everyone – starting with Rose and Jackie – off. As it was, it was as if they had never left Earth. Time had stood still for them, as if in gratitude for saving it. Having changed their clothes and dressed their little angels in clothes that fit, Donna and the Doctor knocked on her granddad's door.

It was pouring hard and they were drenched to the bone as they tried to keep the children dry, but the welcome was worth the changes in the timeline and the dampness. Donna had never seen her mum so happy. Her daughter was married, she had two grandkids who she adored in an instant, and a son-in-law who was worthy of the name. Donna glanced at her husband, and drew the same conclusion. She had never seen his eyes so alight.

All was right with the universe. And Donna couldn't wait for the next snowfall.



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Dec. 31st, 2014 11:18 pm (UTC)
Oh now this is a take I've never read before. I really liked this! I love how Jenny was able to come back and both her and HandyDoctor got to get the childhood they deserved, with a mother like Donna!

You even have Sylvia being happy! *grins*
Jan. 1st, 2015 05:44 am (UTC)
Yay that you enjoyed this. And yes, Jenny was SO imprinting on Donna. There's even the chance that she had some human DNA. Maybe Donna's.
Carolyn Harrison
Jan. 1st, 2015 01:06 am (UTC)
Wedding on Oodsphere
I loved this story, I just wish it was longer. I love the fact that the Doctor no longer has to worry about marrying River as he's now married to Donna. I think one of my favorite parts of the story is when Rose says that the idea of being involved with the 9th Doctor was disgusting to her, and the Doctor's reaction to it. I thought you did an excellent job with Donna's response to the Doctor's reaction. I really loved that this story really highlighted the difference between Donna and Rose when it comes to how they reacted to the Ood. Even without the Ood being taken over like they were when Rose met them she never treated them with the compassion and respect that Donna did.

I thought Donna looked absolutely stunning in that dress. I'm hoping that there will be more stories based on this dress.
Jan. 1st, 2015 05:43 am (UTC)
Re: Wedding on Oodsphere
Much longer and it wouldn't have been posted in time. That line of Rose's... Boy, it seems to get ignored. And yet she made that age gap comment... He so should've given what must be the real figure: much, much older.

I bet there will be. :D

And thank you for commenting.
Jan. 1st, 2015 03:37 am (UTC)
Thank you for the dedication. =) Glad to see my pic and BMG's pic prompted such an awesome fic.

It seems like everyone wins in this one. Even Rose a teensy bit. =P

I pictured Jenny waving and it amused me. Yes, why would the Doctor leave her on Messaline means he was "so concerned" about one drop of Time Lord DNA getting out and causing universe damaging havoc. >_>

The Doctor is not alone, the Duplicate and Jenny get a childhood, Donna gets her happily ever after. =D


~Ali ♥︎

Edited at 2015-01-01 06:38 am (UTC)
Jan. 1st, 2015 05:40 am (UTC)
You're welcome. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yeah, I figured it worked out for Rose. Giving her a real second chance. And I got to mention something that really sticks out as evidence against the whole Doctor/Rose thing. Especially NOT when they started out.

I blame the Moment. Because that's the only thing that makes his actions make sense.

Glad you loved it. :D
Jan. 1st, 2015 08:44 am (UTC)
So the Moment's had a bigger influence on the Doctor than ever before, but I really like how this would explain a lot of his comments (both towards Rose and Donna). And yay for the time-babies x3 You can always count on Jenny when it comes to nudging the Doctor and Donna in the right direction.

Good job and a great start into the new year!
Jan. 1st, 2015 11:09 am (UTC)
I know that that much Rose wasn't part of the prompts, but it kept popping up. And if the energy would heal the Doctor's mind, it had to also stop the Moment from interfering again. Which meant a little healing for Rose as well.

Jenny is a great way to nudge them. :DDDDD

Happy New Year! I just finished posting Episode 5 of Sins. Are you up to date?
Jan. 1st, 2015 11:22 am (UTC)
Well it worked and as long as it means a happy time family I'm happy <3

No, I'm way behind D: I've just finished EP 1, but I have all the links and I will make sure to get there eventually ;)

Btw, did you get my email with part 5 of CitS?
Jan. 1st, 2015 11:32 am (UTC)
Yes, I did. With this balrog otherwise known as Sins of the Father and the pressure of getting it fully posted before B2 airs, I just haven't gotten to yours yet. I promise to as soon as the final posts for Sins are scheduled.
Jan. 1st, 2015 11:36 am (UTC)
That's okay, I thought so ;) I still have to finish watching Gracepoint before the second season comes out, but I'm not quite into it as into Braodchurch simply because of Anna Gunn *ugh*
Jan. 2nd, 2015 12:15 am (UTC)
So that icon is meaning more than one character, eh?
Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:06 am (UTC)
Usually it's reserved for Rose only, but I thought it'd be helpful to express my annoyance with a certain other blonde who can't act for the life of herself, but that's just my personal opinion about her~
Jan. 2nd, 2015 10:22 pm (UTC)
*squees!!!* I hadn't realised how long I had been away from LJ until I just spotted this. *hugs this to my chest* Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I shall now go to the top and actually read it (after taking a calming breath)... And I remember that Peter Capaldi film which became a talking point after Hugh Grant became famous (it is still rubbish though ;D)

Right. Jenny was perfectly right to make that dig about them missing her funeral, wasn't she. It was a stupid idea to leave her behind. I am so pleased that the healing process resulted in a wedding and two lovely Time Tots. Awwww. And even Rose got excused; well... sort of. She managed to ignore the part that spoke of her guilt in not resisting the Moment. Perhaps they should have threatened her with an Ood. :D
Jan. 3rd, 2015 12:41 am (UTC)
We've missed you lots. *big hug*

Yes, it was rubbish. But I had to see it to know what hezikiah was talking about with the mongoose. ;)

Well, if you just discovered that something had been meddling with your mind, making you ignore that you weren't into a certain bloke and really made you like another one that you first looked at like he was a mental patient... you might not notice a lot of things. So... *shrugs*

Oh, don't give me a new plot bunny... :P
Jan. 8th, 2015 02:50 pm (UTC)
Very seasonal, and a great way to fix Donna too :)
Jan. 16th, 2015 12:19 am (UTC)
Ooh, can't believe I missed a comment! Even if I was busy that day. Anyway, thanks! :D
Jan. 15th, 2015 11:43 pm (UTC)
♥ How much do I love you having Jack voice his reasons for not hugging Donna, YUS!

And hand fasting, I adore that so much, it's like the fluffiest bondage ever ;D

" toddlers, surrounded by and nearly drowning in the clothes that were far too big for them. One blonde girl sitting where Jenny had been, and a boy with dark ginger hair where the Duplicate had been."

LOVE! You always have the most intricate and interesting plotty ideas, I dunno how you do it!

'the long-sleeved shirts being used like blankets. The trousers and cloak were left on the ground. Although Donna eyed them with a mind to take them if they were permitted."

Bwhahaha oh Donna, I would so be thinking the same thing!

This one totally needs a wedding night coda, my friend, NEEDS it!

Jan. 16th, 2015 12:26 am (UTC)
Did you hear that serenityslady suggested to JB that Jack didn't hug Donna because he got vibes of "MINE, stay back!" from the Doctor? He might've been humoring her, but he did later indicate that it was a possibility.

A fluffy handfast. 0:D

I do? Wow, thanks! *glomp hug*

Well, once she saw that her dress was made from the same material, wouldn't that be one of her first thoughts? ;D

And how are they going to manage one? What with two toddlers who are probably feeling very clingy after the shock of their new young ages? Besides, you already have a belated Christmas present that I still need to finish writing!
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