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Spoilers split between two Spoiler cuts, just in case anyone's seen 3 and not 4 - like I had until tonight.

[Episode 3]We have a new Hardy, this time with the Crown Prosecution. I can only hope that it won't be used against her. She is lucky to be alive.

Lee I wanted to strangle. I KNEW he was going to file a complaint against Hardy. The man has a secret, but he may be innocent of the murders.

Claire I don't trust as far as I can throw her with a giant slingshot. She practically dragged Ellie into a situation that wasn't good for her! And telling Ellie something she wouldn't tell Hardy? Fishy.

Ellie... my heart broke for her time and time again. The... scene that I will not name. And the on the stand accusations... Let's just say I had some ideas for the alternate story based on the ideas created for my and TM's Broadchurch sequel. And having to help Beth who didn't want her help?

And Hardy... I hated every moment when his character was accused. I worried about him when he was driving... and I worried for him when Lee "visited".

Speaking of Beth and Mark... I think Mark has forgiven Ellie, and may have to reveal his secret to force Beth to let go. Although I foresee many tense scenes ahead.

And now we know who the person is the Defense main lady is worried about. But if she tries to drag Jocelyn's health into the mix, I could see this little secret coming out. And what about the other lawyer? What secrets does she have?

[Episode 4]Hardy's nightmare. I wondered if he had nearly drowned, but now we know. He found Pippa's body and it was raining hard. And she's was Daisy's age. Poor Hardy.

I was half surprised that Hardy and Ellie spent any time alone together after that accusation. And that he was willing to use subterfuge after it went so poorly in Broadchurch? Although I wonder if Ellie spotted something that will become important later on. And it seems that Kate hasn't been telling the whole truth, either. More than one marriage wasn't strong in Sandbrook.

I was shocked at seeing who they met. So... does this mean Tess isn't the type of person who would keep a child from their dad? Does that mean SHE'S the DI now? The truth still isn't out. Wouldn't she lose her job if it did?

Daisy seemed like a sweet girl, and typical of her age. So Pippa was 12 when she died, and Daisy is the same age. That puts the time between Sandbrook and Danny's death as shorter than previously thought. How much does she know about her dad's health? And how well do her parents get along? I mean, Hardy is obviously driven, but what happened that Tess decided to have an affair?

The hotel room... The one spot of comic relief.  Ellie is right that the accusation has been made, but it could still hurt them. And... as uneasy as I am about it, I'm hoping there's a reasonable explanation for why Hardy won't answer the question about whether he slept with Claire. I still pray he didn't, although it looks like maybe she tried it on with him.

Speaking of... Lee still makes me uneasy, but Claire's the one to worry about. What does she know? And what's Lee's secret? Does he just not trust anyone, or is there something that Olly could find out that would ruin him completely?

And Olly's posting again... That will either backfire hugely or help them. I don't know which. The surprise witness testifying was alarming. I don't have reason to doubt her word, and she is right: a lot of rights don't outweigh a wrong. It doesn't mean a guilty person should escape punishment.

When the Defense started talking about setting up an alternate suspect after Joe's spectacularly bad test run (can the defendent force his lawyers to put him on the stand?), I immediately thought of Mark. And that we next saw him worried me further. But poor Tom... Mark may be right to end the secret meetings, but maybe he should bring the secret out. I did applaud him for trying to talk Tom into speaking with Ellie. (I wonder what he thinks of the accusations.)

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy... Too much! She doesn't get it! But what a contrast with the final witness! Susan returned! And after her comments to Tom and Nigel... she gets on the stand.

Now... I hope her testimony isn't completely thrown out because she can place someone looking like Joe at the scene. But I hope she's torn to shreads. Basically getting the treatment Lucy got, only worse because of her lies. And couldn't she be charged for giving the wrong name? The Defense may look bad because of her, and I'm hoping for it!

But now... I'm thinking Claire has something to do with the murders or with covering them up. And Pippa's father... he's now Prime Suspect #1.

Anyone else feeling unnerved?


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Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Trying to get everything on this post... Hope it works!

I felt so bad for Jocelyn. She reminds me of my mother, to a degree, that she's stubborn and wants to continue working despite their age.

Lee is a complete d-bag. I am really starting to think he is innocent. And I think he has good reason to hate Hardy... along with every other man in that town.

I dislike Claire the Man Snare way too much for a fictional character. In fact, she's directly behind Rose Tyler, and jumped ahead of Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds and River Song. I hated, HATED what happened to Ellie. She broke my heart. She was really too drunk to consent. And then to spill her guts to Ellie? There's something rotten in Denmark....

And did you see Hardy's face when she denied it? That was too sad, like he wanted it to be true. Based on the preview from E3, I thought Hardy was going to wreck the car. And Lee scares me - just because he's so tall.

I agree about Mark forgiving Ellie, but I think it has more to do with his spending time with Tom. I wanted to slap Beth that she didn't want Ellie's help. I know she's angry, but FFS, she's attacking Ellie as her water broke.

Will get to episode 4 in the next post.

Oh, BTW, did I hallucinate this - and you might know... Did I dream that D'Onofrio is going to play Kingpin in Daredevil and may cross over to AKA Jessica Jones?

Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:16 pm (UTC)
If we didn't have enough to worry about with Hardy's health. Jocelyn's is added to the mix.

Yeah, they may all hate him, but how will they react when the truth comes out? Whatever the truth may be.

So... which order? Either I'm too tired or I misread that. And yes, something is VERY ROTTEN.

Wait, when Ellie denied the affair? I'm confused. I thought he was just worried for her. (May have to rewatch that one scene.) And yes, Lee scares me. The actor is doing a great job of making us very uneasy about Lee.

What I'm waiting for is for Beth to realize she may not have any right to be so angry at Ellie. Not when she had no clue about the affair and apparently didn't know that Mark hit Danny that one time. I wonder what she'll think about the testimony yet to come.

I don't know... That'd be news to me. If VDO and DT are in the same episode, my fangirl heart might not be able to take it.
Feb. 2nd, 2015 09:59 pm (UTC)
Two posts coming up....

I think Jocelyn is going blind... Was that inferred or am I just pulling things out of the air?

I wish I knew how everyone was going to react. If Lee is innocent, I really want him to go, :::: as Nelson Muntz :::: "Haw haw!"

I think Ellie was too drunk to really know what she was doing with the dude from the bar. It screamed of dub-con to me. Not that probably 90% of women I know have done that.

When Ellie denied the affair.... it looked like regret. Then again, I have my gigantic shipper goggles on right now.

Yeah, Beth is a little clueless about things. Couldn't see her son was meeting a pedo, daughter's dating an older guy, husband hit son, husband having an affair.

VDO is definitely a baddie on Daredevil. I need to do some checking on Kingpin. 'Cause I did some more on Kilgrave/Purple Man, and I'm so still less than thrilled that he took this on.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
She might be. Oh, dear.

*chokes* :)

That one... *shudders* If Hardy wasn't in such bad shape do you think he'd hunt down that bloke? Or at least ream Claire a new one? I wonder if he threatened to wash his hands of her, what would she say and do?

She could be regretful about a lot of things. So... shipper goggles need to remain on. :/

Watch out when she has the explosion before the epiphany.

VDO has played baddies. Rather well, I've noticed. So this could also be a fangirl's nightmare fodder.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 03:58 am (UTC)
I'm watching E5 right now. Expect ranting in 45 minutes to an hour. XD

The night blindness tipped me off to Jocelyn. But who knows? In Broadchurch, it could be anything from a brain tumor to a papercut.

I think he would. He trusts Miller. He trusts her judgment... now at least. I think he finally sees he didn't need to remake her into a capable detective. She's one in her own right. And he definitely does not trust Claire.

She definitely is. My poor girl Ellie. My goggles will remain firmly in place (until Hardy dies... which I'm worried about).

Jodie Whittaker plays furious really well. For a character one would think of an English Rose housewife, Beth has one hell of a temper on her.

VDO... I used to have a huge thing for him. He's still one of my fangirl issues. I think my favorite baddie of his is Stargher from The Cell. Let me tell you - I worked for a movie theatre when that came out, and we had to screen all prints that came through. I had to watch The Cell with one of my friends. We were the only 2 people in this gigantic theatre of 2000+ seats. Someone came in and scared me half to death. I had nightmares for about 2 weeks after it. I can't wait to see A Fall from Grace when it comes out. What can I say? I like murder mysteries.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:20 am (UTC)
I'll be watching it as soon as I'm off a GChat with another LJ friend. :)

Blindness from paper cuts? I am suddenly wanting to mix jokes from two different things into one. *shudders*

Which is why I'm REALLY hoping he never actually slept with Claire. Besides, you'd think what his wife did would make him less confident about women.

I know. D: Which is why we have fanfics.

Under the circumstances who can blame Beth? Those housewives might have some anger to let out.

Oh, that's unnerving. I won't see that in its entirety. As much because I don't want to be freaked out as not caring for JLo as an actor. I watched "Shall We Dance" and felt she was wrong for the part. But that's another story.

And done with the chat! Off to be shocked and shaking my fist at CC.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:31 am (UTC)
That was a bad joke. Hey, I've gotten a papercut in my eye... Just don't ask how.

Or it could have made him run to the wrong woman when he felt his weakest.

I've been writing again, mostly in outline form. I don't have much of a creative outlet since I quit Twitter and gained a healthy dose of fear and loathing because of Tumblr. Plus I'm up to my eyeballs in GMAT prep, health issues, and doing research on what I hope is a non-fiction book on crime in my city.

Beth has been through so much. It's amazing she's still standing. I really like her character despite the outburst at Ellie.

I'm not a fan of JLo either. I did like Maid in Manhattan, though, because sometimes you just need fluffy stuff. And The Wedding Planner, but that came out at a very bad time for me. VDO is amazing in The Cell. I used to scare a lot more easily then.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 05:47 am (UTC)
I do know someone who got one. Happened on the job. Never thought of that kind of hazard.

That's why I'm nervous about what we'll learn next.

Good luck. Sounds like a big and important project.

I know. And she broke my heart here. She and Mark NEED to talk.

Fair enough.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:30 pm (UTC)
Mine happened on the job. I learned an important lesson that day - never throw a file folder.

I'm so nervous about what's coming next. Almost to the point where I want to stop watching.

It's never going to get published, but thanks.

My heart breaks for Beth. I forgot to add that she lost her mom, and she's only what, 30? I wish she'd see that she and Ellie aren't so different after all.
Feb. 2nd, 2015 10:41 pm (UTC)
Part Two, as promised...

Hardy did have some trouble underwater. I have to admit that Hardy finding Pippa made me cry as hard as my other crime show.

There were definitely more than one unhappy couple in Sandbrook...And I think Cate might have fancied Lee more than she let on. And, yeah, were Hardy and Miller insane about that little getaway? After she was just raked over the coals, he still drags her along. But hey, the HMS Hiller shipper in me was thrilled. XD

Ooh, I do not like Tess. She's not as bad as yours and Moley's Tess (which I still owe you reviews on... eep... sorry), but I thought she was extremely unfeeling. I think she's the senior officer now in Sandbrook, or at least on that case. Which, she earned when Hardy lied to protect Daisy from her mother. And how about her assuming Hardy and Miller were together. Shades of Ten and Donna there.

Daisy was a typical teenager. I don't think she knows that much about her dad's health. And I'm not sure what to make of Tess re: possibly keeping Daisy away. There had to be a reason that she didn't answer his call in S1. As for the affair... The short story for the episode covers some of it.

About Hardy and Claire... I am the Queen of the Butthurt Fangirls about this. I am so disappointed in Hardy. He was the moral compass of the show, and now, it's gone to hell. Even more reason to hate Claire the Man Snare.

I think Claire is the bigger threat than Lee.

I think Olly may be posting about the Claire and Hardy thing.

Poor Tom. Lost his dad, his mom, his so-called best friend, and the guy he was viewing as his substitute dad. Mark did the right thing, even if it's breaking Tom. Other suspects: Nige - because of Susan. I think Paul, even. And maybe Mark.

Susan's return made me so damned happy. Pauline Quirke might be one of my favorite heavies as Susan. I think she's right to suspect Nige, but... it's his mom.

Pippa's dad, definitely. Claire. More than likely.

That should be it... until I get my ITV Player going.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 02:45 am (UTC)
That was heartbreaking. :(

Obviously. Maybe that's why he was framed?

I'm half hoping that Tess loses her job because the truth has to come out in the process of finally solving Sandbrook. Although she isn't anywhere near as bad a mother as my version - evidenced by supporting Hardy on the swearing and how much Daisy's grown. Hmm, I almost think she was being a bit catty about assuming there.

Dang, I need to find those short stories! How do you order them?

I'm hoping it isn't as bad as it looks. That maybe she tried it on, but he didn't give in.

I don't think Olly trusts Lee, and that Lee nearly attacked him has gotten his goat.

Oh, yeah. Paul, thanks to the computer. Great. I can see his secrets coming out and not being so trusted.

Susan seems to be getting back at Nigel for rejecting her. Makes me hope that Jocelyn throws the book at her, and that "Susan Wright" isn't actually her legal name. Even if it is, she still has to answer for how she didn't know about her own husband. It might put Ellie's ignorance in perspective to the community.

Watching Episode 5 in a bit. Because I feel too tired to go to the gym, even though I should. :/
Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:23 am (UTC)
As dark as it is, Criminal Minds rarely deals with the death of children. There have been a few episodes, but nothing the way I felt when Hardy was carrying Pippa through that forest.

My theory was partially confirmed tonight. Yaaay. XD

Tess needs to have some sort of punishment. I don't like that Hardy took a fall because of her inability to be a decent human being. She sized Miller right up then.

I'll have to message you about the stories. They're only available on Amazon.co.uk right now.

I really, really, truly believe it is as bad as it looks. Just based on S1, when Hardy was asked what he was doing in Broadchurch, and he said, "Penance." Makes me think that was because of Claire.

I don't think anyone should trust Olly. He's a little troublemaker.

I hope they don't try to pin it on Paul. Oooh, look, another pedo priest. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

I think that's part of Susan's issue with Nige. Jocelyn should nail her hide to the wall. I don't think she did know about her husband. Men like that are great at hiding things.

Finished E05. All kind of meh, angsty, and pissed in one big ball of fangirl.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 05:45 am (UTC)
I've seen some of Criminal Minds, but not consistently. I can imagine.

I see what you meant. *weak smile*

Yeah, I'm hoping she has a serious downfall. And if she doesn't, I'm writing one!

Figures about the good stuff being available only in the UK.

I'm still hoping. Until proven otherwise.

Well, he sort of redeemed himself last time. Maybe his meddling will lead to some good in the end.

Looks like they're not yet going there. But it's not impossible.

Well, true about lies. And yet... the child might give off signs that something's not right. Will say more in my post.

I've been left going... "Whoa!" And shivering about what'll be uncovered next.
Feb. 3rd, 2015 04:58 pm (UTC)
I was hooked from the first episode. Big Thomas Gibson fangirl.

Yeah... I love any of your falldown fics. Especially "There's the Door!" Claire is going to need her comeuppance, too.

I wish I could be positive about this Hardy/Claire thing. Because I'm more than convinced Lee spoke the truth.

Will check next post. XD
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