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See earlier archives for notes. Combined two years since 2015 was a small production year for me.


Title: Just Because I'm Not Ginger?! Rating: T Characters: Ten, Handy, Donna, Rose, Sarah Jane, Jackie, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Summary: Handy hits on a possible reason the Doctor doesn't see him as his son and is so keen to dump him on Rose.

Title: Songs, Shots, and Shocks Rating: T Characters: Eight, Donna, Ten Summary: Prompt fic for hezikiah's birthday. The Eighth Doctor investigates an alien disturbance on Earth and runs into a rather determined birthday girl. Nothing in his training prepared him for this. And his later self is unprepared to deal with a shocking reminder.

Title: Blind Date Series: none Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, Jack, Rose, Jackie, River, Martha, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, the Doctor's parents, Mickey Summary: Caving to the pressure of his parents to find a wife, the Doctor goes on Jack Harkness' dating show. Four women have been selected, and he has to choose one to go out with for a month. Can his sanity - what there is of it - survive long enough to make the best choice?

Title: Hair Talk Series: none Rating: T Characters: Doctor, Donna, the Doctor's Hair, Rose, Jackie, Mickey Summary: It's what we always knew; the Ten Doctor's hair has its own consciousness. And the Hair is ready to make itself known to its progenator. The results will be hysterical. Maybe not to the companions, but to anyone else watching, pull up a chair and grab popcorn!

Title: Flipped, Book 3 Series: Flipped Rating: M (this one earns it) Characters: Ginger!Ten/David Noble, Martha, Mickey, Jack, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Wilfred, Eileen, Rose, and more Summary: David Noble thought he had come to terms with the strange feelings the female Doctor inspired, and it seems to be helped by Martha Jones joining them. But when the Aubertide threaten the Doctor, protecting her requires a cover that will test his sanity and his ability to find the right thing to do. Written for tardis_mole.

Title: Sunday Domestics Series: none Rating: K+/T Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: He owed Donna a favor, so he had to find things on his own at the Tesco. He was so not prepared for anything that happened. Prompt from tardis_mole, posted as a birthday present.

Title: Mutual Admiration Society Social Rating: T Characters: Donna, Ten, Wilfred, Sylvia Summary: The Doctor and Wilfred get along so well when Donna insists that the Doctor properly meet her family that the Time Lord issues an invitation. Donna's confusion abound. The Doctor can't let that stand.

Title: Through the Crack in the Wall Series: none Rating: T Characters: Donna, Handy, Sylvia, Wilfred Summary: A crack appears in Donna's room. Someone falls through it. Someone who knows her.

Title: Not Everyone Should Be Saved Series: none Rating T Characters: Twelve, Ten, Donna, River, Lux, Handy, Rose, Jackie Summary: When the TARDIS is caught in a loop, Twelve realizes that a new weapon has been created thanks to an earlier act of what he thought was compassion. The only way he can free the TARDIS is to get a message to an earlier self to prevent two critical things from happening, even though it will cause a dangerous paradox.

Title: Royal Bloodlines Series: none Rating: T Characters: Nine, Ten, Rose, Martha, Amy, River, Donna Summary: Gallifrey survived the Time War, but they need fresh blood. The Doctor reluctantly suggests marrying a Human woman, but someone with influence over him has some requirements before granting consent.

Title: Innocence Debate Series: none Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: A random comment from the Doctor triggers a challenge from Donna.

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