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FIC: Through The Crack in the Wall (1/1)

Title: Through the Crack in the Wall
Rating: milder T (language and some angst)
Author: tkel_paris
Summary: A crack appears in Donna's room. Someone falls through it. Someone who knows her.
Disclaimer: Once the whole cracks in time thing was invented, this should've been possible.
Dedication: tardis_mole. I'm pretty sure this is another one I can blame on you – I think I have the email proof. :P Posted in belated honor of alimoseby's birthday.
Author's Note: Yet another May Story-a-Day piece. Prequel to Finding Father. Meant to post this before it, but at least it's being posted now.

Through the Crack in the Wall
Started May 5, 2012
Finished May 19, 2016

A creaking sound fluttered in the room. But the sole occupant was too distracted with her frustrated thoughts.

Donna Noble lay in bed, trying once again to figure out what happened during the two years she was missing. She'd had jobs that she couldn't account for, she'd lost her dad, she still didn't have the dog she wanted, and the family she had left seemed to be constantly stopping her friends from telling her what happened.

What the bloody hell was going on?! How could they all be keeping so much from her?! She needed to know this! And how could Mum and Granddad keep the knowledge of Dad's death from her?! They knew how she loved him! Her eyes watered as the pain hit her anew.

She was missing so much. Worse, she felt sure she was missing someone. And it wasn't her dad.

The creaking finally registered in her mind. She sat bolt upright, and her eyes widened. A menacing crack was forming in her wall, like a demented version of the jack o' lanterns' smile Americans might make. White light shined through it, fracturing at odd angles.

She did what any self-respecting person would do. She screamed incoherently.

But she couldn't move. Something was transfixing about that crack. Something important was about to happen.


She stopped screaming. Who said that?!

Sylvia burst into the room, Wilfred on her heels – both moving very fast out of fear for their little general. “What is that?!” cried Sylvia, also terrified that this would be it for her daughter.

Before Wilfred could add his two pence, the crack shimmered and someone was diving out of it. A man in a blue suit fell to the floor, trying hard to protect his head from bumping into anything. As soon as his shoes cleared the crack, it creaked again and vanished with a loud snap, leaving no trace behind.

The three stared at him, no one daring to move or speak. But Donna shook off her immobility and moved toward the man. “His clothes are singed,” she murmured, feeling something connecting her to him. “He's injured.”

“Donna,” Sylvia cried, grabbing her, “stay back!”

“No,” she shouted, shaking her off despite a growing headache. “He needs me.”

The man moaned in pain, pushing himself up to face Donna. He had burns all over, but Wilfred and Sylvia were sure they knew the face. “You!” screamed Sylvia, unthinking.

Wilfred cried, “But you can't be here!”

“Why do I know you?” Donna muttered. “Can I help?”

He blinked, sensing an emptiness within her. “He didn't, did he?” he whispered miserably, knowing what had happened. The words still came out. He was his mother's son, after all.

Donna felt her headache grow, but the need to tend to him was far stronger. “You must be in pain,” she said, because she was.

“I can remove it,” he muttered determinedly, touching her cheek with one hand. “I can heal us both, undo what he did...Mum.”

Shocked at the title and that his voice was the same as the one from before, Donna flinched unconsciously as he brought his hands to touch her head. But as she felt a flood of memories assail her mind, she felt it stop. His presence entered, and she felt the pain fading within.

Sylvia and Wilfred watched in helpless horror as golden energy pulsed within Donna, and then slowly flowed out of her and into the man who looked like the Doctor. After a long moment, the glowing faded and he released her head. And promptly collapsed against her, knocking her against her bed.

Gasping as her head finally felt clear, Donna clutched the young man responsible for her safety. “Oh, my God! You're back! You found a way to return from the parallel world!”

“Had to,” he rasped, exhausted. “Torchwood... was going to capture me.”

Sylvia and Wilfred could only watch in shock. Donna seemed to remember, but wasn't burning up. What had this person who looked like the Doctor but spoke with Donna's tone done?

Donna's eyes widened. “What about Rose?”

He flinched, struggling to speak through the pain. “Hated...everything I did...that wasn't...like him. Called me...half-caste. Nicest thing...she called me.”

“Didn't she try to stop them?!”

“I'd destroyed...the cannon. She thought...helping Torchwood...would get her back...to him. She held them back...until I stopped her dreams.”

“That...that...bint!” Donna wanted to use much harsher language, but she sensed he was a lot younger emotionally than the Doctor had considered. A lot. “Concerned about Earth, my foot!”

“Probably...she'll be...executed.”

Donna closed her eyes. “I'm sorry for Jackie, Pete, and her brother, then. But not for her. She's chosen her lot in life.”

“Won't...make me...leave?” His voice was a plea, helpless and unable to hide it.

She kissed his burned cheek. “Never! You're home. Your gran and great-granddad and I will tend your wounds. Tomorrow we'll find you new clothes, get you an identity, I'll start seeking new work, and we'll go from there.”

The determination in Donna's voice was a relief, but her family was still shocked. “Who is this?!” they cried as one.

Donna looked up. “Mum, Gramps, say hello to the Meta-Crisis Doctor. He exists because of the accident that let me save the universe.”

“Want,” he gasped sharply, “a name. Not...his Duplicate.”

She rubbed his singed hair. “No, you're not. I'm so sorry I was so consumed by your dad's mind that I couldn't fight to keep you with me.” She kissed his hair. “Well, then. I'll come up with something. First, we need to get these burned clothes carefully off you, and start treating your wounds. Mum, Gramps, please help! And does anyone have Martha's number?!”

Within a short time, Wilfred had helped get the poor lad onto some old towels. Sylvia had to use her medical training to start working the clothes off without opening the wounds again. Some needed more than she had the tools for. “My god,” she muttered as she carefully wrapped a bandage to keep the blood from flowing out of one wound, “what was that thing? How did it hurt you this much?”

“Some...crack in...time. Instinct...said it was...escape. Didn't...care...if it...killed me. Anything...was better than...” He coughed, wracked with pain.

Donna started singing a lullaby she remembered from childhood. Her dad liked to sing it to her – she could remember him now, his last weeks – and it always comforted her when she was upset. Her injured son clearly remembered those memories, and he calmed considerably despite being treated.

She could sense that the energy he extracted from her, saving her, was giving his Time Lord biology a boost, helping him heal faster. It would still take longer than it would for the Doctor, but he'd bounce back faster than she would. Still, she couldn't wait for Martha to come with proper burn treatments – she wasn't about to take her boy to a hospital.

Wait, she suddenly thought, how can I sense what's happening in his body?

Familial bond, he whispered in her mind, sounding a bit clearer than his speaking voice did.

She blinked at him, ignoring her mother talking with her grandfather about getting more items for stopping the bleeding. But, she whispered back in the same way her had spoken, how is that possible? I'm human.

And I'm your son. And his.

That's enough? What enabled it?

You know that name floating in your head?

Yeah. What is it?

Dad's true name.

Donna's eyes tried to beat the size of her window. Somehow, she already knew what that meant. Maybe it was a lingering thing from having the Doctor's head in hers. Maybe she'd read it once on the TARDIS and forgotten it in the face of everything else that had happened.

But it explained the emptiness she still felt. Her husband wasn't there. And he thought he could never see her again. It explained why he seemed oblivious to her calling to him.

Someday, she vowed, she would get through to him that she was fine. That she needed him. That he had a son who needed him.

Maybe, just maybe...if she wished hard enough and thought his name with enough intensity, he would come home. Because she sensed he was adrift without her.

For now, she had to watch over her new boy. Help him recover, give him a curfew, clothe him, keep him fed (maybe putting some muscle on those skinny limbs!), and help him make his own way. If he had to be exiled from traveling in time and space, then he'd need Earth skills.

And who better to teach him? And Donna knew she could call upon her husband's friends, the other Children of Time, to help. Especially since he needed medical help beyond what they could provide at home.

She would not fail. She couldn't fail her son.



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May. 21st, 2016 02:59 am (UTC)
Thank you for the birthday fic. :)

I always appreciate a story where Ten II comes back. *nods* Donna will take care of him.

Loved it. :)
May. 21st, 2016 03:24 am (UTC)
Of course. You were a natural recipient for this story. We can happily imagine what good care she took of him. :)

Welcome. *hugs*

And you're the first to comment on my newest stuff.
May. 21st, 2016 10:07 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for both Donna and... [what was he going to be called again?] (Peaks a sneak :D ) ...Geoffrey Alexander that they will have to wait so long 'till the Doctor comes back to Earth and London.

Love the story!
May. 21st, 2016 01:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the Spaceman was a Great Big Outer Space Dunce for real this time. Not listening. Not until Geoffrey made him.

Thanks for reviewing!
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