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The Cajor Mase Squad (short fic)

Title: The Cajor Mase Squad

Author: tkel_paris

Rating: K+ (whatever PG used to be...)

Summary: My idea of an April Fool's Day gag on the amorousintent yahoo listserve back in... 2006.

Disclaimer: Just playing with Dick Wolf's toys. Though I think I tend to be nicer to them...

Yew Nork City is locked in a daily war on crime. But its streets are made safer from criminal masterminds by the efforts of the driven detectives of the Cajor Mase Squad.

But heroes need to stop for lunch. Can't have them collapse from hunger when collaring a suspect...

“Mogan,” mutters Aames through a mouthful of pot stickers, “where's that ME report?” Her eyes glare at the man, sure that the report had been in plain sight seconds ago.

“Here,” he answers, pulling papers from under his partner's lunch. “Carek's Kung Pao Chicken was hiding it.”

Carek pauses to swallow before fixing a critical stare on Mogan. “You ever tip food on me, I'm forwarding the cleaning bill to you.” All she gets back is a smirk, and watches a forkful of steamed rice and sesame beef plopped into her partner's annoying mouth. Shaking her head, she turns her attention back to the profile she's working on.

A knock on the door turns all four heads, none of them surprised to see Captain Jeakins standing in the door frame with a folder. “Boren, Aames, thought you'd like to hear this. Rarver got a call from the Feds. Our beloved vixen, Nallace, got picked up this morning. Tried to get hold on some drugs, and got into a fight with the dealer.”

Four sets of eyebrows shoot up, but none higher than Boren's. “Why,” he asks, “was she getting the drugs? She wasn't a user.”

“From what Rarver's contact said,” Jeakins mutters, coming in to drop the folder – a collection of lab reports – in the center of the crowded table, “we might not want to know.” His eyes drift to the food.

Aames anticipates him, handing over the only two unopened containers. He takes them and a fork, swiping an egg roll from in front of Mogan before walking to his office.

Mogan grimaces. “How come everyone steals from my dishes?”

Aames snorts. “You wish.”

When Carek doesn't defend him, Mogan looks to Boren for help. “Don't you have anything to say?”

Boren raises his eyes just enough to look the other man in the eye. “Sometimes,” he offers with a hint of a smile, “you have to know when to cave unconditionally.”

Carek's eye twinkle. “Now we know how the rumors started...”

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