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(Had to repost because I noticed that it was jammed together.)

I started watching before and I got about 20 minutes in. This time I'm getting through. Don't click if you haven't seen the whole movie. (Yes, this means you, cassikat!)

[(My nearly uncensored thoughts on stepping into the twlight zone)]Okay... starting with a dazed PM. I assume that his character is like that not just because of the smoke.

Yikes! Look at that flat's condition! I feel better already about all of the messes I've ever made. And to just refill the kettle without noticing the pile of dishes in the sink?! I'll assume all of those bottles I see are empty.

Yes, “I”. Your heart might feel better if you weren't smoking and drinking so much. You look too young for that many health problems, and they're all self-inflicted!

Wow. Not much of a reaction from Withnail. I'm not yet sure what to make of him.

Okay, I really hate runny eggs. And yet with all the news stuff, which wasn't pretty, he can only focus on Withnail's antics?

Wow. Withnail must be even more f'd up than... Okay, I saw PM's character's name through the closed captioning. Gotta see it again. Probably the next time his character gets a monologue.

“Sick as a Pike?” I don't get it.

Marwood, that's his name! Wonder if we'll hear a first name. Why isn't this more well known? And what the hell is that Withnail is putting on himself?! He's striking me as entitled in the worst way, a spoiled child.

“You should never mix your drinks”? Well, that explains PM's dislike for the thought of the drinking game. And that was an ugly thought, drinking whatever Withnail is supposed to have had there.

Marwood is off his rocker. Only someone that drunk and stoned would associate random carvings in the bathroom with someone outside. At least I know now where the line “perfume ponce” came from. To think PM gets that line quoted so often at him.

That was weird, watching Marwood shaving while Withnail is venting his spleen (yet again – how many times does that make it so far?) and then tossing his food down the toilet. I'm guessing a kid decorated that door.

I wish I knew more about the culture of that time. Then I'd know better whether this Danny is gay, bi, or what. Oh, hey, Moley? Seeing Danny tell Marwood that St. Peter preached to the apostles “looking like that” (wearing what looks like a towel around the waist and not much more) reminded me of that art museum. Remember, we saw that carving of Peter or Paul wearing a fig leaf and you saying, 'I think he was wearing more than that'? ;) Mind, it wasn't nearly as embarrassing as having to tell that one lady “don't ask” regarding why I was suppressing laughter while looking at that Cupid and Psyche artwork...

Danny must be on some really weird stuff. And building a doll that...soils itself? Ugh. I'd imagine that the doll needs some sort of fuel to make peeing happen, let alone... that.

(Hey, cassikat? The best thing about that scene from your standpoint is that you get to see PM's bare legs. And a glorious view of his pants. Just saying. 0:D)

Not the best parking job, but I bet he could've done worse.

Geez, Marwood cleans up well! Not that I should be surprised.

I think I'm going to choke at some point listening to Monty's drunken ramblings. Carrots having mystery? Flowers are “Prostitutes for the bees”?! Okay, I'll give him that one in a sense, but flowers give life something extra. Withnail is absolutely calm about Monty's antics, even in the face of Marwood's... fears?

“Rep”? Is that a nickname based on Marwood's first name? Whatever it is? Or did I mishear one of the lines?

Monty acted in his youth? Must be the only person who encouraged Withnail's ambitions. I couldn't help but notice that Withnail isn't hesitating to exaggerate with him. So he's his... uncle? Oh, I can imagine suddenly thinking you'll never play The Dane would hurt. The breaking of a life's ambition has to sting like nothing else.

Marwood's a writer? Okay, that's interesting. Not that I can recall any further mention of it. And I noticed that it took Withnail a while to get his uncle to the side. Pulling one over the older chap?

Wait... Well, I like the music. But not Withnail's words. Or ideas. Marwood's restraint is amazing in context. And wow, did PM look like John Lennon when he flipped those glasses on! Suddenly makes sense that his brother got a role in some production about Lennon within a short time of Lennon's death. (Heard that from a Big Finish Q&A with PM that I spotted on YouTube. Gary Russell interviewed him. Look it up.)

Are you allowed to drive over the lines like that? I didn't think so. Amazing they didn't get caught.

Oh, Withnail was going to wake as soon as Marwood got back into the car. It was bound to be.

Hope there's not already someone there... That would seem like their luck.

Okay. Guess not. Although give it a minutes or two... And Marwood is hoping for a lot from Withnail.

What do you expect, Withnail? You had HOW much to drink?!?!

Man, Marwood looks skinny as hell right there. And yeah, I wouldn't bother Withnail, either.

Going outside in a coat, boots, and your undies, Marwood?! How many screws loose do you have, Mr. Writer? (Hope you enjoyed that scene, cassikat!)

That's better, you put some stuff on to keep warm. Doesn't look bad in it, either. And I like the countryside. I wouldn't mind going walking there.

Answering “Me”? I hope he's met her before on one of his walks. Okay... no. But he's more resourceful than Withnail. And now we know that Withnail is a last name.

Wow. Charming manners. Just like in the city. Of course, the countryside might have plenty of reasons to be on edge toward townies.

Okay. Bets on Withnail's reaction to Marwood's falling over?

I have been waiting for any explosion from Marwood aimed at Withnail since the start of the movie. Shame it didn't last long. Mind, where did they find that food and wine?

Ah, the ordeal of family not liking your career path. Wonder how much of that explains the giant boulder that Withnail must call the chip on his shoulder.

It's pouring buckets and NOW the farmer appears? Yeah, that way of approaching (and I did enjoy the comedy value in it) will encourage trust. Not.

(Closed captioning got the two mixed up. Credited a Withnail line to Marwood. Typical!)

Ah! Finally, a bit of proper anger aimed at Withnail! Knew you couldn't keep it in much longer, Marwood!

And he saw through Withnail's attempt to get out of going to the village. Or just to get a potato.

Anyone know if the book Marwood was reading is any good?

Anyone think that Perkin, the farmer, gave them the live chicken for his own amusement? I'm well aware of where my food comes from, but I thought farmers would be more careful with their livestock.

Well, that was not what I was expecting. Both more and less comical. Still gross.

Okay... and who are they trying to call? And you have to pay some dues, don't you? (Good to know some things are consistent.) Yeah, I think Withnail lost his agent there.

And of course Withnail leaves Marwood to deal with the bull! Screaming at an animal when you're that small compared to it?

I don't believe it! It worked! Wonder if that'll give Marwood any confidence.

That's an interesting bar or pub there. I've seen wine bottles hooked up to pour like that, but not booze. And not upside-down.

Services? With that stick constantly up Withnail's rear he looks like a stereotype of a German officer from some film based on the Victorian era! Like he's auditioning to play Kaiser Wilhelm II!

I don't think you should trust a random person telling you to look for a poacher. Even if said poacher shows up at closing time. Shouldn't Marwood have learned by now to be careful what he asks Withnail to do?

Wait. I think I've figured out why Marwood keeps asking Withnail to do certain things. He must know he is, as PM has described himself, a “smallish man” and knows there are some fights he'd rather not risk picking. Otherwise he would've stopped a long time ago. Not that I think Withnail looks much stronger, mind.

See, that abrasive manner made another enemy! When will he learn?!

And once again Withnail goes too far. A gun to a stream?!?! Someone's going to take notice soon. And Marwood looks better dressed.

“Bastard's got a gun. He's psychotic”? Withnail... Pot, meet kettle.

Marwood... was laughing in his sleep. Aw!

Withnail is beyond officially nuts. That bed is barely big enough for one of them! And Withnail is bringing the gun with him?

(BTW, I wonder if this is the British version of a Ceech and Chong movie. Because that is what this is making me think of. Although it also reminds me that I've yet to see one in its entirety. That must be fixed, since those movies are comedies.)

Cassikat? I bet when you see this you'll enjoy seeing PM jump out of the bed in his pants and grab a blanket! I giggled like a fangirl. 0:D

Okay, this is crazy. If they're hurt it's all Withnail's fault for driving them both even madder.

MONTY?!?!?!?! Monty's there?!

I can only imagine what Monty was thinking finding them huddled in one bed...

Monty can cook, eh? And now the two are arguing over who does the errands? Or is this because Marwood's a bit uneasy with Monty? That one moment was... Oh, lordy! I wonder if Marwood's right?

Farm-hands? I think that might be giving one or more of them a bad name. Not sure who right now.

I wonder... if choosing booze over practical things is why Withnail's family really doesn't send him money. Gotta wonder at this point. (And knowing that PM later played more than one soldier and DID get his hair cut for at least one of the parts made that bickering extra amusing.

As a server, I hate customers who arrive within a minute of closing. On general principle. Not only are the last things available but the staff is often beyond ready to finish and go home. This should be good... not. If I saw people acting like that in any place I worked, I would be looking into calling the police, too. Withnail is as bad as some other characters I could name at not seeing the world as it really is. (Okay, maybe that's Is Monty going to have to bail them out of a jam?)

Either Withnail is a bad influence on Marwood, or he's a bit wonky to begin with.

Oh, Monty thinks that Marwood is why Withnail acts like that?! Is this blind love for his nephew? Or... is this a divide and conquer to get them both functioning like human beings?

Plagiarizing a toast? Depending on the quality of the wine? What toast got plagiarized? What did I miss now?

Okay, so when Marwood tries to use Withnail's drunken dears to get them both out of there, Withnail soft-pedals what he'd previously claimed? Withnail must think he can get more money out of Uncle Monty and doesn't want anything to spoil that. Wow. Now, I wonder whether Monty suspects.

(Did the closed captioning just say England when I could swear I hear “Britania?”)

Playing cards with bottle caps?! Well, that's a new one. And I wish my Latin skills were sharper right now.

How the hell did Monty move THAT fast?! I didn't think someone his size could get upstairs so quickly without making a sound. I think Marwood isn't getting a lick of sleep tonight. And I think Marwood really doesn't know how to stand his ground so he feels comfortable. But I was a bit surprised that he got off that easily.

Okay... I spoke too soon. I'm not sure what to think right now. (And there's still about 25 minutes left in the movie. o.O) How will Marwood be able to talk to Withnail or even endure his company one more second?! Um... “toilet trader”? Okay... I think I'm going to be disgusted. All because of Monty. But... Wait... did Marwood successfully play him? Did he...?

Wow, Withnail told Monty all those lies? Insert a whole slew of swears here. Enough to make Lewis Black blush. And that is flipping hard to do! If it weren't for the lies Marwood just had to tell there I bet Withnail would've had a big punch to his face there.

I know Marwood was desperate to leave, but... I can't believe they drove in that. I wouldn't try that in a Texas or Arizona storm! It's asking for trouble!

Withnail doesn't have a license?! Approaching light-years beyond insanity point. With appropriate accompanying music. Will Withnail's trick work? Because I couldn't see this working in America.

Excuse my snortfit, because he's busted! Thought so. But... are they home?!

Danny? And Presuming Ed? I thought they'd been evicted.

That is one big joint. Makes me think of a David Letterman joke about seeing a joint rolled in Pampers.

The lead?! Good on Marwood! Something good finally came his way! And... Withnail congratulated him? Or was that the high talking there?

And yes, they are getting evicted? Not surprised. I'd say how they treated the place was the cause.

Okay, Marwood's on a trip. And it was kinda funny. Wish I found Withnail's high as amusing. More like... pathetic.

Whoa! After seeing him with long hair the whole movie its a shock to see him with short hair! For the part, I suppose? Maybe to help PM into whatever next role was coming his way? (Gotta look that up.)

I'm impressed that Marwood held his ground at last. Not so surprised that he had to send Withnail off in the rain. Bugger is galaxies beyond stubborn, as the whole movie showed. And why do I not know what he's quoting?! And to animals behind some... cage? What the heck was that?

Huh. It's over. And “& I” wasn't granted a name in the credits?! No wonder none of my sources seemed to know his name.

Okay. That was weird. Not sure if I want to see it again. But it had its moments. I clearly knew little about that part of the world and that era, otherwise the movie might've made more sense.

Still... got to see Paul McGann looking almost like a kid. Heck, he was younger then than I am now! That's... interesting. Yeah, that's the word. Interesting. I suppose it's worth seeing. If for no other reason than to get ideas for how a drunken or tripping Eight might act.

I have to see Richard E Grant in something else. Because I have this weird mental image of him now thanks to this movie. Although I can think of a few actors who I had to see in different roles before the first one was loosened as the defining mental image for me.

So... not yet sure how to rate it. I'll let you know.


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Jul. 9th, 2017 09:49 pm (UTC)
uh, yeah, what you said... ;-)
Jul. 10th, 2017 06:07 am (UTC)
Yeah, that... was my mostly uncensored stream of thought. I did add a few things later on, but mostly it's a first draft. :)
Jul. 12th, 2017 11:11 pm (UTC)
All these years and I've never known his name is Marwood! It's always been a huge secret. Seeing this film for the first time is decidedly weird, but cult films normally are.

Hopefully you will get to see Richard E. Grant in something else very soon. Something like "Gosford Park" or "Jack and Sarah" would help clean your image of him. In RL he is teetotal, so the Withnail image has been quite a burden for him in that respect; but on the other hand it has led to him being able to cope with the memories of an alcoholic father.
Jul. 16th, 2017 06:00 am (UTC)
I only got it because I had closed captioning on to try and grasp the words that didn't make sense. Hey, I watched "UHF" as a child. It became a cult film, and I didn't consider it as weird. Well, not in a "I am completely lost" way that I often felt while watching Withnail, but in a "this is totally nuts and it's hysterical" way. :)

I'll see if my library has any of his other works. :) Oh, I didn't know any of that. Wow.
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