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5 Icons Meme - Redux

So sunnsea did the meme, and I decided to open myself doing it again. But not after this one - unless LJ gets less testy or there's a shortcut I don't know about yet; I had to keep clicking away from the page to load a new pic. Here are the chosen icons:

Positive I got this one from one ofsunnsea sunnsea's picspams. I just love the reunion scene, and I love to mentally fill in the gaps of what they're thinking as they hug. Especially because I think Ten is even happier to be holding Donna than she is to see him... ;D

Probably same source as the first. I love the idea that they're shocked from seeing what people are writing about them. I remember DT once said that he was aware that DW fanfiction exists, "but I don't indulge." It's probably for the best that he has no clue what the fans are up to... What gets me about this icon is that Ten looks like his secret fantasies have just been exposed, and Donna is just shocked - not yet realizing that her Spaceman has been thinking along the same lines as the writer... ;D

Probably a TUatW picspam. Not the most flattering picture from the episode, but they look so much like a couple there that I'm grinning every time I see the pic.

Again, almost certainly from a sunnsea picspam. He looks so... naughty... and she looks like she's looking forward to whatever he's suggested. ;D

Ah... I think I got the pic from "Untapped Treasure," which is no longer up. It was basically a Kathryn Erbe fan site. Eames and Goren remain the only pairing that can top Ten and Donna in my mind; I have been thinking of them as "best frienfs in denial" for seven years, after all. The episode is probably "Inert Dwarf," Episode 9 of Season 4. They're updating Captain Deakins and (I believe) ADA Carver on the status of the physicist murder. It was an interesting episode, and I like how KE is dressed. She's about my size, so I've looked at how she wore Eames' clothing as fashion inspiration.

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