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NEW: Eyes Forced Open (2/2)

Title: Eyes Forced Open

Rating: T

Series: Sequel to bas_math_girl</lj>'s “Back to Base.” Since her Muse apparently wasn't enthusiastic about writing certain things that a sequel might've called for...

Dedication: bas_math_girl</lj>, in honor of her birthday. Here's some Rose-bashing for you! Sorry no D/D love, but I hope you'll like this. And to the numerous readers who suggested this...

Summary: The Doctor wants Donna back after “Back to Base,” and he'll gladly welcome Andy and their children. But Rose isn't keen on it. Especially when they run into someone the Doctor thought lost forever...

Disclaimer: I don't even know anyone who owns Doctor Who. Furthermore: every Whovian has at least one companion that they just can't stand – for whatever reasons. Rose has become that one to me, and I know BMG feels the same. Consider this fic therapy for our feelings – and turn back without comment right now if that bothers you.

Author's Note: There are several moments here that BMG and I would love to see turned into images. If you have artistic talent, please ask which ones!

Part One


Rose finally recovered her voice when the TARDIS slammed the landing. “We're not following her-”

But the Doctor, too, recovered his voice, and he didn't like what Rose was saying. “Listen, Rose Tyler,” he growled, catching Jenny's attention, “I promised Donna that I would be back in time to see her baby born, and I also asked her and Andy to consider returning to the TARDIS with their young son.”

“You asked-?!”

He cut her off again. “They are my family! I let myself forget that, thanks to you! Now that I know my daughter is still alive, I'm not losing her to my own misjudgments in treating others! You didn't want anyone else on board, and I accepted that without question then. But not this time! You will treat Donna, Andy, Jenny, and Donna's family with respect! Or you might not like what I'll do...!”

Rose was silenced, shaking with shock and anger. He can't choose them over me! Not now!

Jenny watched in fascination... and with some amusement. So Dad's not so keen on her anymore... Maybe I can drive her away...

Sylvia opened the door as soon as she saw Donna and Andy's car pull up. “I've got tea ready, and some lovely biscuits for Mikey to try! How are you all?!”

Andy quickly hurried over to help Donna get Mikey out of his seat – without straining her back. “We're all good! Little one's kicking a storm today. Seems excited about something.”

“Maybe,” Donna laughed as she let Andy hold Mikey and close the door, “about having more of Nanny's food. Which Mikey has been babbling to us about all day.”

Sylvia sighed. “I wish he'd speak aloud; makes me feel left out to not hear his voice...” It was a common lament, and the boy's parents were starting to lose ideas for reassuring her that he would speak eventually. They, too, were eager for him to really start talking aloud. So far, they'd gotten him to say “Mummy” and “Daddy,” but nothing else...

They started walking toward the house, but then a familiar sound cut through the air, and the accompanying blue box materialized. Wilf came out in time to see Sylvia glare at it. “What's he doing here?! Come to rub it in your faces?! Why couldn't he stay away after seeing the life you've built together?!”

“Mum!” Donna and Andy admonished her, worried about Mikey being upset by the anger. But before anyone could say anything else, the doors opened and the blond who stepped out... wasn't who any of them expected. Especially Donna and Andy... “Jenny...?!”

The Time Lady cried out in joy, all traces of the stony expression she'd held as she forced her way out of the TARDIS fleeing as she saw her goal. “Mum!” And rushed over to throw her arms around Donna – being careful about the bump and dropping her bags at their feet.

Sylvia and Wilf stared. “Mum?!” They repeated in shock.

Andy could barely follow his own stammered quick explanation of Jenny's existence, and why they were stunned to see her. But he, just like Donna, was quickly growing gleeful over realizing that they'd been wrong on Messaline. “And,” he added, “I guess she imprinted on Donna.”

While he was explaining, the Doctor and Rose slowly exited – him a little faster than her. He approached cautiously, knowing that with Sylvia around... there was only one thing he could expect... But he (and Rose) had time to breathe; Sylvia and Wilf were completely focused on Jenny.

Donna clutched the young Time Lady to her. “So good to see you again, sweetheart...”

Jenny wanted to test her telepathic abilities, as she could sense some existing in her mother. I know...

The Doctor wanted to cry when he heard Jenny mind-speaking to Donna. Oh, how much had he missed out on by listening to Rose?!

Mummy, Daddy, who's this?

Donna and Andy blinked, startled as they both felt Mikey trying to nudge Jenny's mind. Donna smiled fondly. “Mikey, this is your big sister, Jenny. Jenny, I want you to meet Michael Peter Noble – our little monkey.”

Jenny suddenly felt very nervous. She'd never been around someone so young, and wasn't sure how to act. She fell back on waving her hand, and answering in mind-speak: Hello, Mikey. How are you?

The Doctor watched keenly as Mikey looked at Jenny curiously and then grinned. I'm good! Hold me? He held his arms out to her, clearly surprising his parents.

Jenny's nerves tensed. I don't know how...

“It's easy,” Andy assured her. “Hold out your arms.” Donna moved to motor Jenny into position as he adjusted his hold on his son. “And...” He handed her Mikey, and Donna didn't have to show Jenny too much before the Time Lady had her little Time Human brother securely against her. “There you both are!”

Jenny and Mikey stared into each other's eyes for several long moments. It gave Donna the chance to pull out her camera and snap a few pictures, and brought tears to the Doctor's eyes as he could see and feel the two bonding.

Mikey contemplated his new big sister. You feel cool, he told her.

She grinned. And you're warm, just like Mum.

Mikey beamed. I love Mummy and Daddy's hugs! Nanny and Great-Gramps give good hugs, too!

Jenny noticed the other two people watching. “Oh, hello!”

Just like her father... “Jenny,” Donna said, her voice telling everyone to be nice, “since you're part of the family, this is your grandmother, and great-grandfather. My Mum and Gramps.”

“Well,” Wilf managed, “aren't you special? Looks like you're going to be trouble,” he added with a smile. There was just something about her...

Sylvia looked deeply into Jenny's eyes, contemplating the young lady. She was showing loyalty to Donna, so she supposed she could forgive her association with the Doctor. “You can call me Nan,” she finally said, pulling her in for a welcoming embrace – pausing only to give Mikey a customary kiss on the cheek, and to receive one in return. And then Wilf gave her a hug, too – ruffling Mikey's hair and getting giggles in return.

You're right, Mikey, Jenny said in shock. That was very nice. “Thank you,” she whispered after a moment to locate her voice.

The Doctor wanted to cry. As horrifying as it was to know people thought Sylvia was his mother, seeing his daughter so completely welcomed into the Noble family made him feel completely shut out. He took a deep breath, prepared to face Sylvia... and walked over.

Mikey noticed him, and tilted his head in curiosity. Uncle Doctor...?

He waved gently, sensing Donna and Andy finally noticing him. Hello, Mikey. I've missed you.

Mikey remembered the man who was like Daddy and yet not Daddy. He seemed nice enough, and Mikey could feel love coming through his mind. So he waved back. You bring Jenny to us?

The Doctor smiled softly. I did.

Then Sylvia noticed where her daughter and son-in-law's – she considered them as good as married, even if their situation was more than a bit complicated – eyes were looking. And remembered her earlier feelings. “You,” she growled.

Mikey's eyes widened, shocked. His mother had to intervene. “Mum,” Donna warned, “don't upset Mikey!”

Sylvia frowned. Figures that her grandson would be contrary; look who his parents were! “I just need to say something to him, Mikey, because he did something very wrong. Feel free to look away and let Mummy cover your ears.”

I don't think we can stop her, Andy told Donna, trying to shut the Doctor out of the conversation. And he knows he deserves it...

Donna took one look at Spaceman, and silently agreed. He was staying completely still, watching Sylvia like a man who was waiting for the executioner's axe. A man ready to pay for his crimes... I hope she doesn't frighten Mikey too much...

Sylvia stormed right over to the Doctor and slapped him so hard he staggered back twice as far as Donna's hardest slap ever sent him. But he didn't raise a hand to stop her. “You dare show your face again?!” She kept her voice low, sending shivers down more than a few spines – even as she rubbed sensation back into her slapping hand. “You leave Donna after the way you behaved toward her? You lost any right to tell me how to treat her! And you leave her for... that?!” She couldn't think of a word she could say that was acceptable around a toddler.

Rose heard that she was being insulted. “I spent-”

“And don't you start, you hussy!” Sylvia's growl turned practically lethal. “You're partly responsible for my daughter getting hurt! To think I thought you were a respectable girl...”

The Doctor blanched. Even in the era Jack was from, there were some things you didn't want to be called. Rose didn't know how lucky she was that the worst insult Sylvia could fling was calling her a whore...

Rose's jaw dropped. Her own mother had admonished her about her clothing choices, but a near total stranger?! Even if her daughter saved all of creation, who was she to judge herself and the Doctor?!

Still, she knew enough to be scared. If the Doctor wouldn't challenge her...

Nanny! Mikey looked at his parents in horror. Uncle Doctor!

It's all right, Mikey, the Doctor assured him despite feeling dazed. I deserved that. Your Nan had every right to do that.

“And now,” Donna proclaimed, “we're all going inside to keep from giving the neighbors a show. Now that we've settled that, Mum, shall we move on? The Doctor is my son's uncle, and we are the only family he has left.”

Jenny scowled. “What about-?”

Donna cut her off with a glare. “He had to lose his whole family – by his own actions – because his people all went crazy and threatened the universe. I know he's acted the idiot, but we are not going to turn our backs on him! Everyone deserves to have family who loves them, even when they act completely stupid!”

“Come on,” Wilf said, hoping to get everyone inside quickly, “let's have either a cuppa or some milk.”

Jenny glared at Rose. “Fine, Mum, but don't expect me to be nice to her.” She let Wilf guide her inside as he tried speaking soothing words to her and Mikey. You okay, Mikey?

That girl thinks meanly of Mummy, Mikey answered with a frown. I don't like her.

Jenny grinned and whispered, “Good boy...” And got a big smile in return.

Sylvia glared at both the Doctor and Rose, and then marched herself into the house – but not before giving Donna and then Andy tight hugs. Well, she thought, I can certainly be coldly civil – but no more!

The Doctor's hearts clenched again. Was it possible that she might've warmed to him had he not left Donna and Andy behind...? One more thing to try to not think about... He quickly hurried to join them. How are you, Donna?

She looked at him cautiously, taking a second to note how much Rose was pouting. I'm fine, she finally answered. Take it the talk didn't go over well...

I didn't get far. And then we found Jenny... and you can imagine how that went.

Andy snorted. Think about it, Doctor. Can you blame Jenny? And were you really surprised by Rose's reaction?

The Doctor hated how right his... twin... was.

Rose followed them inside, pushing past Andy – who held the door open because it was the polite thing to do. She couldn't believe that her Doctor had walked in ahead of her when there was no real danger – and Andy found himself wondering what he – and therefore the Doctor – had ever seen in her; she was acting like a spoilt child...

But just because he was disillusioned with her didn't mean he would be impolite. No, Donna had taught him to take the high road. It often confused your opponents to no end... He also knew he should minimize talking with her; Donna had had enough grief over Rose to last a lifetime already, and didn't need to worry about him straying any more than he liked worrying about the Doctor taking Donna away from him...

Although... If he ignored Rose... might Donna get concerned anyway? Think he was overcompensating just to comfort her...? So how to balance those concerns...?

When Mikey saw the Doctor, he reached out to him. You okay?

The Doctor's eyes widened. The boy had done a complete about-face from how he felt about him last time. He'd thought the waving was because he was leaving. I'm fine, Mikey. Is it okay if I hold you?

Mikey nodded eagerly, wanting to comfort his uncle. Jenny hesitated, not sure how to hand over the precious bundle in her arms. Here, Jenny, her father soothed, I've done this before. And he carefully helped her transfer the wriggling boy into his own arms. And was surprised when Mikey kissed the same cheek his grandmother had slapped. He felt the jumble of confusion in the boy's mind, and the good wishes. It made his hearts fill with the oddest mixture of pain and joy.

Wetty eyes,Mikey said, reaching up to touch his uncle's face.

The Doctor suppressed a curse over emotions getting the better of him. Because I missed you, he told him as he drew him in close. He took a deep breath, and nearly did cry over smelling the wonderful mixture of Donna and what had to be his own scent. Translated slightly to account for the human-like genes Andy got from the Meta-Crisis, of course... It made the universe seem like a happier place...

Rose's eyes were fixed on the Doctor holding the... child like he was the most precious thing in the universe to him. How could he be like this...? Treasuring someone else's child over the future she could give him?! She could ignore the glares of Jenny and Sylvia Noble, but she couldn't ignore how the Duplicate helped Donna sit down, or how his arm curled around her shoulders when he sat next to her.

But the worst was how they seemed able to communicate without words... and the looks they were exchanging as his free hand rubbed her swollen belly. If the Duplicate was basically the Doctor she knew, and he was that... taken... with Donna Noble... then what did that mean about the Doctor's own feelings toward Donna...?!

“Move your face a little,” Sylvia snapped at Rose, handing her tea – in one of the worst cups she had. “Be careful or you might stay like that when the wind changes direction.” Childish, the older blond knew, but she was in no mood to be nice. Even if this girl's influence might have enabled her grandchildren to exist, it didn't make up for the pain she'd put Donna and Andy through!

Rose didn't know what she meant. She'd heard the phrase from her own mum, and it never made sense then! A face didn't freeze into one expression!

Jenny had to snort. And people thought Donna Noble was thick?!

Mikey pulled back to look at the Doctor, gently stroked his hair. Wanna see my toys?

The Doctor figured that watching how this young mind worked would be fascinating. Of course! Where does your Nan keep them?

I'll show you! Mikey wiggled hard, and the Doctor – amused at seeing proof that the restless nature had been passed on – set him down. And was promptly surprised when the boy grabbed two of his fingers, and reached for Jenny. Come with Uncle and see my toys?

Jenny's eyebrows popped up, but she was curious about childhood. Okay, she nodded and accepted his hand. And started laughing when the boy dragged her and her father to another room. She couldn't help but share a laugh with him – momentarily forgetting her reasons to be mad at him.

And the Doctor just loved the enthusiastic responses...

And neither noticed Donna whip her camera out and snap a picture. Or Andy pull his own out to capture a video of the moment. They shared a wicked look. That picture, he told her, is going in the photo album! She nodded, snickering over imagining the Doctor's expression when he saw it.

Rose could, on some level, appreciate the ridiculousness of the sight of a toddler dragging two adults along, but it didn't last. She more felt the anger over seeing how much her Doctor was loving being around those... kids! What did he want kids for? Just the two of them would be everything they needed! Living with little Tony had turned her off the idea of ever having children – and never mind watching her Mum pregnant!

Andy cleared his throat. “How are you, Rose?” There, something polite. Nothing worrisome. Just trying to keep things on the civil side without going too far in either direction.

Rose heard him, but didn't answer. She couldn't stay in the room for long; seeing how lovey-dovey Andy was with Donna made her sick – and she didn't want to speak with someone who – if he really was just like the Doctor – had moved on so far that he preferred a ginger cow to her! So she left to follow the others. Not caring that Andy and Donna both stared after her in surprise...

And her jaw dropped as she saw the Doctor sitting cross-legged on the floor – she dimly noted Jenny had done the same – and watching enraptured as the little boy was pulling out things. What bothered her was how they, too, were talking without speaking. What was going on?!

The Doctor wondered whether some of Mikey's toys were too simplistic for the Time Lord mind he could sense within, but then he remembered that he'd never actually raised a child. So he trusted that Donna and Andy knew wha they were doing. But oh, Rassilon, how he wished he could've been around to watch Mikey's first months! To sense the first time he could communicate in words, those first steps, the first smiles...!

Jenny was baffled by a lot of the things Mikey showed them, even with his explanations. But, she admitted to herself, I don't know a lot about childhood... At least I'll get to watch it up close!

It was then that the Doctor sensed her thoughts, and mourned – not for the first time – how his daughter was born. She'll never get to experience childhood herself. She'll have to live it vicariously through her siblings...

A quick glance toward the door reminded Jenny that they had company. Who wasn't happy with what she saw. I bet she wasn't happy watching Mum and... Gee, what should I call her husband if I have to keep Dad in my life...? I mean, they are married, right?

The “silent” playing went on for a while – until Rose couldn't stand the silence anymore. She found her voice when Andy and Donna came out to join them, with the rest of Donna's family. Rose cleared her throat, not trusting herself to keep polite – which the Doctor had ordered (the cheek of him!) her to do.

The Doctor finally noticed Rose's presence, aburptly yanked out of the lovely mental talk he was having with Mikey – with Jenny putting in comments here and there, and almost letting him feel like everything was well. “Oh, um... Mikey, this is my friend, Rose. Rose, this is Michael Peter Noble... my nephew.”

Rose wasn't sure how to react. This boy was proof that things could've worked out very differently for her, and she didn't feel comfortable around little kids anymore after having to live with one all the time. Well, not all the time, but she never quite felt easy around Tony...

But Mikey spared her from having to react. He looked at her with a glare that reminded more than a few people of the Doctor (and Andy) when something wasn't going the way he'd planned and he couldn't figure out why it didn't go exactly as he'd thought. The boy turned his back to Rose and faced the Doctor, off on describing another toy.

Did he just dismiss Rose as not important? Andy looked at Donna, surprised.

She slowly nodded. I think he doesn't like her... And they continued listening in on their son's talk with his uncle.

The Doctor didn't let Mikey catch on to his thoughts, but his hearts sank – even as he kept up the interest in the boy's things. It was obvious that Mikey didn't like Rose, and there was no chance his parents would force him to spend time around her. Add in Jenny's blatant disapproval and how uneasy Andy seemed about him being near Donna... and it wasn't looking good for a Time Family aboard the TARDIS...

Unless Rose left...

Jenny noted the dismay in her father's eyes, and tried to suppress a gloat. Ah, he's seeing that what he wants isn't going to happen, so what will he do...? Perhaps he could be... persuaded that he should just dump Rose off somewhere...

When Mikey finished showing off his toys, the Doctor sensed that he had to get Rose out of Wilfred's home or things could get very ugly. And he wasn't going to let that happen in front of Mikey. Sighing aloud, he announced, “I think I have to get back to saving the universe...”

More welcome words had never reached Rose's ears...

No, Mikey yelled as he threw his arms around the Doctor's neck, Uncle Doctor! No go!

Must not cry, the Doctor told himself as he reflexively hugged the boy back, must not cry... I don't want to leave you or your family, Mikey, but I have things I need to do.

He's right, Mikey, Donna told her son. Your Uncle travels and helps people in need. I bet there's someone who needs his help right now. Besides, he'll be back when the baby comes. Right, Doctor?

He nodded vigorously. Yes, I'll be back, and we can play some more then, while your Mummy and the baby are resting. We can play those games you were telling me about.

Mikey didn't like it, but he knew that Mummy's firm tone was not to be challenged. Promise?

The Doctor nearly did cry over the sad tone. I promise... Only then did the boy let him go, and went right to Jenny. It slowly dawned on the Doctor that Mikey would normally go right to his parents, but he didn't feel like going near Rose. I have a lot of work to do, he sighed to himself.

As he got up, he was surprised to hear Andy talk to him. Doctor... when you do come back, can you bring something to help Donna with the labour pains...? It took a lot out of her then... He didn't add about how she'd nearly broken his hands in the process...

So that's why I landed face-first on one of the TARDIS grates... Gladly! He nodded, and looked at Jenny. I'll miss you, Jenny... He opened his arms, hoping she'd accept a hug...

As angry as she still was, Jenny had seen how wonderful he was with her little brother, the fondness and love he still had toward her Mum... It said something about how much she'd imprinted on Donna that she willingly embraced him tightly – after handing Mikey to Andy, keeping her own body between Rose and Mikey. I'm staying with Mum, she told her father, nonetheless.

I know... And that broke his hearts again. To let her go and walk away... It hurt even more to hug Donna and know he had to walk away... Take care of yourself. I want this one to be as healthy and wonderful as Mikey is...

Donna sniffled. You get back here with that pain medicine, you hear me?! An order seemed safer to say than some of the other things...

The Doctor smiled through the tears that threatened to fall. I will. He shook Andy's hand, as neither of them could swallow the idea of hugging each other. Probably a remnant of previous Time Crashes, they each told themselves. The Doctor also shook Wilf's hand, but just nodded to Sylvia, whose restraint in keeping still nearly earned the Doctor's admiration.

Rose quickly put down the teacup and grabbed the Doctor's hand to drag him out as soon as he'd finished his good-byes. The further away they were from this place, the better!

The Doctor allowed her to drag him for a bit, but then yanked his hand free. “When I said to be polite,” he growled under his breath, “I didn't mean be pouting like a child!” Maybe the Old Girl would help him hide for a while for a chance to think in peace... It was clear that his ship was no longer fond of Rose... If, he reluctantly admitted, she was ever fond of her in the first place...

Rose squawked, so indignant that she couldn't come up with a reply. And that silence – which she had no idea was surprisingly welcome to the Doctor she thought loved her – lasted for some time...

Meanwhile, Andy handed Mikey back to Jenny to play. He and Donna and Wilf had to calm Sylvia back down while she made the meal.

Jenny turned to Mikey with a wicked grin. When your Uncle comes back, want to help me make Rose go away...?

Mikey nodded enthusiastically. Yes! Make mean girl leave!

Jenny beamed, and her devious mind went to work – even while she learned the rules of simple Earth board games...



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Sep. 20th, 2011 08:16 am (UTC)
I'm still loving this birthday present that goes on giving! Thank you!! I especially love the added Andy stuff and his quandary; though you already know how taken I am with evil!Jenny. :D
Sep. 20th, 2011 03:13 pm (UTC)
I guess you'd consider the follow-up - even with your bits - a birthday present, right? ;D

You made a good point, and I tried - but Rose didn't cooperate. (shrugs)

I hope a lot of people come to love evil!Jenny... ;D
Sep. 20th, 2011 11:10 am (UTC)
Fantastic story. You and bas_math_girl are the two best writers on lj, and you have inspired me to give it a go.
Sep. 20th, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
Oh... Thanks! I'm... flattered, and I know BMG is, too!

I like your icon. Where did you get it, and what's the third image within?
Sep. 20th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks and I got it off one of the wallpaper posts on the D/D comm and I'm not sure what the third image is sorry.
Sep. 20th, 2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
I loved this--the whole thing was great. My favorite bits were when Jenny called Donna "Mum" and the way Jenny and Mikey took to each other immediately. And when Sylvia dressed down Rose and slapped the Doctor. Rose got what she deserved, and acted just how I supposed she would in this chapter. And it sounds like she's on her way out because of it.
Sep. 20th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
Just wait... Wait for what I've got in store for this ficverse! We'll see what BMG wants to do once I've gotten there...! ;D Thanks for reading!
Sep. 20th, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
I can't wait--sounds like it's going to be good!
Nov. 26th, 2015 08:11 pm (UTC)
Squee!!!! I love this so much. Especially seeing rose put in her place. It is so perfect as I can't stand her or how the doctor was around her. Onwards and upwards!!
Dec. 2nd, 2015 04:05 am (UTC)
Hmm... I wonder how he would've reacted to being shown how he acted. Fodder for another story.

Anyway, thanks!
Dec. 2nd, 2015 03:43 pm (UTC)
Definitely fodder for another story!!
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