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NEW: Return to Base (1/?)

Title: Return to Base

Rating: T (a bit on the high side, be warned... and not always for happy reasons...)

Author: bas_math_girl</lj> started this, writing much of the first scene and some of the pre-delivery moments, but the rest belongs to tkel_paris, aka KendraC

Summary: Sequel to BMG's Back to Base and my Eyes Forced Open. Jenny plots against Rose, the Doctor helps Donna deliver, and a surprise hits them all...

Disclaimer: That we even wrote this ficverse proves that neither of us has any claims to the Doctor Who universe... I just own a Disappearing TARDIS mug, two Doctor Who t-shirts, one book, and some DVDs... BMG can claim, among other things, a few MAAN ticket stubs. (pouts)

Also, this is not a Rose-friendly story. If that bothers you, turn back now. Save yourself the headache.

BMG's Author's Note: I am very happy to leave this in the capable hands of TP. I have adored writing about Donna and Andy but I cannot face writing Rose with the Doctor... I just can't so please don't expect me to, especially after all the grief I have suffered because of this. TP has very kindly allowed some bits I wrote to sneak in here (I couldn't leave it totally alone, you see); so I shall hand you back to my lovely online daughter. :)

KC's Author's Note: When my on-line mummy mentioned that she wasn't keen about writing the sequel to Back to Base since it almost demanded Rose's presence (and she can barely stand to mention her, if I understand her correctly), my Muse picked up the thread and wrote a fic for her birthday. Eyes Forced Open was my take on what might happen after the end of Back to Base, and BMG gave me permission to continue the story. So... Hope those of you reading this enjoy it!

PART ONE: The Start of a Big Change

They made their way back home, feeling very puzzled. Well, Andy and Donna were. Jenny spent the whole ride watching the sights to be seen from a moving car. Mikey provided her with a running commentary that kept her entertained. And would have kept his parents amused if their minds hadn't been preoccupied.

When they parked, Andy commented, “We don't have much space, so you'll have to either sleep on the living room couch or share a room with Mikey. Which would you prefer?"

Jenny paused on her way to the trunk, where her bags were. She glanced at Mikey. What would you like?

Mikey beamed and clapped his hands repeatedly. Big sis Jenny with me!

She smiled back. "Guess I'll share with Mikey for now."

Donna eyed the young Time Lady. "Are you sure?"

Jenny nodded. “I'd... like to watch how he thinks.” Besides, she thought to herself, then he and I can plot about how to get rid of Rose...

As soon as they entered their house, Andy and Donna brought Jenny to the room where Mikey slept. There was one big bed – in addition to the crib and changing table – that they intended for when Mikey got older, or for the chance that might have a guest.

Jenny looked around at the scene. "It's... so cozy..."

Andy smiled fondly at the room. “The bed used to be mine, back when we had the apartment. Not that I used it – or the spare room – for long..."

Donna swatted him on the side – as he was still holding Mikey. “She doesn't need to know that!"

But Jenny was curious. “Will you tell me what's happened since... you were left here?” That they'd made such a life with each other was a good thing, she could tell, and Mikey was so darling that she now couldn't imagine him not being there. So she found herself actually letting go of some of her anger at her father... which she hadn't planned on.

Donna and Andy blushed. “Um... Later,” Andy promised. “When Mikey's not around to hear it."

Mikey frowned at them. Adults were really weird sometimes...

“Anyway,” Donna announced, “you should find you have plenty of closet space. Do you have any clothes other than those from Messaline?"

Jenny frowned. “Not really. I picked up a few things here and there, but I don't need much."

Donna frowned. “Well, we have to change that! If you're going to live on Earth and hold down a job, you'd better look the part of a young lady."

Andy had to hide a tiny smile. This upcoming shopping trip could either be really entertaining to him... or a bit worrisome... After all, he did feel rather parential toward his... Well, niece and daughter...

Jenny was puzzled. "Guess I have a lot to learn about living on Earth."

Donna laughed. "Let's settle in a bit."

They went out into the living room while Jenny put her bags off to the side. “That was a bit weird, wasn’t it?” Donna remarked to Andy as she bent to take Mikey's coat off for him.

When Jenny came back, Donna let him run, grab his sister and drag her over to help him switch the television on for one of his favourite programmes. Jenny had never seen a television, and was quite willing to join Mikey in whatever he was doing. All in the name of learning about Earth and her brother!

A pang hit Donna in the side as she stood again, relieved Andy was putting the kettle on. “You’re quiet. What’s worrying you?” she called out to him.

“Nothing. Not much anyway,” he called back. “Apart from…” After a few seconds he appeared at the door. He tried to figure out how to put his thoughts to words – and not worry her. “Was it me or did Rose act funny?"

Jenny, thanks to her Time Lady brain and being female, could multi-task. So she listened in on her Mum's conversation while she watched the rather strange programme on the telly, as Mikey called it.

“Isn’t that amount of pouting normal then?” Donna answered, arranging the cushions on the settee to get more comfortable. “Yeah, I’d say she wasn't keen on being there."

Andy sighed as he set up tea for three. “So it wasn’t just me taking things in a different way… I didn’t do anything to offend her, did I? I thought I was perfectly charming,” he said anxiously.

Jenny frowned and turned to glare at him. "Why would you want to be charming to her?" He'd better not still be charmed by her...!

Andy raised a finger in warning, to explain a few things to their newest addition. “Oi. I got over her fairly quickly. Helped to be around your Mum every day, and see how she beats Rose in every possible way. I'm now convinced that what I felt – and therefore what your Dad felt – was more infatuation due to a number of circumstances. He's definitely an emotional innocent to be so taken with someone that immature. Having some of Donna in my mind, I was soon able to grow past that."

Jenny stared, a little uncertain about how much he meant it. And he picked up on that. “I wanted to show your Mum that I'm no longer affected by Rose's...” he paused, waving his hands as he tried to find the right word, and had to settle on “...charms.” His sarcastic tone said volumes about how he saw them as anything but now.

Donna felt... rather warm inside over this blatant proof that she didn't have to worry anymore. Especially when she thought about how Rose had reacted to him.

“I had no intention,” Andy continued, “of giving her any more than her due according to the basic rules of civility. But it seems she didn't want anything to do with me, so I'll count myself lucky in not having to deal much with her. Just as well, because I really hate getting headaches from having to play nice when I don't want to." And she didn't deserve it. Mikey could see her for what she is. Wish he could've...

Jenny's frown completely disappeared. She nodded slowly, accepting the explanation. I wonder if I could get him to chat with Dad about this...?

Donna, the more she thought about Andy's words, felt a powerful need to reward him for them, and gave him a leering smile. “I think you are more than charming. If you want to come here I’ll prove it to you!” And show that you've made my year...

He laughed with delight and sat down next to her. God you’re sexy! You are one hot mama. He rubbed his nose along hers and then gentlyy pressed a kiss against her full lips.

Jenny's eyes widened. She couldn't recall seeing anyone doing that before, and was stunned to see how they seemed to like it. Have they forgotten that we're here...? Do they do this often in front of Mikey...?

Donna immediately opened her mouth to let him deepen their kiss, and he took the invite. They groaned together. Have you got five minutes to spare? she asked, drawing his body down.

Jenny's jaw dropped. Was this part of why there were so many humans...? They... really liked... swapping saliva...?

She was so (unwillingly) captivated by the sight, and they were so engrossed in the act, that no one saw the fourth person walk over as if he was oblivious to what was happening.

Mummy! I’m thirsty, Mikey told her, pressing a hand onto her knee. Can Daddy get me a drink, please?

Jenny suddenly wondered if Mikey had a habit of interrupting his parents in such acts. And whether it was a common trait among children – human or otherwise.

Donna broke from their kiss to answer Mikey. “Yes, darling. You are talking so much clearer now, you clever boy! All we have to do now is to get you to say something out loud,” she enthused, stroking Mikey's head lovingly.

“Perhaps that was Rose’s problem,” mused Andy. “Mikey was babbling away to the Doctor quite happily, and I clean forgot that she wouldn’t have heard a word."

And, Jenny thought with a raised eyebrow, we should be bothered to care because...?

“We didn’t do that much, did we?” Donna asked, trying to remember as she kept stroking their son's head. “It’s just that the Doctor seemed so keen for us to communicate telepathically that I didn’t like to disappoint him."

“Yes, I did notice," he stated grimly.

Jenny was startled. Did Papa Andy seriously think that the Doctor could take Donna away from him...? It didn't make any sense considering what the TARDIS told her...

“Andy, darling, look at me. I know what you are worrying about, and I would never mistake him for you,” she tried to soothe him. “He smells differently, his touch isn’t the same, and I don’t love him like I do you."

“But you do love him,” he accused her. He still remembered how she'd reacted when the Doctor had touched her that last visit. It made him sick to think about it...

She raked her fingers through his hair, stroking away some of his tension. “Yes, I love my best friend that I travelled with for a year; and I love the fact he gave me you. The most wonderful, gorgeous hunk of man I've ever known."

He smiled happily then. "I'm a hunk? Seriously?"

Jenny felt her stomach churn a bit. He isn't that cute... And she promptly realized that of course she'd feel that way: he was her second father, for God's sake!

“I’m very serious about it; especially if I’m provided with cups of tea as well," Donna answered.

“Alright!” he pretended to huff as he picked up Mikey – who loved helping like a big boy. "Bribery and corruption now, I see."

“As long as you don’t mind getting your reward later, then ‘yes’.” She gave him a knowing wink. She was delighted to gain a growl in reply.

Jenny watched in stunned silence as the males left the room. Then she turned to her Mum, whispering, "He does remember that you two need to stick together so your Time Lord minds won't burn up your bodies, doesn't he? Wouldn't my Dad remember that, too?! He can't be so stupid that he'd risk your life!" Hurt you, yes – he clearly did that already. But surely not the other thing!

Donna sighed. Clearly she had a lot to teach her eldest. “Love makes people more than a bit crazy. And let's face it: your father isn't the best at dealing with feelings. Andy got a lot of that from him, and I haven't been great at it, either, sometimes. I've been cast aside a lot, especially for blondes, and he has the memories of losing everyone he's ever cared about – up to this point in the Doctor's life. So don't you dare think it's insignificant!"

As inexperienced in life as she was, Jenny could hear a commanding tone well; legacy of being a soldier. She held up her hands, in a manner very reminiscent of her father. “Okay, Mum! I get it!” She lowered her hands, and had to ask, "Does Mikey to that often?"

Donna smiled wryly. “Oh, yes! Sometimes it's as if we're emitting some hormone that makes him want a drink at the worst possible moments. For us, that is.” Then she thought about what just happened. “Oh, were you bothered by seeing us... like that?"

Jenny pondered how to phrase her thoughts. “I... thought it was strange. I've never seen people... touching lips before."

“Well,” Donna decided, “I guess we have a lot to go over. But first, we'dbetter get you an identity. Andy and I can hack the National Database again, create documentation for you, and then we need to figure out what you're good at so we can go about finding you a proper job. We'll need the extra income to handle what we need to get for you, anyway. Oh! But we'd better have a good cover story to explain you to others!"

“Well, I want to call you 'Mum!'” Jenny was horrified at the sudden realization that she couldn't do that except in private.

Andy and Mikey came back in. Mikey toddled over with his sippy cup, happily drinking from it. “Well,” Andy thought aloud, “I've got an idea. Since we've claimed that the Doctor is a much older brother to us, we acknowledge you as his daughter. We'll... say that your mother isn't in the picture in such a way that no one will dare ask. Hint that she walked out when you were a baby. And we know some people who call an aunt 'Mum'; those were cases of family keeping a child from going into state care. We'll figure out those details, and also say that you just got out of university and have come to live with us.” He thought a second. “Oh, we'll need help faking that one..."

Jenny raised her eyebrows in confusion, and was startled when Mikey suddenly skipped over into her arms – settling promptly. Becoming a citizen of Earth was more involved than she'd thought... She just hoped that not much time would pass for her father; she wanted to make the most of the time she had until the baby came.

After all... she had an annoying homewrecker to send packing...

Mind, she quickly got lost in the details of learning to live in a human household. And found Mikey's later exhaustion contagious... which led to Donna getting to snap an adorable picture of Jenny and Mikey curled against each other, asleep...


The Doctor groaned as he heard Rose yelling from some hallway. She had barely let up once they were in the TARDIS after leaving Wilf's home. She took extreme exception to how he rebuked her, and he'd fled to the medbay to set up a pain-relieving device – which he'd started planning as soon as Andy had asked for his help – that he could attach to Donna's arm.

Only when he was in the process of making it did her realize that Rose had lost track of him. And he remembered that the Old Girl loved playing pranks on his companions, including making them get lost within the numerous hallways.

Come to think of it, she did it more with Rose than anyone else. And never did it to Donna.

Damn. I could've saved myself some trouble if I'd remembered that... No wonder my ship's been so mad at me... And the mental amused snort-like hum he felt confirmed his suspicions.

Although she couldn't be too mad if she helped him avoid Rose for a while. It gave him the opportunity to work in peace, and finish his medical masterpiece.

The TARDIS chuckled to herself. Her pilot was in for another rude awakening. Donna in labour was not going to be in a mood to be impressed by the Spaceman's antics...

Once it was done, he went to the Console Room. The device was safely in his pocket for whenever he sensed Donna's body was ready to deliver the newest baby.

And he just the feeling that he wasn't going to be able to stay away once he laid eyes on her youngest...

“There you are!"

Ugh. He rubbed his hands over his face as he heard her footsteps approach rapidly. This was Rose Tyler's version of the Oncoming Storm. Problem for her? It came off as just really annoying to a being who'd confronted actually scary creatures.

“God,” Rose cried as she marched into the room. “I swear there are more additions every time I walk through the halls! What is the TARDIS up to?!"

Evidently, the Doctor thought as he felt his ship getting very amused over Rose's outburst, doing her best to make you angry enough to leave of your own volition...

When he didn't answer, Rose saw red. She'd tried to rationalize her Doctor's reactions to Donna Noble, but the Duplicate's behavior kept coming back to her. And then there was the Doctor's attachment to that horrid blond girl who thought it was impossible for her – Rose – to be good for him! Or to that... that boy whose existence showed an alternative outcome for her own story. And it wasn't good.

No, she wasn't going to lose him to these people! She had to redouble her efforts to make him see what had been so clear that glorious day when he chose her again!

The TARDIS could read every companion's thoughts – or at least the gist of them. (Donna's had always been the most interesting.) And the current thoughts of the girl she was being forced to house pushed her buttons. So she let loose with the same trick she'd pulled on the Doctor not too long ago...

“Ahh!” The Doctor screamed as pain hit him from nowhere, and only a quick, reflexive grab for a railing kept him from doing a face-plant into the grate. Again.

“Doctor!” Rose rushed over, touching his shoulders. "What happened?!"

He pulled away and rushed through guiding the ship through the Vortex again. It took all his strength and concentration to focus to get them to where the mental thread he felt from Donna was leading him. It was time to meet the new baby...

Seemed the Old Girl was impatient... About more than one thing...

He just hoped that Rose's healthy fear of Sylvia Noble was enough to keep her from doing anything that would really make his family mad...

Part Two: New Arrival, and Prankster Siblings

And please read BMG's "Return to Base - a DVD Extra"! It follows the Earth events of this chapter!


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Oct. 12th, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
I love this!! I didn't know that you had written a sequel to this story! It was one of my favorite fics ever! This story is the perfect addition to the original! Glad to hear that I'm not alone in being a Rose hater!

Sorry! My brain is made of fail!

Edited at 2011-10-12 11:38 pm (UTC)
Oct. 25th, 2011 06:37 am (UTC)
Gee, how did I forget to comment!

And I'm trying to get to this again. Just trying to finish some other things first before NaNoWriMo. :)

I've definitely become someone with major issues with how Rose was written, but I also have a ton of issues with how Donna and Ten were treated!
Oct. 13th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
I'm glad I'm not Rose--she's got both the TARDIS and Jenny up against her, and the Doctor seems to be getting over her too!
Oct. 25th, 2011 06:38 am (UTC)
And things are only going to get worse... ;P
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