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A New fic challenge!

I'm hoping that doctor_donna will want to host this, but I'll start it here. I was thinking about alternative endings to "Journey's End," which I often do, and I had a massive brainwave: What if the Doctor's hand had grown into something a bit different...? I propose four alternatives:

1. Handy comes into being as we saw him, but he's really a kid in a young man's body. The son of Donna and the Doctor... and he needs them. How do you make Ten see that? Or... what are the consequences of Ten's refusal to accept him as a person and to try to help him instead of dumping him with Rose?

2. Instead of a young man/adult, the hand grows into a... boy! Congratulations, Donna: It's a Mini-Ten! With obvious traits of yours as well as of the Doctor's!

3. Donna's DNA has a more profound influence and the hands grows not into a duplicate of Ten... but a Duplicate Donna with a Time Lord brain! Is she Donna's twin, or child...? (Excuse me while I have another snickerfit over imagining the reactions of Ten - and, yes, Jack - to Doublemint Donna...)

4. Duplicate Donna... as a child. Can't you see Ten just melting into fatherhood when he sees he's got a Mini-Donna to take care of?

If the doctor_donna moderators agree that this is a challenge worth hosting, then I'll set proposed deadlines. And I encourage people to create drawings and icons for it! This will be fun! :D


Dec. 6th, 2011 08:16 am (UTC)
Thrilled to pieces! cassikat will be thrilled, too!

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