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CI Master Prompts List

Because the Doctor Who prompts list was getting HUGE, I had to yank the unrelated prompts. So here's something separate for CI. :D


1. “Loyalty” fix-its. Danny Ross didn't deserve to be killed off, even if he was a jerk at first. Alex Eames and Bobby Goren deserved better send-offs than they got. How would you have written the episode?

2. Jimmy Deakins' decision to not challenge the allegations, in the end, was – I believe – a mistake that allowed a knife wound to the NYPD instead of just a black eye. How could he have fought it, and won? Or, what if he saw that his exist has made things worse for his “good detectives”? How might he have tried to protect/help them?

3. Die, Nicole Wallace, Die! Choose your preferred mortal exit for the woman who might have been the most dangerous villain in L&O history – as long as Declan Gage isn't the cause of her death. I personally always thought it'd be Alex who pulled the trigger – or at least ended things somehow!

4. “Anti-Thesis” fix-its. What if G&E had waited to confront “Hitchens” after that grad student died, and investigated her past instead? What if they'd saved that manipulated student? Or what if Eames insisted on leading the investigation when she sensed “Hitchens'” interest in Goren? How might an Alex v. Nicole interrogation room confrontation have happened?

5. “APOI” fix-its. Could Alex have stopped Bobby from going too far? What if he got pushed to the sidelines, and SHE interrogated Nicole – or even investigated on her own?

6. Trial result fix-its. What if they got extra information from Australia, Thailand, or even the Feds? Of what if Alex decided to subtly convince Nicole that the baby was Bobby's? How could they have provoked Nicole onto the stand, and what could Carver have used to nail her to jail?

7. On that same pregnancy note, what else could Nicole have done/thought/tried if she had been convinced that the woman she had ignored was carrying Bobby's child?

8. “Great Barrier” fix-its. What if they'd caught on to Nicole sooner? What if help came to keep Nicole in jail – say, they found a positive ID for that little girl, or the real Hitchens' was found? How about catching Nicole and Ella in the act? Or... Alex handles the interrogation. Let's see her prove that no matter what Nicole has dug up, they will always have worse on her...

9. Chief Kenny Moran gets his comeuppance. I always thought that he had to have some connection with another vile criminal: Frank Adair. Let's see how that friendship should've come back to haunt him as the truth pushes its way through the lies.

10. Why did Barek leave? Carver? Those were two departures that were never explained.

11. Oh, did Season 10 leave a lot to ponder... First off... Try to write a convincing non-shipper explanation of Goren and Eames' respective expressions and actions throughout the season. 'Cause I saw that finale, and I'm drawing a complete blank!

12. Was Goren lying to Dr. Gyson when he said he saw Eames as a sister? Or had he just realized how much he's been lying to himself where she's concerned...?

CROSSOVERS: Bones/Criminal Intent:

1. During Bobby Goren's last months/year in the Army, circumstances bring a young Ranger named Seeley Booth into his path. The two form a brotherly bond, and remain in contact over the years. How might the friendship improve each other's investigative abilities? How might they help each other with cases?

2. That little unidentified girl who apparently frightened Nicole Wallace into fleeing, someone in the CI world is determined to identify her, but they need help. They reach out to the FBI, which contacts the Jeffersonian. I can see Goren or Eames calling on Booth for leads on the best people for the job. Or maybe Eames met Brennan somewhere, and she reaches out for help.

3. The Australians seek Brennan's help to identify that little girl, and find Elizabeth Hitchens. Booth and Brennan's investigation eventually connects with Goren and Eames. However, Nicole Wallace is not done playing games - and now she's looking up the FBI agent and the forensic anthropologist...

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