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Misc. Prompts List

And here are the other non-Doctor Who prompts. :D


1. “Threshold” fix-its. The abandonment of the Kidzards remains my biggest gripe with the show. Given the potential need for a “replacement” crew, why did Chakotay just leave them when the ship wasn't in danger? (Makes his going after a kid who they couldn't be sure was his look REALLY bad...)

2. Existential crisis: If I wouldn't exist without someone else having unjustly suffered, is my very existence dishonorable? Ensign Mirel Paris is part of a contact mission with a prosperous planet. Captain Naomi Wildman has been urge to persuade the leaders of this multi-species planet to join the Federation, but a trio of well-connected siblings oppose it. As Mirel investigates, sensing something familiar about them, one of their children is kidnapped. It exposes to her and Wildman the siblings true identity: the Kidzards. Although they've survived, thrived, and made it to the Alpha Quadrant, they've also suffered physically and emotionally. They believe they're unwanted, unloved, considered like garbage, and want nothing to do with the people who shunted them aside. Mirel starts to question all she thought she knew about her extended family... and questions whether she should even exist...


1. Angela's nosiness can be downright unsettling. How much could Brennan take before completely shutting her out? (Season One comes to mind here.)

2. What if Booth had found out that Angela looked Tessa up, determined to push her out of the way for Brennan's supposed sake? Couldn't that have back-fired massively on Angela?

3. What if Booth had showed some vulnerability and asked Brennan for help at the start of Season Five? He admits what's happened to him, how amazing that coma dream was, what he thinks it means, what others say, and finally that Brennan is “the only person I trust enough to ask to help me get back to who I was before the tumor.”

4. Instead of “gambling,” Booth asks Brennan if they can look at what is happening between them, and what could happen. The man with the “lion heart” manages to put together enough logic to coax the frightened Brennan into at least a thought experiment.

5. What if Booth had manned up and just admitted that he was given no choice but to fire Brennan – without any drinks being ingested? Suppose he asked her to help him develop an experiment to see whether a long-term relationship (or however he puts it to overcome her hesitance) between them would work out...

6. Suppose Booth had been forced into therapy before he met Brennan? Gordon Wyatt helped him start putting his life on track, so the man Brennan meets is a happier father and a more confident man – without being OVERLY cocky...

7. Season 6 has clearly thrown a lot of us for a loop. I'd stopped watching, out of frustration with the  I'm not entirely convinced that they would've gone that far without ED becoming pregnant. That said... What other ways could the finale have gone if TPTB had decided to work around Emily's pregnancy?

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