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NEW: Return to Base (3/5)

Title: Return to Base

Rating: T (a bit on the high side, be warned... and not always for happy reasons...)

Author: bas_math_girl started this, writing much of the first scene and some of the pre-delivery moments, but the rest belongs to tkel_paris

Summary: Sequel to BMG's “Back to Base” and my “Eyes Forced Open.” Jenny plots against Rose, the Doctor helps Donna deliver, and a surprise hits them all...

Disclaimer: That we even wrote this ficverse proves that neither of us has any claims to the Doctor Who universe... I just own a Disappearing TARDIS mug, two Doctor Who t-shirts, and some DVDs... BMG can claim, among other things, a few MAAN ticket stubs. (pouts)

Also, this is not a Rose-friendly story. If that bothers you, turn back now. Save yourself the headache.

BMG's Author's Note: I am very happy to leave this in the capable hands of TP. I have adored writing about Donna and Andy but I cannot face writing Rose with the Doctor... I just can't so please don't expect me to, especially after all the grief I have suffered because of this. TP has very kindly allowed some bits I wrote to sneak in here (I couldn't leave it totally alone, you see); so I shall hand you back to my lovely online daughter. :)

My Author's Note: When my on-line mummy mentioned that she wasn't keen about writing the sequel to “Back to Base” since it almost demanded Rose's presence (and she can barely stand to mention her, if I understand her correctly), my Muse picked up the thread and wrote a fic for her birthday. “Eyes Forced Open” was my take on what might happen after the end of “Back to Base,” and BMG gave me permission to continue the story. So... Hope those of you reading this enjoy it!

Also, If you haven't read BMG's "Back to Base," my "Eyes Forced Open", the earlier two parts of "Return" and BMG's DVD extras for this story, PLEASE stop and read them first! 'Cause none of this will make any sense without it.

Oh, and be ready for this chapter. I'd like to note something that happened today that made me snicker. I was mildly complaining about how if a character comes across as an idiot to me, then I don't care what the canon says; they're an idiot who either should never have been created or allowed to grow the f*** up. My dad retorted, "Or cannon fodder."

That cracked me up, because I was thinking of Rose when I said it. :D

Part 1 / Part 2

PART THREE: Rose Triggers the Oncoming Storm

Rose Tyler sat glumly in the chair. Hospital chairs were apparently more comfortable in the birthing section, but it wasn't a consoling thought. Her Doctor had run off to Donna Noble's side because she was in labour. Didn't he remember that she had her own version of him, and didn't need his assistance?

It just made her worry, once again, that if the Duplicate had fallen so completely for Donna Noble, then maybe it was partly because the Doctor himself harboured similar feelings toward Donna... And the thought made Rose sick.

Especially when his not listening to her earlier pleas made that thought seem all-too real... Her fingers went straight to the TARDIS key that the Doctor – as she'd first met him – had given her. It had been her comfort on Pete's World. She'd stared at it, touched every last part of it, and wondered if it could be used to help her find a way back...

“What that?”

The voice of Donna and the Duplicate's child startled Rose, and she was more stunned to see the boy had walked right up to her and was staring at the key. Openly curious as he looked from the key to her and back again.

Rose tried to remember how she'd handled Tony's questions. It wasn't really a help when this boy reminded her so much of the Doctor she'd come to love.

Wilf looked at the object of Mikey's question. “That's a key, Mikey. You've seen your Mummy and Daddy use them.”

“But what that key?” Mikey hated it when grown-ups didn't give him a good answer. He knew what a key was! He just knew he couldn't say that Jenny had pointed Mean Girl's key out as a place to start annoying her. Nanny and Great-Gramps just wouldn't see why he was doing this, but they were weird that way. Still, he loved them!

“I suppose that's a key to the TARDIS, innit?” Wilf noticed that he'd seen something like it in Donna's possession a few times. The first was right after the world was saved from those weird aliens who tried to choke the air with gas. Oh, how pleased Donna had been with that gesture of trust! (Which was how he sensed she saw it as.) And then a few times when she was feeling really depressed about her and Andy being dumped on Earth, as though it held the answers to all her questions if she just thought hard enough.

Mikey looked at it, taking a few steps closer than he normally would. This Mean Girl made him really nervous, but he trusted that Jenny and Nanny would keep her back. “Mummy has key like that!”

Rose flinched. She hated reminders that the Doctor had trusted others in that way. “She lives on Earth. Of course she'd have keys like this.”

Mikey fixed a hard gaze on her, looking scarily like the Doctor. Although there was something else in his eyes that made Rose even more uneasy. “No, one just like that!”

Not wanting to talk further about it, Rose waved him off. “Go play with your sister.”

She hadn't counted on Jenny. “He actually wants to talk with you, and you're blowing him off for being a curious little boy?” The Time Lady tossed as much scorn as she could into her voice, trying to not smirk over the teenage whining she could sense coming up. “For being just a little version of his father and uncle?”

Down the hall, the Doctor was slowly heading their way. His thoughts were on the new baby he'd just met, but the telepathic signals being given off from the waiting area intruded... and told him that things were about to get worse...

Rose glared at the blonde interloper. She didn't like thinking of the boy as being anything like the Doctor – as much as he resembled him. “I don't need to give you any of my time.”

Mikey looked at her with questioning eyes. She not very smart, he thought. Not like Mummy or Nanny or Great-Gramps or Daddy or Unka Doctor. That gave him a thought. “Are you a real 'panion?”

That made Rose blink. “What?!”

“Companion,” Jenny translated. “Mikey, what do you mean?” Keep going, she added, she's getting really annoyed...

“D'you 'elp him, or give him trouble?”

Rose scoffed. “What kind of question is that?!”

Mikey gave a version of the Doctor's patented oh-don't-be-so-thick look. “A real 'panion is brill. They 'elp my Unka Doctor and keep him outta trouble. Mummy was best at it. Daddy says so. He share Unka Doctor's mem-ries, and Unka Doctor and Daddy both say she's 'portant and pretty. One who not a real 'panion makes Unka Doctor's job harder. He hasta do more to save the day 'cause of them.”

Jenny smirked over the growing redness in Rose's face. Ah, she silently crowed, you don't like hearing that he thinks another woman is lovely! And being told you're a weight rather than a help! You are on your way out, you great big bint!

Rose tried to reign herself in. The scary mother of Donna Noble was sitting right across from her, and she still remembered the slap. However, this little boy seemed determined to get on her last nerve. Accusing her of not being a real companion?! “Well, friends say nice things about each other – no matter what the truth is.”

Mikey's eyes narrowed at her, and he laughed. “Silly! Unka Doctor doesn't lie about Mummy! I said Daddy says Mummy is always beautiful, and Unka Doctor smiled and said he's right!”

Hands shaking, Rose's lips thinned. “She's older,” she muttered, as much to convince herself as to put the little runt into his place, “and was probably lucky to get pregnant with you.”

Mikey frowned, shaking his head. “Auntie Martha disgrees. She says Mummy can give me more sises and brodders 'cause the.... Meta-Crisis” he stumbled over the phrase “is keepin' her young!”

The idea that there could be more brats of that woman who all of Space and Time considered The Most Important Woman in All of Creation to draw the Doctor away from her side made Rose's glare turn absolutely frosty. I'll put a stop to this, she vowed, I will! “Before you know it, I will not need to deal with you. He will see that he doesn't need any of you!”

The Doctor's head snapped up, as he was close enough to overhear the last sentence. His eyes widened and he rushed forward to see what was happening. More to the point, what was making Rose act so nasty toward an innocent boy! He could feel Mikey getting far more uneasy, and a bit scared.

Mikey's eyes widened, his nose sniffling. “You lie! You wrong! Unka Doctor loves us! He won't leave us!”

The Doctor overheard that, stopping just around the corner. What was Rose saying to him?!

Rose shot dagger eyes at him. “Just because your mummy saved all of creation doesn't mean you shouldn't have been put down at birth!” Feeling pushing to her limits, she raised a hand in a clearly threatening manner.

Sylvia shot up at the same time Jenny did. But before anyone could say anything or Mikey could run to the nearest adult, the Doctor – hackles raised – flew forward and boomed: “Rose Tyler!”

All bodies in the vicinity froze. Mikey ran as soon as he saw his uncle. “Unka Doctor!” he cried openly. “Don't leave us!”

The Doctor, eyes fixed on Rose and brimming with the Storm, bent to pick up the crying boy. He held him close, and touched their foreheads, trying to soothe the upset even with his own shaking anger raging throughout his body. He closed his own eyes to try to settle his thoughts. Mikey clung to him, shaking and crying, unable to think clearly or speak – in any way.

Sylvia walked right up to the Doctor. “If you love my grandson, you will not bring... that...” she pointed at Rose “around here ever again!”

Jenny rushed up to her father. “Please, Dad, don't you see what she's really like?! She's not good for you! When was she ever good for you?!”

Rose found her voice and stormed up, wanting to silence the interloper. “Doctor-!”

“Hush!” His voice came out as a hiss. It froze everyone again. No one could remember him sounding so dangerous. Not even in anger. He opened his eyes and fixed on Rose, who drew back in shock. “You were going to hit him. An innocent boy who's the closest thing I now have to a son.”

The girl who thought of herself as the Bad Wolf found tears in her eyes as it dawned on her that she'd gone too far in his eyes. She shook her head, trying to find a way out.

The Doctor gently stroked Mikey's hair, like he'd seen Donna do the first time he'd met him. “I ignored how much you did that could have damaged the multi-verses in trying to find me because I thought I needed you. I was wrong. Donna proved that I could live without you... within a day of having lost you... I just didn't listen to the lesson at the time because she declined to come that time, and Martha paid the price. And so have Donna and Andy, and even Jenny and Mikey.” His gaze hardened ever further, self-disgust flowing through his soul. “But no more. Rose Tyler, you will go back into the TARDIS and pack what you have in your room and be ready to return to your relatives within an hour. If you aren't packed, I will dump you there and then jettison your room and anything still in it into a black hole.”

Jenny's heart lightened, even within the gravity of the situation. Wilf and Sylvia sighed in relief. The danger was about to go away. Mikey heard that Rose was going away, and hugged his uncle in gratitude.

Rose's mouth trembled. She vaguely remembered him admitting to having done that with a few rooms within the TARDIS, and how he wished he hadn't done it to one in particular. She couldn't recall which it was – not that she could've under the circumstances. “Excuse me...?!” she cried.

The Doctor glared harder at her. “I can't undo not leaving you with your mother, but I can do right by my family. Which you were never a part of. Now, are you going willingly or by force?”

She shook in shock.

Andy rushed up. “What's going on?! Donna and I could feel Mikey crying!”

“Rose is going back to her relatives for good,” the Doctor firmly announced, turning to give Mikey to his father. “Mikey, go to your Daddy, He'll take you to see your Mummy and your little sister. I'll be back soon. Just have to make sure the... Idiot here does what I want her to.”

Hearing the name he used to call Mickey used to refer to herself was an indignant shock to Rose. And made her squawk.

Andy's eyebrows raised. “What happened?” he asked, holding Mikey tightly and drying the tears with his sleeve.

Jenny almost growled, “Rose said he shouldn't have been born, and she raised a hand to hit him.”

That triggered the Storm within Andy, and he turned his own flashing eyes on Rose, who backed away at the double dose before her. “Go away,” he ground out. “Before I go and make sure you're never coming back.”

The united front before her made Rose's insides sink. Now she could call something else the worst day of her life...

Donna was holding Effie in her arms, waiting impatiently for answers. Mikey's mental cry had startled her out of her happy moment, and forced her to struggle to keep calm enough to not alarm the new baby. Effie could sense something wasn't right, which was hard to ignore when she'd been in Andy's arms when they sensed Mikey's cries and then was transferred into Donna's quickly.

She was contemplating getting up, despite her pain, when Jenny opened the door and hurried into the room. The others were behind her. “Mum,” she cried, relieved, “Rose is going away for good! Dad's sending her off back to relatives, never to go back for her!”

Her eyebrows raised, and she eyed the puffy eyes in her son, who was clinging to his father. What, she demanded of Andy and Jenny, happened?!

Andy sighed. “Rose got so angry over something that she nearly hit our boy.”

Donna nearly rose off the bed. “What?!”

Effie squirmed, and Sylvia took her. “But the Doctor saw it, and had enough. He's making sure that the tart takes her things and never comes back.”

Donna froze for a moment, but revived when Mikey was passed to her. Mummy, he cried, the Mean Girl tried to hurt me! She said mean things about me!

She held him tightly. “Oh, she'll never come near you again! I promise you, my little monkey.” She rubbed his back and touched their foreheads. She looked at Andy. What exactly happened to provoke Rose's nasty temper?

Andy looked on as Sylvia and Wilf doted on Effie and helped Jenny learn to hold a baby. I think Jenny and Mikey deliberately provoked her, wanting her to do something that the Doctor couldn't forgive.

Her eyes widened. And she looked at her eldest, trying to not let on about her feelings. What the hell, she ground out, focusing so only Andy would hear, was Jenny thinking?!

I bet they didn't think she'd get that angry, Andy added, rubbing her shoulders. We do have to talk with them later on...

Donna frowned, but kept her soothing touches on her son. I guess things were coming to a head... She wasn't going to accept him having us as a family, was she?

Andy shook his head. She just wanted him to herself...but he loves our children too much to be away. I think he's as wrapped around Effie's finger as I am... He grinned.

You're probably right. Donna smirked at the memory of how awed the Doctor had been. But I agree. Donna sighed. Jenny can't do anything like that again, so we have to find some punishment for her.

He rubbed his neck. Trouble is, her dad is going to have to remember to thank her one day... I think he was at a loss about how to make Rose leave without being a complete arse about it.

Donna found a tiny grin. He is rubbish at feelings and making things clear when it's not a life-or-death situation.

About an hour later, the Doctor entered the room. Donna was once again holding Effie, and the family stood around her – only looking up when he entered. “Hello,” he said, tiredly. “How's Mikey?”

“Calmer,” Wilf said softly. Mikey was in his arms now, dozing in a plainly troubled sleep. “But he's been afraid you wouldn't come back.”

Gutted over the pain he'd unwillingly brought the boy (and his family), the Doctor carefully drew Mikey into his arms, trying to not jostle the sleeping tot. Jenny quietly demanded, “Well? Is she gone?”

The Doctor nodded, the weight of the day piling on him. The only thing that might relax him was seeing Donna's children, holding them. He made sure Mikey's ear was right over his hearts, knowing that the sound would reassure the boy. “The day must've been rough on his young mind if even his mummy couldn't calm him,” he murmured sadly.

Andy frowned. Now was not the time to tell him about what he suspected Jenny and Mikey had done, but he had to know. Donna had agreed that the punishment – whatever it would be – wouldn't be effective unless the Doctor stood with them in handing it down.

Mikey stirred a little, sensing a change in the things he was hearing in his sleep. When he realized he was hearing two heartbeats, he woke almost fully in an instant and looked up. “Unka Doctor! You back!” And threw his arms around his uncle's neck.

The Doctor felt tears in his eyes for the second time that day, but he didn't fight these like he had the earlier ones. He knew he deserved pain for what he put his family through, and rubbed the boy's back. Shh, he told his nephew, I'll be here a lot more. Just you see. I'm keeping this promise.

Mikey managed to bounce a bit. Now he felt he could let the day go away, and pulled back. You seen my little sister?

Yes, and she's as amazing as you are. He was delighted by the beaming smile he got in response, and hugged him again.

“Well,” Donna sighed, “what're your plans now, Spaceman? We'll be seeing you how often?”

Mikey pulled back and pouted. You not staying?

Andy laughed. “Mikey, he goes around helping people. He'll have to go every so often.”

“But,” the Doctor stressed, looking his nephew in the eye, “I'll be back. I want to see you and Effie grow up, and nothing's going to keep me from that.”

Jenny grinned, now finally able to once again relax around her father. “Then you're going to stick around while we adjust to Effie being here in the world? I was told you didn't do domestic.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but his phone rang. He quickly grabbed it, not wanting to make anyone upset at Donna. He pressed the speakerphone option. “Yes?”

“Doctor,” Martha said, sounding odd, “we need your help.”

Everyone blinked, but the Doctor forced out an answer. “UNIT? Donna just had the baby!”

“Oh, that's wonderful!” They heard the smile over the phone, but the tone quickly went grim. “But we got a rather surprising message through the Rift in Cardiff. It calls for your help... and it's from Pete's World.”

Andy, Donna, and the Doctor all stared at the phone in shock.

Next: Rose's Departure and an Unexpected Arrival


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I absolutely adore how you write the Doctor and Mikey together; but my favourite bit has to be the goading of Rose! Fabulous stuff!!!
Dec. 2nd, 2015 04:09 am (UTC)
How did I miss this comment? Oops. Especially when the icon is so darling...
Jan. 20th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
I love your fathers comment, It fit SO WELL with this part of the story.
Dec. 2nd, 2015 04:08 am (UTC)
Yes, it did. And he still has no idea. *snickers* Sorry I missed this comment for so long.
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