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NEW: Return to Base (4/5)

Title: Return to Base

Rating: T (a bit on the high side, be warned... and not always for happy reasons...)

Author: bas_math_girl started this, writing much of the first scene and some of the pre-delivery moments, but the rest belongs to tkel_paris

Summary: Sequel to BMG's “Back to Base” and my “Eyes Forced Open.” Jenny plots against Rose, the Doctor helps Donna deliver, and a surprise hits them all...

Disclaimer: That we even wrote this ficverse proves that neither of us has any claims to the Doctor Who universe... I just own a Disappearing TARDIS mug, two Doctor Who t-shirts, and some DVDs... BMG can claim, among other things, a few MAAN ticket stubs. (pouts)

Also, this is not a Rose-friendly story. If that bothers you, turn back now. Save yourself the headache.

BMG's Author's Note: I am very happy to leave this in the capable hands of TP. I have adored writing about Donna and Andy but I cannot face writing Rose with the Doctor... I just can't so please don't expect me to, especially after all the grief I have suffered because of this. TP has very kindly allowed some bits I wrote to sneak in here (I couldn't leave it totally alone, you see); so I shall hand you back to my lovely online daughter. :)

TP's Author's Note: When my on-line mummy mentioned that she wasn't keen about writing the sequel to “Back to Base” since it almost demanded Rose's presence (and she can barely stand to mention her, if I understand her correctly), my Muse picked up the thread and wrote a fic for her birthday. “Eyes Forced Open” was my take on what might happen after the end of “Back to Base,” and BMG gave me permission to continue the story. So... Hope those of you reading this enjoy it!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


You realize how dangerous this is, right, Doctor?” Mickey eyed him carefully. “This is crazy!”

Jack snorted. “Since when has that stopped him?”

The Doctor grimaced, but otherwise pretended to ignore Jack. “Pete's data can't be denied. The Dimension Cannon left something in Rose that's keeping the holes between the universes open, and that's slowly destroying his world. We have to send Rose back, and this is the safest way for both universes.”

Jenny worked on part of the device, standing right beside him. “But we can make it work. She'll be back with her mother, and both worlds will be safe.” And I'll never have to see her again!

Andy looked over the computer's calculations. “But the energy transfer needs a balance. They have to send someone over to our world or there'll be a massive explosion.”

I told Pete that already,” the Doctor assured him. “He's finding someone who's willing to cross over and start a new life, and he said he had some people in mind to ask. The person is there and ready. Now we need to do this within twenty minutes or things could become permanently damaged. Is everyone here ready?!”

Nearby, Donna – holding a sleeping Effie – and Martha watched the progress. Martha eyed her friend. “How is she?” Her face softened when she looked at the baby.

Donna beamed. “Three days old, and already babbling and smiling and laughing. Her daddy and her uncle got her first smiles yesterday.” She smirked over the memory, even as her pride in her daughter's development shone through. “You should've seen how they melted.”

Martha grinned evilly. “Did you take pictures?” Oh, I want copies for blackmail, should I need something to hold over the Doctor!

Donna smirked. “Mum did. Jenny wondered if that was what he would've looked like had she been born a child. Her confusion was adorable.”

Any further talk was cut off as several UNIT officers walked up. In the middle was Rose Tyler. Her eyes looked haunted. Clearly, she'd been informed that her begging the Doctor to let her stay had put her mother in danger. And, mercifully, the girl had more than enough love for her parent to feel the weight of what it meant. She chanced to look in Donna's direction, and turned away in horror over the measured glare she got. Donna Noble could not forget nor forgive the raised hand toward Mikey – who was safely with her mother and grandfather, inside nearby UNIT headquarters.

The Doctor looked up when he sensed Jenny tense, placing a hand over hers in warning. You will be quiet and let her leave without a scene. Is that clear?

She glared at him, but nodded when he met her eyes with the grimmest look she'd ever seen, one that beat the harshest one she remembered from Messaline. After all, she could afford to be quiet. She'd won, hadn't she?

Although she remembered seeing Mum, Dad, and Pops talking quietly amongst themselves recently, and occasionally looking her way with tight expressions. They couldn't possibly punish her for doing something that was to everyone's benefit, could they?!

Right, we're ready.” The Doctor eyed the signals from Pete's World. “And we've got the alert. They're ready, too. Rose, get into the middle, there.”

Rose noticed, just as Donna and Andy had, that the device they'd fashioned bore a frightening resemblance to the one that had sent Donna – in that temporarily existing parallel world – back to stop herself from turning right. She swallowed as she saw that the Universe was playing a cruel joke on her, by making her do what Donna had done: go back to right a danger that she had caused. Only she didn't have the comfort of knowing it didn't really happen...

Tears formed in her eyes as she also noticed that the Doctor was completely focused on his task. She'd had a week to contemplate what happened at that hospital, and a few choice words from her relatives had made one thing very clear: she had misjudged the Doctor's feelings for her completely. Whatever he had felt for her once, it was gone now. Utterly replaced by something... deeper... that he felt toward Donna. And it had flown into the Duplicate.

There was nothing left for her in her home-world. Mickey had moved on, marrying another companion and hardly looking her way, either. Her relatives, ones she had not appreciated when she hadn't known the Doctor, had little patience with her anymore. And now... she had the hardest proof that the Doctor himself was simply past his endurance with her.

So she took tighter hold of her remaining things, which she'd hurried packed twice (once when the Doctor's fury seemed ready to unleash on her, and just recently when the soldiers told her she had to go with them), and went into the centre of the device... just as willingly as she remembered Donna doing in the end. She took a deep breath. “Just do it, Doctor.”

There was nothing left to say to any of them. It was time she found herself some self-respect.

The Doctor took brief stock of how stoic Rose was finally acting, how she wouldn't meet his eyes anymore. Whether it was because she wanted to maintain some dignity or because she refused to look at him anymore, he wasn't sure, and he really didn't want to know. He had enough regrets to last all of his lives. He didn't need to add to them by seeing something to make him feel any more pain. He checked the signal. “Okay, the other person is in place. Synching the signals...”

Everyone watched as the events proceeded, no one daring to speak other than the Doctor as he called out the countdown to activation. Martha grabbed her medical equipment, and Donna put a special headset over Effie's ears; the Doctor did suggest things would get very loud shortly. Andy, Jenny, Jack, and Mickey helped keep the machine running – and braced themselves for the noise. Rose closed her eyes as the Doctor announced, “Transfer beginning!”

The light exploded around Rose, and the noise made Effie cry – despite her protection. Donna held her tightly, grateful she'd remembered to put in earplugs before protecting Effie's hearing. Jenny flinched, wondering how much any human could handle such loudness.

Finally, the light began to fade and the machine powered down (to never be usable again, the Doctor prayed), and Rose was gone. In her place stood a woman, who promptly fell to her knees and threw up. The hood on her jacket fell over her head, hiding her color and details as the light went away.

Martha rushed to her side. “I'm Dr. Martha Jones, and you're in London. My colleagues and I will help you adjust.”

The woman managed a nod, but couldn't stand. She didn't seem to think her stomach could handle it.

The Doctor, satisfied that the machine had shut itself down and would therefore be unusable from here out, rushed to join Martha. “That kind of travel isn't easy on anyone. Even I would've been queasy.”

The woman lifted her head. “Shut it!”

Everyone froze over the voice, but none more than the Doctor when the woman's face came into his view...and he knew it as well as he did the voice. Donna Noble! “What?!”

Final Part: Another Double?


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Jan. 29th, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
That's a pretty good shocker to end this chapter on!
And the Doctor is *cough* quite hot being all commanding when he dismisses Rose.
Jan. 29th, 2012 06:35 pm (UTC)
I couldn't resist. ;)
And yes, he was, wasn't he? :D
Jan. 31st, 2012 11:47 am (UTC)
I read everything in one go. I was kind of not wanting to read this fic because you know, too much Rose. but then I remembered that every fic I read of yours, Rose gets owned by some one, so I was safe.
brilliant. and I kind of had an idea it would be alt!Donna, don't know how.
can't wait for the next, and last, chapter.
Feb. 1st, 2012 01:22 am (UTC)
Oh, just wait for some of my future fics... Rose will be more than owned! :D

Kinda hard to not guess, I suppose. And where did your icon come from?
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