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NEW: Love Potion #42 (1/3)

Title: Love Potion #42

Rating: M/R

Author: tkel_paris

Pairing/Characters: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble, Handy, Rose, Jackie, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Sarah Jane, OCs, Pete, Sylvia, Wilf

Warnings: Sex Pollen Challenge story. 'Nuff said. Also, might not want to read if you're a Rose fan...

Summary: After Earth is returned, the Doctor and the Children of Time are dragged to another planet by the TARDIS. One companion tries using a love potion on the Doctor, and gets a nasty surprise while another gets the shock of her life. Written for the LiveJournal D/D Sex Pollen Challenge.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Blame bas_math_girl for mentioning this challenge, sykira for prodding my muse with ideas for a prompt I suggested, and tardis_mole for giving me other ideas. (grins) Y'all know I love you, right?

Author's Note: Huge thanks to tardis_mole, cassikat, and bas_math_girl for beta reading. I beta read your Sex Pollen responses, which was a pleasure. I'm so grateful for your help; this would've sucked royally without it. I know some of you would've preferred more... explicit stuff, but... you gotta let me get more comfortable with writing that kinda stuff first! That said, someone might one day talk me into writing a more... intense version... for LiveJournal only...

Also, I know I didn't name or describe the aliens or what the Doctor and Co did to help. But it wasn't exactly important to a Sex Pollen story, so... (shrugs) If you get inspired over what that might've been, check with me and I'll beta read your story.

Anything in italics are thoughts, bold are emphasized words and/or thought segments. Fair notice.

And the rest of this story will definitely be rated adult. FYI.


Sighing heavily, the Doctor wondered if he dared hope that nothing else would happen to prevent them from going straight back to the right point in time. The TARDIS, almost as soon as he and his companions started cheering and hugging over returning Earth, suddenly took over and brought them here. Naturally, there was a disaster to avert, but mercifully a quick solution was found with so many minds working on it.

Although... the Doctor had noticed how little Rose actually contributed to saving the day. It brought to mind a few times when she actually caused trouble rather than helped. Jackie did more to help Donna and the Duplicate put together the answers in the way that gave the Doctor the picture he needed to prevent the planet's impending doom.

Now the natives were trying to get them to stay and celebrate, and be honoured. He had no desire for that on a good day. Today? He had to get everyone home, especially Rose and Jackie... Oh, that one wasn't going to be pretty. He hoped that she would accept the Duplicate... who didn't yet know his own fate...

It was too painful to look at him. Knowing that he could have been the one who condemned the Daleks. He really didn't want to have to face the memory of this day any more than he already would have to. And knowing what would likely happen to Donna? That made his hearts clench painfully enough to nearly kick his respiratory bypass into gear.

He also hoped that Jack didn't get any ideas. Might be a vain hope, but he didn't want to have to explain that no, they couldn't go and hop to another point in the past to “have some fun.”

“Please,” said the Leader of their hosts, who were trying desperately to get them to stay for some celebration they wanted to hold in their honor, “at least enjoy a little of our hospitality.”

Rose suddenly appeared with a few of the other hosts. “They do have some lovely beverages,” she said with delight. “I've never had such fruits before! Let's at least have one!”

Jack naturally beamed. “Oh, one drink won't hurt anything!” He looked at the spoilsport Time Lord who haunted many of his dreams. “We earned some little reward, Doctor.”

He opened his mouth to object, but Rose turned a pleading gaze on him. “Please,” she begged with a pout. “They let me make a drink for you, Doctor. It's absolutely lovely!”

Donna frowned. She understood, better than ever now, why the Doctor wanted to leave. Being honored embarrassed him because he was never honored before. No one thought he deserved it for centuries, so he didn't know what to do with praise like that. As much as he always proclaimed his own brilliance, he was rubbish at accepting true compliments. She tried to not reflect on how that echoed her own life...

One of the aliens had already called her the Doctor's Wife, which had made Rose decidedly chilly toward her. Really, if she didn't know that he doesn't like to stay around, why did he keep her...? Did the Doctor have a thing for blondes? Well, given the memories she now carried of Jo Grant, Reinette, and Joan Redfern... maybe...

Jackie and Mickey looked at Rose's eagerness, and they exchanged a worried look. Something had seemed off to them about her since the Leader had made his assumption about Donna. But the way he'd defended himself for making the assumption had made Rose bristle in jealousy. They overheard Jack muttering to Martha and Sarah Jane, “Why do you think I didn't hug her when I met her? He was giving off 'Mine!' vibes like never before. He's head over heels for Donna, and I didn't want the Oncoming Storm unleashed on me... Besides, the TARDIS hinted that he's been subconsciously giving off those signals almost since he met her.”

Rose's mother and ex-boyfriend had exchanged a relieved glance that Rose had gone off. No telling how bad the tantrum would've been had she heard that. Then again, Jack had a pretty good sense of what not to say to people...

The drinks were passed, and Jack took the time to smell a few. “Okay, we're safe. Nothing that could hurt anyone.”

The Doctor remembered the cyanide incident. It was burned into his memory... especially the shock Donna chose. Oh, Rassilon... now that she had his memories, she had to know that he really didn't mean the Detox when he said he “must do that more often” – and that could spell trouble. Also, he felt an enormous reluctance toward Rose's wishes that he hadn't felt since she mentioned a mortgage – a thing that just wasn't him.

Too bad Rose wasn't any closer to understanding that now than she was then. It seemed like she didn't or couldn't or wouldn't see how appalled he was... and he didn't think he wanted to know which was the true reason...

Rose felt uneasy at his reluctance – he had to take it! “Please, Doctor, they'll be offended if we let all this trouble go to waste...”

Jackie wanted to tell her daughter to stop whining, but decided that she'd caution her in private. Once they were home. Oh, she didn't want to lose her! Maybe if the Doctor left her behind, she would finally start moving on and really put her energy into making Torchwood on Pete's World a better, wiser organization!

The Doctor sighed. He hated when she turned that pout on him. It didn't seem as sweet as he remembered it being, but... he still thought he owed her. Even if he couldn't find what he'd felt for her before, as his last self... it was certainly part of why he was considering giving the Duplicate to her, regardless of either's wishes. How much she'd changed or gotten worse was the other – not to mention bigger – part. Not to mention the TARDIS' displeasure over being pulled open without permission and his Ninth self dying to save the same person who'd effectively raped the Old Girl. He couldn't ignore that (and he hadn't, as those feelings that might have been love – though not the type Rose and the Daleks had thought it was – started dying when his Ninth self realized what Rose had done to get back to him), and he had felt that Rose being trapped in Pete's world was a suitable punishment. But he'd struggled so hard to overcome the harshness he'd felt since the Time War that he wondered if he'd been too harsh on her. It was probably why he'd lied to so many about Rose and what she'd meant to him – not to mention why he'd foolishly run toward her, which nearly killed him again.

“Well, just one. Then,” he added with a commanding tone, “we have to finish the tasks back in our time.”

He agreed! Rose beamed as she handed him the drink in her left hand. She made sure which one it was, and looked to see if everyone had one in their hand.

Sarah Jane smelled her drink. Yes, it did smell quite nice. But she, too, thought something seemed a bit not-quite-right about the whole thing. Especially since Rose had spent a lot of time speaking with some potions expert, and motioned a lot at the Doctor while talking...

“We give our eternal thanks to you and your Companions, Doctor,” the Leader said, raising his own glass. The same one who had made the assumption about the Doctor and Donna earlier. “And may I say that our world will always welcome you and any of them from now on.”

The Doctor held his best poker face. “Yes, well, let's hope.” He raised his glass, and took a cautious sip. Seemed all right, so he shrugged and had more as the others all sipped.

Rose watched his reactions and moved slightly closer. Any moment now... With that Time Lord metabolism, it shouldn't be long.

The Duplicate watched her, and suddenly didn't feel thirsty. What's going on? She looks far too confident...

Donna worried over the Blonde's reaction, and decided to come closer to the Doctor. “Yeah, it's a beautiful world. Would be nice to see some of it up close on a later visit.”

The Doctor looked at Donna, felt his hearts sink, and downed the rest, trying to not let on to what he feared was coming... so he decided to take every last gaze he could of Donna's lovely face and hair... Strange to think that he couldn't remember why he thought running to Rose was a good idea... except that he'd always imagined he'd do that if she could safely come back. Guilt and all...

And he also tried to not think about how much her actions could have endangered time and space as much as what Davros had tried to do... or whether Dalek Caan's actions had unknowing help from Rose. It would only make him angrier over Rose's actions, and more depressed over Donna's fate.

Donna felt the worry coming off him in waves, and wondered if he was feeling the weight of having to send Rose back when he knew he wouldn't be able to explain it in a way the blonde daft bint (oh, he didn't call her that, but Donna called things as she saw them and her view of his memories said that he had quite the slew of companions who the latter two-thirds of the insult applied to) would actually listen to. She knew as well as he did that the girl wouldn't understand why, or that he was planning to leave her Dimension Jumper with a virus that would destroy the Dimension Canon and every bit of information about it. So she touched his arm, trying to reassure him. “We saved all of Creation, Spaceman-” But she froze when she felt him tense suddenly. “What's wrong?”

He tried to pass off the tingling he felt over her being so near and how his heartsrate was increasing as... well, just more of those pesky feelings that she evoked oh-so-easily in him. He shook his head, “Oh, you know me. Just think too much.”

Donna snorted as she raised her glass to her lips. “Not about the right things, Sunshine,” she teased. Something in his eyes said that he was holding back, but – given the presence of Obsessed Bint over there – she bit her comments back, saving them for later.

He laughed at her all-too-accurate description of him, but something caught his attention... A smell... or rather, the lack of it in Donna's drink. He grabbed it and sniffed.

Rose's eyes went wide. Oh, dear... Well, it must've worked by now!

The others noticed Rose's unusual reaction, but were quickly distracted as the Doctor rushed from one companion to another, sniffing their drinks. “What's going on, Doctor,” Martha cried out.

He waited until he'd smelled everyone's drinks, with Jack's for last, before speaking. “There was something in my drink that's not in anyone else's.” He could feel something changing within his body, something influencing his senses...

Donna gasped. “Oh, my God! No, you couldn't have been poisoned! Not again!”

Seeing him panic made Rose give up her pretense. “He's not been poisoned!”

The Doctor turned his gaze on Rose. “How do you know?! Could you smell every ingredient that went into it?! This isn't the first time I've been poisoned! This would make the fourth time you've caused or nearly caused my death!”

Rose cried out incoherently. His words were like a dagger to her heart.

The Leader's face paled, and he turned to Rose. “Who helped you make his drink?!”

Rose shook her head. “Just your Healer, there,” she pointed at the potions expert that Jackie and Mickey had noticed earlier. She turned back to the Doctor, trying to calm him down. “I didn't mean to cause your last self's death!”

“No, you never mean to do anything!” His eyes widened as thoughts he hadn't let himself think in a while burst out of his mouth without censoring. “You get yourself into more trouble than you need to be in, you don't think about what the cost might be to me, you don't get the consequences of space travel, you don't understand about time-lines and that nearly killed me when you met your father, you didn't bother to ask the TARDIS if you could open her, you never thought that I would your life at the cost of my then life just because of the Time War and not because I liked you! You don't think about how lucky you are to have family that loves you, and you didn't stop to think about whether you should have used that bloody Cannon! For all I know, that could've helped Dalek Cann break through the Time Lock! You might be responsible for the whole mess that nearly destroyed all of Creation! Oh, yes, and perhaps helped the Master evade the Time Lock and thereby torment so many people last year – including Martha's family! And you practically killed Donna!” That last part scared him more than anything...

No one's eyes widened more than Jack's. (Although Rose's – as well as Donna's – tried to.) But he had a suspicion about what happened, and he rubbed his forehead. “Rose, do you know what the other consequences of Love Potion No. 42 are?”

The non-natives in the room stared at him in shock, wondering how he knew. The natives stared in surprise, also wondering how he knew.

“It,” Jack continued, “among other things, makes a person unable to censor their thoughts. Whatever they think or feel about someone or something, they're unable to hold it back. Good or bad, it'll come out.”

“Oh, is that what's happening to me?! Well, thank you for being sensible for a change, Captain Walking Hormone! No, wait, that's not enough. You're at least one hundred steps beyond that! Well, you can forget about me ever letting you kiss me again, because you smell wrong, Jack!”

Jack flinched. “Yep... Potion diagnosis confirmed.” He'd deal with the massive bruise to his ego later, but at least the Doctor hadn't outright called him a clone...

Rose shook her head again, “No, it must be the wrong potion! I know the Doctor loves me!”

The Doctor burst into laughter, sounding rather maniacal. Making more than a few people very nervous. “Love you?! Just how dim are you?! You're delusional if you thought I ever harboured romantic intentions toward you! Didn't you notice how I didn't want a mortgage with you when we thought we'd lost the TARDIS on the Impossible Planet?! It took me a lot longer than I care to admit to realize it, but I always thought of you like a daughter!”

A lot of eyes widened over that. Rose was ready to cry.

But he wasn't done; his gob couldn't be contained, and it felt like now that the cork had been popped, it was impossible to hold anything back. “You happened to be there when I really needed someone in my life, to keep me from going into a deep depression. I should've remembered that human teenagers are the most impressionable creatures I've ever met! Oh, I should've been been more careful! I chose better back even just a few selves ago! If I hadn't been in such a dark place after the Time War, I never would've offered to let you become a companion! I don't know what I was thinking, when I told that beast that called itself the Devil that I only believed in you!” He face-palmed himself.

Donna's eyes widened as she remembered that moment – through his memories. She cringed. Yeah, I can tell exactly what was clouding your mind. You liked having someone hero-worship you. It let you hide from everything you'd done... before, during and after the Time War.

Martha looked at Jack. “What do we do? There must be some antidote!”

The Doctor's eyes flickered her way. “Oh, count on you to manage a level head, Martha Jones! You know, I really didn't give you enough credit while you were my companion. You didn't go looking for danger unless you thought you had no choice. You were always smart, and destined for great things. I'm so, so sorry I made you feel inferior to Rose. Truth is, you're worth a thousand of her! At the least!”

The young physician's eyes popped wide, ignoring the cry from said blonde, but she couldn't stop a smile. “Bit late for you to say that, don't you agree?!”

“Well, I'm absolutely rubbish with feelings! You surely figured that out when you called me a subconscious flirt! If I had to have a young companion after the Time War, I would've been better off with you! You wouldn't have gotten us into half the trouble that Rose did! I was over-compensating for losing yet another companion – having lost everything and everyone else except my TARDIS – by making her into something she never was! Gah!” He face-palmed himself again. “I was a bloody idiot! Not to mention an absolute arse toward you!”

Sarah Jane swallowed, but she had to speak. “Were you always this way?”

“You mean unintentionally provoking feelings in my companions and assistants that I never meant to? Obviously! And you, you were never inferior to anyone! You're one of the best companions who ever traveled with me. I wish so much that I could've done better by you. And that wish, obviously, fed into all the guilt I felt toward Rose and why I kept her with me after regenerating and why I actually burned a sun to say goodbye. Never should've done either of those things! But I can't blame you for any of it! It was all me!”

Sarah Jane wanted to cry, but managed to keep the tears restrained. After all, he might need her to remain sensible, given how out-of-control this situation was threatening to become.

His eyes drifted a little, and he saw Mickey and Jackie. “Oh, two people I never gave enough credit to. Never should've called you an idiot, Mickey! You always had more potential than Rose ever did, and you proved it even before Pete's World! And Jackie! Oh, I so deserved that slap you gave me when we first met, and you didn't deserve a quarter of the bad things I ever thought about you. You were struggling to raise a headstrong girl on your own when you were still grieving over your husband. Oh Rassilon, you deserved so much better from your daughter, and all she thought about was herself!”

Rose ran up to him. “No! I always thought of-” She shrieked when he roughly pushed her away, which sent her to the floor – a decent distance off.

“Get away, you whining brat! To think I was going to leave the Duplicate with you!” He ignored the squawking protest from said person. He only noted that Jack, Jackie and Mickey moved to her side. “But that's just punishing a part of me that wouldn't exist without you and the confusion your actions put me into since I can't let a companion die if I can help it. He doesn't deserve to be shackled to you – not even if he is dangerous, and if it distracted you from trying any more experiments with that damned Cannon! Not that you'd be able to; I'm not letting those Dimension Jumpers back into Pete's World without them making sure that that damned Cannon is destroyed for good!”

The Duplicate decided, based on his Donna side, to keep his mouth shut and suppress all further noises. Discretion and all. But he also suspected that something major was about to happen, and wanted to stay out of the line of fire...

Not to mention stay with his parents, if possible. Oh, why hadn't he, when he first looked upon the woman who created him, called her Mum? Oh, that's right, she would've done and said something ugly since I was naked.. Talk about potentially awkward... And on that thought, he deliberately hid behind her - out of sight and out of mind – and hoped his father remained distracted for the moment.

Donna finally had enough. Even if she was about to be insulted, someone had to bring the Doctor into line! “Oi, Spaceman!”

Her voice made him whip around to face her. And he felt something... switch inside him... like a door had been opened and the light inside flipped on...

His silence surprised Donna, who rolled her eyes toward the ceiling – thereby missing the change in his expression. “Is that all we had to do to make you silent? Someone challenging you enough?!” She had more to say, but it died when she noticed that his pupils had dilated... and his gaze was fixed on her with an intensity far greater than what she saw after the Detox... “Doctor...?”

The Doctor's eyes catalogued how the light made Donna's hair shine like a beacon, a fire drawing him a little closer... “Donna Noble... the most brilliant companion ever... The best... I was so wrong to say everything I said when we met; you are so much more than any of that! I want to give you forever, and now the Daleks and Rose have ruined it...” He finished despondently.

Jack, having helped Rose up, kept his hands on her arm to help Mickey keep her away from the Doctor. He was expecting the Doctor to pounce on Donna any moment now, so where was this sadness coming from? He released one hand to cover Rose's mouth – stopping her from protesting again with that and a shake of the head.

Donna's new-found knowledge allowed her to figure out quickly what the Doctor feared. “Because a human brain can't handle a Time Lord consciousness inside it... and it's going to burn me...” She shook her head, and took a step away from him – while everyone else gasped. “I'd rather die than let you wipe my memories! I'll never trust you again, and I hope the rest of this lot will feel that same because that's mind-rape!”

Tears freely escaped the Doctor's eyes, which none of his companions could remember happening. (Well, Donna and Martha could, because of Jenny...) “I don't want you to die, Donna! You've become my universe, my everything!”

Everyone felt their eyes try to pop out of their heads. That sounded, Martha thought in shocked awe, like the closest thing to a profession of love the Doctor could give...

The only people who didn't look surprised were the hosts, Sarah Jane vaguely noticed. They had never seemed to believe the protests of the Doctor and Donna...

Donna's eyes were wider than anyone's. “What?!” she sputtered, not quite believing what she was hearing.

Somehow, practically admitting his feelings publicly made the Doctor's tongue a lot looser. “Donna, I don't want to lose you to anything but your own old age! You're the only person I've ever wished I could spend my entire life with! The only one who could help me adjust to a regular life if I were to lose the TARDIS!”

Rose cried through Jack's hand, but he just whispered sharply, “Quiet, beautiful!”

Donna's jaw dropped as she took additional steps back – unknowingly forcing the Duplicate to move out of the way – as his increasing energy drew him closer to her. What's the potion doing to him?! If Jack's right... but he can't be! “You're not saying you'd... for me... go domestic, are you?! That you'd even go for marriage and children?!”

He opened his mouth, but her words clicked something in his mind. Children... The regenerative energy of a Time Lord... The bond of old between... It was utterly crazy, even for him, but it might work! He slapped his forehead. “Oh, how did I not see that possibility?! Yes,” he bounced and punched the air in a desperate hope masked as triumph, “that would work!” And it has to!

“What,” Donna shouted, irritated and even more confused, “would work, Spaceman?!”

“A baby! Getting you pregnant! That's how I'll save you!” And his patience – partly from desperation to save Donna, partly from the overwhelming urges toward her and his sheer needing her – snapped, driving him to rush to her.

Wide-eyed, Donna tried to move out of his reach, but he was too quick. He grabbed her by the upper arms (surprisingly gently) and his lips covered hers in a desperate act of desire. In her shock, she couldn't resist him as his arms drew around her, turning her away from the wall into a full embrace... and his tongue began exploring her open mouth, doing things that had to be illegal, they felt so good!

She'd sworn she hadn't fancied him. This was threatening to change her mind... or at least make her reassess her feelings...

The other Children of Time were stunned by how intensely the Doctor was involved in the act. There was no question that he wanted Donna Noble, and that he was ready to go to any length to persuade her into his bed... and to carry his child...

Rose's muffled cries of dismay and anguish – proof that she was the only person not convinced – were ignored. This was too fascinating, the electricity generated by the Doctor and Donna. Martha reflected that she'd noticed from shortly after meeting Donna, and wondered how the Doctor had managed to suppress those feelings all this time.

Oh, Rassilon, she tastes better than I remembered... The Doctor coaxed Donna's tongue into a growing duel with his own, which proved to him that he was getting her hot for him... and he craved her to want to make a baby as much as he did! His mind raced, trying to catch up with his brand-new desires. A baby, Donna's baby... A part-Time Lord mini-Donna in the TARDIS... I never thought I'd want another child, but one of hers? Oh, yes! Now if she would wrap her arms around him instead of leaving her hands hovering over his shoulders...

Donna's mind was a whirl of confusion and budding desire – which was throwing her for a loop as big as all of the twenty-seven stolen planets combined – as the Doctor seemed to want to make them one person while they still wore all their clothes. In public! She had to make him see some sense!

Especially since one of his hands had drifted and was now caressing her bum... Rather reverently, she noted with a shiver as his tongue did yet another astonishing thing to hers...

Her hands went to his head, and tugged it back enough – partly through gripping his crazy hair – to break their lip-lock. She had to suck in a few deep breaths, to her dismay. And she had to put one hand between their mouths to keep him from renewing the kiss once she'd recovered enough to speak. And knowing that their audience included an overly horny Boe-Kind who hadn't been interested in her until she had the Doctor's mind in hers – The cheeky, insensitive sod! Why did I even say he was the best?! He doesn't deserve it! – and a Doctor-obsessed blonde bint, she kept her voice low and prayed that it didn't carry. “Doctor, are you absolutely sure that me being pregnant will save my life? How can a human naturally get pregnant by a Time Lord?! Our biologies are so different! Your people needed those looms to conceive for millenia! And I'm not young! I could have a baby with deformities! I'm also only just off my monthly! And what about that time you tried to mate and couldn't?!”

“It's our best chance of saving you, Donna!” He drew one hand back to gently grasp hers and bring it to his lips before whispering to her. “Believe me, I never would've imagined wanting to be a father again, not after losing Jenny. But your words... Donna, I can't get the image of a baby who's part of both of us out of my mind. It's taken hold of me – all because it'd be our child. I want a little you running around the TARDIS, to stand beside me when you're no longer able to.” He choked at the thought of when he would eventually lose her no matter what he did. Death did that.

And she felt what he meant. Old age was the only thing she wanted to claim her life, but things weren't looking good for making it there. But could he possibly mean this bonkers idea?!

Their onlookers tried to overhear, but no one dared get close enough. Jack really wanted to know what the Doctor was saying, but he couldn't get closer without letting Rose get out of control – and she was struggling against him and Mickey.

“The regenerative energy of the child,” the Doctor hurriedly continued, “would prevent deformities. You're still within the safe range, but I'd monitor you for all of our sakes anyway. I'd be a bit protective of you both.”

Yeah, Donna reflected. You don't react well when anyone tries to hurt me. Never have. I sometimes wonder what you would've done to Lance had he lived... I know now that you were devastated when you thought you'd lost me in the Library, and I heard you begging the Daleks to let you take my place inside the TARDIS... That memory froze her solid, making his words now seem more... like they were his real thoughts...

“And I haven't dared try since the Curse was lifted, but – like I said – now I want to try. I'm hoping that between trying in one of the TARDIS rooms and giving you some medicine to induce the ovulation of the healthiest egg you have, it'll be enough. We don't have the time to make anything more than that, but I heard plenty about Leela's child, and I'm absolutely positive that she didn't need much more than some special nutrients – which I'd be giving you anyway for the health of the baby! And in addition to all that, I want to try because I love you!”

Donna gasped, nearly faint.

The Doctor blushed, but her lack of verbal or physical protest encouraged him to explain himself further. “Donna, I know you said there'd be no mating between us, and I've done everything I could to respect your wishes. Even when I didn't want to correct anyone's mistaken assumptions about us. Even when I wanted to hold you and not let go. I want to call you my wife, to learn to make love to you. Please, please let me become your husband and make you pregnant. You're the only companion I've ever thought of having a child with, the only one I want at my side for their forever.”

No one else could hear him, still. Not even the Duplicate – although he could figure out the meaning based off what he could sense wildly spilling from the Doctor's mind. And from the stunned spill-over from Donna's...

Donna blushed. The low, intense notes told her that he really felt it. Or at least, believed it under the influence of... whatever this was. She shook her head slightly. “How do I know that this isn't just because of that thing she dosed you with?” I've had too many disappointments to get my hopes up that I could be loved for who I am...

“It is the nature of the potion,” the Leader said, drawing everyone's attention. Except the Doctor, who instantly decided that Donna's neck needed exploring with his mouth... and tongue. Donna tried to squirm away, to make him listen, but he held her closer – all but moaning against her skin as her movements made him even more eager to touch her. Unperturbed, the Leader continued, “It cannot make a person do something they don't wish to do, but merely inhibits the areas of the mind involved in restraining our impulses and thoughts. It usually lasts a few hours, but... there's no way to know if he'll feel it for longer than that – or less – as he is an entirely different species.”

Now all-too aware that Spaceman meant every word and action, Donna gasped as his tongue found a rather sensitive spot on her neck. “Oi!” Her hands flew to his head, pulling him away (more reluctantly than she was willing to admit to) to meet her eyes. “Listen, Spaceman, if you really want to get me up the duff just to save my life-”

“It's not just to save your life! I told you that I want you to stay by my side for the rest of your days, and to have our descendants standing by me afterward. Please be my wife, Donna!”

She gulped, feeling herself caving under the intensity of his gaze and the emotions behind his words. She finally believed him... “I need three promises from you first, Time Lord.”

Ooh... She never calls me that... It managed to snap his reasoning to attention, even if he couldn't remove his hands from her. “Name them.”

She raised an eyebrow (not knowing that she wasn't the only one), and pressed on. “First, since he” she managed to point in the Duplicate's direction “is, by the nature of his 'birth,' our son, then you aren't sending him off anywhere. He stays with his family. If his actions really were that bad, then he can just stay aboard the TARDIS and step off only when we visit my family – which we will do.”

The Doctor nodded, having well dismissed the idea of condemning the Duplicate to dealing with Rose. “Done.” Then he blinked. “Was that one or two promises?”

Donna rolled her eyes. “Well, I was referring to our son not being sent off with the blond hormone looking after him, but I'll add to that list of promises with regular visits home. After all, I'm not letting my family miss out on seeing my children!”

He swallowed a bit of bile over realizing that marrying Donna meant dealing with Sylvia, but... really, it was such a small price to pay, wasn't it? He could deal with the axe-wielding mother if he got to keep her amazing daughter at his side. “Whenever you want, however long with each visit.”

He's being awfully cooperative... and if I didn't know he has to tell the truth right now, I'd be worried that he's just trying to get into my knickers. She ploughed onwards. “Second, original, promise: If this doesn't work, and in order to save our baby you have to...” it was her turn to swallow bile “wipe my mind, you swear to me that you'll never leave us, and never take any child of mine away from me! Even if we can't conceive, you don't separate my son from me! Find a story that I'll believe to explain my inability to remember, even if it's unlikely, and to explain him!”

That sobered the whole room. He nodded slowly. “I won't leave you behind. We will stay by you while I find a way around the Meta-Crisis.”

That brought tears to her eyes. “You do realize that practically means going domestic, don't you?”

He hardly missed a beat, even though the thought was making his stomach churn. “For you, I'd do anything.” A tiny grimace crossed his face. “Even get a mortgage.”

They both ignored the muffled cry from behind Donna. She swallowed, realizing that this was really about to happen. The implications of that promise were staggering in light of the last time someone suggested it around him...

“And the third thing...?” His voice was a near whisper, and yet somehow everyone heard him.

Donna took a deep breath. “There'd better be a bed and a door with a lock on it involved. As well as some serious sound-proofing; I'm not letting our own son – let alone Captain Randy over there! – overhear anything!”

He nodded vigorously. “Oh, of course!” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Does that mean you're saying yes?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, is this the higher intelligence my children have to look forward to?! All right, Spaceman, let's get this first time over with. It'd better be good.”

His eyes flickered from sinking in agony to lit with joy to dark with promise. All within seconds. “Oh, Donna,” he said in a low, intimate tone that made all of the females in the room (and Jack) shiver, “I intend to make sure you want many repeat performances...”

Donna felt her whole body flush. No one's voice should have the right to sound that much like liquid sex...

Part 2


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Jan. 30th, 2012 06:59 am (UTC)
I so would have squealed with joy if he had thought of the baby-making solution in the show instead of the mind-wiping! Love that he was honest about his feelings here and gave credit where credit was due, especially concerning Martha and Mickey! Can't wait to read more!!
Jan. 30th, 2012 11:41 am (UTC)
Wouldn't we have all! Thank you! This is my first posted adult-rated fic. I'll admit to being a bit nervous about reactions to the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy it! :)
Jan. 30th, 2012 07:32 am (UTC)
Guhhhhhhhhh oh this is without a doubt my favorite story of yours yet, SO INTENSE even though I knew the ending already, I think that says a lot, thank you for this beauty.
Jan. 30th, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
I wonder what you'll think when my muse FINALLY lets me work on the "Trope" sequel... ;D *hugs* THANK YOU!!! And just wait; there's more! :D
Jan. 30th, 2012 11:14 am (UTC)
Yay! You posted it!!! Well done, love; and it looks fabulous. :D

I can easily imagine his voice being like liquid sex for some reason... dunno why. ;)
Jan. 30th, 2012 11:39 am (UTC)
I figured it was time. Hope you liked the final changes up to here. :D

Eh, I also needed a way to break the story into thirds, since it got that long. Adding that little paragraph,thereby breaking up the one that had existed, seemed a good way to do it. ;D
Jan. 31st, 2012 05:21 am (UTC)
This story is absolutely brilliant so far well done
Jan. 31st, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks! More has just been posted! :D
Jan. 31st, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
I know I just read it and it is just as brilliant :-D

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Carolyn Harrison
Apr. 7th, 2015 12:37 am (UTC)
I love the idea of the Doctor giving off 'Mine' vibes when it comes to Donna!

I love the reaction the Doctor had to the idea of being able to save Donna if they have a baby together.

After killing Donna in the Alternate Reality, almost destroying all of Creation, raping and killing the TARDIS, not to mention what she does to the Doctor, I think Rose gets off extremely lightly by just being exiled.
Apr. 7th, 2015 02:31 am (UTC)
Look carefully at his actions during Series 4 and you have to wonder. :D

With his emotions extra hyper I figured it'd be a super excited one. ;D

Exiled with her ability to return taken away. For that girl, having to live a normal life would be a punishment. Especially if she had to be responsible.
Apr. 18th, 2015 04:07 pm (UTC)
The solution looks interesting. Loved it! Is there a link for the part 2?
Apr. 19th, 2015 01:54 am (UTC)
Gah! This is one of those stories I forgot to fill out the links. I'll correct that.
Dec. 23rd, 2015 01:16 pm (UTC)
Is it bad of me to love when things backfire on rose? I love the shadowing of the Doctor's thouhhts in Donna and how she used that to confirm he meant what he said. Great start now eagerly on to part two!
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