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NEW: Love Potion #42 (2/3)

Title: Love Potion #42

Rating: M/R

Author: [info]tkel_paris

Pairing/Characters: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble, Handy, Rose, Jackie, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Sarah Jane, OCs, Pete, Sylvia, Wilf

Warnings: Sex Pollen Challenge story. 'Nuff said. Also, might not want to read if you're a Rose fan...

Summary: After Earth is returned, the Doctor and the Children of Time are dragged to another planet by the TARDIS. One companion tries using a love potion on the Doctor, and gets a nasty surprise while another gets the shock of her life. Written for the LiveJournal D/D Sex Pollen Challenge.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Blame [info]bas_math_girl for mentioning this challenge, [info]sykira for prodding my muse with ideas for a prompt I suggested, and [info]tardis_mole for giving me other ideas. (grins) Y'all know I love you, right?

Author's Note: Huge thanks to [info]tardis_mole, [info]cassikat, and [info]bas_math_girl for beta reading. I beta read your Sex Pollen responses, which was a pleasure. I'm so grateful for your help; this would've sucked royally without it. I know some of you would've preferred more... explicit stuff, but... you gotta let me get more comfortable with writing that kinda stuff first! That said, someone might one day talk me into writing a more... intense version... for LiveJournal only...

Also, I know I didn't name or describe the aliens or what the Doctor and Co did to help. But it wasn't exactly important to a Sex Pollen story, so... (shrugs) If you get inspired over what that might've been, check with me and I'll beta read your story.

Anything in italics are thoughts, bold are emphasized words and/or thought segments. Fair notice.

And now... here comes the... naughty bits... ;D My first posted Doctor/Donna smut!

Part 1


She rolled her eyes. “Oh, is this the higher intelligence my children have to look forward to?! All right, Spaceman, let's get this first time over with. It'd better be good.”

His eyes flickered from sinking in agony to lit with joy to dark with promise. All within seconds. “Oh, Donna,” he said in a low, intimate tone that made all of the females in the room (and Jack) shiver, “I intend to make sure you want many repeat performances...”

Donna felt her whole body flush. No one's voice should have the right to sound that much like liquid sex...

He let her go enough to grab her hand. “Infirmary first! There's that medicine I need to give you so we have the best chance of this working! Allons-y!” He tugged her along.

Jack – mentally shaking himself out of a pleasant daydream over the enticing tone and words of moments before – interrupted, over another Rose cry of dismay. “Hey, don't we need to get Jackie and Rose home first?”

Rose cried out louder and fought harder, but the two men holding her back didn't budge despite her efforts. Nor did anyone – not even her mother – pay any attention.

The Doctor paused long enough to glance at his... yes, his son. Donna would have his guts for garters if he didn't start accepting that. “The Duplicate can take care of everything!”

“Oi, don't I get a name other than the Duplicate?!” His glare was a hundred percent SuperTemp. It made the Doctor pause in shock.

The moment was enough to shake the other women out of their reaction to his earlier tone. More than one was uncomfortable with the knowledge of how appealing they found that tone... and profoundly grateful for the distraction. Martha particularly wished she had her camera.

Donna – amused by how like her the young man was acting – had it almost instantly. “Benjamin! We'll call you Benjamin!”

The Doctor blinked, and looked at her puzzled. “Why that one?”

She smirked. “It means the son of the right hand.”

If he hadn't been so focused on the prospect of getting to make love to Donna, the Doctor would've laughed at how fitting it was. “Well, then, that settles that.” He looked at their son. “You see everyone home safely, Benjamin. Your Mum and I will be... unavailable.” With that, he pulled Donna along – and she shrieked from the surprise, although she didn't fight him. Curiosity and all... along with feelings that she wasn't quite expecting to feel...

Jack waited for the sound of the TARDIS doors flying open and then slamming closed seconds later before he drew his hand off Rose's mouth. “Well,” he said, forcing a bright tone, and eying Rose to keep her quiet a moment longer, “guess we'd better get going and let... Benny-boy here” he ignored the death glare directed his way “guide the TARDIS to our various destinations.”

Rose couldn't help it. “Jack!”

But Jackie interrupted her, shocking the room with a slap. Her daughter's horror-stricken look when she managed to face her again only fueled the woman's anger. “Have I raised a completely daft bint?! Rose, I could tell that this new him wasn't in love with you, but merely quite fond of you, right from the start. Maybe the 'Doctor' you first met loved you, but not this one! Why else would he fixate on Donna?!”

She turned to the Leader, not giving Rose a chance to speak. “So sorry, sir, that my daughter was so selfish and unthinking. You won't be seeing her – or me – ever again.” She grabbed her sputtering daughter by the arm, dragging her back toward the TARDIS without waiting for an answer.

The Leader nodded at the others. “We won't keep you. It's clear that you have important business to conclude.”

The newly-christened Ben Noble (Oh, he thought, like my father is going to complain; will he really want to try convincing his new wife to take the transliteration of his real family name? My mother is only a little bit less likely to start hating West Ham and become a Mill Wall fan – which I know full well she considers signing your own death sentence given how nasty those fans can be in defeat – than consent to being known as Donna Lungbarrow!) spoke for them all. “Yes, some of us have people who need us back right away, and there are matters to – as you said – conclude. Perhaps you will see some of us again,” he offered.

Fortunately, they were able to leave with minimal apology and such. Ben assured them that his parents wouldn't hold anything against them. Their dispute was something he would take care of since they wouldn't be able to...

But Jackie and Rose had to wait for Ben to open the TARDIS doors, and Rose – who was only silent because she couldn't remember her mother slapping her since she'd scared her by playing too close to the street back when she was little – finally found her voice again after Ben stormed inside. In a manner rather like the Doctor when he got into a snit, although the expression and something in how his feet hit the ground was nothing like what she remembered. “Where did they go?” she cried once everyone was inside.

The question, Sarah Jane realized, was actually a rather good one. There was a door that she didn't remember being there before, making the Control Room look like the only thing inside the TARDIS. “Wherever they are,” she mused aloud, “it seems the... Old Girl, as he's always called her... isn't about to let us near them.”

Martha and Jack exchanged eyebrow raises. Yes, the Doctor would probably rip anyone who dared to interrupt into verbal shreds given how he was acting earlier...

Mickey snickered. “Didn't realize that the Boss had it in him.” For all Rose's possessiveness toward the alien, her former boyfriend couldn't remember any evidence of him giving her real encouragement. Or perhaps the Doctor was a bigger idiot about – and around – women than he'd thought...

Rose looked at him in dismay. “Mickey, surely he's not himself!”

Ben shook his head. “No, he's actually being true to his feelings for a change.” He flicked some switches. “Everyone who came from Pete's World, I need your Dimension Jumpers so we can get there quickly.”

Jackie and Mickey surrendered theirs willingly, but Rose had to be prodded by Jack – with a very pointed, flirtatious smile and nudge that even the former Powell Estates resident wasn't immune to in her Doctor-obsessed mindset – to give hers up.

Martha suddenly frowned. “Jack, he will be all right, won't he? I mean, how do we know what that potion will do to a Time Lord?”

The Immortal sighed. “I'm guessing he'll be affected for a few hours. His biology should metabolize the potion into something harmless before a day's out, at the most. But,” he added with a saucy grin, “I bet right now he's taking the opportunity to impress Donna with something... magnificent...”

“Blimey, what's that little thing?!”

The Doctor flinched at the shocked tone as Donna stared at the uncovered vial he held out to her. “It's the fertility aid I mentioned. As you noted, you're not quite at peak fertility, haven't quite ovulated yet. This will speed things up inside you, prodding the most fertile egg you have, and make your body maximally able to conceive.”

Sighing, Donna seized the vial. “Bloody better not be a huge amount of liquid in here. What else is bigger on the inside around here?!” Then she paused and looked at his clothed hips. “God, I hope I'm not dealing with a battering ram!”

He blushed. “Well, I never exactly went around doing what you call sizing up the competition, so how would I know what I'm carrying compared with... whatever you've known about!” He really didn't want to think about the other men who'd touched Donna before. In fact, if he let himself think about it ever, he'd probably want to go hunt down every one of them who'd contributed to her self-doubts and make them suffer! “Now please drink it! The sooner, the better!”

“Oh, stop whining!” She threw her head back and gulped the liquid down. Blimey, it was cold!

His eyes were on her throat, fixated on all the skin on display. He was falling so under the spell of his previously suppressed fantasies that he wasn't aware he was licking his own lips in anticipation. Wait, he had to tell himself, for her to finish... You want her to like what you'll do!

Donna shuddered as she finished and set the vial down on the table nearby. “Ugh! That was worse than cherry-flavoured cough medicine! I hope the sex will be worth that taste!”

His eyes darkened as he felt a thrill from that challenge. “Donna,” he crooned, putting his hands on her shoulders, “trust me...” His fingers slid her coat off her. “I'll be a devoted student of what makes you happy...” I only wish I had the time to be as utterly complete about it as I crave...

She shivered over the dark look in his eyes, making his irises almost completely disappear. Then he bonded their mouths – and tongues – again... and what he was doing was unbelievable enough that she just might have to be grateful to that obsessive little blonde bint...

“I am not obsessive! I just wanted to get back to him! I felt like I'd died that day!”

Jackie groaned loudly. “You see what I've had to deal with?” she yelled at Ben as he watched the implications of what Mickey, Martha, Sarah Jane, and Jack were managing with their controls. The Doctor might have let Rose handle one of the consoles before, but he'd rather let Jackie do it! She was much more sensible than her daughter, as it sadly turned out... but unfortunately, she was needed to keep Rose away from the controls.

Ben grimaced. “You mean her acting like a typical self-absorbed teenager with an added fondness of being overly-melodramatic? Obviously she didn't grow up after over ten years in Pete's World!” Bugger, why didn't my father think about that?! She's practically stuck being twenty! And that's just physically. The mental part might be much younger... say, thirteen?

Poor Jackie Tyler sighed as she glared her daughter into silence. “She barely spends any time with her little brother! She's been at Torchwood all the time. Only good thing she's done is manage to persuade them that aliens aren't always a threat, but good luck getting her to focus on anything that would've truly helped the world! No, she had to focus on that Cannon that Pete forgot to destroy the blueprints of once the walls between the universes sealed!”

Ben was actually rather impressed that Jackie understood all that. Life with that world's Pete had broadened her horizons and made her a better person than she was that last day the Doctor had seen her. She – like Mickey – had made good of her situation. “Well, Rose, what's your excuse? I have the memory of my father telling you to go be magnificent. You didn't get that he meant for you to have a good life on Pete's World?! To bloody move on?!”

Rose glared at him as the TARDIS flew through space, getting them to whatever this... duplicate who called the Doctor his father... had in mind. She had to have been given the wrong potion! “Your mind is tainted by the exposure to Donna's DNA and mind. I'm sure that-”

“Rose!” Jack's voice cut through her rant. His patience was getting frayed, and he began to wonder what he saw in the young – well, not quite as young as she had been – girl other than her looks. “Face it: the Doctor is no longer yours. He probably never was, at least not this Doctor. What's the point in whining about it when he's clearly in some room here getting Donna – in addition to pregnant – hot and bothered?”

“Oi! Your hands are cold!”

He rolled his eyes and finished tugging her shirt off. “You knew that getting into this! You've never complained when we held hands!”

She started to roll her eyes, but they fluttered shut when his fingers brushed over her covered breasts. “Well, it never mattered when we were just mates,” she breathed.

He nearly smirked in glee over her reactions. But he couldn't manage it because her warmth was making him feel dizzy – never mind what her pheromones were doing to him. “We're still mates, just more so,” he whispered into her ear as his fingers hunted for the clasp. And it was taking him much longer than he wanted...

She sensed his growing frustration. “In the back. Here,” she grumbled, undoing it in seconds. “I only wear the front-clasp one for special occasions.” She shucked off the bra.

His eyes widened, and he gulped. “Please wear that one everyday...” Once again, he didn't know he was licking his lips.

She swallowed a sudden rush of saliva in her mouth over the animal-like hunger in his eyes, and let out a nervous laugh. “Let's see whether you know your way around what they cover... and we'll talk about that request again later.”

He managed to nod, but the distance between them was suddenly too much. He put his hands to freeing her from her trousers, and his mouth to work... on her chest.

She nearly fell against the medical bed behind her, and then found herself pinned as his hands quickly rendered her starkers and his mouth... made his earlier tongue action seem positively tame. She could feel bits of nervousness seep through in his body language, but the passion blasting off him was absolutely compensating for it! Add the sensations of one hand caressing her bum lovingly and the other engaged in a gentle exploration between her legs...

Through the growing haze of lust, she grasped at his jacket. “Get your kit off! I'm not having sex with someone who's not equally naked!”

“You're not the only one who's imagined what he might look like without his clothes,” Martha muttered toward Rose, hardly taking her eyes off the controls she was in charge of. “But at least I was smart enough to see that I had to walk away before I got myself more hurt. Never mind that my family needed me to help them heal. I can't see you being successful in walking the planet for a year; no one who calls losing the person they think they love dying could.”

Rose's eyes widened again. “Now wait a minute-!”

Her cry was interrupted by the TARDIS slamming against something. It was the old landing style she was used to, but even Earth coming back into place hadn't felt this hard. Really... with all the people manning the TARDIS, shouldn't it have felt smoother?

“Here we are,” Ben cried in relief. “Pete's World! Everyone off! We have something to do here!” And he led the way out.

Jackie grabbed Rose's hand and dragged her after. The rest followed at a more sedate pace.

Pete Tyler and a slew of armed men stared in shock at the sight. But Pete's shock was lessened when he saw his (second) wife. “Jacks!”

His voice drove Jackie to run, dragging Rose without a thought – using a death-grip on her hand. Rose managed to pull away when Pete drew her mother in for a hug, just as Tony – now about nine years old – ran out to greet them.

Ben ignored the proceedings. “Mickey, where's the Cannon?”

Mickey pointed behind them, and Ben turned to look upon the monstrosity of engineering that had allowed Mickey, Rose, and Jackie to cross back over. Oh, he was as grateful as his father was for Sarah Jane's life, just as he and his mother would be grateful for her mother and grandfather's lives. But gratitude only went so far; it could not overlook prior crimes or misdoings, let alone new ones – and nearly causing the deaths of both his parents, along with all of Creation, counted. So he motioned for the other Children of Time to follow him, feeling grateful that the TARDIS had thought to slip him some devices that would make things easier. Oh, his father might grumble, as he had planned to set up a virus to take care of it all, but what else could be done?! Ben Noble felt paranoid about everything connected to Rose Tyler now, especially after knowing she was willing to drug his father to try to get what she wanted.

Rose watched the mad person who wore the Doctor's face, and followed them. “Am I the only one who's convinced that the Doctor has gone insane?!”

“Oi!” Donna screamed when the Doctor suddenly pulled his mouth away and his hands lifted her onto the bed, which suddenly seemed a bit lower than it had been when she fell against it. “What are you doing?! Are you insane-?”

The Doctor, driven more and more by instincts he had no idea he had, and by hormones that he'd forgotten did exist in Time Lords, dropped to his knees and attached his mouth to a different spot on Donna – between her legs.

Whether the Doctor was insane or not was instantly the furthest thing from Donna's mind as she gasped and fell back against the suddenly raised section of the medical bed, affording her a view of his actions. How could she think about anything at all when he was demonstrating yet more uses for his tongue? Let alone that respiratory bypass? She couldn't focus on anything other than where he was in contact with her...

And who would seriously expect a woman to be able to think coherently were she in Donna's position? Especially when the man (well, alien) who wanted you completely was caressing your chest in varying strokes and worshiping you below the waist? All she could do was watch, transfixed, and tangle her fingers in what she would now always think of as his perpetual bed-hair.

She'd finally managed to strip him naked – barely – before he'd decided to satisfy that oral fixation by exploring her lady-bits. Her pride was satisfied, in multiple ways... and he seemed determined to make the rest of her equally so... again and again...

And she didn't really want him to stop, even if she was supposed to get pregnant... because this was really a brilliant idea!

“What brilliantly stupid thing are you doing?!”

Ben wondered, while he used the Sonic to clasp the devices to the Cannon, whether nostalgia was possible to feel for something that had happened only a few relative minutes ago. But Jack was holding Rose back on his own this time, which meant that he didn't have a hand to cover her mouth. How, Ben also pondered, did Dad put up with that whiny tone? Hadn't he heard that enough times from previous companionsparticularly Peri and Teagan? Jo Grant – the blonde whose memory was surely the reason Dad originally asked Rose to join himmight've been a bit of a daft bint, but not a whiner! He chose to ignore Rose and keep going. “Mickey, is it uploaded yet?”

The computer genius grinned evilly. “Almost... Boss, Jr.”

The young Time-Lord/Human glared at the back of Mickey's head. Oh, my father surrounds himself with cheeky people! And he has the nerve to complain?!

Martha and Sarah Jane exchanged covert smirks over the outraged look on Ben's face. He might have the Doctor's face, but that particular expression belonged to Donna Noble. Even as they shared amusement, they kept dialing the instructions that Ben had given. And the memory of their task sobered them.

“Oh, come on, Rose!” Jack had never sounded so exasperated to any of them. “What's it gonna take for you to let go? You really think he's pushing Donna away right now?!”

Donna nearly screamed in frustration when the Doctor stopped his delightful actions, but promptly gasped as he lined their bodies up. “Oh, God...” She shivered against his cooler body, the temperature difference only making her senses come further alive.

He groaned over the sense of her body's reaction. “Please don't be changing your mind now...” he whined, barely holding still.

She shook her head, reduced to pleading. “Please, Doctor, give me your baby...”

He heaved in relief and joined their bodies... Donna wrapped her arms around him and bonded their lips. Then things went beyond anything either ever thought possible as he also joined their minds...

Human and Time Lord minds worked differently, Ben noticed as he once again ignored whining from his father's former companion, but their differences worked well in the right combination. And he had both of his parents' thought processes within his own, which meant he needed only one last pulse with the Sonic... “Everyone away! Fifteen metres at least!”

Martha and Sarah Jane immediately obeyed. Mickey drew away from the computers, and the armed men backed off – not waiting for Pete's instructions. Oh, perhaps it helped that no one had argued when he'd announced what he was doing.

Not that Rose had listened. Jack was focusing her attention on Pete's rant over endangering her mother – not to mention the multi-verses. Ben barely overheard something to the effect of how he'd agreed to this only because trying to reach the Doctor had seemed the only way to save their would – but that Rose had made use of it before he'd authorized anything. Which he hadn't found out until the weeks that they'd been gone according to this universe's time clock...

Why, Ben thought as he walked away, am I not surprised about any of that? Is it my mother's influence or do I just have a clearer head than my father ever had where Rose Tyler is concerned?

Rose's eyes caught sight of the movement, and they widened upon seeing all the things on the Cannon. “What are you doing?!”

Ben turned to face her, and walked slowly toward her – letting the Storm appear in his eyes. “What Pete should have done after the walls closed that last time. It's not clear, but your actions just might've helped Dalek Caan break the Time Lock. And the Master, my father's long-standing enemy and once – a very long time ago – a friend, probably used it to begin putting his plans into motion. If it hadn't been for Martha, Earth might still be subjugated under his rule.” He shuddered over his father's memories of being tortured, which actually hardened his own resolve. “In any case, you refuse to see that my father has moved on from what you were to him. His words from earlier today, said as that bloody potion kicked in? Every last one of them was the truth! The Tenth Doctor was never – and is not – in love with you. He is in love with my mother, and is – as we speak – taking her as his wife.”

While Rose whimpered (whether from the words or the glare from a face identical to the one she loved, no one could say), Jack kept several lewd thoughts to himself. He was pretty sure Ben was too focused on his task to realize that innuendo he'd unintentionally made. And he'll probably blush when he does; Earth humans, especially of this era, are... rather prudish...

Ben fixed a glare that was a mixture of his parents on Rose. “Rose Tyler, your actions threatened the fabric of time and space. More than once, you made things worse for the Doctor than they needed to be. For that, consider this exile the rest of your punishment for foolhardily getting the Ninth Doctor killed and not feeling guilty over it. The first was the TARDIS choosing to cut the Doctor off before he said something that wasn't actually true for him – ever.”

Rose cried as Ben turned and pressed a Sonic pulse. Loud noises erupted as the Dimension Cannon overloaded, sending sparks flying as its parts were rendered inoperable...

Donna tore her mouth away to scream, and moments later the Doctor followed suit... and then they were both limp with exhaustion.

They laid there for a long moment, trying to catch their respective breaths. He, however, struggled to keep the bond active so he could listen for the tell-tale signs of how her brain was functioning... and for the sensations that he should detect soon... he hoped...

She blinked in surprise, some higher brain function returning. “You're gonna be able to sense a child's mind so soon?!”

The Doctor managed to lift his head to smile at her. “Of course. That spark contains the regenerative energy that will save you as the mother-child bond forms as soon as conception has begun.”

Donna raised her tired eyebrows. “Even though I'm human?”

He nodded, with a restrained energy all because he could not bear to hope too much until he felt the connection that would signal her salvation. Their salvation... “You have all that Time Lord energy in your mind, and its overabundance for the human mind will find a safe outlet in our child's ability to manage it.”

Their child... Donna liked the sound of it, even though the kid was almost certain to have freckles. (Although how a Time Lord could have freckles, she'd have to look through the knowledge she still had access to... when she could think carefully enough to locate the answer. After all, their present position was too distracting, and too easily brought what had just happened to as fresh a state in her mind as when she was engaged in the act.) But things were still so uncertain... “Doctor?” she whispered.

“Yeah?” he answered absently. Thinking was still a bit difficult.

She smiled tiredly. Good to know that he was just as affected. “No matter what happens, thank you for this. I'd lost hope that I could feel so treasured and loved...” Her voice broke slightly, feeling the weight of her past try to overwhelm her.

His hearts went very heavy. He nuzzled her nose. “You always deserved to be treated like a queen. I don't know how anyone could think you weren't worthy, no matter what the so-called ideal was.”

Her eyes narrowed. Here was something to question. “And what about the day we met? What was all that about my not being important, hmm, Spaceman?”

He hung his head and closed his eyes. “I think I was attracted to you from the moment I realized you'd appeared in the Control Room, but I didn't know what to do about it. So I was... shielding myself, I suppose. And there was all that guilt I held toward...” He trailed off, not wanting to say the name again if he could avoid it.

The shame in his quiet tone touched Donna's heart, instantly making her forgive him. “My poor prawn. You really are rubbish with expressing feelings and even dealing with them.” She followed her softly spoken observation by tilting his head back up for a tender kiss.

He returned it with everything he could muster, trying to make her feel surrounded by love. Oh, Rassilon, now that I know what it feels like to be with her, how will I... be able to cope without her?

Donna wondered how long they had to wait, for she knew that they must be cutting it close. But she froze mid-kiss when something in her head shifted strangely. Twice over. Simultaneously. And the Doctor clearly felt it, too, by how he also went still at the same moment. Suddenly his memories seemed more distant and the hints of the headache she'd felt since touching the Doctor's old hand were completely gone. She pulled back slightly. “What was that?”

The Doctor's shocked expression grew into a smile brighter than staring right into the sun. The heavy weight that had settled over him since he realized that Donna had absorbed his mind evaporated completely. “We did it, Donna, we did it!” He kissed her deeply, overwhelmed.

Donna, moved as she was by his joy and love, had to ask a question. So she managed to draw her lips away for a moment. “So that... double shift I felt was our child conceived? It hasn't even been five minutes! That has to be more than three times faster than human sperm!”

Tears flowed from his eyes, although he silently laughed at the knowledge of one more area where Time Lords were superior. “I thought we'd be lucky to conceive one without any additional help, but... you're carrying two...”

Donna's mouth and eyes widened. Not from disbelieving him, but from suddenly sensing that he spoke the truth. From sensing the beginnings of two little minds inside her body...

Oh, God, she was going to be a mother at last! The circumstances weren't what she'd imagined, but – she thought as his mouth covered hers again, this time in obvious gratitude and relief, and her arms drew him closer than before – how could she argue with the result when it was also so much more than she'd dreamed of?

The dreams of Rose Tyler shattered as she watched the Dimension Cannon become a smoking heap. It was her way out of this hell she'd been dragged into, that she thought the Doctor had believed he couldn't get her out of.

Her focus was yet unable to acknowledge that if it hadn't been for Pete, she would've fallen into the Void with the Cybermen and the Daleks. And how could she have managed to get anywhere in that case?

Ben eyed the turn of her expressions, and then motioned to his father's companions to hurry back into the TARDIS. (He had already silently nodded permission to Mickey to come along, knowing he'd quickly said his goodbye to Jackie, Pete, and Tony.) He sensed that the walls were trying to reform, and they had to leave fast. He looked at Jackie and Pete, nodded a farewell and walked off. He was done with Rose Tyler, and no further words could be wasted. He sensed a whining fit was coming, and he hoped that Jackie and Pete had the stomach to restrain the girl. If anyone needed therapy...

Jack's hands only let go when two of Pete's men came nearby, ready to act on whatever moment called for it. He exchanged a sad look with Jackie, and rushed off – without being noticed by the one he'd been restraining. His heart sank with the knowledge that the girl he'd admired so much had come to this when she'd had ten years to use that brain to make something of herself independent of the Doctor...

Rose only came out of her shock when the TARDIS engines churned. She rushed forward, but the wind generated by the engines pushed her back until the Blue Box disappeared forever out of her life. She gasped for breath as she felt a weight worse than the day she'd called the worst of her life sink in, and reached for the key that had been her only source of comfort other than when her mother offered hugs... only to find it gone from her pocket. Her eyes wet further and she collapsed to the ground.

No one came over to comfort her. Even Jackie thought she had to deal on her own.

She had no idea that Jack had used his conman abilities to swipe the key from her. On Ben's insistence. He wasn't willing to let anything that could be used – not knowing was no excuse, not with the existence of Creation at stake – to harm the fabric of space-time remain in Rose's possession. It was tempting fate too much...

Fate was dealing a different hand to Donna Noble at that same moment. She was marveling over the idea of a pregnancy where she could sense the development of the babies... when she realized something about the Doctor. Her eyes went wide and she had to break the kiss. “You're still...?!”

He'd managed to recover enough from the joy of their discovery to answer. “Well, I guess that potion's making me ready much sooner than I'd thought I could be capable of. Mind, it's been so long since I read anything about how my people used to procreate that I'm not entirely sure what we should expect.” I don't mind that at all... Is it because of the potion, or because I really enjoyed making love with Donna?

“Oh, my God...” Donna shuddered. “Can we at least move to a bedroom? I'm getting cold in here! And how are we going to get from one room to another?!”

The Doctor smiled. “Donna, I managed to toss our things into one pile. We can scoop it up easily if you insist. The TARDIS will get them clean for us anyway. And,” he added as something caught his eye, “notice anything about that door over there?”

She frowned, looked, and stared with an open mouth. “That's my bedroom door!”

His grin turned mischievous. “The Old Girl loves you as much as I do. She's making sure we don't get any interruptions. And,” he noted as something fluttered into his mind, “our little Meta-Crisis has everything else under control. We're not needed anytime soon. So... I can finally make it up to you for the shortness of our first time...”

Donna's jaw dropped. If he considers that amazing interlude short, then... “What do you mean short?! That was the longest sex of my life!”

The Doctor's brows knit together. “Donna, we were trying to save your life. I didn't have half the time I wanted to learn your body's responses.” He wiggled his brows. “Now that you're safely pregnant, though...”

Oh, my God... She whimpered as she felt like her insides were losing their solid form. “I don't have anything like your endurance...”

He caressed her face with both hands. “I'll take care of you, my Earthgirl. For as long as you'll let me...”

If he kept looking at her like that, all earnest and adoring, Donna was absolutely certain that her insides would stay like jelly... She swallowed hard. “I'm gonna need help getting to my room,” she whispered.

He smirked, and made her yelp when he just curled his arms around her, pulled her tightly against him, and got off the medical bed. All without disconnecting their bodies. Her stunned reaction thrilled him. “I always told you that I'm stronger than I look,” he whispered smugly. “We're not going to do anything vigorous right now. I'm just going to carry you to bed, and then kiss and caress and fill you for a while."

That's it... I'm completely ruined for all human males... Unable to do anything but wrap her limbs around him and let her head gently fall on his shoulder, Donna suspected she was about to become intimately acquainted with the passing out otherwise known as "the little death" if the melting she felt inside her was any indication. And hope their son wouldn't get into trouble...

Third Part, aka Finale


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Feb. 1st, 2012 04:23 am (UTC)
Ohhh I love how u've written this, the jumping back and forth between the Doctor and Donna's love-making and Ben's destruction of the cannon made for a very enjoyable reading! Thanks so much for sharing! Very much looking forward to part 3!
Feb. 1st, 2012 10:58 am (UTC)
As I was writing it, I suddenly started deliberately having Donna say things that ought to startle the reader or make them laugh in light of whatever was just said in the other scene. And tried to do the reverse as well. Hope I succeeded. :) You're welcome! :D
Feb. 2nd, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)
I sense you have been sipping from the Naughty Cup (and just because I totally encouraged you, doesn't mean I should get the blame...or should that be credit?). ;D
Feb. 21st, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
Credit, definitely... Although blame, too, since I wouldn't have been provoked without your challenge. ;D
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