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NEW: Love Potion #42 (3/3)

Title: Love Potion #42

Rating: M/R

Author: [info]tkel_paris

Pairing/Characters: Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble, Handy, Rose, Jackie, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Sarah Jane, OCs, Pete, Sylvia, Wilf

Warnings: Sex Pollen Challenge story. 'Nuff said. Also, might not want to read if you're a Rose fan...

Summary: After Earth is returned, the Doctor and the Children of Time are dragged to another planet by the TARDIS. One companion tries using a love potion on the Doctor, and gets a nasty surprise while another gets the shock of her life. Written for the LiveJournal D/D Sex Pollen Challenge.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Blame [info]bas_math_girl for mentioning this challenge, [info]sykira for prodding my muse with ideas for a prompt I suggested, and [info]tardis_mole for giving me other ideas. (grins) Y'all know I love you, right?

Author's Note: Huge thanks to [info]tardis_mole, [info]cassikat, and [info]bas_math_girl for beta reading. I beta read your Sex Pollen responses, which was a pleasure. I'm so grateful for your help; this would've sucked royally without it. I know some of you would've preferred more... explicit stuff, but... you gotta let me get more comfortable with writing that kinda stuff first! That said, someone might one day talk me into writing a more... intense version... for LiveJournal only...

Also, I know I didn't name or describe the aliens or what the Doctor and Co did to help. But it wasn't exactly important to a Sex Pollen story, so... (shrugs) If you get inspired over what that might've been, check with me and I'll beta read your story.

Anything in italics are thoughts, bold are emphasized words and/or thought segments. Fair notice.

And here's the last part. Enjoy! Rated because I think there's enough adult stuff to merit a higher rating than T.

Part 1 (rated T) / Part 2 (rated M)


That's it... I'm completely ruined for all human males... Unable to do anything but wrap her limbs around him and let her head gently fall on his shoulder, Donna suspected she was about to become intimately acquainted with the passing out otherwise known as “the little death” if the melting she felt inside her was any indication. And hoped their son wouldn't get into trouble...

Getting into trouble was the last thing on Ben's mind. At least, his getting into trouble. What his sibling or siblings might do was another matter. Especially since he was absolutely certain that his new grandmother would insist on a tour of the TARDIS to see how much baby-proofing was needed.

And really, given some of the utterly stupid things his father had done over his lives, let alone this one, it was probably for the best.

But at this moment? He had to finish shooing an ex-Time Agent away from the TARDIS. Oh, the others wouldn't be a problem, but it was time to get one person out of his hair.

“Jack,” he growled, sounding like an odd mix of his parents as he handed Mickey the key that had been Rose's, “I'm sure you and Martha have a lot to do that Mickey can help with, and Sarah Jane's got her boy to return to. So no, I'm not up to any drinks. I don't even know how old I physically am!”

Jack looked the young man over, well aware that flirting with this one – A son of the Doctor by a companion, he marveled. Who would've seen this coming?! Other than Dalek Caan, of course. – might get him decked by the Doctor. Or worse. Never mind the slaps that he'd heard Donna gave; the TARDIS had hinted that the Doctor had thought a few times that he would find himself in his next regeneration! “Well, you look old enough. If you're not careful though, you could easily be mistaken for a teenager.”

“Ugh.” Given who they'd just left behind for good, Ben hated the comparison, however unintentionally made it was. “You four go and do whatever you need to do, and stay in touch. I need to head to Chiswick and let Mum's family know what happened.”

Martha's eyes widened. “You sure you don't want help?”

Ben grimaced, the languid movements he inherited from his father going stiff. “Trust me. It's better if I'm alone. I just have to make sure my grandmother quickly sees that I'm not my Dad. Best if there are no witnesses.”

Sarah Jane touched his shoulder to comfort him. “Are you okay, knowing that you're going to have to share your parents with someone in nine months?”

He shrugged, not inclined to explain how she was a bit mistaken there. “Better that than Mum losing her memories, and I'm dead certain that a baby has been conceived, given how smug the Old Girl is sounding right now. But thank you. I really didn't want a reminder of what they might be up to! And you keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, Jack!”

The Immortal smirked. Oh, he wouldn't say anything or think anything about three Doctors in one room for a long while, but that wasn't going to stop him from imagining what the Doctor might be giving to Donna's (surely) beautiful body right then...

“A banana?!”

The Doctor tried to not flinch as Donna glared at him from her pillow-propped position in her bed, hanging on to the finished protein shake he'd given her ten minutes ago when her stomach growled suddenly. “Yes,” he insisted, holding his free hand up – trying to placate her – as he kept holding out the fruit with the other. “That shake had all the vitamins and hydration you needed, with an assortment of pre-natals for the babies-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she grumbled, adjusting the covers so her body was a bit warmer, “that included stuff my body wouldn't naturally make that a Gallifreyan baby needs. I got all that, and I'm fine with taking the supplements. And I'm thrilled with not being thirsty anymore. But what's with giving me your favorite fruit?! Especially when you just ate one!”

“Potassium. You need more to keep your muscles from tensing, and too much tension isn't good for any of you.” He didn't want to admit – just yet – that his ship had to remind him that humans weren't as... built for endurance as even Shobogan – Gallifreyans who never became Time Lords – were. Admitting to that meant admitting he'd forgotten about Donna's words before they left the infirmary. So he had to make sure she suffered no ill effects. Well, other than being exhausted from his... attentiveness.

Donna rolled her eyes. “I wouldn't need this much if you weren't so randy! God, how much longer is that potion going to affect you?!”

He sighed uncomfortably. “I wish I knew, Donna. But I'm not going to let you suffer from that, which means I need to keep you hydrated and fed, with all of the nutrition you and the babies could need right now.”

Overprotective Spaceman! Sighing dramatically, Donna grabbed the banana and handed over the cup. Why, she silently grumbled as she peeled it aggressively, is he still sporting wood? He's gonna need more soon and I'm absolutely needing rest! My lady bits aren't used to this much action over a monthlet alone in one day!

Then she looked at the banana, and a memory from her secret reading as a teenager came back. Hmm... worth a shot. It's time I turned him into a quivering wreck, after all. Determined to suppress a smile, she schooled her face into a curious expression and pretended to focus on the banana. “Is this alien?”

He had eyed her carefully, watching for signs that he might've overlooked something, but the question distracted him. “What?! No, it's a perfectly typical Earth banana. The TARDIS moved it here from the kitchen she made for you.” The fact that he now had a kitchen, instead of just relying on the old food producer like he always had, was a testament to how much the Old Girl adored Donna. He knew better than to think that she'd done it because he loved Donna; his ship had quit liking Rose after the horrible paradox that nearly destroyed Earth, and had tried to provoke Rose with a lot of mischief. He figured that only her sensing that Rose would be important to stopping something one day had prevented her from really doing something to make Rose mad enough to leave.

“Hmm...” Donna kept her gaze on the fruit, and gave the tip an experimental lick.

The Doctor froze. What's she doing?

Feeling the bed move from his sudden jerk into motionlessness, Donna had to fight back a smirk as she gave the fruit another lick – this time from the furthest part she'd uncovered to the tip.

The cup dropped out of the Doctor's hand and bounced onto the floor. His respiratory bypass kicked in when he forgot to breathe. How was it possible to be envious of a banana?!

Donna could hear that he was using his bypass. The aroused Doctor she'd been introduced to today wasn't able to breathe quietly; he was clearly too much involved in the act to think about such things. Wanting to ensure she had his complete attention, she let her mouth slowly engulf more of the fruit than she would for a bite... and was rewarded with a choking sound that assured her that the blood leaving the Doctor's brain was going straight to his other head.

Thank God for his second heart, or they'd be in trouble. Fresh blood was getting there, even as he stayed hard.

The Doctor groaned as the naughtiest images he'd ever thought of floated in his mind. “Donna,” he ground out. “You are a bloody minx!” And he sucked in a breath when she did take a little bite.

Donna, while chewing, gave him the most innocent look she could. She knew she was better at them than he was.

Everything she did inflamed him further, removed his ability to think at all. He couldn't stop himself from begging. “Would you... consider...” But he couldn't get the words out.

She had pity on him the moment she swallowed, a movement that only seemed to inflame him further. She fluttered her lashes at him. “If you stay still and let me eat, I'll give you a treat you'll never forget.”

His eyes lit up, and he had to swallow saliva as he nodded vigorously. I don't care anymore if I'm reduced to begging, he decided. I'll do anything for her! And with that, he surrendered the last vestiges of the distance that the Time Lords had put between themselves and their “primitive” past.

Of course, Donna decided to take her time and make him wait for it... Who knew her mother's admonishments at the dinner table of “little bites, chew and swallow” would prove so useful?

Sylvia Noble flung the door open when she saw the man emerging from the Blue Box. “And what time do you call this, Doctor?!”

Ben flinched at his new Gran's tone. The memory of it was one thing, but evidently hearing it was quite another. The TARDIS herself flinched mentally over the shout, both of them knowing that Sylvia would invite herself inside once he'd gotten to telling them that his mother was surely up the duff by now. “Um... I'm not the Doctor. I'm his son.” Work my way up to the big things...

The answer was shrill, although Ben could hear the anxiety threatening to bubble up. “Oh, don't get smart with me!”

“I'm not! Look at my face! I'm younger than he is!” He was grateful that the sun was still out, just barely, so he had something to back his words without stepping forward and risking a slap.

Wilf came up alongside his daughter. “Wait, love, he does look younger. And listen to his voice! It doesn't quite sound like him! And he looks a bit upset by your tone! The Doctor never did that!”

Ben knew this could go on for a while. “Look, can we please take this inside before we give the neighbors a show?!”

The words sounded nothing like things that crazy man who Donna traveled with would say, Sylvia realized in shock. No, it sounds more like things Donna would say! So she reluctantly opened the door, letting the blue suited man inside. As he hurried in, clearly nervous about where her hands were, she saw that he did look significantly younger than the Doctor.

Ben settled on a big chair in the sitting room. He was painfully aware that, had the TARDIS not brought them to that planet, his father would have been sitting in that very chair explaining a mind wipe and his reasons for it. Never thought the Old Girl's meddling would be such a blessing...

Sylvia and Wilf sat semi-across from him on a sofa. “So if you're not the Doctor,” Sylvia demanded, “who are you, where is that insane man, and where's my daughter?!”

Sighing heavily, Ben thought quickly about how to begin. “Christmas 2005. Remember the alien invasion?”

His family blinked. Wilf answered, “Yeah, those ones who made all those people go to rooftops! Donna missed it all; bad hangover from a party at the pub.”

Ben remembered what little his mother did of that night. It was a sad reminder of how little she'd thought of herself. At least my father can encourage her now, help her see how special she is... I'll help him, too. “All right, let me tell my story and then you can ask questions. Is that fair?” He had to wait for Sylvia's nod, but Wilf agreed readily. “Well, the Doctor stopped them by having a swordfight with their leader. Thing is... Well, he's an alien, too.”

Sylvia gasped, shocked. She didn't notice that her father wasn't surprised.

“He's a Gallifreyan, specifically a Time Lord. They can travel through space and time. He's spent much of his life keeping historical events flowing as they're supposed to and preventing others from meddling with time. He's saved Earth a number of times in the past. He's much, much older than he looks. In fact, there's something I need to add about that. One trick of Time Lord biology is the ability to regenerate. It's a way of cheating a hard death, but it does mean that the body and personality that had been cease to exist and new ones take their place.”

He could tell that they were struggling to absorb everything. It was the risk of telling them so much, but what else could he do to explain his origins? “The man you know as the Doctor is the Tenth version. The day before Christmas that year, he arrived on Earth having just become the man I resemble. But he was severely disoriented by the regeneration – it was a bad death for his Ninth self, believe me – and his right hand was cut off during the fight. However, he was still within his cycle, so he grew a new one and won – leaving Earth protected.”

Sylvia couldn't remain silent. “I can't believe this! But what does this have to do with my daughter?!”

Ben took a deep breath. Gran gets easily fixated on things, just like Mum can. Remember that... “Jack Harkness, one of the people you saw on the network, he found the hand and put it in nutrient fluids, keeping it alive. He gave it back to the Doctor late last year. Well, earlier today, one of those Daleks shot the Doctor, nearly killing him. Regeneration was triggered, but there's an ability to delay the process and even control it a bit. So he was able to use just enough to heal himself and send the rest into his hand. Thing is, that left the hand bubbling with energy that needed to do something. Your daughter got trapped within the TARDIS, and the hand managed to call out to her for help. Long story short, she touched it and it exploded out of the container and...” He held up his right hand and wiggled his fingers. “Here I am.”

That shocked his audience completely. Wilf was the only one who could speak. “But does that mean... you're their son?!”

A chuckle. “Yeah. I'm half Human and half Time Lord. The regenerative energy absorbed my mother's DNA, which enabled me to become a fully grown person. With the memories of both of my parents. Which, yes, is a bit awkward, so I'm trying to figure out a way to lock certain things away. But that's not the critical part of my story. The big part is that the process also allowed my father's memories to potentially be active in my mother's mind. She and I were trying to stop the Daleks, and she got electrocuted. What the Daleks didn't realize was that doing so activated those memories in Mum, and she became the prophesied Doctor-Donna. She stopped their plans, saving all of Creation from being destroyed. For one shining moment, she was The Most Important Woman in the Whole of Creation.”

The pride in his voice moved Sylvia. She swallowed. “Of course she's always been important. She's my daughter.”

Frustration from both sides of him flared. “At the risk of my being labeled a cheeky upstart, I think you should tell her that more often, Gran!”

Sylvia wasn't sure what was more shocking – being told off for her treatment of Donna, or being called “Gran” by someone who looked like a twenty-something. Either way, his words silenced her.

Wilf cleared his throat. “So... where are your parents?”

Ben cleared his throat. “After we'd restored all of the planets to their rightful places, the TARDIS yanked us to another planet, a bit in the past. The locals needed our help, which fortunately didn't take long. Trouble is... Well, I understand a girl named Rose Tyler was here.”

That seeming non-sequitor surprised them. Wilf nodded. “What's she got to do with why your parents aren't here?”

The young man cringed. “Rose had been one of my father's companions. She was trapped in a parallel world, which is a long story in itself, but she shouldn't have been able to cross back over. She did it by using this Dimension Cannon that threatened the very fabric of space-time by being used, but she didn't care; she was obsessed with my father and wanted to get back to his side. Never mind that she'd nearly got him killed once and did – for all intents and purposes – get his Ninth self killed. Not to mention hurting the TARDIS – that's the Blue Box out there – by ripping into her inner workings without permission.”

Sylvia flinched. “I thought she was a bit whiny.”

Ben grinned. Leave it to a Noble to hit things on the head. Now I know where Mum gets it from. “My father felt conflicted about it, and had the crazy idea of dropping me with her because he was angry at me for destroying the Daleks.” He had to hold up his hands to prevent an exclamation, and to do the weird act of defending his father's mindset at the time. “He hates death and killing; he's the last of his people, the lone survivor of a terrible war between the Time Lords and the Daleks. Although we keep running into loose ones that somehow escaped... the war left a huge impression that he hasn't been able to shake, and it distorted his thinking just a few hours ago.”

He cleared his throat when he saw Sylvia open her mouth to speak. “Anyway,” he continued, “Rose didn't like that my father wasn't paying much attention to her in the end. What she didn't know was that human minds aren't meant to handle having a Time Lord mind inside them. They're not meant to carry that much information. So Dad was also deeply saddened because he thought he was going to have to effectively lock away everything Mum had experienced from the moment she decided to turn left and keep the temp job at H.C. Clemment's onward – or she'd die from her mind burning up.”

Twin gasps of horror burst into the room.

Ben nodded grimly. “Dad would've been heartbroken by losing her like that, but he couldn't bear the thought of letting her die. Yet it would've destroyed him eventually; in having his mind inside hers, she was effectively pair-bonded to him, and that's a powerful thing. Wiping her mind would've broken that link, and Time Lords react very badly to the effects of a shattered bond.”

“But she's still alive and well?” Wilf cried. He'd had to put a hand on his daughter's arm to keep her from letting out a yell over the whole pair-bonded thing, even though he was a bit in shock over it, too.

“Yes, because of Rose.” Ben held up his hands again at the disbelieving looks he got. “Over the course of Mum and Dad's adventures together, the people they ran into kept assuming they were married or at least a couple. On this particular planet, Mum was actually called 'The Doctor's Wife.' Rose wasn't happy, even though Mum and Dad denied it. Although Dad's protests had been growing milder over time because he had fallen in love with Mum, and Mum's feelings toward Dad were slowly growing from a deep friendship to something more – even though she didn't dare admit it to herself. As I said, Rose wasn't happy, and became desperate, and that planet was famous for its... love potions.”

“She tried to drug him?!” Sylvia's voice had never sounded more horrified. “That's... that's rape!”

He clasped his hands together and leaned forward to contain his anger. “Not tried. Did. But she didn't account for my father being in love with my mother, and not herself. As we were discovering what Rose had done, my mother accidentally gave my father an idea to save her, to keep her safely by his side: get her up the duff.” He grinned at the surprise he got in response. “And, since the TARDIS is sentient and can tell me things, I know that it worked. Come Christmas next year, Gran, Mum will deliver twins.”

Sylvia blinked. “Wait, next Christmas?! That's... over sixteen months from now!”

Ben shrugged. “Takes a bit longer to grow a Gallifreyan brain. But the babies' regenerative energy has healed my mother's brain, drawing away the things she can't handle and helping her settle into the things she can. So... you have an alien for a son-in-law, and will have three half-alien grandchildren.” It wasn't the time to explain that he was only sort of the oldest child; Jenny's story could wait for another day.

A long silence followed. Wilf found his voice after a while. “What did you do about Rose?”

Ben scoffed, just like his mother. “Dumped her back in the parallel world. Destroyed the Cannon first, along with the information about it. She won't be allowed near anything technological until she grows up, but I wouldn't bet anything on it at this point.” Ten years and she hadn't let go of the Doctor... Yeah, I'd be keeping a close watch on her if I were Pete or Jackie...

Another long silence followed. Sylvia took a number of efforts to find her voice, but none worked. Wilf cleared his throat. “Aye-aye, I'm a Great-Grandy now. Well, we'll figure out how to deal with this.” He turned a welcoming smile on the young man. “You haven't told us your name.”

“Oops! Sorry! Um... in light of my coming from my father's right hand, Mum named me Benjamin. I'll go by Ben, and we'll use Mum's family name as ours. On Gallifrey, it's the female family name that's passed on.”

That got Sylvia's voice back. “And where are you going to live? Here? A new place?”

Ben swallowed. Here it comes... “Well, there's too much risk associated with raising a Time Lord baby wholly on Earth. There are few authorities we could trust with the knowledge of their existence, and having my siblings here all the time would practically invite additional alien invasions. Too many would find evil uses for a captured Time Tot. So... we'll visit a lot, but they'll be raised on board the TARDIS – with lots of stops for their education.”

“In that tiny police box?!” Sylvia's voice raised, becoming shrill. “It's not big enough to fit two people!”

“It's bigger on the inside.”

The matter-of-fact tone did nothing to soothe Sylvia, even though this young man was charming and sweet in his own way – and he certainly had Donna's bolshy side in buckets. “Oi, young man! Don't be taking the mickey!”

Ben sighed and stood up. “Want a quick tour?” Might as well beat Gran to it...

After another long silence, he had two people following him out into the dimming daylight. “How long are they going to be?” Sylvia demanded to know.

He was about to take them inside when he hesitated over his answer. “Um... I don't know. As long as it takes to get that potion out of his system, I guess.”

Wilf cleared his throat loudly. “Sorry, lad. There are some things a parent or a grandparent doesn't want to know. Even if we ask questions that make it sound like we want to.”

Sylvia sniffed in a huff. “Well, at least she's whole. And gaining grandchildren is what I've always wanted. Even if one was born grown.” She glanced his way. “Not that there's anything wrong with you. You actually make your father's annoying traits work for you.”

His mum would be proud of how well he'd handled himself, making Sylvia melt significantly even as she was still nit-picking everything. He supposed she couldn't help it; it was a habit. Although, he thought, I have to repeat the comments to Mum; she'll laugh! He might not mind being part-Human after all; it was part of what made his mother so amazing. He cleared his throat. “So...” he unlocked the doors (now didn't seem like a good time to show off the finger-snapping trick) and pushed them open. “Welcome to my dad's ship. And remember, Gran and Great-Grandy: the TARDIS is a sentient being. She thinks, has her own mind, and can hear you perfectly well. Be nice,” he begged, looking right at Sylvia.

She rolled her eyes, not quite looking inside. “I know how to be nice, even if your father seems to think otherwise.” Then she saw what had her father in shock.

Ben silently coaxed them inside, and closed the doors. Thankfully, no one else was out on the street, so they were certain to escape notice. He let them walk slowly around the Control Room, and his mother's side felt relieved that he'd thought to clean the remnants of the jar he'd spent the previous two and a half years inside. Best to not give Sylvia Noble additional things to find fault with, even if there was no way she'd be able to interrupt his parents...

“Aye-aye,” Wilf marveled. “It's extraordinary!”

Sylvia was eying the floor. “Tell me they won't let any babies crawl on this space! This can't be safe for little limbs!”

He looked at the grating that his father simply took for granted. A floor that had changed a few times, but the Doctor gave little thought to – unless the Old Girl was struggling to repair herself. Like she had after the Time War. A nudge from the TARDIS made him notice a small touch-pad computer. Ah, he could take notes and let the TARDIS show suggestions to placate Sylvia! Brilliant! “Oh, you know that Mum won't let him expose my siblings to anything risky! He'll be extra protective anyway because we're all he has left in the universe, and the TARDIS will also look out for us.”

That silenced further complaints, for the moment. Although it produced some very confused expressions.

Satisfied he had their attention, Ben flashed his most charming smile as he grabbed the pad. “Shall we begin?”

“Oh, don't tell me you're beginning again...” Donna's groan emerged from her extremely tired body as the Doctor curled closer.

The Doctor wasn't moving much more, although he tried to spoon their bodies into one being. “No,” he whispered, “it's gone. That madness is over. Thank Rassilon...”

Donna heaved a sigh of relief. “Good, 'coz I don't know how much of that I could handle. You're gonna need to give me a few days to recover. Humans don't have your stamina.”

He nodded against her hair, gently inhaling her scent. He enjoyed this closeness to a far greater degree than he would ever have thought possible. Actually, it probably wouldn't have been possible for several of his past selves. He wasn't willing to trust that Donna Noble's awesomeness would've been evident to a few of the thicker men he'd been.

Donna eyed his hands – one attached to an arm curled underneath her (which really should've been uncomfortable for him, but he was an alien, after all) to keep her close, and the other cupping a breast in gentle possession (and given how tired she was, that had no right to be sending tingles down her spine!) – and squirmed. “I need the loo.”

He whined, but let her go. Wet sheets weren't fun. Even from making love.

She struggled to her feet, managing to work her way toward the bathroom for relief. Possibly to freshen up just a little before she fell into what might be the deepest sleep of her adult life.

The Doctor forced himself onto his back so he could watch her through hooded lids. Tired as he was, he wasn't going to miss out on enjoying the loveliest view in the universe. He already looked forward to seeing the gentle swell of her belly (which he'd tried – to no avail – to convince her was perfectly lovely and a sign of fertility) become blooming with their twins.

Several long moments later, Donna managed to walk out a little more steadily. She quickly noticed his rapt attention. “Don't expect me to walk around naked in the bedroom all the time. I'm not Welsh.”

He gave a lazy smirk. “Who says we can't adopt traditions?”

She rolled her eyes, no longer surprised to find that he was definitely a bloke when it came to certain things, and stopped when they caught sight of... something odd. “What's a letter doing under the door?!”

He tried to sit up, but his body felt almost carbon-bonded to the bed. Groaning, he murmured, “I thought the TARDIS wasn't going to let anyone near here!”

Donna stumbled over, picked up the letter and came back to crawl under the covers. “You're not going to miss a chance to look at my body, are you?”

“Nope.” The smile was unrepentant as he wrapped himself against her again.

She had to smile fondly, even as she blushed. “Daft Martian man.” She still snuggled against his cooler body, and unfolded the paper. She held it up so they could both read:

“Mum and Dad -
Dimension Canon is destroyed. Everyone sent home safely. We're in Chiswick now. I told Gran and Great-Grandy what happened, and I think even Gran accepts it. She even approves of me. (And get that hurt look off your face, Dad, before Mum slaps it off you!)

Gave them a tour of the TARDIS. We have plans for baby-proofing the rooms – and yes, Dad, I bet Mum will make you follow Gran's orders since there's no telling what kind of mischief any little siblings of mine could get into – which we'll deal with whenever you come out.

Will be having a late dinner with them, as I haven't eaten – ever. Join us if you get this by 8 at the latest. But only come out if Mum can walk okay; Gran's having a little trouble accepting that an alien has got her only child up the duff. Best to not give her clear proof of what you two did to get Mum there.

Love you both,

There was a long moment of silence in Donna's bedroom. Finally, she broke it. “We have a cheeky upstart for a son, Doctor.”

He froze, closing his eyes tightly. Oh, Rassilon, please help me find the patience to deal with Sylvia without either of us killing the other! I want several decades with Donna!

Donna didn't need the hints of the mental bond to know what he was thinking at that moment. Although she had trouble blaming him for it, even if she did love her mother – nagging and all. “You survived the Daleks and the Time War. You can survive my mother.”

“Not without a drink,” he muttered.

She snorted. “Count me out.”

He hid his face in her hair.



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Bravo! This was a thumping good read. :D

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Oh I loved this chapter, great stuff, so much tenderness from the Doctor *happy sigh* and Ben really coming into his own :)
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Tenderness from the Doctor... *happy sighs with you* Ben had a chance to shine, partly because he had to; he needed to save the day. :D

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