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Reaction to the Opening Ceremony

I was at work when NBC started showing it. Turns out people either stay home or go to different restaurants during times like this. *sighs*

So I found myself baffled by the beginning. It reminded me of the Hobbits. Although there was a tree that made me think of a variety I saw in Hawaii. :)

As the opening progressed, I realized that it looked like a history of Britain in what its changes and achievements have been over the past whatever years. It was the only thing that made any sense. The "dancing" was pretty funny to me.

The pop culture stuff absolutely cracked me up at times. An invasion by Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club?! Some costumes that looked like they belonged in a Lady Gaga show?! The Queen tribute (the band, please) was interesting, as was seeing the playing of "Sweet Dreams". But seeing Mr. Bean out there playing a piano with an umbrella?! I hope it's up on youtube soon! :D

I apparently missed the showing of famous villains from Brit lit - I heard Sauron was represented. I noticed JK Rowling read something during the ceremony, but didn't hear what. I missed quite a bit because I did have (fortunately) some tables to wait on.

Seeing the athletes walk was interesting. The clothing was interesting to see. I had no idea who all was sending their own representatives. American Somoa? Guam? Good for them!

The "doves"? Interesting light show. Didn't know the modern bicycle was created in Scotland. (Go Scots! :D) Good cover of "Come Together," I thought. The one that "flew"? Such a rip-off of ET. Didn't need the commentators to remark on it.

Anyone think the Queen knew to keep her words short and to the point? I noticed she remained seated while Prince Phillip stood quite a bit.

Fireworks show was amazing. Still, made me glad I'm not in London. I can only imagine the noise.

The Olympic flag passing by Mohammad Ali was a touching moment. I don't know what is going on in his life, but I hope he was enjoying being there.

David Beckham driving the speedboat carrying the torch? There was something James Bond-like about that moment, and I'm still not sure what I think of it. At least it was passed on to a former Olympian. (No clue who he was.)

That it was passed to a group of young athletes who hope to be in the next summer Olympics was a nice touch. Having them run and then meet their sponsors was another nice touch. And how the Flame came to being was pretty cool.

I had to shut it off when Sir Paul started singing "Hey Jude." Doesn't that song seem... not fitting to the occasion? Couldn't he have pulled another song out of his long list that was more fitting to an occasion of the world coming together for fair sportsmanship and challenges?

I did miss a lot, but it was a pretty interesting ceremony visually. I have to rewatch the first parts to see all the dancing and such that I missed.

That said... there was a glaring absence that I know every last Whovian noticed:
Why the flipping heck, after all the pop culture stuff they pulled out, didn't they get David Tennant to come out to at least help light the Flame?!?!?!

I can think of three possibilities for this:

1. He had something more important to him to do - perhaps a movie or other project which would support his family and future.

2. He declined because he privately considers that particular episode a bad one he'd rather forget.

3. Someone just failed to think to ask him.

I don't know which I'd rather it be. I imagine the DW boards are already lit like bonfires over this. Can't wait to hear what my Whovian coworker has to share about it tomorrow at work.

Did anyone else watch? Anyone else feel let-down?


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Jul. 28th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
I thought it was lovely, but on the dull side. And yes, I missed DT! I never thought he'd light the cauldron, but I thought he might carry the torch in the stadium for a bit. :/ I also must say I was underwhelmed by how they had the kids light the cauldron. I think I get what Danny Boyle was going for...he wanted it to be a moment about the Olympics and about the young athletes coming up, not about someone famous and fantastic. But still...underwhelming.
Jul. 28th, 2012 05:56 am (UTC)
I really liked it, and in the pop culture reference there was one woop of the TARDIS!

I like the ideas and the symbolism and thought it was better than the Sydney 2000 Ceremony.

Jul. 28th, 2012 07:13 am (UTC)
Our tv isn't set up to actually show tv at the moment (it's DVD player or WII or tv, never more than one at a time) and i worked late and didn't see a thing. I read that Daniel Craig made an entrance with the Queen and no mention of Doctor Who. I think TPTB thought that Matt Smith being the first person to carry the flame in Cardiff was a big enough nod apparently. Whatever, i didn't expect them to do it really, but of course i hoped they would. Which is probably what really glitched it. xD
Jul. 28th, 2012 10:27 pm (UTC)
I'm finally home and able to comment here (just in case you were wondering...). I have to state here and now that everyone was expecting the opening ceremony to be absolutely awful; but I haven't spoken to one person who hated it. I adored almost every second because it was about the achievements of the people rather than the politicians. So I suppose I should try and defer some of your confusion.

The beginning represented that far off ideal: pastoral Britain. The hill was Glastonbury Tor, btw (where King Arthur is said to sleep). The Industrial Revolution featured because it was the first one to occur, making us the world's guinea pigs.

I didn't see Sauron, but I did see a very large Voldemort. I think it was Peter Pan that J K Rowling read from (which led quite nicely onto Great Ormond Street Hospital). The ET bit showed how Britain is used by directors like Spielberg when filming. For some reason television didn't feature as much as film and music; but then Danny Boyle was in charge and that's what he specialises in.

Poor Muhammed Ali has been ill with Parkinson's for a few years now. He has been consistently voted 'favourite international sports personality of the year', so it seemed fitting to include him for that reason.

The David Beckham bit was meant to be James Bond-like; and the Olympian he passed the flame onto is Sir Steve Redgrave, who won a gold medal for rowing in five consecutive Olympics (not that I'd expect you to know that).

I tried to stop listening when Sir Paul McCartney sung because he sounded awful!! Seriously, someone needs to have a quiet word with him.

I think DT didn't appear because they wouldn't have thought to ask him. It isn't his job and not his place anymore. And we got Daniel Craig, so I was very happy about that!! :D
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