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FIC: The Noble Girl: Jenny (4/6)

Title: Jenny
Series: The Noble Girl – A New Who Rewrite
Rating: T
Author: tkel_paris
Summary: The lives of a blonde teenage shop girl and her boyfriend are transformed forever when someone called the Doctor saves her life. Only...the girl isn't Rose Tyler. Written for cassikat's birthday.
Disclaimer: Hugely AU. So no, I own nothing.
Dedication: cassikat, of course. Happy birthday, my friend! :D Also tardis-mole for the major help with the earlier drafts, and bas_math_girl for the final polishing advice. Love you both! (blows a big kiss)
Author's Extensive Opening Note: This idea was floating around in my head because I thought that a certain character looked more like another character than the one who was her (sole) parent in canon. And I know cassikat wanted a Nine story without Rose. So we both get our wish here! :D

It's easy to get the idea of taking a character and putting them into a different family situation. So, take one character from the Whoverse, transform the circumstances of her birth into something normal (or as normal as one can get in DW), and give her a different family. What do you get? Possibly this story. If you eliminate one other character.

I spent a lot of time watching “Rose” to get this right. For the first time that I can remember. May I say, imagining this instead made the watching more enjoyable. I don't think I would've become interested in New Who based off of “Rose.” I didn't see anything about her to engage my interest – beyond the human sense of wanting someone in danger to be okay.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Dear Readers, I want you to pretend that this is the start of New Who. That this is actually an episode you're watching – with added details about the characters' thoughts and respective backstories. Suspend what you know about New Who whenever possible, and pretend there are several big mysteries to be explored later on in the series. Make your comments as though you just “watched” for the first time, and see as the series progresses what you're able to accurately guess/predict. :D

This is actually more interesting to me because a certain someone auditioned to play Rose Tyler. I didn't know that until I told one of my friends about this idea. :D

Chapter 4: The Shrine of the Doctors

Jenny, Mickey and Wilf sat inside Mickey's Beetle and parked outside Clive's home. She'd pulled her hair back in her favorite ponytail and put on her favourite trainers before Mickey arrived. It was just warm enough she didn't need a jacket.

Wilf had insisted on going when Jenny asked Mickey to go with her, much to her aggravation. “Great-Grandy!” she groaned again. “I've looked him up! He's safe. He's got a wife and kids.”

Although it could've been worse. Her gran could've decided to take a holiday and go with them. Thank god she and gramps had already left when Mickey arrived.

The old man sighed. “Yeah, but I can't help but worry. You're the only child of an only child. You have great people skills, but that don't stop us from worrying. Especially over someone you met over the internet. There are lunatics out there!”

His great-granddaughter exhaled loudly. “Which,” she said with all the patient her fried fuse had left, “is why Mickey is going in with me.”

The young man sighed. This was not how he had hoped to spend his time with his woman. “Let's get this over with, shall we?” He just wanted to keep her out of trouble.

Wait!” Wilf exclaimed, suddenly thoughtful.

Jenny removed her hand from the door. “What?”

Well, it might be nothing, but I just remembered something mentioned by our neighbour Minnie Manton.”

Mickey smirked. “The Menace?” It was well known that the widow was a massive flirt, and was fond of Wilf. Now that it had been a bit more than a year since Eileen Mott's death, the Menace of Ealing had set her sights on Wilfred.

Wilf waved Mickey's tease off – yet again. He pretended he didn't notice the attention, since it made him feel awkward – he had no clue how to talk her out of it. She was almost as stubborn as any of his girls. “She was a nurse before she retired. A group of us were at the pub talking about government programs and emergencies, and she made this off-hand joke about things sometimes needing a doctor. When I asked what kind, she suddenly flushed and refused to say anything else about it. If this is an alien who travels in a weird box, then maybe she meant him?”

Mickey frowned. “If she wouldn't talk, does that mean it involved something that necessitated her signing the Official Secrets Act?”

Maybe. It'd make sense. She knows how soldiers think. She must've seen confidential things.”

Jenny thought a moment. “It was a long time ago, Great-Grandy. Couldn't be the same man – he's not old enough. Maybe it's a title passed from father to son.” She shrugged. “We'll be back out as soon as possible, okay?”

All right, then.” Wilf watched as they exited the car and made their way up to the door. He leaned back into the backseat and set himself to waiting. And glared at the man who set out his wheelie-bin and shot Mickey the evil eye. Prejudiced berk!

When Jenny knocked on the door, it was soon answered by a boy. He wore a red shirt, with the number 45 on the front in faded print. Hie dark hair was a near skin-head cut (just a bit longer than the Doctor's), and his eyes took a quick measure of both of them. She estimated he was about 11. “Hello!” she greeted warmly. “We've come to see Clive. We've been emailing.”

The boy rolled his eyes and called into the house. “Dad! It's two of your nutters!” He flicked a look that screamed 'I'm tired of this' and 'oh great, more of them'.

Jenny had to fight to not narrow her eyes. She couldn't really blame the boy, could she? Nor could she blame Mickey for exhaling in exasperation.

Clive appeared a moment later. He was a plump man, wearing a dark shirt and beige trousers. “Sorry. Hello.” His accent placed him from Manchester, and he seemed like a decent chap. “You must be Jenny.” He held out his hand, which Jenny shook warmly. “I'm Clive. Obviously!” He waved his hands at himself, and extended one to Mickey. “The boyfriend you said you were bringing?”

Mickey nodded tightly, not really trusting the man despite Jenny's clear conviction that all was well. He shook his hand anyway, pointing behind him with the other. “And that's her great-granddad waiting in the car, just in case you're going to kill us!”

Clive laughed. The sound confirmed everything Jenny sensed, and she laughed with him. “No, good point. No murders.” He waved to Wilf, who nodded, still distrustful even though he wanted to believe.

Who is it?” called out a woman's voice from upstairs. A woman with curly brown hair appeared on the landing, carrying a laundry basket. She had a red knit top covering a white undershirt, jeans and a large buckle. She was barefoot, which made Jenny grin.

Clive was quick to answer. “Oh it's something to do with the Doctor! She's been reading the website, brought her boyfriend.” He motioned them inside. “Please come through, I'm in the shed.” He started to lead the young couple through the house, with Mickey sharing an odd glance with Wilf.

Mickey voiced the question. “Who's that? Your wife?”

Yes. Jenny and Mickey, this is Caroline.” He waved them further inside. “We'll be in the shed.”Jenny smiled and waved amicably at Clive's wife as she walked along. “Hello.” Mickey just nodded and smiled as he felt a gentleman ought.

Caroline watched them with an ironic smile as she came down to the door, which her husband had left open. “She?” she asked the air. “She read a website about the Doctor? Sure it's not him asking?” Amused, she shut the door. Not even noticing the worried Wilf outside.

Sighing, Wilf settled himself to wait. What choice did he have?

Inside the pale blue shed, the couple looked around as Clive closed the door behind him. With the bicycle hanging from the wall, it was clearly used for storage purposes that most people would recognise. But the windows were blocked by wood. Clive clearly didn't want to chance anyone just looking inside.

It wasn't immediately clear why. There were astronomy charts on one of the walls, a computer station in one corner, and books all over the place. But taking an additional look, there were piles rather carefully organised in the midst of the mess. Nine distinctly organised groupings of materials, with two being significantly smaller than the others. What was in plain sight were things about mysterious sightings, conspiracy theories, and other interests that most of the general population would attribute to nutters.

This looks like a sort of shrine to strange things,” Mickey commented darkly, whispering into Jenny's ear to make sure Clive couldn't hear.

Jenny had to give Mickey credit for the observation. It hit enough notes to make her a bit uneasy, even though her instincts still swore that Clive could be trusted. She could sense more to this man than a mere anorak. He was gifted, intuitive and had had his own story to tell of a meeting with this Doctor. He was not just some random man who had picked a topic out of thin air and decided to pursue it like a fixated dog after a smell. This man had seen things. He knew, not just believed, and he also knew the danger in what he was doing and what the information could do even in the right hands.

Although it didn't explain why a number of pictures in the room were partially covered by random papers. Or why each pile was under one of those papers.

A lot of this stuff's quite sensitive, I couldn't just send it to you. People might intercept it, if you know what I mean.” Clive had powered up his computer, and messed with some files while he waited. “If you dig deep enough - keep a lively mind - this Doctor keeps cropping up all over the place,” he said, turning to face them as he explained. “Political diaries, conspiracy theories,” he continued, walking slowly to join them. “Even ghost stories.”

He opened the binder in his hands, placing it on the table. “No first name, no last name. Just 'The Doctor'. Always The Doctor. And the title seems to have been passed down from father to son, it appears to be an inheritance.” He motioned to the computer. “That's your Doctor there, isn't it? The one you mentioned in the email?” He pointed to a photo on the computer screen behind them. It was the same one from the website.

Jenny blinked. “Yeah. That photo looks like it's from several decades ago.”

Mickey looked at her. “What's your clue about the era?” She tended to have really odd tidbits of knowledge, and sometimes forgot to suppress them.

She was too distracted to even think about hiding her knowledge. “Something about the surroundings. Even with that blurry effect, it looks like it's not quite up to date. Besides, who uses black and white anymore except for dramatic effect – unless it's for a really cheap local rag?”

I tracked it down to the Washington public archive last year,” Clive explained. “The online photo's enhanced, but if we look at the original...” He showed them three photographs of the Doctor. The first was the clear version of the online picture. He was standing in a crowd, his gaze happening to be toward the camera. As though he knew he was being watched. That was creepy enough. The next was a wider version, showing that the crowd – whose clothing and hairstyles reminded Jenny of photos from her gran's childhood in the 60s – was watching a motorcade. The third picture drew sharp inhales from both young people – they both realised what they were looking at. “November the 22nd, 1963,” Clive said, voicing their thoughts. “The assassination of President Kennedy.”

Must be his father,” Mickey speculated, remembering Jenny's thought from the car.

Jenny frowned. “But where's his mother's genetic contribution, then?”

Clive chuckled. “Good question, I've wondered that myself.”

Jenny muttered on, as if she didn't hear him. “I can eliminate parthenogenesis and apomixis as forms of reproduction to create identical replacements."

Mickey blinked hard. "What are those?"

"Parthenogenesis is growth and development without a fertilised egg," she rattled off, distracted. "Apomixis refers to plants, say creating new life using seed or replacing the original living form with a part of itself. Neither can be the case here because the man in all these witnessed events looks exactly the same and not smaller or visibly of a different age."

The two men stared at her.

She realised they weren't looking at the photo, and flushed. “Sorry. Forgot I can scare people with my knowledge.” She cleared her throat. “Go on.”

Shaking his head slightly over the shock, Clive carried on. “Going further back...” He hurried to another pile while Mickey stared at the Kennedy photos. “April 1912.” Jenny was watching Clive instead. “This is a photo of the Daniels family, Southampton. And friend.” He pointed at the Doctor, who was standing in the picture with them. Could have been a different man, but... the face was the same. Exactly. The photograph was blurry, so Jenny wasn't entirely sure that the clothing was the same. He might have been wearing some tie or cravet. “This was taken the day before they were due to sail for the New World. On the Titanic. And for some unknown reason, they cancelled the trip and survived.”

Jenny and Mickey stared agog. “He knew what was coming and warned them?” she whispered.

And...” Clive pulled an item pinned to a wall. He showed them a sketch. “1883. Another Doctor. And look - the same lineage. He's identical. This one washed up on the coast of Sumatra on the very day Krakatoa exploded.”

The explosion so loud it probably left thousands instantly deaf,” Jenny breathed. “And 36,500 dead. The noise was recorded across the entire planet. Would have left the Doctor with a ringing in his ears for weeks."

Mickey just stared at the impossibility of it all. He had no reply to her comment.

Clive looked at Jenny, surprised yet impressed with her insight. “The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes, he's there. He has a storm in his wake. And he has one constant companion.”

Mickey looked up. “Who's that?”

Clive looked grimly at them. “Death.”

Both felt faint at the thought.

Outside, Wilf sat in the car, waiting. The street was quiet. “Give them another minute, then I'm calling Jenny's phone.”

He looked around as he heard something odd. His eyes widened as a bin seemed to shuffle its way towards him. “What?!”

Clive broke the silence after a long moment. He looked right into Jenny's eyes. “If the Doctor's back... if you've seen him, Jenny ...then one thing's for certain - we're all in danger.”

Mickey's hands gripped the table.

Jenny just stared back, trying to reconcile all the things she sensed with Clive's instincts.

Wilf fixed his gaze on the bin, but it was suddenly stationary. He thought he was imagining it until a few seconds later, when it moved again. “What alien madness is this?!”

He stepped out of the car and walked towards the bin, looking around it to find what was moving it. Seeing nothing, he frowned and looked for a twig to open the lid. Finding none, he sighed and grabbed the lid with one hand and opened it forcefully, nearly taking it off its hinges. He glanced inside. The bin was empty, save for a little cardboard in the bottom.

He was agog. “Now how's that possible?!”

Mickey held out his hand, needing to do something. “Jenny, borrow your phone? You've got the number I need.”

She handed it over and he dialed quickly, using her contacts list. He moved aside to talk quietly as the call connected.

Clive moved to put away the first folder. “If he's singled you out... if the Doctor's making house calls...” He sighed and met her eyes again. “...then God help you.”

Jenny looked grimly at him. “But is he the danger? Or is he in danger? Does he try to make things better? What if there's just some big threat each time and he stops it?”

She got a surprised look in return. He was silent for a long moment. “I don't know.”

Who is he?” she asked after a moment of silence as she heard Mickey start talking to Mrs. Manton. “Who do you think all these men are?” Her eyes flickered toward the pictures on the walls not of the man she met.

I think they are the same man. I think he's immortal. I think he's an alien from another world.”

If Jenny hadn't already suspected and seen the Doctor all but confirm it, she might've wondered if Clive was some nutter. But too many questions remained unanswered.

Still, Clive was convinced, and scared, but he was not insane. In fact he was stone-cold rational and sound. She couldn't explain how she knew that any more than she could why she thought she could trust the Doctor.

She needed all of this, but she didn't want to scare him. So she took advantage of Clive watching Mickey to sip a data pen into the computer.

Wilf looked around the bin some more. He hesitated at kicking it, thinking he'd set off some trap. But he couldn't see anything around, and couldn't hear anything either. He glanced around again, but there was no one. No sign of the man who put the bin out, either.

"Yes, I knew a man who called himself the Doctor," Minnie Manton said over the phone to Mickey as she prepared a meal. She felt at liberty to talk because he just wanted to know about his appearance. Surely there was no harm in that. "No name. I always thought that was mysterious and exotic. He was a government advisor up at the 'Manor.' And he looked the part; a fine fellow in cape and smile. Boney nose, you know the type; all nose and no trousers."

Mickey rolled his eyes. Typical Mrs. Manton - always intrigued by some bloke.

Minnie continued, unaware she was slightly grossing out her listener. "He had bright deep blue eyes, like sapphires they were. Never seen eyes like 'em. And he spoke with a lisp that I really fell for. But this hair was what really caught my attention. Like a thick bands of white cotton wool it was. I used to imagine running my fingers"

Mickety flinched, hard. "Thanks, Minnie, a great help."

She chuckled. Spoilsport. These young ones had no sense of humour. "Your's welcome. Give Jenny and Wilf my love."

Sometimes it was tricky being polite to the Menace. “Yeah. Buh Bye.” Mickey hung up and moved back to the center table. He pretended he didn't see Jenny slipping her data pen back into her pocket. “I just asked Mrs. Manton to describe who she remembered, and he sounds nothing like these men in those photos, Jenny.”

Something in Clive's eyes flickered, and Jenny seized on it. “Is this the only man who's been called the Doctor? Are there other men who've been called that? And what about those photos on the wall that you've clearly covered up with papers?”

Clive's tension melted slightly. “I wasn't sure you could handle this, but... yes, there have been.”

Mickey's eyes widened. “How many others?”

Eight. That I know of.” Clive went to the wall he took the sketch down from and began removing the hand-written note he used to conceal one photo. “It's not clear what order they go in – they appear in almost random order sometimes. Like I said, it's a title handed down. Or not...”

The image he revealed was of a man with the loudest coat either of them had ever seen. “My god!” exclaimed Jenny. “That looks like a cloth bin went through the shredder and that coat was barfed as a result!”

Mickey couldn't disagree. It was the most hidious jacket he'd ever seen – all sorts of colours that just didn't go together. The blue bow tie didn't help the man's image. And then there was the man himself. His hair was blond, very curly and he had grey-blue eyes and looked like he had a wicked sense of humour, probably verging on cruel if his smile was anything to go by. And there was a certain arrogant smugness that put them both at an instant unease. "Your mum would be slapping him with both hands. Never mind that coat looks like a runaway circus violated that man's wardrobe and spat out his clothes."

When Clive pulled down more notes, barely suppressing a snort over Mickey's comments, he revealed the image of a much darker haired man. The photo had been zoomed in from some distance. He was captured playing one of those recorders Jenny's remembering how her mother, gran, and great-gran had tried to get her to learn how to play when she was younger. He had an intense frown of concentration gracing his face. Jenny grimaced in empathy. She just couldn't figure the recorder out, which frustrated her since she wasn't used to not eventually figuring out something she put her attention on. Finally they decided it was a waste of her time, and she hadn't thought much about it since.

He had a bow tie that looked like it had seen better days (possibly all of them - twice), but the shirt looked positively ancient, and reminded Jenny of those nights when she had been small and sleeping at Great-Granny's on Friday nights. The old Co-op sheets, all striped in pastel colours. Although the colours were different, the shirt was definitely flannelette. His trousers looked rather baggy, like he was hiding a rather portly belly, which she found rather amusing since Great-Grandy and his mates couldn't care less about theirs. They said it took years and lots of beer to gain a belly so they had earned it. The picture might have been black and white, but there was something grandfatherly and gentle about this raven-haired gentleman, as well as a little silly and (something he had in common with her Great-Grandy) clownish. Especially his hair-cut, which reminded Jenny of the Three Stooges - Gramps and Great-Grandy were fans.

Mickey snickered. “Nice clothes.”

Clive managed a tiny smile. “The stories attached to that one say he couldn't play that recorder at all.”

Snorting, Jenny watched as the image of another man was uncovered. This time it was a gray-haired man with a rounded end handle on his cane. One hand was clasping his lapels as his chin lifted in an arrogant way. His clothes reminded her of something she'd watched one night on her granddad's telly. An Edwardian dress jacket covered a white shirt with vertical ruffle pleats. His cravet was long and thin. There was something about them that made her think of the United States in the 1780s. Or was it the 1880s? In either case, it looked like someone had gifted him with that suit and he intended to honour the gift by wearing it until it wore out. “Wonder who that young girl with him is? She sort of looks like him.”

Which she did. There was definite similarity in the shape of the mouths and noses – even accounting for male-female differences.

Not clear,” Clive sighed. “Although there's one account that gives her the name Susan Foreman, that she was a student at Coal Hill School.”

Mickey blinked. “Never heard of it.”

Jenny frowned. “I think it was in Ealing. Demolished in the clearances in 1987. My birth year.”

Clive clicked them along, bringing up the image of a shorter man whose question marked clothes made both kids flinch. He wore plaid trousers, tweed jacket with a waistcoat and a red Paislet tie, a panama hat, and also wore braces. He was carrying an overly large umbrella with a question mark handle, matching his outfit, and holding a fob watch in one hand. The image caught him in the middle of twirling it.

My God!” exclaimed Mickey. “He looks like someone you'd see in a cartoon!”

Something about his eyes made Jenny wonder if the man knew hypnosis. He just might have been good at it. “Think that fob watch ever flew off his hand?”

The next photo Clive uncovered was of another gray-haired man, but next to it was the photo it had been cropped and blown up from. An informal photo during what looked like downtime in the officer's mess. Some woman in uniform serving tea. Another woman, who looked like a young Minnie Manton (or whatever her name had been at the time) handing out slices of homemade cake. Jenny guessed the occasion was the birthday of the highest ranking man in the picture. The man who was in both the close-up and the original was seated near a hat stand in the corner. The stand a cape hanging up on it. He was wearing green velvet smoker's jacket. She was sure it had a designer name, but god knew what it was “He seems almost as grandfatherly as Gramps or Great-Grandy,” Jenny noted.

Mickey pointed at him numbly. “I think he matches the description Mrs. Manton gave me. And that's her with the cake slices!”

That I got from a person who was cleaning out a deceased relative's belongings,” Clive remarked. “He had no use for the photos, and contacted me more because of the note on the back. I made a copy cropped and blown up to show only him.” He tapped the image of the man in both images. “This is the only known photo of this man, although there are accounts about him from a few other occasions.”

Next photo Clive pulled out was of a blonde man, wearing what looked like a white cricketing jumper – with a slightly longer coat. He was much younger than the others, with a gentle, caring look to his face and eyes. A face you could instantly like and trust. And with his outfit he obviously was more a fun man than a sporting type, although it was obvious that he played.

Mickey blinked, and glanced at Jenny, promptly looking back at the picture. “That's weird,” he muttered confusedly, shaking his head hard.

I'll say,” Jenny snorted, not noticing her boyfriend's scrutiny. “What's with the celery stick in his coat?!”

Clive's mouth twitched. “I've wondered about that myself. None of the sources say.”

Then came a dark-haired man with a definitely old-fashioned outfit. A dark green velvet frock coat with a silver waistcoat an matching cravat. Rather tight trousers, as was the custom of the time, although it looked more like a costume than the genuine article. He had the air of a man who met life with enthusiasm, and could draw you into the excitement rather easily.

Jenny chuckled. “He looks like he could've played Mr. D'Arcy.” Good thing Mum isn't here, she thought, Dad might have had competition. Although that blonde man with celery stick might've caught her eye, too.

Mickey groaned. “Embarrassing enough that your mum, gran, and my adoptive mum love that book. Add the movie?!” He shook his head and happened to look down below that picture, frowning. “Why are there hardly any papers below that one?”

Clive frowned. “This is the only picture in existence of this man that I know of. He looks like a rich, titled gentleman from the Regency era, I agree. Like he never worked a day in his life. This photo is also attached to the only story existing about him. He appeared in San Fransisco on the 31st of December, 1999. Under very mysterious circumstances. That one with question mark clothing also appeared about then, but briefly. It's said he was shot.”

Jenny and Mickey exchanged confused and concerned looks.

Here's the last one,” Clive said, bringing up a picture of a curly dark-haired man with the longest scarf imaginable. He had the curliest hair and biggest toothiest grin that had ever existed, including several unpronounceable carnivores from the Triassic. And the wildest, widest eyed look either could imagine. The photo was focusing on that.

Mickey and Jenny looked at each other. “The Mouth of Sauron would've envied him,” she muttered. That character might be in the extended editions to be released later that year.

Wilf sighed, not finding anything to answer his questions. He shut the bin, still with one hand. He moved away, but the bin stretched out, stuck to his hand. “What the devil?!” He pushed against it with his other hand, but it didn't work. The bin seemed to stretch as he pulled away with all his strength. His throat couldn't make any sounds. He tried stepping away, but suddenly the lid opened, a low roar coming from the bin.

He pulled hard, and that seemed to make the bin shut, but his hands weren't free. He tried pulling harder. The lid slowly opened a little, closing before suddenly opening wide. Wilf felt the stretchy things holding him hostage pull sharply. He flew into the air, falling in before he could react to scream.

It shut after him. Seconds later, it opened slightly to let out a disturbing, satisfied burp.

In the back garden, they had had enough and were heading out of the shed. Clive followed the thoughtful duo, shutting and locking it behind them.

Jenny turned. “You're sure there's no connection between any of those men?”

None,” Clive stressed on a whisper. “No one I've spoken with can come up with one. Aside from the title and the object that looks like one of the old police boxes.” He hesitated. “I do have an idea...”

What is it?”

Mickey wanted to tug Jenny away, but he knew better than to try to dissuade her when she had her mind fixed on something. She always found a reason – a real one – to finish her task. Only her mother could talk her out of them consistently.

Clive pursed his lips. “If he is an alien, then he might be capable of changing his appearance. Which would make all of those men the same person.”

Mickey thought his eyes couldn't possibly get any larger without bursting out of his head.

Jenny nodded, thinking over the abundance of info. “Thanks for the copies of those photos. I'll let you know if I find anything.” She shook his hand.

He smiled back. “Thank you for listening. I'll think about what you said.”

She nodded. And he still had no idea she'd copied his computer data. Good, she thought. He didn't need to be scared further. She sensed that he was at the edge of his wits and in fear of his life. Just his gut feeling prickling him to get out or get rid of all this stuff. That something bad was about to happen, because he was the first to ask such direct questions, whereas the rest had been avgue and mostly other anoraks bringing him more stuff.

Maybe there was something the idea that people could smell dear. Maybe there was also a scent that marked insanity?

The two walked out to the car. “You really going to tell him?” asked Mickey.

Jenny kept her head still, looking at the ground ahead. “Not sure yet. Depends on what I find.”

They got into the car, Mickey back in the driver's seat and her in the front passenger's. “See, we're fine!” she said to the man in the back.

I'm still convinced he's a nutter,” Mickey grumbled.

Neither noticed that the smiling person in the backseat wasn't Wilfred Mott, but a plastic replica. His hair and forehead were too shiny. Each was too distracted with their own thoughts.

Great-Grandy? I'm hungry. I thinking of pizza if you don't mind.”

Pizzaaa! P-p-p-pizza!”

Mickey drove off, only blinking a moment over the lack of questions. Mind, he wasn't sure he wanted to talk more about this weird Doctor. So the silence was welcome.

Later in the day, Jenny and Mickey sat at a table for four in the pizza restaurant. Next to Jenny was a grinning 'Wilf'. The two still hadn't noticed, even when Jenny helped what she thought was her great-granddad out of the backseat. It wasn't very crowded, which allowed her time to think in peace. Her family and friends knew to give her that every so often.

I'll look for a new job tomorrow,” she decided after a while. “I mean, I've only been putting off more education because I'm not sure what to study and we need money to put me through. I'm too old for scholarships and those don't pay for everything, even if all the universities want you. I could still study for medical school, or go into engineering. Or do both at the same time. Might not be worth looking into this any further.” She sighed heavily, looking at Mickey in frustration. “Of course, I might run into the problem of people assuming I stole something from someone more experienced if I go for engineering,” she added, grumbling. “I hate having to play thick.”

He grimaced, remembering more than one occasion where she'd suffered because no one believed she was genuinely that creative and smart.

So, where did you meet this Doctor?”

The question threw her off. Her great-granddad knew the answer to that question. He had met the Doctor that morning! And the tone seemed wrong somehow. She looked up at his face, but all questions fled – along with a bit of the colour in her face – as she realized something else was very, very wrong.

“Because, I reckon it started back at the shop, am I right? Is he something to do with that?”

Now Mickey realised that it didn't really look like Wilf was the one sitting with them. Or sound like him. His mouth dropped.

Wilf’s’ eyes glittered as he leaned closer from the hips towards his great-granddaughter. “What was he doing there?”

Jenny and Mickey jumped back as one, knocking their chairs over. “Who the hell are you?!” they cried, ignoring the odd looks from other customers.

A waiter approached the table, seemingly unfazed. “Your champagne.”

We didn't order any champagne,” said the Plastic Wilf. He grabbed Jenny's hand. “Where's the Doctor?”

Mickey tugged at Jenny, who was trying to shake the plastic hand. Neither of them paid the waiter any attention.

Well, then!”

The waiter's voice suddenly sank into Jenny's awareness. Out of the corner of her eye, she realized it was the Doctor.

The Doctor grinned and shook the bottle. “Don't mind me.” His voice was tight despite the grin. “I'm just toasting the happy family.” He aimed the top directly at Plastic Wilf. “On the house!” He released the bindings holding the cork in.

The cork popped out and hit a startled Plastic Wilf squarely on the forehead, distorting it. The shock allowed Jenny to free her hand, but the forehead rapidly absorbed the cork. He chewed for a moment and spat it out of his mouth. Plastic Wilf kept smiling. “Anyway.” His hands turned into paddle-like clubs and he smashed the table in. Jenny was too shocked and horrified to scream. Mickey had to drag her out of the way.

The Doctor grabbed the creature's head, stopping it from hurting anything. He struggled against it for five seconds. Jenny heard a creaking noise before the Doctor suddenly pulled its head off, the momentum throwing him into a nearby table where a couple Jenny's mum's age sat in shock. The rest of Plastic Wilf crashed into a different table.

The disembodied head stopped grinning for a moment, and met the Doctor's gaze as he righted himself. “Don't think that's gonna stop me.” The headless body stood up.

The couple at the nearby table finally screamed. The Doctor grinned, as if knowing something neither they nor the creature did.

Mickey saw the “break in case of fire” spot and did just that. As the alarm blared, he shouted, “Everyone out! Now!”

Chapter 5: Under the Eye of London


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Aug. 10th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
You made the wheelie bin eat Wilf! How could you?! Wilf! Wheelie bin! Ate him!

And I've been waiting to say that since you had Wilf stay in the car. :P

Since I'm still reeling about you making the wheelie bin eat dear sweet Wilf, I --really-- can't do a proper 'new viewer' review. So I'll just say that Jenny and Mickey make a great investigative team, and found out LOTS more about the Doctor than Rose did.

And with the two of them having gone into Clive's house, and having so much to talk about, it explains why they didn't notice Wilf was PLASTIC - they were too busy thinking and/or talking. And I STILL wonder why Rose didn't notice that Mickey was plastic - he was the only one she had in company. *eyeroll*

Oh, oh, please let tomorrow come soon! I can't stand the wait before Wilf gets rescued! *fidgetfidget!*
Aug. 10th, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Well... someone had to be. We needed that Plastic being to drive the Doctor back into Jenny's life, and she was fine with letting Mickey come in with her, so... What did you expect? Sylvia to be the one 'eaten'?


I honestly feel baffled about why they didn't hint in the pilot episode that there were men before Nine. So I aimed to correct that with this chapter. How did I do? And what did you think of the descriptions of the various Doctors? Recognize any of the comments? :D Yeah, Rose didn't respect Clive at all.

Rose is just dim and ditzy. And self-centered. "I'm sorry, was I talking about me?" I believe that - or something close to it - was an actual line of hers while talking with Plastic Mickey and NOT seeing and hearing the obvious. All that did was show how little she cares about others.

Well... If I can get it cleaned in time... You might get an extra treat today. ;)
Aug. 11th, 2012 12:29 am (UTC)
Oh no. No no no. Not Sylvia...they'd have never made it to the restaurant without noticing that -she- was plastic, and where would that leave them? :) Okay, fine, Wilf was the more logical choice. Does that mean the wheelie bin had good taste? ;D

I...actually have no idea why they didn't hint that there were other Doctors. It would've been easy (and made Classic fans have a squeegasm) to hang pics of all eight other Doctors in Clive's shed.

*facepalm* Oh dear, I completely missed my favourite description of Six's outfit in all the wheelie bin indignation :P That runaway circus ought to be caught and punished for violating his wardrobe ;D

Well, part of that might be due to her age - teens are very self-centered as a general thing. But still, you'd think she'd have noticed Mickey was plastic before she did :P

*biiiig big eyes* *hopes* =D
Aug. 11th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC)
I wish good taste was the answer. :) Oh, yeah. The sight of Sylvia smiling that much, especially in light of the earlier events, would've clued Jenny in out of the most distracted state.

TM wasn't thrilled about it. By a long shot. So I'd glad I made more than one person's day with the mentions.

You noticed it now. What'd you think of the descriptions of the other Doctors? How about the ones who Jenny thinks might've given her dad competition? :P

Yeah, but that level of selfish distraction could get someone killed - including Rose.

Your wish was granted. It's up. You're welcome. :) Now off to bed. One of my cousins gets married in... *checks clock* under 16 and a half hours. :D
Aug. 11th, 2012 02:40 am (UTC)
Sylvia? Smiling that much? And not nagging? The Doctor would've had to pick up the signal before the plastic killed'em. :P

Made my day, it did :D And I think the descriptions really fit the Doctors - it gave a sense of the people he was in the past. *giggles* Ooh la laa! Cute blond cricketer (who got Mickey's attention by looking a lot like Jenny), or the bloke who could've played Mr D'arcy? (ie the guy in my icon tonight) Oh, I dunno, they were good enough descriptions ;D

True enough. I'm just trying to explain why she was so self-absorbed :) Still, if the Doctor hadn't come when he did, she'd have been kidnapped...or possibly just killed :P

Loved it as I'm sure you'll see :D Oooh, such a short time...hope you have a good time at the wedding! :)
Aug. 10th, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
Brilliant!!!! And please note that I'm using my only Nine icon. I suppose it fits how he feels about the Plastic People....
Aug. 10th, 2012 03:34 pm (UTC)
That fits most of his thoughts during when we saw him, don't you think? :P

BTW, may I please nab that? I need Nine icons with comments in them! :D

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Of course you can nab it. :D It was made by icons_of_isis. They might have a few more.
Aug. 12th, 2012 08:20 am (UTC)
SO...is Ten her dad or the cute blonde one that she thought her mom might go after or a different regeneration entirely?

the Doctor really should thank his lucky stars that his current personality isn't one that will prompt Donna to smack him repeatedly.

btw, LOVE Java! will Jenny and Donna take her with them if they go traveling with the Doctor and Mickey? oh! since they live with Wilf would the Doctor invite Wilf too...at least on a few adventures so that Wilf can see the stars up close and personal...OH...when's Jackie gonna be brought in? because both Mickey and Jenny are too well trained than to leave without talking to their guardians.
Aug. 12th, 2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, really? You think Donna wouldn't have reason to slap Nine? :)

Hmm... I don't remember Java actually being in this chapter. But you're right about the 'training' part. :)
Aug. 13th, 2012 09:57 am (UTC)
oh I never had a doubt that she'd slap Nine multiple times in their association*especially if he referred to her/humans as an ape/apes*...but if he had a personality like the previous regeneration that Jenny thought her mom would smack*never seen old Who* I bet that Donna would be smacking him daily if not hourly.

btw, when you complete your version of the tv series with Jenny in place of Rose and her also being the DoctorxDonna's daughter you should totally see about how you could publish it as an ebook or print book on lulu or something...don't know about copyright or anything but I've seen multiple Phantom of the Opera stories at least being published on lulu...but it'd totally be a hit!
Aug. 13th, 2012 11:52 am (UTC)
Google the Sixth Doctor. You'll see what I mean about the clothes. :)

Um... "Phantom" is out of copyright, isn't it? Don't think I can do that for something based off something that won't be out of copyright for AGES. But thanks for the vote of confidence. If there's ever a contest, I'll submit mine. :D
Aug. 13th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
I think some of the POTO story might have had stuff influenced by ALW and RUG*didn't buy/read it* so I'm not sure about the POTO copyright...I guess DW copyright might be different *sighs* oh well.

I'd definitely vote for it if you put it in a contest!
Aug. 13th, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
“The Mouth of Sauron would've envied him,” < - *LOL*

Great chapter.
Aug. 13th, 2012 11:50 am (UTC)
Well, he would've. Right? :P
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