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Title: Ginger Goddess
Series: none – first part belonged to “There's The Door!”
Rating: T
Author: tkel_paris
Summary: Ten has been patiently preparing himself to meet his bride and impress her. Naturally, their first proper meeting doesn't go well. After all, she's intending to marry another.
Disclaimer: RTD clearly missed on some of the subtext created by the dynamic of Tate and Tennant.
Dedication: bas_math_girl, for Christmas. Started this back in May for you, after writing the first part Story-a-Day challenge. Love ya, Online-Mummy! (blows a kiss) Also to tardis_mole and cassikat for extremely helpful beta advice. :D
Author's Note: This started as a one-shot, but quickly grew into a story and a sequel. :D

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3


Donna had to laugh as the Doctor helped her out of the taxi outside the hotel, having already settled the fare. “Daft Martian-boy,” she teased as he closed the door.

He grinned. “Only giving you the treatment a lady deserves.”

She grinned and shook her head as the taxi drove off. She removed the jacket. “Here. Time for you to take this back. Can't go in there with another bloke's jacket on me shoulders.” Even, she thought as she tossed it to him and headed inside, if I liked it... more than I should.

The Doctor frowned. He'd liked having his jacket on her. It felt like he was staking his claim. The effect she seemed bothered by was exactly what he wanted.

Sighing, he put it back on and hurried after her, buttoning it as he went. “I told you, I-”

Donna raised a finger, shushing him. They could hear the sounds of 'Merry Christmas Everybody' by Slade blaring. It sounded like full volume from the room within. Donna's eyes widened. “That's the room we booked!” She rushed to the doors and flung them open. The music was blaring at full volume.

The Doctor's mouth went a little slack. What? Who had a reception without the bride?! He quickly followed, wanting answers for whose bright idea that was.

Donna walked in with the Doctor behind her. She looked around, thunderstruck at the sight of her family, friends, sort-of friends, and even Lance being merry without her. How could they?! She folded her arms instinctively.

This crowd, the Doctor decided immediately, had a lot of explaining to do. He wasn't impressed so far with any of the people he saw. The children he would grant a pass – they might've needed the distraction of a party. But the adults had no such excuse.

An older blond woman spotted Donna first – shortly after a hotel employee did – and froze. Soon, the rest of the room slowly noticed, too. Soon even the music was turned off. All eyes were on Donna and the Doctor. Good, he thought. Let them feel some shame.

“You had the reception without me?” Donna demanded.

A dark-skinned man, the last to notice Donna, who had been dancing with a blond in a blue dress stared at them. “Donna... what happened to ya?!”

The Doctor narrowed his eyes. Was that the groom? He took quick measure of the man's features, and decided that Mickey Smith had more going for him in looks than this fellow did. And more character – he doubted Mickey would've considered dancing while his bride was missing. He certainly started proving his intelligence when Rose was gone for a year.

Donna's voice raised a number of notches. “You had the reception without me?!”

There was an awkward pause. The Doctor considered introducing himself, but he had a few dozen bones to pick with the gathering. “Tell me,” he called out commandingly, “what kind of people have a reception when the bride vanishes?!”

“Well, it was all paid for,” protested the blond who was dancing with the man the Doctor assumed was Lance. Her tone was haughty, as if the question was daft. “Why not?”

“Thank you, Nerys,” Donna snapped.

Oh, so this was the woman she'd thought was his accomplice. What was she doing here at the wedding? She obviously didn't think much of Donna!

“Well, what were we supposed to do?” exclaimed the older blond – who the Doctor now noticed shared some facial features with Donna – as she approached. And a fair bit of the attitude. Others started to approach, too. “I got your silly little message in the end. 'I'm on Earth'? Very funny. What the hell happened? How did you do it? I mean, what's the trick because I'd love to know-”

The whole room was talking at the same time. Soon all Donna could hear was an incomprehensible babble of voices.

The Doctor couldn't take this. It was wrong to treat anyone like this. And certainly not Donna! So he stepped between her and the crowd, and brought his fingers to his mouth.

Donna saw it coming and covered her ears, flinching.

He kept the whistle to two seconds long. It was plenty to make everyone stop talking and cover their ears. He lowered his fingers
and stuck his hands in his pockets in grim satisfaction. “Now that I have your attention,” he loudly announced as hands went back down, “let me say this. Shame. On. All. Of. You!”

The crowd stared at him in shock. And because their ears were hurting slightly. Donna rubbed hers, sharing in the feeling.

The Doctor slowly paced the area in front of Donna. “Tell me. How callous do you have to be to go on with a party when the bride vanishes in a way that no one can make happen?! To blame her for it?! This isn't something that came from Earth!”

“What?!” The question was blurted by many, but one older man pushed his way forward. The Doctor noticed a look in his kind face that reminded him of Donna. “What do you mean?” he demanded.

Taking a deep breath, the Doctor pulled out the psychic paper. “I'm the Doctor. I'm with the Ministry of Defence, and my department handles unusual events. Like the giant rock over London last Christmas. Anyone remember that?”

No one spoke, but he could tell from the looks at some people that some of them had been on a roof somewhere. Still, every adult in the room seemed to have at least a clue what he was talking about. “That was a spaceship trying to enslave the entire planet. I...” He paused, quickly thinking of how to phrase it, and shrugged, knowing none here would get his joke. “...had a hand in sending them away. We do what we can to protect Earth from threats, and we confiscate alien technology, using it wherever possible. What Donna described to me sounds like teleportation. Yes, it's like Star Trek in a sense. I believe that someone or something tried to transport her to some spaceship, but somehow my office's confiscated technology intercepted the beam and she appeared to us. I've brought her here to prove she's all right, and to find out what really happened. What I do not need is the people who should be supporting Donna treating her like she's a criminal!”

The older blond bristled and glared at him. “She's done little attention-seeking party pieces before-”

His walking over sharply cut her off. “Who are you and what right do you have to speak of her like she's worthless?” he growled.

“Sylvia Noble,” the woman said, somehow managing to keep her composure in the face of his Oncoming Storm mode.

“Her mother.” He could guess – the attitude had to come from somewhere. “And this man next to you is her father.”

The man nodded. “Geoffrey Noble,” he answered, much quieter than his wife. Clearly the man was used to trying to keep the peace between his wife and child.

The Doctor glared at Sylvia. “Tell me, did your parents teach you it was acceptable to treat your own child like dirt? To yell at them when the odds are they didn't cause the problem? Or just because they're different from you? Or is it just because she's ginger?”

Donna's jaw fell. This had never happened before, and she wasn't sure if she should blush from embarrassment or feel a bit faint from the sight of a man defending her honor.

Sylvia blanched. Her mouth worked slowly, but nothing came out.

Geoffrey touched her shoulder. “Her parents are home, sick with the Spanish Flu, else they'd be here.”

Taking a deep breath, the Doctor decided this wasn't the time. There was a considerable nervousness in Mrs. Noble, and a glance back at Donna showed that she was very concerned for her grandparents. “Fine, I'll let you two off the hook for the moment, but I am disappointed in you. I expect better of a missing person's family.” He turned on a dime to face the man who spoke first. “And you!” the Doctor demanded as he stalked over. “You're Lance?”

The man didn't straighten, just cringed at the sight of the angry man in front of him. “Yeah, Lance Bennett.”

The Doctor sneered at him. “Some fiancée you are. Dancing with a woman who I think might as well be Donna's enemy when she's missing? Permitting the reception to happen without her?!”

Lance bristled slightly – but still rather nervous about the Doctor. “Well, Sylvia got her message. Donna was clearly okay, so I didn't see any problem with it.”

Donna closed her eyes. Oh, he could sometimes be easily persuaded into things not worth his time. She'd seen it at HC Clements.

The Doctor's glare sharpened. “When she might have been hurt? Physically or emotionally? Did you just blame her for this whole thing, just like her own mother is?! I have to wonder under the circumstances if you even love her!”

Ooh... that's an interesting collection of micro-expressions on Lance's face, the Doctor thought. And more so on that older couple who each look a bit like him. His parents? Do they suspect his feelings? I'm on to something!

Donna, flinching and not liking any of it, stepped forward. “That's enough, Doctor!”

He grimaced. Oh, just when his fun was starting!

Donna came around him and to Lance's side, taking his arm. “It's all right. We can all be a bit harsh on each other, but there's no real harm done.”

The Doctor imitated a gasping fish. No harm done?!

She fixed a stare on him. “Go investigate, Martian-boy. Meantime, let the party continue! Let's have some fun!”

Applause slowly broke out. Nerys scowled again, arms folded. Lance smiled at Donna and hugged her.

The Doctor's eyes narrowed. He wasn't convinced that Lance had pure motives in marrying Donna. He would get to the bottom of this! Why had Donna stopped him?!

As the music resumed, Donna glanced back at the Doctor, briefly winking when she knew no one else could see. She hoped he understood her meaning.

He thought a moment. Oh, yes... if the crowd was having fun, it would be easier for him to get answers from them. Oh, she was clever! A smile slowly crossed his face.

He wasn't smiling so much a few minutes later as he leaned against the bar. No one wanted to go near him, and Donna was dancing with Lance. He hated seeing her smile at a man who was clearly unworthy of her, hearing her laugh at what were surely stupid jokes. Her mind needed greater stimulation, and he was impatient for the chance to offer her the chance to go anywhere, learn about anything.

Donna noticed his unhappy look. Oh, did that Spaceman not know how to have a good time?! She stuck her tongue out at him, and motioned to the bar. Have a drink, she mouthed, have some food!

He wasn't inclined toward either, though. Not if she wasn't there to share with him. Sighing, he looked around. One of the heavier drinkers was leaning nearby at the bar. He noticed the man had one of those smartphones. He approached him carefully. “May I borrow that a moment?” he asked affably, miming making a call.

The man just nodded and handed it over. Well, there had to be times where he could praise chance for humans discovering alcohol. The Doctor smiled – not that the man noticed as he got a refill.

Putting on his brainy specs, the Doctor began a search for information on HC Clements. It was running slowly, which he expected. Glancing around, he saw that no one was looking his way – not even Donna – and so it was safe. He pulled out the sonic and accelerated the search, also letting him bypass security measures.

Suddenly, the result popped on the screen: “Sole Prop. TORCHWOOD”.

He flinched. Torchwood. He had hoped that with Jack in control of Torchwood 3 and with the London branch falling apart from internal divisions that the place would become a friendlier tool for the planet's defenses. This was not encouraging. He had a vision of a timeline where he hadn't dumped Rose with her mother, and she helped create an awful circumstance where many died – and she still didn't understand that he didn't love her. Not even after being trapped in another reality.

Probably for the best. She might not have listened to his instructions or warnings – just gone right on trying to get back to him. At least he had control over that now.

Putting away the sonic, he shut off the search and returned the phone. He scanned the room for the next person to talk with, to find answers. His gaze happened on a couple dancing. The woman had long blond hair, and was being dipped. He cringed as he remembered Rose 'fainting' on New Earth. It was so fake, he couldn't understand how she didn't realize he might've known it instantly.

Shaking his head, he looked for something else, anything that might help him figure out what happened to Donna at the church. And then he spied it. The events were being recorded by a cameraman. His eyes lit up. There might be all the answers he needed!

Soon he was at the cameraman's side, watching as the human put a tape in the camera. “I taped the whole thing,” the man said. “They've all had a look. They said 'sell it to You've Been Framed'. I said 'more like the News'.”

The Doctor frowned. How many people here didn't appreciate Donna?

“Here we are,” the cameraman announced.

The Doctor watched as he saw the camera was zoomed in on Donna's smiling face as she walked up the aisle with her father. Suddenly she disintegrated into golden particles with a scream.

His mind churned. “Can't be! Play it again?”

The cameraman rewound it. “Clever, mind! Good trick, I'll give her that. I was clapping.”

“No,” the Doctor insisted. “This is beyond anything this planet has,” he muttered absently. The video played again, and his brow furrowed. He stared at the screen incredulously. “But that looks like... Huon Particles!”

“What's that?”

He ignored the cameraman's question and confusion. “That's impossible, that's... ancient! Huon energy doesn't exist anymore, not for billions of years!” His mind churned, trying to make sense of this development. “So old that...” He trailed off, his eyes suddenly drawn to the ring he had placed on Donna's finger. His blood ran cold. “.... it can't be hidden by a biodamper!”

The Doctor ran as fast as he can to a window, praying to any god listening that he would find an escape for Donna – and her family. But there were the Santas making their way slowly to the hotel.

Bugger! He rushed back to Donna. “Donna! Donna, they've found you.” He grabbed her arm.

She paled. “But you said I was safe!” If this alien was panicking, then all hell was about to break loose.

He shook his head. “The biodamper doesn't work. This stuff's older than I thought. We've got to get everyone out.”

Donna's eyes darted around the whole room, ignoring Lance's baffled look. “Oh, my God -- it's all my family...”

He tugged on her hand. “Out the back door!” He was grateful that she followed without question. But when they ran out the back door, they found two of the Santas approaching. “Maybe not.”

Was there, Donna wondered as they ran back inside after closing the doors, always this much running? She followed the Doctor as he darted over to a window. Two more Santas were approaching. “We're trapped,” Donna breathed. Please, God, let this Doctor – or anyone – be able to do something to save us!

The Doctor paled as he noticed one Santa holding some kind of remote control and raising it. He looked back inside the room, and noticed nearby was a decorated Christmas tree. “Christmas trees,” he gasped.

Donna blinked. “What about them?” Why was he so nervous all of a sudden?

“They kill.” With that, he rushed toward the children who had gathered around the tree. “Get away from the tree!”

She wasn't sure why, but given everything that had happened, Donna didn't doubt the Doctor's words. “Don't touch the trees!”

“Get away from the Christmas trees, everyone get away from them!” the Doctor ordered. The children looked confused, but several girls obeyed Donna and let her usher them away. The others followed the Doctor's shouts a bit more slowly.

“Out!” Donna shouted, not sure where 'out' would be, but determined to protect innocents. “Lance, tell them!”

“Stay away from the tree!” the Doctor ordered the adults who came forward. “Stay away from the tree!”

Sylvia Noble wasn't impressed and was among the adults. “Oh, for God's sakes, the man's an idiot! Why? What's a Christmas tree gonna... oh!”

The Doctor looked back to see why she trailed off. The baubles floated away from the tree in a very weird dance. He watched them, suspicious, as they hovered above everyone's heads. The crowd chattered excitedly, especially the children.

Donna watched, too. What were those baubles about to do?

Suddenly the baubles started dive-bombing around the room and causing small explosions. Screams erupted as people ran for cover. Parents grabbed their children if they could reach them, others tugged some behind any barriers they could find. The Doctor dodged one explosion, the energy throwing him off to the side. When he landed, he realized he no longer knew where Donna was. No!

When Lance stopped and looked around, Donna pulled Lance down to hide behind a table with her. Please let that Doctor know of something that can be done!

The Doctor then noticed he was behind the DJ's stand. He risked pushing up to look over. The Santas were lined up on the opposite side of the room, motionless. He popped to his feet. “Oi! Santa! Word of advice: if you're attacking a man with a sonic screwdriver...” He waved it as he spoke the last part of his warning into the microphone. “... don't let him near the sound system.”

With that, he pressed the head of the sonic next to the amplifier controls. A horrible, high-pitched screeching sound blasted from the speakers. He knew everyone would be covering their ears, but he felt a grim satisfaction when the Santas vibrated violently – as he expected.

Donna gasped. Her insides felt like they were going to turn into jelly.

It took longer than he liked before they fell to pieces and then to the ground. Exhaling in relief, he removed his sonic and raced to examine the mechanics of the Santas.

Everyone began to get up off the floor. Geoffrey held a hand out to a friend. “All right, Stan... you'll be all right. It's all over.”

Donna rushed to two of the children. “Michael? Connie?” She checked them with her eyes, and a little with her hands.

The Doctor ignored all the murmuring as he picked up the remote and one of the baubles. What were these supposed to do?

“Oh Senita,” Donna gently snapped, “do something useful.” Dear girl, but she often needed direction to be helpful.

“But what is it?” Lance demanded, breathless as he pointed at the Santas. “What were they?”

Donna shook her head. “Just stop wittering, just help 'em,” she demanded. Her tone seemed to get through to some of the crowd. Her mother still seemed in shock. Seeing the children were all right, Donna rushed to the Doctor's side to learn what he knew and get his help.

He showed off one remote. “Look at that – remote control for the decorations,” and added, showing a second remote he uncovered in the body of one of the Santas, “but there's a second remote control for the robots.” He examined the head of one. “They're not scavengers anymore,” he breathed. “I think someone's taken possession.”

All that talk sounded like nonsense, but Donna knew it had to mean something to him. “Never mind all that, you're a doctor. People have been hurt,” she reminded him.

He shook his head. “Nah, they wanted you alive. Look.” He tossed her a bauble, which she caught by reflex. “They're not active now.”

It was strange to be holding something that had been threatening her and her family. She shook her head in disbelief. “All I'm saying – you could help.”

The Doctor had already put the head against his ear. “Gotta think of the bigger picture.” He trailed off as he detected something. “There's still a signal!” he exclaimed, rushing outside and pulling out his sonic.

Donna watched for a few seconds. Was he just going to leave? Her instincts said he wasn't, and she wanted answers. Besides, he'd saved her from these things twice. She started to follow him, not remembering she was still holding a bauble..


The scared tone in her mother's voice drew Donna to a halt.

Sylvia stared at her. “Who is he? Who is that man?”

Donna tried to find an answer for her. Could she admit he was an alien? Could she speak of what all she'd been through? And how could she admit that she felt drawn to him? It felt disloyal to Lance. Still, she swallowed. “He's the man who's going to get me answers.” And she rushed after the Doctor, aware that her family and friends might be staring after her.

She found him outside. He stood still, scanning the helmet with that weird sonic... what had he called it? Screwdriver. Eh? She thought it looked more like a pen with a light instead of a ball-point.

Sensing Donna's presence, he couldn't help the tiny smile. She was with him instead of Lance. It was a start. “There's someone behind this, directing the robo-force,” he said.

Donna tried to not shudder. “But why is it after me? What have I done?”

Yes, he wanted to know that, too. “If we find the controller, we'll find that out. Oh!” He raised his sonic into the air. “It's up there. Something in the sky.”

Donna watched as the Doctor muttered a few things about the signal. She heard Lance hurrying to join them, but focused her attention on the alien who suddenly muttered something she couldn't understand before he rushed off – like he was trying to hang on to it. He did grab the bauble from her hand.

He was. It faded, and he was hunting for it. Or to triangulate where in the sky it came from – even without a better second point for comparison.

She would have followed, but some of the injured were being brought outside. And ambulances were already arriving. Oh good, someone had called straight away. Instead of talking with Lance, who was still looking like he had questions, she went to help check on her family and friends – giving a brief statement to one emergency worker.

The Doctor grimaced as he ran back to them. He'd even gone back inside to see if that helped. It hadn't, but he had collected additional baubles – who knew when they'd come in handy. “I've lost the signal. Donna, we've got to get to your office, H C Clements. I think that's where it all started. Can anyone give us a lift?”

“I know Lance drove himself – hold on!” Donna looked at Lance and pointed. “Have you been drinking?”

“Well, I've had a couple, yeah.”

She shook her head. “No, I'll do the driving!” She promptly grabbed her dress to let her march toward the lot, with the eager Doctor walking ahead.

Lance's eyes widened and he rushed after her. “No, no, you're not insured to drive my car!”

“All right, we'll take mine!” she retorted. “Dad! Do you have my keys?”

The words sank in as she secured the keys and then led the way. The Doctor had to ask, “Why did you drive yourself?”

“I didn't. Nerys did. We had a lot of things to bring to the church and to here.”

That made him blink. “I thought you and Nerys didn't get along.”

“We're cousins. Ended up a bit more like rivals, but you can't choose your family.”

No, he silently agreed. Okay, that explained a lot about today.

But his musings on Donna and her background halted when he saw what car Donna had led them to. “What? This?!”

It was a blue Smart Car, with only two seats. The back was barely fit for taking bags.

She glared at him. “Oh, you're skinny enough. You can fit in the back.”

The Doctor flinched.

The car rolled along, not very fast. Inside, the Doctor grimaced even more from his cramped position. “Not exactly a chase, is it?”

“Oi!” Donna snapped. “There's a speed limit. I'm not going to jail in my wedding dress.” And she wasn't. Her mood wasn't helped by how silent Lance was being and how unhappy he was over the Doctor's presence. He was proving useless in a crisis, so she needed the Martian-boy to figure things out.

As they rolled past another decorated building, the Doctor's couldn't help voicing a comparison. “It's like driving a hair dryer.”

Donna's mouth slackened as she noticed what was coming. “Hold on, speed bumps.” She slowed as she always did, and rolled the car over.

The motion made the Doctor bump his head twice against the roof. Frowning more, he sighed silently. “That's all right, no rush.” He figured he could compensate next time if he had a little more warning, now that he knew what to expect. So he flickered his attention back to Donna, preferring to reflect on her and how to drive Lance off.

Donna pursed her lips. Out of the corner of her eye, Lance was looking both trapped and bored at the same time. God, what was it about her that even the man she was sure loved her acted like this?! Or that an alien acted more like what she wanted in a husband than Lance ever had?!

Chapter Five: Answers and Betrayal


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Dec. 26th, 2012 02:36 am (UTC)
So... she wouldn't go in there with his jacket on, but she is still wearing his ring. Ok. :DDDDDDDDDD

Love the cousins addition.

Still smile at him curled up like a scared spider on the back seat. *giggles*
Dec. 26th, 2012 03:01 am (UTC)
Because he told her it would keep her safe. Although... we can argue the point. Let's assume the driver didn't notice the ring, even though Donna held up her hand. So the Doctor maybe had to whisper about things called perception filters? ;D

Thank you for suggesting it. :D

*cackles* Ironic, given what's coming, don't you think? ;D But I love the image. *snickers*
Dec. 26th, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)
Very ironic. :DDD

Am being a good boy and being patient for the next part, by the way :DDDDD
Dec. 26th, 2012 08:59 am (UTC)
Yay! You got the car chase in. :D Perhaps they originally omitted it because it gave away too much about Lance? Or Smart Cars wouldn't sanction it? (Explains why they had a Peugeot after that)

I love the changes you've made to the original script. This is right up my street! I love it!!!
Dec. 26th, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
Whatever the reason, I'm sorry it was cut. You know, I saw a blue Smart Car in the parking lot of our allergist's office, and I had a hard time picturing how DT got in the back of one of those. Isn't he over 6 feet tall?!?!

Thank you. And you're welcome. *hugs*
Dec. 26th, 2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
I am absolutely enjoying this! I love how you've taken the episode an have weaves into your story. Looking forward to more! :)
Dec. 26th, 2012 05:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :D More will be up once it's polished. :)
Dec. 26th, 2012 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yes! Finally! Doctor defending Donna at the reception! Perfect! Those people deserved it and it was disappointing it didn't happen in the Special.

Wait, so now he knows Jack controls Torchwood 3? Did I miss something? Not that I'm complaining, this looks way better than him finding out like he originally did and getting all self-righteous with Jack *bleh*.

Great work!
Dec. 26th, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
I know. No way he wasn't going to here. In fact, I wonder... Should I put out a challenge to all D/D writers to rewrite that scene according to how they think the Doctor should've acted?

Oh... I'd better clarify that in the next part. Good thing there's a handy dandy spot for it. :) And I agree.

Thanks! :DDDDD
Dec. 26th, 2012 05:24 pm (UTC)
A challenge! What a great idea!
Carolyn Harrison
Apr. 10th, 2015 02:44 am (UTC)
Oh, I LOVE IT when the Doctor yells at Donna's family and friends for their treatment of her! I really needed to read something like this today. Thank you for such an excellent chapter!

I loved the fact that Donna was able to show off how compassionate she is in this chapter.

I loved the talk the Doctor and Donna had about Rose. At least this way Donna knows how the Doctor really feels about Rose.

I wonder if Sylvia does give Donna such a hard time because of her hair color?

How much do weddings cost anyway? I'm LDS, so we were married in the closest Temple to us, so the venue was free, my Mother made my wedding dress and all of the other dresses for the wedding as well (all 8 of them). I think the fabric for all of that came to around $500.00. My oldest sister made my veil and my flower arrangements and did all of the decor for the reception. I have absolutely no clue how much that wedding Donna and Lance were supposed to have would have cost Donna and her family.
Apr. 11th, 2015 04:14 am (UTC)
Aw, no comments on the last chapter? It was an alternate take on the rooftop scene.

This was very satisfying to write. If only he'd gone further. Well, maybe another time. ;)

Sylvia's reasons will be explained in the next story. Mostly toward the end.

I don't know. I think most cost more than they need to. And I suspect that what happened to HC Clemens hurt them financially.
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