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Seals of Love - DVD Extra the First

Title: Seals of Love - DVD Extra #1
Genre: Much Ado About Nothing
Rating: M
Authors: tkel_paris & tardis_mole
Summary: Written as a Christmas present for sykira. A what if inspired by my writing “Glance of Love” and the indications of what might have been for Benedick and Beatrice had their merry war not been triggered.
Disclaimer: Good lord, I'm writing fanfic about a Shakespeare play! Do I need to write that I own nothing? Especially when it's inspired by a particular stage performance?
Dedication: sykira. A very Belated Merry Christmas, love. :D
Author's Note: When my Muse got the bug that later became “Glance of Love”, she got a few other ideas as well. And now that NaNo's over, I'm working on the Christmas stories. Thank goodness some of them were already done. :D

And for this extra, I found myself stuck on the smut. So I asked my good friend tardis_mole for ideas, and got such a good show that I felt co-author credit had been earned. Thank you, my friend. This is so much better for your input. :DDDDD

Chapter 1


Finished January 16, 2013

Beatrice was a busy woman upon returning to the home she had been born in, her father's. The home she had inherited upon his death, which had left her an orphan under the rule of her uncle Leonato, her late mother's brother. Only her marriage had granted her the rightful control over her fortunes and land, and she was sadly aware that she owed it to her husband's willingness to be a man for her sake. Only Benedick's ensuring that all knew her commands were to be obeyed had allowed her free reign in his absence.

Indeed, although many had been happy to return to the homes that they had been forced to leave unoccupied since her father's death, not everyone viewed her as having the right to rule over what she owned. Which forced Benedick to take considerable action to secure the cooperation, and then years of proving themselves to be the best master and mistress the household could wish for had developed a firm loyalty from her father's staff, friends, and allies.

It could still be seen, in one light, as though she had merely traded one ruler for another, but hers was only in name. In practice, they were equals, and he respected her family's traditions, more than willing to help her revive them after so many years without observation.

With her husband returned to her, she had to ensure that his things were ready for him, that the belongings brought with him were taken care of, and that there would be plenty ordered for breakfast in the morning. Still, she had an efficient house, and some of the help divided their time between her and her uncle's service – an arrangement that had begun upon her marriage and ended up carrying on because the households learned from each other. So it seemed like a lot of work, but was concluded to her satisfaction.

With a final command for the preparation for supper and for the reveling, she sought Benedick's company. She had noticed the barber's man leaving, so she knew the face she adored was bare again – just the way she liked it. Her feet skipped her body along for joy, not caring what anyone thought of her. She was mistress of the house, after all.

A loud chorus of child laughter made her smile wider, especially when her husband's distinctive laugh joined them. She soon found him leading three of the children toward their rooms, the two youngest in his arms. “More stories, Father,” the children pleaded, at various intervals.

Benedick shook his head. “No, my little mischief-makers, you must prepare for supper and reveling. I must first consult with your mother.” Only the heated look he briefly gave her belied his innocent tone.

Resigned groans rang out as the parents herded the children into the care of waiting gentlewomen. They waited until their brood was completely preoccupied.

Then their eyes met, and one could almost hear the fire ignite. “I pray thee,” Beatrice began as she tugged him toward their rooms, “tell me why the prince's Messenger seemed to wonder about me being thy wife.”

Benedick's chuckle was low and naughty. “It was known that I was the only man of the army who would not... seek local entertainment. I imagine he was looking to see what has me so taken that I had no wish to partake in the activities my fellow men enjoyed.”

She all but preened as they hurried inside. “So not one woman tempted thee in the slightest?”

Seeing the already drawn bath made his eyes light up. “What need is there when the feast at home will be all the sweeter?” He lunged to close the door before burying his nose a moment in her hair, and her scent relaxed him as nothing else could. Except what was coming next, of course.

She smirked and turned in his arms. “Now my hair must be cleaned before the revels,” she protested in mock sharpness, making short work of his shirt.

His grin turned into more of a leer, especially as he removed her shirt and bra within moments. “And is washing thy hair supposed to be a punishment for me?”

She snorted. “Not the one most would think it ought to be.” She made his trousers loose within seconds. “So no one even tried to tempt you?”

His hands were no less busy drawing her jeans and pants off her hips. “Oh, many tried, as they have for years. But they all thought the way into my bed was to flatter me.”

Beatrice's laugh rang as they finished disrobing. “O poor soul, being surrounded by lackys!”

He followed her eagerly into the tub, wincing a moment at the warmth. “And what acts of disobedience does-” He gasped, shooting his hands out to halt his descent into the water.

She grinned wickedly at surprising him with a wet handful of soap. “The kind that ensures you have been well-behaved in my absence.”

He was slowly reduced to panting as he struggled for a retort. It didn't help that his eyes were distracted by two jiggling sights slightly above him. “And has my lady been playing in my absence?”

Only when I am alone.”

The purr made his eye nearly roll back in his head. “Cruel woman!”

She splashed his hips, sending most of the soap away. “You assume I feel any shame in the matter.”

He exhaled sharply as the rest of the soap washed away. “Does thou not know such teasing can send a man to an early grave?!”

She cut off any further reply by sinking onto him, gasping over the long-awaited joining. The weight sank them slowly into the bath. Collecting her breath, she smiled coyly as she placed her hands firmly over his wrists – pinning them to the sides of the bath – as she began moving over him. “That would be a deep loss, for I have not done with thee.”

He glared at her – without force, since he was trying to match her thrust for thrust. “So I might expect this level of disrespect from my children?”

Not unless thy wits go halting off and thus they will not consider it worth obeying thee.”

And they obey thy commands without question?”


And what-” His words were cut off as he reached his peak unexpectedly with a wordless hum.

Beatrice smiled knowingly. “A man who runs to war must sooner run home!” she mocked in feigned disdain.

Don’t jest upon it, my wife, for I have missed thee like a man in the desert doth miss water.”

Then I shall make a merry war on it, for as I live and breathe you still leave me ergo you cannot miss me that much.”

He growled feral-like. “You besmirch my honour and my manhood. You might own house and kith in your father’s name, but I am still the man of this house.”

Beatrice laughed loudly and gasped as he lifted her and rolled her over until she was beneath him in the tub. She squealed and panted, gazing up at him. “Forsooth, there is strength in him yet. And I had wager with my cousin that after such trees as you have planted within my womb you would have not strength still to call yourself man.”

I do not just call myself a man, but I can prove such facts to you, right here, or my honour is torn asunder and you are but a wench.”

A wench!” she howled.

He didn’t give her a moment to name her cry as anger or amusement, but attacked her mouth with his in earnest portrayal of said manliness. He took her body again, wooing her to a frenzy of giggled moans and panting. Water sloshed over the sides of the bath and landing in noisy splashes in accompaniment. While regaining their breaths, seeing stars before it grew dark outside, he peered over the side to the tiled floor.

Perhaps now you might reaffirm my standing in gender and fortitude, my dearest love?” he hoped. “As there is evidence enough on the floor if not in your womb, I dare say?”

Beatrice huffed a breathless laugh. “I doubt it not,” she agreed. “A mere glimpse of you upon yonder hill and out comes another babe to increase the numbers.”

He smiled widely, unrepentant. “We have a sizeable brood, I grant thee, but there is more than enough room to sprout an army.”

Dear god,” she grumbled in quiet good-nature. “Needs must, Messina shall go to war again, this time to shift her boarders outward.”

Or I shall build another floor above this,” he said. “That way the only war that rages shall be this, between me and thee.”

She opened her eyes and looked at the grin that stretched across his face like an upturned rainbow. “And shall it be that this merry war with continue indefinitely, for I had wager yet with my cousin that it would fizzle as the nightingale at dawn.”

Do not too soon, for you know as well as I that I have loved you for a day and a night and gone on again for another, and it was you that fell asleep, while I twiddled thumbs.”

Indeed, but that was last year. How well does your older self stand up to such a lengthy memory?” she goaded.

He held her gaze for several seconds until he pointed at her threateningly, though there was no threat behind. Not a bad one at least. “You wait, dear wife and wit combatant, for if there had not been dinner waiting and a revelling beyond, I would have had you ‘til all Christendom fell.”

Beatrice smiled at him lovingly. She had no answer for that, nor did she doubt it. She had no idea what he was like on the battlefield and she did not wish to know what he had to do to return home safely to her, but in the art of love he was the man of the hour, week, year, all of that and more. “Shall we wash?” she suggested. “For perhaps there is a way I can bring you to a ruin such as manly war cannot protect against.”

As had happened on just two previous occasions, he had no idea what she had planned.

Minutes were taken where they could have spent a happy hour, but in tantalizing so quickly they found new delights where they had not searched before. Mutual washing had its drawbacks. One they reached a joyous tumult too soon, and someone knocked on their door.

My Lord? My Lady? I have come to call thee to dinner,” a male voice spoke through from outside, sounding as though the man had not heard the moment before.

We’re coming,” Benedick responded in rasped tones.

That set Beatrice into another round of giggles.

With a gasp he grinned at her. “I fear I am undone by a wench after all, but happily she is my wench.”

And I am happily married to a man,” Beatrice announced.

His grinned continued as he rose from the water, rivulets running off his nakedness and rejoining the rest still in the tub. “Watch your step when you climb out,” he warned, holding out a hand to her.

Beatrice gladly accepted his help and they both took a towel each and began to dry each other. Before they had gone very far, the heat of missed nights together spurred them to make love again against the vanity, uncaring that it knocked for entry on the wall behind it.

I shall plant two trees,” he grinned.

If that be the case, you can push them out,” she told him. “In fact come half way through fruiting season you can carry them in my stead.”

I would if it were in me to do’t.” He kissed her and led her into their wardrobe. “If it were in me I’d take upon me all the pains you take to bring forth life. And gladly lay down my life for their and your protection.”

Beatrice smiled at him and kissed him tenderly before they reached for underclothes. “You are away at war too much, husband. How long will you stay?”

As long as you’ll have me.” He stopped her a moment, putting the pants she chose away with a heated look.

She grinned and let him help her put on her bra. “Hmm... I could answer in womanly fashion or as our merry war dictates.”

Whichever is the longest,” he coaxed.

Forever, until our boarders are at risk again, whichever is the longest.”

My duty and my wife,” he agreed. “But tonight, my wife and children come first.”

They finished dressing quickly after that, ensuring their hair was dried and their additional items were at hand. Dinner required something formal, so he put on a dress shirt and dark trousers, which could be opened quietly if the need arose. Beatrice pulled on her red dress – the color hid any flushes she might develop – and he secured the back for her before they quickly assembled the final touches. And together, heralded by verbal jousting, they arrived in time for dinner.

On to Chapter 2: Make Good Room


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Jan. 17th, 2013 11:03 pm (UTC)
Wow! This was smashing! Or should I say, splashing! I am so in awe of your dialogue as much as I am in awe of their ability to keep talking all through everything --VERY Ben/Bea, so much so I am doubting my own fic all the more!

I love how they luxuriate in each other, verbally and physically together ♥ and this whole world you have built for them, kids everywhere and the equitable balance of power in a situation so many a man could easily exploit. But your Benedick is every bit as honorable as canon!Benedick and your Beatrice every bit as sparkling and acerbic ♥ ♥

I am so happy and grateful for this fic and for you and TM for writing it! (And fairly envious too of just how well crafted it is! My muse is whispering to me: this is how it should be done!)

Brilliance all around, my friend. I can only hope your plot bunnies breed like your Ben and Bea do, lol!
Jan. 18th, 2013 02:47 am (UTC)
Well, you did "ask" for smutty bath time. ;D Oh, honey, don't you dare! You write what feels right to you, and don't let my version tell your inner editor otherwise!

Ah, yes, how they've missed each other and NEED that reconnecting. And the sparring is probably so much more fun now that they're married - they each have so much more material to work with. ;DDDD

Without TM's help, I'll freely admit that the smut would've fallen flat. So I needed the aid, and I know it was fun to write. :D

*snorts* Oh, they breed worse than the Doctor and Donna will in a future story I've already started. Trouble is that my bunnies sometimes take their sweet time in gestating! *groans* The Shakespearean Cupids sequel is STILL in that state!
Dec. 28th, 2013 07:32 am (UTC)
This was absolutely fantastic! You write both of them so well! You also write these scenes with enough detail to make it very intriguing to read, and you also capture their passion. I love the banter between them and I love that you show them as a family. You are lovely and your work is lovely!
Dec. 28th, 2013 01:57 pm (UTC)
Aww... Thank you. You are sweet. :D
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