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So I've made a point of reading the unread books in my library at home, and then donating anything I feel I don't need to keep. This is especially true for anything like a romance novel. I was focusing on regency era ones to inspire my Camp NaNo story, but today I noticed a book I've owned for about ten years and hadn't read: "Nerd in Shining Armor". Let me summarize the plot, in italics:

The heroine has the hots for her boss, thinking he's this wounded soul who doesn't know he's been waiting for her, and is invited to be an assistant for a trip to another of the Hawaiian Islands. The boss' partner insists that the hero, a genius computer geek who can't put together a decent-looking outfit, go with them. This proves fortunate for our heroine since the boss was stealing money and jumps the plane. The hero has to use his flight simulation playing experience to land it in the water and help the heroine swim to shore. Naturally she comes to notice he's actually attractive, discovers he's been secretly wanting her for months, and there are sexxins to be had. She can be herself with him, and the skills from childhood she had to hide prove useful to their survival. Boss, waiting for his ride to collect him, tries to kill them and the hero (with some help from the heroine) stops him. After the rescue, he saves her again, proving he was telling the truth when he vowed he'd never forget about her even in the midst of programming something to save the company from the losses. Oh, and the partner helped find them, and ends up with the heroine's mother.

Now... there were a number of details that made me think this would be so much more entertaining if rewritten with the Doctor and Donna. Between a geek's talents saving the day and a woman learning to take pride in the talents she felt she had to hide, it kinda screams it to me.

And the detail of the two characters having exactly the same prescription for corrective lenses (he wore glasses, but she preferred contacts - which were lost at sea) led to a moment where she's encouraging him to overcome his fear of heights to climb so they can set up a way for passing planes to notice someone's there. She's wearing his glasses and happens to be topless. (I forget why.) So naturally I had the mental image of Donna wearing the Brainy Specs. *snickers*

If anyone's looking for a silly plot to tackle, here you go! Bonus points if you mix in an extra threat from the Doctor's past coming around. ;)

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