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WIP Meme

Updated October 7, 2013: Stories with a line through them have been posted or are about to be posted.

Nabbed from bas_math_girl, and done on a whim. Maybe it'll help me get really in gear again.

WIP Meme:
Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Ask about one and I'll tell you something about it, or post a snippet, or both.

I decided to include things I haven't finished posting. It's a mix of multiple genres. So... here comes a long list, going by file names rather than titles at times:

A Better, Kinder Start
A Change in Their Connections
A Change in Their Fates
A Creature Unlike Any Other
A Different End of a Song
A Different Threefold Man
Afflictions Refine
A Fury Like No Other
Always Running
A New Path
A Quirk of DNA
Christmas Awakenings
Crime of Passion
Decade Jump
Emerging From the Shadows
Evelina's Other Vision
Finding a New Place in the World For Me
Finding Father
Flipped, Book 2
Ginger Goddess 2
Ginger Goddess 3
Home Is Behind
Insistence and Intuition
More Liable Than Any Other
My Own Way
No Other Choice
Nothing to Any Purpose That The World Can Say Against It
One Child Different
Our Good Names
Puppy Eyes So Familiar
Reception Disaster
Repeat Companion
Request Rejected
Seals of Love
Song at a New Key
Stulti Sapientes
Target Touchstone
tequila-based idea
The Christmas Shocker
The Cornered Storm
The Drug
The Fires of Gallifrey
The Heir of Longbourn
Then Let's Get Her Back
The Noble Girl - Aliens of London
The Noble Girl - DVD Extras
The Noble Girl - Series 2 (will be revised)
The Noble GIrl - The End of the World
The Noble Girl - The Runaway Bride
The Noble Girl - The Unquiet Dead
The Race to Save Time and Donna
The Taming of the Time Lord
Think of the Implications, Doctor!
Through the Crack in the Wall
Through the Fire
Time Crash Expo (co-authored)
We Have Caught Them
We Turned Right and It Was Brilliant
What Did You Just Say?
What Do You Need a Ferrari For?
With Arms Wide Open
Womanly Wiles and Children
You Found Me

And I'm stopping there because I dug into folders and I couldn't remember what was unfinished versus finished. :( Yikes, this is a long list! :O


May. 30th, 2013 03:44 am (UTC)
You have DVD extras now?! *fights the temptation to ask* Must resist.. Okay, I'll ask about "The Noble Girl -DVD Extras" (even though I was originally going to ask about The Runaway Bride part). If I can't have that, then I was intrigued to know about "A Quirk of DNA" among quite a few things that caught my eye. :D
May. 30th, 2013 09:49 am (UTC)
Sadly, there's nothing within the file yet. :( I created it because I KNEW that there'd be a few moments I'd refer to that can't make the proper story because it's meant to remain semi-consistent with aired Who. :)

Ah, you nabbed another one that doesn't have much of anything in it yet! Well, I can tell you that it involves the plot bunny that a few of Donna's skin cells were on the palm of the Doctor's right hand when it was forced into that machine on Messaline. And he realizes it by the time Donna shows him that Jenny has two hearts... if not earlier. ;)

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