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FIC: The Foreseen Wife (1/8)

Title: The Foreseen Wife
Rating: T (with a DVD extra rated MA)

Author: tkel_paris
Summary: In a world where Gallifrey survived the Time War, the Doctor must remarry. Only his wife will bear many responsibilities for helping rebuild and protect time. Not sure where to start, he gives Sarah Jane the power to choose. How will she pick? Written for bas_math_girl's birthday.
Required Disclaimer: This is a humorous twist on several ideas I've seen, built around one I thought of. So I don't own the characters within.
Dedications: BMG, of course! And... I suppose Juno_Inferno because of “Cosmic Love”, which fed a little into Muse's thinking about this story. And my beta for this work: tardis_mole. You really know how to make a girl feel better about what she thought was crack-fic. :D
Author's Note: Utter silliness that would NEVER have been canon. Written solely to amuse BMG. And hopefully my other readers. It clearly entertained TM, who apparently had a late breakfast because it was “compelling”. I don't encourage anyone to skip or have late meals, even if the effort is to my benefit. But I owe you one, TM. Thank you.

The Foreseen Wife

Started July 23, 2013

Chapter One: The Prophecy

Finished September 3, 2013

There were a great many things the Doctor never told Rose Tyler when he talked about his past. And he would certainly never tell anyone else.

For starters, Gallifrey should not have survived the Time War. By all rights, it should have been trapped within the Time Lock ultimately set on the rest of the War.

But some of the Time Lords did not agree with the ideas of the Lady Lord President Romana, whose efforts to end the Curse resulted in a horrific emergence of the Meanwhiles. Their existence started the Time War, and then Romana sought a way to end it that unleashed the Neverweres. Including a version of Rassilon the Great who was consumed with power, an evil shadow of his progenator.

The Doctor had risked speaking out against the inoculations that were deemed necessary to handle the Meanwhiles' existence, before the two timelines collapsed on each other. He felt that it would destroy the sanity of the remaining Time Lords.

He was usually not listened to, but someone chanced to encounter the Prophetess of Karn, the leader of the Gallifreyans exiled after the original Great Time War, and brought it to the Doctor's attention. Her visions were of the near annihilation of Creation and the Time Lords because they would lose the War.

It was enough to gather support. A coalition banded together and used everything at their disposal to contain the danger.

Romana had paid the ultimate price. Her creations destroyed her before she could regain control. But the Doctor, being the only former Lord President still fully in control of his own faculties, was able to call upon the Keys to use them for his side's benefit. And his taking possession of all of the Keys made him Lord President again, a burden he would accept given the dire situation. Not that he had a choice.

He drew the Time War away from Gallifrey, successfully luring the Meanwhiles and Neverweres away, along with the infected Time Lords off Gallifrey. And then he locked them in a Time Lock.

It was a miracle that Gallifrey had survived. But it did destroy Karn. Because it was the site chosen to lure all of the copies that were the Meanwhiles and Neverweres, along with the Time Lords and Gallifreyans infected by the madness.

Fortunately Karn had been emptied of its own people, the few that were left. The survivors were all on Gallifrey now.

Which was far more devastated than it had ever been. Only a few areas, including the home of his clan, remained inhabitable. The Citadel, the house of the Gallifreyan government, was nearly destroyed.

The Doctor would never understand how the House of Lungbarrow remained intact. But he was grateful. His people had numbered in the thousands before this madness began. There were now only about a hundred Time Lords left. Some of the Shobogan remained, and the numerous Karnaans, too. Now they had to rebuild.

And not everyone could handle the war being over.

Just over nine hundred years later, the conditions of Gallifrey had improved. Buildings were repaired, although only parts of two continents remained usable. The Karnaans and Shobagan were primarily responsible for bringing them back to life. The ways of magic were welcomed again as a balm for the tired planet.

And how had the Doctor been handling things? Not so well. Especially since he now had to be Lord President again.

He was one of the highest-born males left, and the only one who had any knowledge of how the Keys worked. So there was no choice. It left him feeling the trap of his earlier days, when duty and tradition made him batty. So he escaped in his trusty TARDIS, his Old Girl, as often as he could.

He did have a legitimate excuse. The Time Lock and the War itself had caused considerable devastation throughout the universe. Higher species had been deeply wounded, causing a number of races to go extinct. So he was determined to try to mend the damage wherever possible, to save lives and right the wrongs of his people.

For once, he faced no objections. Although no one wanted to leave Gallifrey to help him. Too much to deal with there.

Still, he had to return to handle the High Council's business. He drew on the robes he had to wear, but had refused to wear any head-wear since the Time War. The Crown of Rassilon may have survived, but the keys were a dangerous thing individually and collectively. The memory of the Would-Be King clone of Rassilon was enough to make many hesitate over wearing anything that was not a simple adornment. Things from earlier in Gallifrey's history were now acceptable again, and this embrace of the ways of old had been strange but comforting.

Some of the Keys had not survived. But most had to make it, for the sake of Gallifrey and the Time Lords.

The Rod of Rassilon was vital since it controlled the rift at the heart of the planet, protected by the Eye of Harmony constructed to keep the rift's power safe from even the Time Lords themselves.

The Sash of Rassilon was needed for moving the Eye of Harmony up or down. Keeping the vortex stable, in other words.

The Crown of Rassilon was not only one of the three things that made someone Lord President, along with th Rod and the Sash, it was needed to keep the Matrix – the vital repository of all Gallifreyan knowledge and the only surefire means of healing a Time Lord if regeneration went haywire – intact. The lack of access had definitely hurt the Doctor during his last regeneration, but he hated that it was responsible for the revival of Rassilon.

The Great Key was supposed to be held by the Lord Chancellor. It being misplaced had allowed the Dalek invasion, and the Doctor was lucky that Andred of Red Loom, his old friend, located it to reactivate the safeties protecting Gallifrey. In the process, it elevated the lowly guard to a position usually reserved for the highborn.

The Ring of Rassilon was safely tucked away in Rassilon's tomb, having turned no other hapless victim into stone, and therefore untouched by the Would-Be King. Although if he had touched the ring it would have killed him instantly, because the body it was attached to was his matching bio-receptacle.

The Harp of Rassilon was vital to preserving the Time Lords' time senses, and therefore their place in keeping the universe safe. Its music opened a secret chamber that permitted Time Scoops, which were dangerous things in and of themselves. And there was some fear that the Daleks had obtained access to a stolen Scoop before the Time Lock. Everyone prayed it had been locked away with them.

The Seal of Rassilon was part of what confirmed a Lord President's place, and possessing it enabled the Doctor to call upon even people who didn't approve of his past to rally to protect Gallifrey.

The Black Scrolls were utterly vital and great effort went into keeping them from falling into the wrong hands, since they could be used to destroy Gallifrey. The Keeper of the Scrolls was responsible for keeping them locked away safely.

The Key of Rassilon granted access to the Matrix, and therefore it protected against dementia. Which was worse than death to a Time Lord.

The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Rasslion was more than a vital book. It was suspected to be the mother of all TARDISes. Finding it had been not only vital for the future, it could also absorb radiation. It could be abused to steal a TARDIS at will, and so it had to be located with all speed. As it was, it had been found by the youngest survivor, clutched safely in the arms of its last and late Keeper. That survivor was a Shobogan child, in her nineties. As the remnants of her town moved towards the citadel in search of survivors, she tripped up on it. The Time Lords who greeted them were repulsed by their presence and yet grateful for their find in equal measure. By finding and protecting it, she had become the most precious thing on Gallifrey at that point, eliciting touches and tender cups of her cheeks, and was welcomed and protected by the warmest feelings the Time Lords could manage. She was even elevated to its new Keeper, trained in the Time Lord tradition, and now served on the High Council.

The Book of Old Time, despite that no one could read it anymore, held the potential to restore the Looms and held a priceless value to Gallifreyan society. Only time and the efforts of the Karnaans would see whether it could be read again, but it was important. Although it was still missing, the Prophetess has been sure that it was still on Gallifrey and would be located. However, until it was they had no way of completely overcoming the Curse, despite the mating urges that appeared during the War. Only a few Karnaans and Andred's line with Leela had been able to reproduce. It was a scary reality that they had dealt with for nine hundred years.

The Untempered Schism was what made a Time Lord what they were. Without it and its ability to show them their place in time and grant them the ability to see time, they were blind and mute and deaf. Access to it had to be protected against the threats.

Those Keys were all at the Doctor's disposal to protect Gallifrey, but they had required the final two keys to make the Time Lock work. The Coronet of Rassilon gave its wearer the ability to dominate the will of others, which made it dangerous to fall into the Would-Be King's hands. The Doctor, with magical assistance from the Karnaan, had used it as bait to lure everyone they needed off Gallifrey onto Karn – after his fleet had evacuated all of their Magic brethren. And then he threw the Record of Rassilon – the original copy of what was Rassilon's journal – out of his TARDIS, and called upon all of the Keys at once. That activated the Time Lock.

Those two Keys were now lost, but they could survive without them. The Record was copied into many places, including the Doctor's TARDIS, but most copies were now lost. The Coronet they were actually better off without.

And it never did any of them good to dwell. The Event had been felt by them all, and the loss of even those twisted by the War had devastated the remaining people. It might explain in part the continuing resistance movements.

He entered alone, preferring the element of surprise.

His appearance caused no little stir. They had remembered him as his Ninth incarnation. He had left Gallifrey to set the Time Lock as his Eighth incarnation, died, and returned in a new body – with a personality rather suited to keeping his people together as they struggled along with survival. And now he had regenerated since the last time he was required for business.

The only person unsurprised was the Prophetess, still the leader of the Karnaans. Her face remained impassive while the others cried in shock. Two, more than anyone else. “Son, what happened?!” the woman of the pair exclaimed.

He cringed. The only people who could make him feel little again were his parents, especially his mother, and they were among the survivors. He supposed these new extra emotions were heightened by the losses they all endured, which included his brother.

“I regenerated. It happens.”

“How many lives have you lost on these adventures of yours, Son?” his father demanded. “What caused this last one?”

“I encountered the Daleks in the future, threatening a planet.” Which silenced the room, as he knew it would. “I was about to call for help when my companion brought my TARDIS back to me. Unfortunately, she had managed to open the TARDIS and used the Vortex energy to force the TARDIS to return to me. I can't say I agreed with her actions, and in extracting the energy from her I was exposed to it. Returning it safely to the Old Girl triggered me to become this handsome man.”

His father refused to acknowledge the vanity. He thought about speaking humbling words later when they were alone, but decided to send them telepathically instead. “Did she live?”

“Yes,” the Doctor replied, both to the question and to the message in his head.

His mother was aghast. “And you still keep her in your company?!”

He grimaced. The events after had been unpleasant to say the least. He had arrived on Earth and fallen unconscious. He'd had to deal with the Sycorax on his own. What Rose had done to his TARDIS had prevented him from calling for aid on the Game Station. Once he had restored the Vortex energy, he chose to not contact his people since he knew they would instantly smell her changed scent – the Vortex had turned her into a Neverwere, and they would feel an instinct to kill her, before she killed them. The Old Girl had let him see how Rose had manipulated Mickey and Jackie, and for their sakes he chose to not punish her then. Of course, not going back to Gallifrey could have been why he was so sick after regenerating.

But there was a surprise. The Time Lords had detected the threat to Earth, and intervened as soon as he, the TARDIS, and the others were transported out. Several Time Lord ships appeared and dragged the Sycorax away, leaving a message for Earth that left only the most skeptical in doubt that aliens existed. His people had probably saved the lives of countless Sycorax non-combatants by detecting and preventing Torchwood from firing on the ship. Not that it saved Harriet Jones' status as Prime Minister But their rebuke to the Humans would have made the Gods of Greek mythology proud.

The Doctor forced his way through his hesitation. “I am seeking a way to punish her without punishing her mother or her planet.” An important stipulation since his people were ruthless in their punishments. “The Shadow Proclamation may yet seek her, and I have not been certain how to appropriately placate them.”

His mother scoffed. “We are Gallifreyans. The lowest among us outrank them. She has committed crimes against our species and our living property, and we have right under galactic law to punish her. If you cannot find one, then we shall.”

“Why do you think I am thinking hard on the matter? I still remember the fates of some of my companions at my peoples' hands. Namely Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot! And don't forget the one who I was forced to abandon: Sarah Jane Smith!”

The accusation made a few Time Lords bow their heads in shame, unable to meet his gaze. The names and the Doctor's anger weighed heavily over the room.

One woman spoke in the gloomy atmosphere. “The Doctor is the leader now, is he not? Lord President by birth as well as right? Isn't it his place as the highest-ranking Gallifreyan and the wronged party to select the punishment?”

The Doctor found a small smile. “Thank you, Leela.”

Not the Leela he had brought here, but one of her descendants. She happened to look a great deal like her, hence the name she publicly went by. He suspected that Andred, her grandfather and her grandmother's husband, considered her his favorite, whether the man knew it or not.

One detail about Andred's line was not spoken aloud anymore. The only children on Gallifrey were those of Andred and Leela's line once the War ended. (Even the Karnaans had been touched by the Curse, and only a select few had managed to escape it, but the trauma of war had harmed the remaining ferility.) Their children were made by Karnaan Magic, and only applied to Andred as their mother was Human and was therefore untouched by the Curse. The children appeared to have been conceived naturally, but it was doubtful since Andred was sterile. Which meant, in essence, Leela's children were Meanwhiles, but the fact was hidden beneath the hype of 'a new era' and 'the Curse is lifted' propaganda. Their grandchildren had been conceived with limited medical and magical help. Which explained why granddaughter Leela was there and on the High Council, while the rest of her clan are either scattered or dead.

But Meanwhiles had a particular mental taint, which drove them to a destructive nature. Not as severe as a Neverwere, but still dreadful. That Andred and Leela's line did not show any signs suggested that when the child was from a mixed marriage, they had a measure of protection and would therefore be beyond reproach. A child born to parents of the same species under the same conditions would be almost guaranteed to be either a Meanwhile or a Neverwere, but no one wanted to test the hypothesis.

“Gallifrey needs a Queen again. The Queen who will lead us to healing.”

The voice was the Prophetess'. She and the Karnaans were the Keepers of Magic. Magic Lords, as the universe might call them. The gift, or curse, of sight was one of their abilities, and the greatest held the highest rank and therefore leadership. She would seem not lucid when in the trance of a vision, but she came out of them as suddenly as she had them.

Andred, Lord Chancellor of the Council, and now head of the Red Loom clan, until he found a woman to wed and make the new matriarch, frowned. “But who would she be? By our laws, the only person who could claim the title would be the wife of the Lord President.”

The Doctor cringed again. He had already worked that out the second the words had been spoken. He didn't need his old friend to spell it out for him.

“He must marry, and soon,” the Prophetess insisted, her gaze sightless as her mind was trapped within the vision she spoke of. “It will be his wife who shall be our salvation.”

“But who can my son marry?” demanded the Doctor's father. “There are no unbonded females of age, and won't be for at least thirty years.”

“Too long! He must marry within the year!”

The Doctor leaned in. “Prophetess, that means that I must marry an outsider. Against all the traditions of our people. Despite the loss of the Looms and the marriage of Andred to Leela of of the Sevateem, daughter of Sole the King, none have been willing to consider a mixed marriage. It has been hard enough for Karnaans and Shobogan and Time Lords to intermarry, due to cultural misinformation and misrepresentation. For me to bring in another outsider may make things... more difficult.”

Which was putting it politely. The aftermath of the Time Lock, of Gallifrey being freed from the Last Great Time War, had been something beyond anything any of them had ever seen. The devastation wrecked by the worst of Earth's wars had to be multiplied by a factor of at least twenty to even come close. Food rationing, power outages, medicine shortages, usable water shortages, lack of communication other than telepathy, and difficulties in transport were rampant for nearly nine hundred years. Never mind the soldiers who seemed unaware the War was over, even now, and acted like pockets of resistance.

That was as much a consequence of the Curse suddenly being lifted and them being unable to deal with the newly freed emotions as the War was lost. And the presence of Karnaans on “sovereign” soil had nearly caused riots and fighting to break out again, despite, or perhaps the result of, the Karnaans now outnumbering the remaining Gallifreyans. Between stopping retaliation and trying to calm the unrest from the effects of the Curse breaking, it was amazing that they had managed to get past the worst of the War's consequences in only just over nine hundred years.

The Prophetess knew that as well as any of them. But she could see the future, and her visions had been unifying, providing hope to a people that had none. And she believed she had new hope for them. “The prophecy is clear. Your wife will be of twenty-first century Earth.”

A Human female would therefore be the next Queen of Gallifrey. That left the room silent. Until the Prophetess filled it again.

“Her fire will soothe the Doctor, her convictions will lead us and her wisdom will guide us all in relearning to live with emotions.”

No one wanted to speak. Least of all the Doctor.

“You what?!”

“I'm sorry, Miss Noble. We have no more need of your time.”

Donna Noble refused to let her now former boss have the satisfaction of seeing her beg or react. She knew what this was about. She had refused to sleep with him, and was being replaced with someone younger and prettier. Seemed having standards was a hindrance to making a career.

Well, what could she do but pack? Not that she had much to take with her. “I'll conclude this one project, which I believe you did say you needed done by the end of today. Unless you wish to explain to your boss that you dismissed a secretary who was doing work that he said was exceptional before she could finish?”

The man bristled, but conceded. Up to a point. “You have until the end of the day. Then gather your things and don't bother coming back. The temp agency will receive your final check.”

Donna was glad when he left. She could work in peace, even though she could feel eyes on her. She shot the office a narrow glare, which sent many a secretary's eyes scurrying back to their on tasks. Good. No one would notice how much she felt like she needed to wash off slime.

Chapter Two: The Request


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Sep. 4th, 2013 05:51 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm gonna like this. =D

I loved the backstory. And the Doctor still has his planet in this fic.

Looking forward to more.

(sorry this is rather short. Cheeky started preschool this week on top of having sleep issues and I'm rather exhausted)

~Ali ♥
Sep. 4th, 2013 05:55 am (UTC)
*squees* I was hoping to see a comment before I went to bed. :DDDD

Oh, I know the feeling. I'm having sleep troubles, which haven't been helped by working on this story. And it was boosted by posting this chapter. *hugs*

And yes, this will be a fun one. :) Will try to post about the same time each day.
Sep. 4th, 2013 12:28 pm (UTC)
Oooh I'm intrigued already with this scenario. I want to know how Donna is chosen and everything.
And the best thing is that there will be eight glorious parts. Thank you thank you thank you, my beautiful online daughter!!! *wipes away happy tears*

I can hardly wait for the second part... :D
Sep. 4th, 2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
Aw... *offers tissue* My pleasure and honor. *hugs*

Will be up later tonight, if I'm right. :DDDD
Sep. 4th, 2013 01:37 pm (UTC)
Oooh, we all get to benefit from BMG's birthday gift!

Lovely so far, Gallifrey has (to a point) survived the Time War and now the Doctor has to choose a wife. Could get interesting.... especially if the bride-to-be isn't terribly impressed with him and all.

Good background information, and the shock of the High Council upon seeing his latest regeneration, along with his comments, was fascinating and a bit humorous. He is so vain in his Tenth form! Good for his dad, bringing him down a peg or two.

So, it's up to him to decide how Rose was to be punished for her behavior...

I can't wait to see how this goes!
Sep. 4th, 2013 09:54 pm (UTC)
Yes, emphasis on "to a point". And you'll see about the bride. ;D

Yes. I haven't seen much of the Sixth Doctor, but I understand he was even vainer. Which amazes me since he wore the worst clothing of all the Doctors.

We'll see. Events might take on a life of their own. ;)

You're welcome. Continue to enjoy and benefit! :D
Sep. 4th, 2013 10:39 pm (UTC)
Actually, from what I did see of Six, you're right, and he treated Peri like garbage, at least in the beginning.

We already got a glimpse of the bride, and her life right now is not a bowl of cherries, that's for sure! Does quality work, though. Still, somehow I have the feeling she will be very wary of the situation. It should be interesting how the proposal is made once they've narrowed the choice down to her.

Sep. 4th, 2013 03:59 pm (UTC)
I was just reading along, enjoying the set up, when this statement came into view:

“Her fire will soothe the Doctor, her convictions will lead us and her wisdom will guide us all in relearning to live with emotions.”

And my heart went bouncing around for joy.

There is so much goodness in this so far. Gallifrey not burning is a big one. The Council's reaction to his regeneration. The description of the Keys!! Lovely stuff.

I can't wait to see where you take this. And Donna (as chosen by Sarah Jane???) as his potential wife? Oh, poor Spaceman. He has no idea what's is store for him! :D
Sep. 4th, 2013 09:58 pm (UTC)
Really, would *I* write anything that wouldn't either bring joy or make you think? Or both, if I can manage it? :)

Yes, this will be fun. Lots of fun. And yes, NONE of Gallifrey - except for the Prophetess - has a clue what's in store for them. ;D
Sep. 4th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)
“Her fire will soothe the Doctor, her convictions will lead us and her wisdom will guide us all in relearning to live with emotions.”
Smash cut to: DONNA!
Keeping up with the incredulous "What?!" reactions a la TRB, I see. Very appropriate. Love this so far! Can't wait for more!
Sep. 4th, 2013 09:59 pm (UTC)
Gee, I wasn't even thinking about that! I did even better than I thought. :D You're welcome. More to be posted tonight. :D
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 4th, 2013 10:12 pm (UTC)
*snorts* Well, that depends on your definition of "fulfilling", doesn't it? I'd say his parents would have something to say on that matter. ;)

More to come tonight. :D
Sep. 4th, 2013 10:42 pm (UTC)
Ooh, speaking of his parents... I wonder what their reaction will be to Donna? Could get very very interesting!
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