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FIC: The Foreseen Wife (6/8)

Title: The Foreseen Wife
Rating: T (with a DVD extra rated MA)

Author: tkel_paris
Summary: In a world where Gallifrey survived the Time War, the Doctor must remarry. Only his wife will bear many responsibilities for helping rebuild and protect time. Not sure where to start, he gives Sarah Jane the power to choose. How will she pick? Written for bas_math_girl's birthday.
Required Disclaimer: This is a humorous twist on several ideas I've seen, built around one I thought of. So I don't own the characters within.
Dedications: BMG, of course! And... I suppose Juno_Inferno because of “Cosmic Love”, which fed a little into Muse's thinking about this story. And my beta for this work: tardis_mole. You really know how to make a girl feel better about what she thought was crack-fic. :D
Author's Note: Utter silliness that would NEVER have been canon. Written solely to amuse BMG. And hopefully my other readers. It clearly entertained TM, who apparently had a late breakfast because it was “compelling”. I don't encourage anyone to skip or have late meals, even if the effort is to my benefit. But I owe you one, TM. Thank you.

Sorry for the delay. TM had a procedure, and I'd realized there was a scene that needed adding to the beginning of the chapter. So I waited to get feedback. Thankfully it went well, which is good because I nearly goofed on some details about English wedding traditions. *sheepish grin* But then LJ ate the text under the cut. So here I go again.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five

Chapter Six: Here Comes the Bride
Finished September 13, 2013

Donna sighed deeply, closing her eyes to resume her yoga breathing practice. Keeping her inhales and exhales the same length consciously kept her from focusing on anything else. And she needed to not think about what she was about to do in less than a hour.

By then, she would be a married woman. Some time after that, she would be crowned Queen of Gallifrey. Small wonder she was as calm as she was given the thoughts running through her head. Hence the mediations and breathing focus.

She'd asked for a moment to herself, something she had not had all day. Last night she had bid the cottage farewell to go back to her parents' house for her last sleep as a commoner. Her family had wanted her with them anyway, to fuss over her as she had never been fussed by them before. Certainly not by her mum.

Ever since that fateful day, the relationship between mother and daughter had slowly mended and grown for the first time either of them could remember. Sylvia gave advice on dealing with a husband without lecturing as much, Donna was able to tell her about what her jobs had really paid her, and they were able to talk about the type of leadership Gallifrey would need. Indeed, the whole family was talking.

Most importantly, they were able to talk without hostility about Donna's brothers. She finally got to learn properly about the boys she only knew from the pictures that had before taunted her with her lack of importance in the household. She learned that the older brother liked trains and bubble-and-squeak, and how the younger preferred stickle bricks and mashed potatoes on its own. So saddened to miss out on knowing them, Donna vowed that her first two sons, should she have any, would be named after her brothers. Sylvia had been understandably moved to tears, and Geoffrey wasn't far behind for once. Even Wilfred wept.

Her time had been mostly at the cottage where Sarah Jane had visited regularly to instruct her on everything she knew about Gallifrey and the Time Lords. In the interest of sisterhood, Sarah Jane also told her about the Doctors she'd known without describing the current one's appearance. The previous ones she had no compunction about speaking of since it gave Donna examples of how different one incarnation could be from another. And the two women found that they had a lot in common, which led to Donna going with Sarah Jane to resolve something that popped up, much to Donna's UNIT guards' dismay. Not that she cared much, because it proved that she could handle herself in a crisis and Sarah Jane was quickly becoming like the sister she'd always wanted.

And they each drove Bessie. Sarah Jane felt no shame in finally driving her, and Donna had enjoyed the challenge.

Her other Human teachers were either from UNIT or Torchwood. They passed on tracts on multiple subjects from their archives – collected from the Doctor's contributions or by less than honorable means in the case of Torchwood. Apart from Jack. Starting with the Gallifreyan alphabet, which she would need to be able to read and write in. Due to the multiple lyranaxs of the species, she would never be able to speak the language, but she was determined to learn it. And she had come a long ways in seven weeks. It felt like she'd taken a short university course, something she hadn't done since she took Arabic. Following that were concise legal histories, social histories, and planetary details – climate, seasons, flora, fauna, and the night sky.

Hera and Zeus surprised her by being frequent visitors. They added details about Rassilon the Great so she understood the history of how the power of the Queen had been overthrown. It also included a short briefing on the Keys created and their powers, as well as the Queen's Keys.

Donna had been unable to not comment: “Sounds like this fella made so many Keys to try to prove that men were in power, or better than women.”

Zeus had looked away, unable to disprove it. Hera had smiled at her astuteness, and her husband's silent comment.

They even found a way to accompany her on her scuba-diving trip, which also enabled them to continue her education even as they learned about Earth. They did study how the equipment worked and how to use them, and therefore they blended in by following her lead. Zeus had called it practice for one month later when she became Queen. Donna accepted the role of teacher and guide. It pleased her that they were fascinated with the underwater life and structures. They did have numerous questions about what they saw, and they saved them for after they returned to the surface. Which required Donna to locate a library so she could help explain more and better.

Sounds came from outside, slightly breaking Donna's concentration. She groaned silently. Cameras and reporters had found their way to the house.

The trip would have been perfect except the news had broken. An announcement had already been made that the ad had been answered, which only sent the Press on a frenzy trying to figure out who the lady was. A number of women who had replied had been interviewed, but that only one had been called for an interview for the ad puzzled them. So a hunt had started to learn who she was, which encouraged every sort of nutcase to look around for clues. Not all of them bona-fide press.

Donna's near-total absence from Chiswick for nearly a month and her unannounced move had attracted attention. When she learned her friends were asking questions, she chose to answer the closest ones, the ones she could trust to keep their mouths shut. That allowed her to have friends attend the wedding, and three even attend to her.

Unfortunately, the ones she didn't speak to did speak to the Press. She would never forgive Nerys for telling a reporter that Donna had vanished and yet her family wasn't worried. Given Donna's previous work history, that she wasn't even applying to anything at the Job Centre or the agency was a red flag. That it seemed like the Nobles weren't stressing so much about finances and the presence of official-looking vehicles coming to the Noble house (a decision was made to keep them away from Wilfred's, just to try to keep him out of it entirely) encouraged a decision to keep a watch on her family. Which led to her family being moved to another location until last night.

The leak was from within Torchwood London, proving that Jack had not completed the takeover. He came down hard on the aide to Yvonne Hartman, ret-conning her like he had done to her boss, but it was too late. The British government had to make the announcement that Donna was indeed the British subject chosen to become Gallifrey's ruler. And it came while she was in Spain. If it hadn't been impossible for her to back out, she might've done it to try to protect her family. But she'd realized on later thought that it wouldn't have stopped the madness, only changed it.

“Are you ready?”

Donna opened her eyes and looked up. “Hera? How did you slip by the rabid horde outside?”

“I brought one of our TARDISes, and made sure the brakes were off so it made little sound. I'm glad that Sylvia told me which room to land in so I wouldn't hurt anything with the air dynamics. It will also be your and your party's transportation to Gallifrey.”



“Okay... I guess.”

Hera sat next to her, adjusting her special ceremonial robes, and looked over her soon-to-be daughter's appearance. She was fascinated by the embroidered cream English roses on the white Jacquard wedding gown, the infinitely small detailing of white lace overlay on the front of the bodice beneath the ornate rainbow crystal of the Pendant. “You are lovely in this. The veil will be perfect for concealing your face from my son until the proper moment in the ceremony. And the gown is perfect for the coronation, if a bit overly decorated.”

Donna smiled. “Thanks.” She didn't feel up to mentioning the overlay was removable.

Sylvia entered. She wore an elegant mother-of-the-bride burgundy Jacquard coat with embroidered cream roses, with matching skirt and deep red brittle-star fascinator shoes. “Your about-to-be second mother compliments you, and you hardly react? What's the matter?”

Donna sighed. “This is the day. I'm finally going to be a married woman. I always thought this would be the happiest day of my life, that I would be ecstatic. I'm anything but.”

Hera touched her arm in a semblance of concern. “You are not regretting your choice?”

“No, that's not it. I knew I was needed, and I felt like I could do it. I'm not going to let anyone down. It's just that my life will never ever be the same again. I thought I would be able to visit Earth whenever I wanted, but now I can't. I'll have to hide to visit my own home, my family might have to move from their homes including the one where everyone except me had been born, and my own friends – the ones I can really call friends – might find themselves hounded for information about me. Never thought the delay in clearing the mortgages would prove useful. It might not be worth it.”

Syliva sighed and sat on Donna's other side. “Your granddad won't be driven from his home. His neighbours love him, and they've banded together to make the reporters' lives miserable. Your dad and I will likely move in with him. Our neighbours aren't liking this attention.”

Donna had to smile. She'd been shown the footage. The Press probably thought her granddad was crazy. They had no idea he was being sneaky.

Hera frowned. “We'll see what we can do to convince these parasites to instead spend their time focusing on the... What did you call those idiots? Celebrities?”

Sylvia and Donna snorted, the former glad to see humor crack the nervous air surrounding the latter.

Donna's best friend, Alice Coltrane, stepped in. She was dressed in her bridesmaid’s ankle-length cream Jacquard dress, with embroidered deep red roses, to tie in with Sylvia’s outfit. Donna had specifically asked for English roses. “Well, look on the bright side. A ginger was chosen. Maybe you'll be the best thing to ever happen to gingers. Oh, do you need a drink to ease your nerves?”

Three other ladies followed Alice into the room, all wearing identical dresses. One was about eight, Donna’s youngest cousin, Angelica. She was blonde, and lacked any similarity to the rest of the Noble clan. Like Donna had at that age, with her bright orange hair, people had often wondered if she had been any relation at all. Next to her were two women who were clearly unrelated to Donna or each other. One was Veena Brady, and the other was Mooki Kahari, both of African descent, well raised, very supportive and very excited for Donna. If not for them and Alice, and Sarah Jane especially, she might have backed out to protect her family instead. They had been granted permission to attend her as bridesmaids and to stand as witnesses.

Donna shook her head. “No, I want a clear head for the wedding night. Who knows how that's going to go?” she moaned.

Hera pat her arm. “You expect my son is calm?”

“I'm rubbish at weddings,” the Doctor quietly protested, tugging at his collar. Did it have to fit like this? He had never been more uneasy in his life. “Especially my own.”

“Oh, be quiet,” Sarah Jane quietly admonished, slapping his hand away – not caring what anyone thought of her manhandling the Lord President – and straightening the penguin suit, as he called it. She didn't even ruffle her black dress suit as one of the Doctor's attendants. She had insisted on breaking with Gallifreyan tradition on this score, since the man took the woman's name and Donna was from Earth. Yet Donna would be taking the Doctor’s instead, and Sarah had noticed the proud moist gleam in Zeus’ eyes when she’d told him. “This one will be different.”

“You haven't let me meet her, you've told me that I can't see her face until after we're bonded, you let my parents go on a trip with her before I could find out what they were planning, and to top everything you sent Jack to... educate me!” He was still slightly disgusted and annoyed with the last one. Like he was still in his nineties! Of all the damned cheek! Like he was still a virgin! Ok, that one stuck. But still.

Standing on Sarah Jane's other side and in his own penguin suit, Jack smirked. “Come on, Doctor!” he whispered gleefully. “You mean you didn't enjoy those books I gave you? The instructional videos?”

“You need that knowledge to please her,” Sarah Jane declared, brooking no argument. “She's worthy of being pleased. And I know that you are at your core a gentleman.”

The Doctor groaned silently, feeling more trapped than ever. If the books Jack had given him were anything to go by and what they were telling him to do, he felt very far from being a gentleman. He had been stuck for weeks on Gallifrey. His TARDIS had stayed put and not permitted him to go anywhere, with only two exceptions, leaving him with no choice but to handle Council matters all day.

Nights were the worst part. He'd been handed reading material – he hesitated to called them books, and he would barely call them reading material either since a lot of them were photographic with very little text – and so-called instructional videos on human sexuality and lovemaking, and told he needed to memorize at least certain points – which the Boe-Kind had bookmarked for him and quized him about. And made to feel as if he should be grateful that Jack had taken the time.

It was eye-opening. Not that the Doctor was completely ignorant of human mating practices. He'd had Rose to deal with and he'd met Casanova, and Reinette du Pompadour, who had very kindly given him lessons on kissing and dancing - though not of the (usually but not exclusively) horizontal kind shown quite graphically in Jack's 'reading' list. Never mind his first meeting with Jack Harkness. But he had no practical knowledge. The Curse had seen to that, and he lacked the urge to mate.

Those two meetings had been the two exceptions to the TARDIS' self-imposed grounding. Mickey and Jack had accompanied him on the two journeys the Old Girl thought were necessary, and they had made him a little uneasy. Jack Harkness meeting the most famous and misunderstood flirt in Earth's history, and the most famous French Royal mistress? It seemed like a recipe for trouble, especially given the surprise over Casanova's appearance. But Jack stunned him. He only play flirted with both, more interested in hearing their stories and asking their help in 'educating' the Doctor. While Mickey had been a bit entertained by the experience if a little bewildered, the Doctor had tried to focus on figuring out why their Boe-Kind friend was not acting like he usually did. Not that the 'educating' had left him much of a chance for that.

When the Doctor rolled his eyes, he missed Sarah Jane and Jack exchanging a worried look. All the information gained after the Curse was partially lifted proved that a bond – even one already in effect where both partners survived – would induce a need to mate. According to Jack, like a hungry baby will induce milk when put to the breast. Like he really needed that image right now. His parents had already assured him that the urge would begin almost immediately. So the TARDIS was nearby, enabling what would seem to the assembly a short escape but would actually permit however long an interlude the couple needed. Then the formal coronation would take place.

His friends were silently asking each other, would Donna enjoy the experience? Had he really learned about lovemaking? They wished they could be certain. They both felt that he'd like her, and that she'd at least come to like him. They were moments away from learning the truth, and had spent enough time together talking and worrying about whether they had done enough for the couple.

He was utterly terrified that she would hate him, having him literally under her thumb. He had no problem with her taking over the High Council and ruling all of Gallifrey over him, but what if she turned out worse than the situation they had now? This could all go pear-shaped.

He wondered if he had time to throw up somewhere. But he supposed they would accuse him of being impulsive. Not that he hadn't had that accusation thrown at him in other situations.

The assembled crowd was an interesting mix. All of Gallifrey's surviving Clans and groups were there, either guarding the location – the rebuilt Cruciform – or actually watching by being inside the hexagonal Panoptigon next door. Only a select few were inside the Cruciform. There were others attending as well; a scattering of Humans and others not from Gallifrey. Some the Doctor recognized: Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jackie (much to his surprise) and her boyfriend who Rose had nearly driven off (was his name Howard?), the Brigadier, Doris, Harry Sullivan, others he had met over the years, and previous companions that Jack had managed to locate over the past weeks. The gesture was touching.

Then there were the Humans he didn't recognize. Some were Earth officials, particularly from Great Britain since his bride was a British subject. All he knew was that his father and Andred had had to meet with several people – including Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the new diplomatic attaché – to iron out the legalities of the citizenship of the lady and any children they had together. Then there were the ones who were plainly civilians, or perhaps once had some military affiliation but now lived as civilians. One such was an older bearded man with a kindly face. He seemed particularly fascinated with the Doctor, hardly took his eyes off him once he'd stepped onto the platform, obviously in the role of the groom.

Was this man related somehow to the bride? The Doctor wondered whether she shared any of his features. Hopefully they would look more flattering on her, not to say anything against him. He had yet to meet any of his bride's family, her parents, and he hadn't heard about any siblings or a possible ousted boyfriend. He knew nothing about her.

It was driving him insane!

The only other Humans present were also a surprise, because he had forgotten about his words on that fateful day the bride was chosen. He had not expected Andred to permit Rose and River to attend, but it was clear they were forced to help carry things around. River looked like she had accepted her fate. Rose still hadn't accepted being rendered mute or imprisoned as a servant, but now River seemed to have been granted more leeway – if Rose sulked or tried to act up, River swatted her arm and glared at her. Take it like a real woman, the look said.

He felt a little sorry for both of them, but not so much that he would grant pardons. He couldn't trust a Neverwere who could actually lie, or a girl whose lies nearly got him arrested or killed.

Standing nearby were two officials for the wedding. One was his old friend, K'anpo. He would state all the Gallifreyan rites. The other was a dark-skinned man in a vicar's robes. Apparently he presided over the church the bride's family attended, the church she would have married in had he been Human. Earth religious tradition weren't something he'd paid much attention to. He let his parents handle that, and they raised no objection, even started before he could ask. Evidently, the bride's mother wanted a ceremony that would be recognized on Earth. This was the compromise struck.

The English organ, transported for the occasion began to play Wagner's Here Comes the Bride, finally struck up the music. He recognized that at least. One of the melded traditions agreed to without his input. Not that he had had any say in the planning. Jack and Sarah Jane moved to the second row of steps on the right and his sudden sigh of relief evolved into even bigger nerves. Two guards opened the doors as the assembly stood and turned. Since the vows would be spoken on a platform, the Doctor could see what was happening and what the doors revealed.

An older Human couple stood flanking a woman in white, her face covered by a thick veil. The man had greying hair, and some of it was already gone. His glasses covered eyes were observing everything, but drifted to check on his daughter. He seemed to whisper something to her, and she nodded. The woman on the other side was blonde, had a severe expression, and her eyes looked over everything with a critical air even as she smiled.

The Doctor sucked in a breath. He recognized the man. His parents had brought him to Gallifrey to be treated for cancer, first having a medic look at him and then getting his opinion since he had studied Human medicine and anatomy. He had to confirm the medic's diagnosis that it was unclear if it was curable, but they could give him something to definitely slow the progression to give him several more years and to make his remaining years more comfortable. Assuming they did not find a breakthrough. The man, who he only knew as Geoffrey, had been grateful, and not said much.

No wonder his parents had been so secretive. They hadn't wanted him to know he was treating his future father-in-law. Nor that his soon-to-be wife could lose her father.

Who the hell was under that veil?!

Donna Noble had never been more nervous in her life. This was it. The culmination of her wild whim. Now she was about to be married. To a man she'd never met. A stranger. An alien. A marriage that would raise her to become Gallifrey's ruler. Her. A temp from Chiswick. She felt a bit like Aladdin.

For the millionth time, she wondered if she had gone completely bonkers.

She felt her father lean in. “Are you ready, love?”

Donna took a deep breath. “Ready as I'll ever be.”

Sylvia could see her about to be son-in-law from there. “Hmm. He looks Human enough from here. Not bad-looking. I could live with my grandchildren looking like him.”

Donna almost laughed. She couldn't even see him through the veil. "Details, Mum!" she hissed. "What's he look like?"

"Tall, dark, and handsome."

"Oh, well, that narrows it down!" Donna said tightly.

Strange, she thought as she overheard the cue to start stepping forward, her arms linked with her parents'. That almost sounded like praise for her choice.

She only hoped he looked good enough without his clothes on. Sarah Jane had warned her to get herself ready for lovemaking. Well, more like sex, if the ignorance she noted when she asked odd questions of the few Gallifreyans she'd met were any indication. As long as he was considerate, she could live with it. And maybe teach him a thing or two.

She was left with her thoughts as she had to join her parents in walking toward her destiny.

As the woman stepped closer, guided by her parents since the veil probably only let her see the floor two steps ahead of her, the Doctor began to really notice details about her. Her dress flared at the hips, suggesting curves ideally suited for childbirth, according to the Human doctor he had met a few days previously. The dress showed a waist, not too small of one, but definitely there. And then his eyes noticed her chest. Hardly inconsiderable, that was evident since the veil only covered her down to her neck. It showed no cleavage, which was respectful. He'd seen too many examples where the bride seemed to be giving everyone a peak at what her husband would get to enjoy. But she was... endowed. He believed that was the word they used. And he realized he could smell her pheromones from where he stood.

It was only then that he noticed his body was reacting strangely. He felt a tightening in his trousers that was utterly foreign to him, and his breathing quickened as he began to panic. Ooh... was this arousal?

Well, that would make some things easier. He just hoped he could live with her the rest of the time.

Behind the bride and her parents walked four Human females in matching dresses. He recognized them all from the rehearsal, and the leading lady as the bride's stand-in. The child among them had cracked a joke, which had made him laugh. She'd called him 'silly', but made it seem like a compliment.

Then the trio stopped moving as they reached the steps. The music stopped as well.

"We are gathered together to witness this historic joining in matrimony of not only a man and a woman, but of two families, two nations, two worlds, two species,” K’anpo addressed them. “The forging of this bond will bring peace between all the peoples of Gallifrey and between Gallifrey and Earth. By being here you swear to show our support and gratitude to the gift from Earth and return honour in full measure to their support at all times, should they ask of it. By being here you swear to show your loyalty to your Lord President and to his bond, to the peace if forges and to the people it touches, should they ask of it. By being here you swear fealty to your Queen. Give her your all, unquestioningly, and give to her husband all he requires to be for her what she needs to serve you."

The vicar recognized his cue, and although this had to be the furthest out he had ever got with his faith, he cleared his throat. "If there is any person knowing any impediment why these two should not be joined in holy and legal bondship, let them speak that impediment now or forever hold his peace."

Heads turned, but the Cruciform was silent. The Doctor barely contained a sigh of relief.

K’anpo looked at the couple. “You are the parents of the Human lady who is to be wife to the Doctor and become our Queen?”

Geoffrey and Sylvia were instructed in what was to be said, and shared it between them. “We are. We bring our daughter, Donna Eileen Noble, to be wedded to this son of Gallifrey.”

The Doctor blinked. He had a name now. Donna. It had many meanings, including 'gift'. Would she be one to him?

If he was aware of the Doctor's struggle, K'anpo feigned ignorance. “Identify yourselves, please.”

Sylvia was to speak first. “I am Sylvia Noble, born to the Mott line of Ealing. I am a nurse, one of Earth's healers. I am Donna's mother.”

“Geoffrey Noble of Chiswick. I was a policeman until I fell ill and had to retire. I am Donna's father.”

K'anpo nodded. “Please give her hands to me that I may guide her up so we may welcome her as one of our own.” He thought it strange that at this point, in canon law, she belonged to the church, literally disowned by her father and presented to the priest to join her to her husband. But he had held his tongue, not interested in receiving a lecture from Sylvia Noble about tradition.

The Nobles kissed her cheeks, and then guided her hands into K'anpo's. They still did not let her go completely until she was safely on the platform. Then they stepped back to stand to one side, joining the older man the Doctor had noticed before. The older man seemed very solemn then, if a bit hopeful.

The Doctor offered them a bit of a nervous smile. The older man returned it without hesitation. Sylvia Noble was more reticent. Geoffrey was in-between the other reactions.

While her attendants stepped into place, Donna was guided to stand next to the man she only knew as 'the Doctor'. 'Theta Sigma' he'd also been called. UNIT records called him 'Dr. John Smith'. He'd been trained as a Human physician. At least he'd know something if the children ever fell ill. If they had any. Now she had to get through the next several minutes.

The Doctor could hardly make out the words spoken either by K'anpo or the vicar when he began speaking the Anglican rites. His attention was almost completely on the woman and her pheromones. His haze was broken only when she repeated the vows according to Anglican tradition, done first since the woman's role was more important in Gallifreyan society even with the Lord President's ascendancy:

The vicar began the Anglican service. “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.”

“And also with you,” replied Donna and her family and the other humans present.

The vicar continued. “God is love, and those who live in love, live in God and God lives in them.” He turned to the prayer book, speaking from tradition. “God of wonder, and of joy; grace comes from you, and you alone are the source of life and love. Without you, we cannot please you; without your love, our deeds are worthy nothing. Send your Holy Spirit, and pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of love, that we may worship you now with thankful hearts, and serve you always with willing minds; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

All the Humans, along with Jack Harkness and the Boe-Kind located by then, answered: “Amen.”

The Gallifreyans present would have raised their eyebrows if they had not been informed about the Human traditions they would hear.

Next was the Vicar’s welcome: “In the presence of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we have come together to witness the marriage of Donna and Theta, to pray for God’s blessing on them, to share their joy and to celebrate their love.”

Donna and the Doctor each wanted to snort at that one. Neither dared.

“Marriage is a gift of God in creation through which husband and wife may know the grace of God. It is given that as man and woman grow together in love and trust, they shall be united with one another in heart, body, mind, as Christ is united with the church. The gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of union, and joyful commitment to the end of their lives. It is given as the foundation of family life in which children are nurtured and in which each member of the family, in good times and in bad, may find strength, companionship and comfort, and grow to maturity in love. Marriage is a way of life. Marriage is a sign of unity and loyalty, which all should uphold and honour. It enriches society and strengthens community. No one should enter it lightly or selfishly, but reverently and responsibly in the sight of Almighty God. Donna and Theta will now to enter this way of life. They each will give their consent to the other and make solemn vows, and in token of this they will give and receive a ring. We pray with them that the Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen them, that they may fulfil God’s purposes for the whole of their earthly life together.”

The Vicar raised his eyes to the congregation. “I have already asked, but I shall repeat for the last time. If there is any who knows reason why these persons may not by any law of Great Britain lawfully wed, declare it now.”

There was silence.

The Vicar turned to the bride and groom; “The vows you are about to take are to be made in the presence of God, who is judge of all and knows all the secrets of your hearts; therefore if either of you knows a reason why you may not lawfully marry you must declare it now.”

Neither the Doctor nor Donna said a word.

“It is custom in the Anglican faith that man, being created first, must speak first.” This had not gone over well when first mentioned to the Gallifreyans, particularly the Karnaans, but Hera and Sylvia had brought their combined wills to bear and carried their point. It was part of the Queen's birth heritage and would therefore be part of the ceremony. “Theta, being man, will you take Donna to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honour and protect her and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both live?”

The Doctor knew he couldn't hesitate, and therefore didn't. “I will.”

That first hint of his voice had nothing in it to repulse Donna, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

“It is custom that woman, being created of man, must speak second. Donna, being woman, will you take Theta to be your husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and protect him, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?”

“I will.”

The two words were the first time he had heard her voice. It was so guarded that he wasn't sure what to make of it. He only knew that he thought he could live with it.

The Vicar addressed the congregation again. “Will you, the families and friends of Donna and Theta, support and uphold them in their marriage now and in the years to come?”

The Gallifreyans had been versed in what to say, and joined the Humans. “We will.”

The Vicar opened to a prayer. “God our father, from the beginning, you have blessed creation with abundant life. Pour out your blessings upon Theta and Donna, that they may be joined in mutual love and companionship, in holiness and commitment to each other. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son, who is alive and reigns in you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever.”

The Humans knew the cue. “Amen.” Even some of the Gallifreyans chimed in, an instant later, since they thought it was appropriate.

Sylvia stood in front of the congregation with a book that her father had been holding for her. The cover was brown leather, old and rather warn and tattered. It had been her great grandmothers down through the years. It had been well read and had lost pages, but her dad had told her that each page was a member of her family, and as long as there were pages, there was a family. She opened it to a marked page. “Here is a reading from Collossians chapter 3. Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience. Bear with one another and, if either has complaint against the other, forgive them. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful. Let the Word of Christ dwell richly in you; teach and admonish each other in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing praises to God. And whatever you do in word or deed, do so in the name of the Lord and give thanks.”

As Sylvia returned to her family, Hera stood in front, holding a well worn tome bound in leather. “Here is a reading from the Record of Rassilon, at the Year’s Close.” She opened the book at the exact the page, leaving the ribbons to hang loose, and began to read. “The Dark Times are all but gone and I felt afraid. Alone. I saw the world today. New. Clean. Unknown. And I took it in my hand and tore it in two. I set in the heavens the torn peace and moulded it by my own will and the Power unleashed by Omega. And I called to this new world; Little Sister, walk with me. And we walked together beneath the twin suns. She hid in the day and smiled at me by night. She is always there, a guide, the other half of my world, the other half of my thinking, the root of my dreams. I call her Little Sister, but to me she is more wife, mate, the earth of my earth; the flesh of my flesh. And on her and with her walk men like me, but she will always be mine.”

The Vicar continued after Hera returned to her place. “Donna and Theta, I now invite you to join your hands and make your vows, in the presence of God and his people, both Human and Gallifreyan, whatever faith they follow, let them all see and here.”

Theta faced Donna and she turned slightly to her right to face him, though all she could see of him were his shiny black shoes, which was odd, because she had imagined him more of a converse wearer given how his mother had talked about him. She reached out her hands and felt him lift his palms and hold them. His hands were gentle, cool but soft, like a doctor’s.

His touch said a lot about him. She could tell he was nervous; she could feel him trembling. She began to wonder what his voice would be like; she’d only heard two words so far. Would it be high or manly deep? Often the make or break was the voice. She was getting impatient and was sure he was, too.

The Vicar continued. “In the traditions of the people of this land, I ask Donna to speak her vows first.”

Donna took a deep breath. They had each had to memorize this part, and she hoped he had done his homework. “I, Donna, take you, Theta, to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death part us, by God’s holy law. In the presence of God I make this vow.”

Her voice. West London accent, which made sense given the Chiswick and Ealing connections. She sounded down to Earth, in both senses. She sounded as if she took at face value and went from there, that she took no nonsense but had a sense of fun that was mostly untapped. She sounded resigned too, not for him and this marriage, it seemed she had left behind a life she had tried but failed at. He suddenly hoped he could be more for her than he had hoped she would be for him. He wanted to love her. She, even in her voice, had shown him that she had taken it all and then some. This, being here for him and his people, was her way of getting back up on her feet. Such devotion and yet, she knew next to nothing about him or his people, coming from a world that had been shoved hard into the fact of the existence of aliens, and what that entailed. She was giving herself to him, and them, as a gift. Already he loved her for it.

Then he was prompted to repeat after the vicar, and had to be poked in the arm by Jack to realize it. He cleared his throat and did.

“I, John Theta, take you, Donna, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death part us, by God’s holy law. In the presence of God, I make this vow.”

So he had chosen to use a combination of names for the Earth registry, Donna noted. Interesting. He had potential to be trained into civilization. And her hopes had been answered; he had the voice of gentleness, reason and definitely fun. A rich baritone. His voice wouldn't get him kicked out of bed.

Next was the exchange of rings, the words and the opportunity to touch her hand making the Doctor blush. His thoughts were growing more and more indecent, and he hoped no one was getting wind of them. Donna, on the other hand, could tell that he was as nervous as he was eager. He was just glad she couldn’t see his face. He was certain it had flushed red.

“Who has the rings?” asked the Vicar.

Jack stepped forward with a cushion balanced in his hands. “I do.”

The Vicar carefully drew open the bow and blessed the rings. “Heavenly Father, by your blessing let these rings be to Theta and Donna a symbol of unending love and faithfulness, to remind then of the vow and covenant which they have made this day, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

“Amen,” said the room. Now everyone was adding their voice. With two exceptions.

Chapter Seven: Duty Bound


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Sep. 14th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
Lovely! I found myself getting a little emotional as if I was at a real wedding or remembering my own. Can't wait for the big reveal!
Sep. 14th, 2013 04:27 am (UTC)
Aw... That was a good thing, wasn't it? Next chapter will be unleashed tomorrow. :D
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Gah! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time waiting for the big reveal. You tease! So many lovely details you included. I would run out of space if I mentioned them all. I do adore your descriptions of human traditions from the Doctor's POV as he glances around during the ceremony. Of course Wilf is fascinated by it all. But the moment the Doctor realizes he helped diagnose Donna's dad...and can't cure him fully? Nooooo! *sniffle*

The fact that the Doctor gets aroused (and is puzzled by it) during the ceremony had me chuckling. Quite embarrassing. The last thing he needs is a trouser tent in front of EVERYONE. I anticipate the Doctor shouting "Allons-y!" and carrying Donna to the TARDIS...because he just wants TO mate this time!

Might you ever write a DVD Extra elaborating on the Doctor's version of The Talk with Jack, Casanova (who probably physically resembles the Doctor, am I right?), Madame de Pompadour, and Mickey? It could be...educational?
Sep. 14th, 2013 05:06 am (UTC)
*giggles* Well, given the lack of dramatic tension, I think this works as a replacement. Ah, they're not sure if they can. There's a difference. An important one.

Yes. I suppose he might feel it and yet his pants inside the trousers might be dimensionally controlled. ;) *giggles* Well, you shall see tomorrow. ;D

I'll think about it. Will see what BMG wants. :) It would be funny. :DDDD
Sep. 14th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
WEDDINGGGG. I so cannot wait for when the Doctor sees Donna and vice versa. I'll be waiting for a "skinny streak of alien nothing" comment. *snort* Hopefully when they're not in public, though it would be rather amusing.

Is it bad that the part that stuck out for me was the Doctor's parents going scuba diving. That just amused me to no end. And Sarah Jane and Donna driving Bessie. =D

There are no words for how much I love this. =)

~Ali ♥

(they're talking about Hera and Zeus on CSI NY right now... O_O)

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*checks story* Ah, that comment seems to be in the DVD extra. So you can imagine what might be going on there. ;)

Those were two of my favorite parts. I had to let the gals drive Bessie. :DDDD

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*giggles* Then you should enjoy it when my muse gets back to it. :D

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Saturday, 14 September 2013
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Sep. 15th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
The thought of the Doctor being disgusted having to be educated by Jack was extremely funny! I wonder if he passed on some notes to Donna...? Anyway, their joint nervousness was so sweet.

He felt a tightening in his trousers that was utterly foreign to him
*claps my hands in glee* I absolute love this reaction to the sight of Donna!!!! But then you probably guessed that one. ;D
Sep. 15th, 2013 09:41 pm (UTC)
Well, he would be, wouldn't he? This is the alien who claims to understand everything about everything. To quote the episode in your icon. ;) No surprise you liked the moments you mentioned. :DDDDDDD
Sep. 16th, 2013 02:15 pm (UTC)
So much to comment on here!

See, the yoga is already coming in handy. I'm sure the flexibility will come into play later. The TARDIS is parked nearby, ready for the newlyweds to get out of there quickly? That is too funny, except that his parents explained about the urge hitting fast and furious.

That's hearty approval from Sylvia, she wouldn't mind grandchildren looking like him!

The first thing the Doctor noticed about her was that her hips would be good for childbearing? I love it! He finally noticed the rest of her, and I'm glad that her dress, while modest still hugged her curves. Ooh, he's reacting to her pheromones all the way from across the hall!

The slow reveal of each to the other, first by voice, then by touch, is indescribable, and the ceremony is a beautiful combination of traditions so far. I can't wait to see what they think when they both can see each other's faces. I think they will be happy.
Sep. 16th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, it will. But the breathing seemed critical to Donna's sanity there. I'm sure it'll come in handy during labor, too. And yes, Sylvia was practically giving hearty approval. *giggles*

Given Time Lord "superiority", who knows how far away he could smell her? So I left it up to your imagination. I'm going to remember halfway across the hall. ;D

Oct. 22nd, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC)
(Okay, I'm back to commenting...)

"and to top everything you sent Jack to... educate me!”
Oh, poor, poor, Doctor!! How embarrassing. Not just to have to deal with Jack and his wicked sense of humor, but discussing it with Sarah Jane had to have been torment! :DD

"He was utterly terrified that she would hate him"
If he only knew how human an emotion that was! It's completely understandable, of course. He had no personal knowledge to go on, and as much as he trusted Jack and Sarah Jane, he was putting his life and the fate of his entire planet in the hands of a stranger.

"As long as he was considerate, she could live with it. And maybe teach him a thing or two." Oh don't we all wish we could have that task, educating the Doctor in the ways of love and sex! *fans self*

The wedding was lovely. I know (from personal experience!) how difficult it is to write human/Gallifreyan ceremonies. And tou did it beautifully.
Oct. 23rd, 2013 06:42 am (UTC)
(Glad to see you commenting again. :D)

I think it's more embarrassing that the woman he wanted to marry is talking about his future sex life with this chosen bride. So... yeah, I was cruel.

True. Very true. And then he had the unexpected physical reaction to smelling her. Poor unprepared Doctor.

*clears throat* Excuse me while I try to control my blushing. :)

You did well with yours. This one... I needed help with British elements. I am proud of the final result.
Oct. 23rd, 2013 10:33 pm (UTC)
(I'm still not up to speed. But at least I've also found a moment or two to write something of my one!)

When you put it that way, yeah. A little embarrassing, that. Cruel?? No, just realistic. :D

Oh that's right. I was going to comment on this: "It was only then that he noticed his body was reacting strangely. He felt a tightening in his trousers that was utterly foreign to him, and his breathing quickened as he began to panic. Ooh... was this arousal?"
Poor, inexperienced little thing. I guess the videos didn't do much for him. But pheromones! Did Jack even warn him?? I'll bet not, the sneak.

Hee hee hee. At least I put it in the correct order. :D

Thank you. I had help, from BMG and the Internet, along with my own religious upbringing (and having sung at countless weddings!!) You should be. It was lovely.
Oct. 24th, 2013 06:08 am (UTC)
(Gee, I'm torn between wanting you to write more, and seeing what you think of the final three parts of this story. Ah, you writing more wins. :D)

Good. I like realistic. :D

Well, he hadn't had the right stimulus yet. So the education made no sense. Until he smelled Donna. ;DDDDD So I doubt any of Jack's warnings would've worked.


It turned out lovely. I really needed help. The closest to a really religious service I've ever been to was my best friend's wedding last year. BEAUTIFUL historic church, and I was crying off and on from the time she walked down the aisle to after the pronouncement. :)
Oct. 24th, 2013 05:23 pm (UTC)
(As you saw, Chapter 4 is posted - thanks for the comment - I hope my reply answered your question.)

So true. And I wonder if Time Lords react differently to Human pheromones. Or Boe-Kind, for that matter. Although Jack would have suppressed any reaction because she was meant for the Doctor.

I'm a romantic. So sue me! *snicker*

Being as involved as I am in my church, the basics of the ceremony wasn't a problem, just the British aspects of it. For example, I didn't know that the bride comes first, followed by her attendants. Here in the US, it's the opposite. But including the prayers in such detail was quite lovely.
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