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FIC: The Foreseen Wife (8/8)

Title: The Foreseen Wife
Rating: T (with a DVD extra rated MA)

Author: tkel_paris
Summary: In a world where Gallifrey survived the Time War, the Doctor must remarry. Only his wife will bear many responsibilities for helping rebuild and protect time. Not sure where to start, he gives Sarah Jane the power to choose. How will she pick? Written for bas_math_girl's birthday.
Required Disclaimer: This is a humorous twist on several ideas I've seen, built around one I thought of. So I don't own the characters within.
Dedications: BMG, of course! And... I suppose Juno_Inferno because of “Cosmic Love”, which fed a little into Muse's thinking about this story. And my beta for this work: tardis_mole. You really know how to make a girl feel better about what she thought was crack-fic. :D
Author's Note: Utter silliness that would NEVER have been canon. Written solely to amuse BMG. And hopefully my other readers. It clearly entertained TM, who apparently had a late breakfast because it was “compelling”. I don't encourage anyone to skip or have late meals, even if the effort is to my benefit. But I owe you one, TM. Thank you.

Okay... I'm afraid I have to make y'all wait a little while longer on the DVD extra. It's not ready yet. When I write smut, I like to include emotion and a sort of plot. It's not smut for smut's sake. What happens is important. So... to ensure that it meets my standards, I'm posting this now.

Also, I should note that this chapter includes digs at American political figures, naming only a few. Every writer has the challenge of not leting their own views seep too far into the story if it doesn't suit it. I tried to use only what I felt fit. Of course, I am an American, so I can mock certain things if I want.

This is also unusual for me in that neither the Doctor nor Donna speaks in this chapter. Their influence in felt, but it's not from either of their POVs. Fair warning, but you should be entertained.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight: Another Chapter Begun
Finished September 15, 2013

Almost eight years later, according to Human reckoning, Rose was no better off than she had been the day she was rendered mute. If anything, she was worse off. Suffering from having to work as a servant to the Time Lords gathered no sympathy anymore from her mother. No, Jackie Tyler had – with a heavy heart – given up on her except to visit when permitted. And Rose had no say in when the visits happened.

Not that she could have raised an objection. A remotely friendly face was priceless to her, especially one who helped her learn British Sign Language so they could talk without relying on pen and paper. It was all she had left. Not to mention seeing her mum remarried, and then pregnant – twice.

River entered the room where Rose was washing dishes. Manual labor for both of them. Worst of all? The objects were unbreakable. Couldn't even smash anything in protest, even if it earned a shock from the bracelets she wore. It was frustrating. In her moments alone, she wondered what the Time Lords would make of a Greek wedding. She longed for that moment when she and Gwyneth were cleaning plates, as much as she'd not truly liked it then. She'd thought she was being nice to a girl who was being worked to death, but now she wondered if Gwyneth was the one who'd been nice in saying she had the breeding. These Time Lords, Karnaans and Boe-Kind had all visited some part of Earth by now, it seemed, and they were unanimous in saying she had no breeding at all. She could cry sometimes.

“Chin up,” River muttered. “Can't let them see you cry. That means they've crushed your spirit. Show respect for them and why you were placed here, and you will be treated with respect.”

Rose glared at her. How was it that she, despite that dreaded Neverwere status that the Doctor was so concerned about, could act like she'd accepted her fate?! How was she being granted bigger chores that were more important?!

She wanted to shout them so badly. So she signed them instead.

River frowned back. “It's called acting like a grownup, and taking things on the chin. Try it sometime. In any case, we have visitors from Earth. A big do. Would you believe they include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George?”

Rose blinked in surprise. Her mum had brought a recording of the wedding to show her, and she had been shocked to see the Doctor and Queen Donna in attendance.

“Yes, they're here as part of a larger gathering. A combination of a state visit on behalf of the Queen of England, and a Christening of the latest Royal Time Tot. Or sproglet, as some call them. You and I will be at the sidelines for it. Should be interesting to watch.”

Rose scowled as River went about her cleaning. Only the sounds of a Gallifreyan approaching drove Rose back to her tasks.

Soon she was indeed at the sidelines, bringing in food to the meeting. This was the largest group of Humans ever on Gallifrey. She spent a while putting food into the warming areas for the servers to distribute. She was vaguely aware of who the people were, and mostly through what she'd overheard on previous occasions, and from her mum. What she had not heard was how the Doctor was faring.

She suspected she would soon find out.

The room was filled. She noticed that there were many children in the room, loads of kidlets, dressed in either robes or clothes that looked like they could've been from Earth. None looked older than seven, and she knew exactly who those two were, and the majority looked no older than six. She wasn't sure who they belonged to, but she assumed based on the clothes that at least some were Gallifreyans. Maybe they all were – very few people seemed to bring their children to this planet. Although the ones with at least ginger tones in their hair were distinctive.

River came along, helping set more plates for use. She noticed how Rose's eyes scanned the room, trying to place what was happening. She decided to have a little mercy on her, since it seemed they were mostly being left alone since the bracelets were trusted to do the early warning for them.

“All of them are Gallifreyans. There was a baby boom within a year of the Curse being fully lifted. I believe a few of them are also at least part Boe-Kind. All of Captain Harkness' people now live on Gallifrey, and I hear he's head of the House created for them. It's a role normally given to the Matriarch, but given Boe-Kind duality an exception was made. He essentially leads with his wife, who is the offical Matriarch. Not that he's on Gallifrey regularly, being in charge of Torchwood. He's turned it from an organization bent on protecting Earth at any cost and stealing from aliens to working with Gallifrey. I hear it's helped protect Earth from at least several threats. His wife also spends most of her time on Earth, aiding in the planet's protection.”

The reality of the Boe-Kind had shocked Rose when she first overheard it, and she couldn't say she had accepted the idea of someone like Jack being both genders at once. Not wanting to think about that any longer, she risked signing, “Then why are you given extra chores every time he comes back looking upset?”

River cringed. “Did the Doctor ever tell you that time isn't linear?” When she saw a nod, she sighed. “It seems the man I killed, this friend of his, appeared on Earth at least twice since this happened.” Her slight gestures indicated their bracelets. “The Captain couldn't say a thing to him, but he did tell the Lord Chancellor who handed me said chores that normally are given to Gallifreyans freely serving the House. And there was that time when someone tried to prevent anyone dying on Earth. Somehow that was also my fault.”

Rose was motionless. She remembered three times the Doctor came to the House they were bound to, spoke with the Lord Chancellor in low tones, and then she found herself given harder chores that exhausted her. They never pushed her to complete exhaustion, but she had needed days to recover each time. Had he encountered a consequence of something she did and had to deal with it? And she had also been punished that last time River mentioned.

A laugh caught her ear, and she turned to locate Jack. She spotted him, and blinked. She quickly signed, “Who is that woman with him?”

“You don't recognise Sarah Jane Smith? Oh, right. You didn't hear about her reward for finding Queen Donna. She was adopted into the Lungbarrow Clan by the Doctor's parents, and then she was gifted with a longer life. The Karnaans also restored the youth that the High Council had stolen from her when the Doctor was forced to abandon her. Within a year she and the Captain were married. Must've restored her fertility, too. They've had at least two children together, and adopted two.”

Rose noted the older boy and the somewhat younger girl standing with them, and saw evidence that the now younger and even more beautiful woman who triggered her jealousy was pregnant. Eyes wide, she caught River's attention. “She doesn't still investigate things, does she?”

River laughed through her nose. “Much more than her husband likes, but it seems he knows to pick his battles. Oh, and that gift to Sarah Jane? It was also given to the Queen in a stronger measure. Extended her life and fertility. I didn't hear by how much, but the Lord President is very happy. Given what little I've overheard, I'd guess she'll be fertile for at least another hundred years. Perhaps much more.”

That made Rose shudder. She couldn't imagine having babies with that big of an age gap. Made her comment on the roof to the Doctor she first met seem wrong, though.

“It's fascinating to see how relations are between the various Earth countries and Gallifrey. The best relationship is plainly with Great Britain. Just look at how well the Lord President's getting on with Prince William.”

Rose then saw the Doctor gabbing away with one of the many people she had had a crush on growing up. It seemed like an odd mix of colleagues, friends, and a mentor and protégé all in one. And the two seemed to enjoy each other's company, and those around them – Human and Gallifreyan alike – seemed entertained.

“And there – that's a photo the various Earth presses could only dream of getting: the Queen holding the young Prince of Cambridge while the Duchess holds the newest Prince of Gallifrey.”

That made Rose startle. She looked where River nodded toward, and froze. There was the woman she'd called a ginger cow, looking regal and gorgeous in a striking purple gown that could not have come from Earth it was so unusual in its beauty. The Duchess of Cambridge was impeccable in her fashion, as always from what little Rose heard from the praise a few of the Gallifreyans had made within her earshot. The startling thing was looking at the two Princes, whose faces she could see. Each was fascinated with the woman holding him, and it seemed respectively mutual. Rose's revere was broken when she heard laughter from Queen Donna. Prince George was trying to eat some of the hair he'd been looking at, and she was gently extracting it from his grip.

“No press on Gallifrey. That's a rule the Queen handed down before any of the High Council could say it, and it's been firmly upheld. I hear a few of the delegations were upset about that, but perhaps a few carefully delivered words from the Lord President or the Lord Chancellor shut them up since they didn't want to miss out on any State Visit or trade negotiations – especially the ones next month. Because you don't want to anger the Queen. And of course angering the Lord President is never wise.”

Rose gave her a questioning look.

“Ah, well, the best examples are how the American delegations have been over the years. It sounded like the Lord President had reason to tell each of the American Presidents he's met with so far – whether according to linear progression or time travel – that it's possible to respect the office without respecting the person who holds it.” River smirked. “He said it first to Clinton at a trade meeting on Earth. What that man was doing there I don't know, but other former presidents have been part of various meetings over the last several years. And I think the Queen said it to then-Secretary of State Clinton a few years later. She made no secret of the fact that she has no respect for a woman who stays with a man of poor morals for what looks like financial or political gain, which makes me wonder what happened to make her – known for being on a more even keel emotionally and socially than the Lord President – say it publicly.”

Rose nodded. That was understandable. More men would behave themselves if women collectively stood up and refused to accept the things she had thought all men capable of.

“They're not the only ones he's said it to, but I suspect that the last one in office took it better than the current. I say that in light of other things I've overheard and witnessed. I've never seen a room so chilly as when he pointedly said to a meeting last year with the current American president in attendance that he judges people on merit and the content of their character, not on the color of their skin. Or that history might condemn them while they're still alive to see it. I do believe he capped that with telling how Harriet Jones lost his favour with the mere decision to have Torchwood prepare to fire a weapon on the Sycorax and he toppled her leadership with just six words. I can only imagine what the wilds of the American media would do with that information. At least if they had the audio proof.”

Rose had to admit to herself that if she was any ruler or leader, she wouldn't want it getting out that an alien leader thought she wasn't worthy of the office. Especially one who had overthrown dictators throughout his life almost single-handedly. And she witnessed the Doctor say those words, so she knew it was no idle threat. Although he seemed to prefer to let the Humans of Earth do it themselves, if they could.

“Or how family is so important that denying part of your heritage – specifically the people who raised you – is extremely offensive to all Gallifreyans. It's true that they're not proud of the things they or their ancestors have done, but they won't pretend it never happened as that goes against the wisdom of their Queen. You'd be amazed how quickly all of Gallifrey rallied behind Queen Donna's rule, and how quickly the remaining resistance movements were disbanded.”

Rose felt something akin to respect for Donna on hearing that. It was disgusting to realize that she was looking at a woman who had recently given birth. That baby didn't look older than about a month, and she'd been holding Prince George like she was an old hand with babies.

Some call to part for dinner rang, which appeared highly ritualized to Rose, and the guests began to drift to their respective tables. Rose noticed six children approaching Queen Donna and the Doctor, who'd joined her and the Duchess of Cambridge. The oldest were the seven years old twins she'd recognized, the youngest a toddler, and there had to be more than one pair of twins in there. Neither of them would've needed to have noticed how fondly the Doctor greeted the children with hugs and kisses to realized that they were his children by Donna Noble. The oldest two they both remembered from when they were forced to serve at the House of Lungbarrow for the first Royal birth. They had chanced to see the twins, a boy and a girl, and their faces were burned into Rose's memory. Impossible to forget the faces of the first truly naturally born Gallifreyan child in a billion years or the heir to the throne.

They were monitored by two people. They looked like adults, if on the younger side. The female was a blonde with a big smile. The male had ginger tones in his hair, but it was his face that caught her attention. She nudged River and risked pointing.

River's lips pursed, and she radiated frustration. “The girl is Jenny. The Queen and Lord President returned with her one day, although at first it seemed she was dead. Somehow she's his daughter alone. Wasn't allowed to bond her to the Queen as a daughter. Some prophecy or other. Then a few months later, there was some grave threat to Earth. I think it was Daleks. But then they returned with him. His name is Ben, and somehow despite his being born from the hand cut off from the Doctor's arm in that sword fight you witnessed, he's not his son but the Queen's.”

Rose could read between the lines. She frantically signed, “Hang on, they're not going to marry, are they?!”

River shrugged, unable to move her hands because of the object she held. “All I know is they're not considered mature Gallifreyans, and aren't allowed to make any decisions on that score yet. Although it sounds like they'll reach majority by physical and mental maturity soon. I don't know when. Not even the Queen is going to dictate to them. She won't on matters of the heart, which the Lord President agrees on in principle but in this case he's been more than a bit tense. I can understand why.”

Not wanting to think about that, Rose looked again at the scene before her. Now she understood how Donna had looked so competent with Prince George. She'd had practice. Lots of practice. It looked like she'd practically shelled at least one out for every year she'd been Queen.

As if the ginger in their hair – a few of them had hair that looked more like his – wasn't a big enough clue. Or their clothing, as fine as their mother's.

River snorted softly, not wanting to think of her own pain from that day. “Appalled at seeing how devoted the Doctor is to his family? You should hear what Queen Donna has to do each day. I suspect she was talking with the Duchess about juggling duty, marriage, and parenthood, and giving her advice on what to do when she becomes Queen. I hear that when Queen Donna travels to Earth during the hot and cold seasons here she and the family are occasionally guests of the Royal Family. Kept on the quiet, it seems. Guess they have a few tricks for keeping the media from asking too many questions. Which is impressive. I hear photographers are freelance.”

Suddenly a story Rose heard from her mum about a legal battle between the British press and the Gallifreyan Embassy in London made sense. She heard that stories were usually broken by one photograph, and the highest paying source got extras. For the Doctor to stop them completely he would have run the gantlet of British law, after wiping a lot of hard drives. He must have figured out a way to make it worth their while to leave his family and in-laws alone. Maybe instead let the Press know about things that would distract attention from the aliens?

Oh, she realized. That would be an effective threat to hold over anyone who tried to act in ways the Doctor felt risked Earth's well-being or future. And given how announcements from Gallifrey or its people were reported widely and eagerly read about by the public, something like that would become viral within less than a day. No stopping it.

River took a breath. “Ah, that's the signal to move on. Come along, we have to clean out here now.”

As she numbly followed River, Rose could only marvel that she got the Doctor's motives all wrong. And that she had to live with this life.

In the center of the room, just as the children were being taken to their own meal so they could continue their education or get some sleep depending on their age, Donna stood a moment with the Doctor. They shared a vocally silent look. If anyone had been paying attention, they could only guess at the volume it spoke.

But the way they clasped hands, a trend they started on Gallifrey that had quickly spread to other couples, spoke even louder than looks.

Yes, Rose concluded. River was right. She had unwittingly caused this, through her own stupidity and thoughtlessness. The Doctor would never have had with her what he had with Donna. So she should accept it, and live with it. River was happy with her lot in life. So it was possible. She didn't have any bills to worry about or any concerns about where or when the next meal was coming. She was kept warm when it was cold and cool when it was hot. She had a comfortable bed and was allowed a few keepsakes.

It wasn't such a bad life after all. She took a deep breath and made a new promise to herself. She would try to be proud to serve the Queen of Gallifrey. After all, it beat having to refold the same t-shirt in a shop a dozen times in one day. The work here was never boring, and she got to see so many interesting and varied people. Even if she couldn't talk with them. So she would try to be proud of that and grateful to be useful. Not a bad way to begin a new chapter in her life.


Keep your eyes peeled for the DVD Extra: Sexual Education!


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Sep. 16th, 2013 01:29 am (UTC)
Sarah Jane and Jack. *squee* That's awesome. And they have kids. =D

So many Time Tots for Donna and the Doctor. =D Epic. And how cute to have Donna and the Duchess holding each other's babies. I will admit to gluing myself to Twitter (we have no TV except for over the air channels, and no way was I waiting for the news to come on) to find out when Prince George was born, seeing them leave the hospital, and hearing his name. And yeah...my mother and I did the same thing when William and Harry were born. =P

Andddd Rose appears to have sucked it up and moved on. Good. River is almost...cheerful.

Loved every bit of this. Looking forward to the DVD extra. =D

Now hopefully my muse will settle down and let me get the three different oneshots she's sent me written.

~Ali ♥
Sep. 16th, 2013 05:04 pm (UTC)
Yes. I wasn't planning that one. It kind of happened, and was suggested in beta review. In the end I couldn't resist. :)

Yeah. What did I make it? Six? Seven? And that doesn't count Jenny or Ben. :D The idea with the Duchess was impossible to resist. I didn't follow the news, but I was excited to hear the delivery went well, and actually cried a little at the sight of William holding his son. Yeah, I'm overdue to be a mommy. :)

Yes, that thing with Rose and River kind of surprised me. Just came to me, and then got polished by my beta. Bless TM for having brilliant ideas. :D

Oh, yes... And I've had requests... Better get on it given BMG's "threat" from a few chapters ago. *wry grin*

Good luck. Maybe mine will give you ideas for writing them. :)
Sep. 16th, 2013 11:02 am (UTC)
Awww.... it's ended.... :( I was enjoying that enormously. Thank you so much, my beautiful online daughter for writing this for my birthday!!! *oodles of hugs*

Lots and lots of Time Tots! *very happy sigh* Rose still gagged and lorded over by River *happy grin* Jack and Sarah Jane getting together. *ecstatic grin* And the promise of a DVD extra to come!!!! *squees*
Sep. 16th, 2013 05:00 pm (UTC)
*squees* You're welcome! I love hugs. :DDDDD

Yes, LOTS and LOTS of Time Tots. Lord knows Gallifrey needed them. Yeah, I was kind of surprised when I went easier on River in the end, but I suppose she had the greater potential to grow up.

So... what'd you think of Jack and Sarah Jane as a pairing?

Ah, yes. And I see I have a lot more to think about for that DVD extra. *groans* And I thought it'd be a bit easier... Silly me.
Sep. 16th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
This was a great present for BMG, one we could all enjoy!

One baby a year?!? Usually when popping them out like that, it's every other year to allow for nursing and recovery. It does seem that way, but she did have a couple of sets of twins there, right?

Nice to see Jenny and the Meta-crisis added into the mix; it could get interesting with those two.

And Sarah Jane got rewarded for finding Donna in the first place; youth and Jack, now that's an interesting combination! Lovely that Donna, too, got a life extension and will now remain fertile for at least a hundred years. That's a lot of children, but the population was in crisis, so it's needed, along with her wise, strong leadership. And of course the Doctor is very happy with that. I'd imagine, once the Curse was smashed, he really got with the program! After all, that's one long list of things he simply must try with Donna.

Lastly, it was so sweet how Donna and the Duchess got along so well, and the babies! As for Rose, it seems she has finally grown up and realized that she should take her fate with grace, and that Donna truly was the perfect match for the Doctor, they had a wonderful family, they were very happy, even if they were extremely busy, and Rose had no right to interfere with that.

Well done, and I am really looking forward to the DVD. They apparently did a lot of talking as well as the other stuff, so it should be a fascinating look at how they get to know each other so well that they can banter easily when they finally exited the TARDIS.
Sep. 16th, 2013 05:40 pm (UTC)
Yay! A long review! I love long reviews. :DDDDDD And presents that everyone can enjoy are the best.

Well, it would look that way to Rose. And yes, two twin sets are in there. Donna might not like having children so close together, but I think she thought about it and decided that easing the population crisis was paramount. Besides, who better to manage being a hands-on parent while still holding down a job than Donna (Noble) Lungbarrow? (No way was I hyphenating that!)

Yes, my muse started thinking about the missing scenes and what would happen because of the changes. Naturally I thought of Jenny and then Handy. And thanks to my beta, the implication made its way into the story. At least TM kept me under control here so I could keep this to eight chapters and the DVD extra. But... that doesn't mean I won't want to revisit those moments Muse thought of.

Yes, Sarah Jane's reward. Took me a few drafts before I realized she deserved one. Thankfully, my beta had an inspired idea. And River doesn't know the full extent of the extensions. So... let's just say Donna will be fertile even longer than that. ;D And she'll be okay with that in the end. May space the children out more in the future, but still make loads of Time Tots. Oh, yes, the Doctor was a convert. Big time. :DDDDDD And I imagine he's now a big brother a few times over.

Thank you. Many times over. Keep your eyes open for the DVD extra.
Sep. 17th, 2013 12:00 pm (UTC)
[And River doesn't know the full extent of the extensions. So... let's just say Donna will be fertile even longer than that. ;D And she'll be okay with that in the end. May space the children out more in the future, but still make loads of Time Tots.] Just lovely! A ton of Time Tots, and Donna around for a very very long time; just what the Doctor needs. They are so good for each other.
Sep. 16th, 2013 06:14 pm (UTC)
I'm glad Rose finally starts to realize that she has a lot to be thankful for and she can learn a thing or two from Donna's example.

Jack and Sarah Jane! I hadn't seen that pairing before, but I have to say I like it. Glad Jenny and Handy made their way into the story, too.

SQUEE! Yay for happy endings! Donna was always destined to be The Most Important Woman in the whole of creation. One question: what happens to the rest of the Noble/Mott clan?
Sep. 16th, 2013 11:37 pm (UTC)
And she might finally learn the right lessons from the Doctor's teachings. :)

I hadn't thought of it before, but now I'm kind of intrigued. And this isn't the first story I've written where Jenny worked her way into things. Now it's more I'm the beta who's suggesting Jenny should be in the story because of a change that happened earlier.

Yes, as far as Gallifrey is concerned, she is certainly that. :D Ooh... I need to think about that. I suppose that leaves me with more stuff to consider for any additional stories. And to think I was trying to only think about the DVD extra.
Sep. 16th, 2013 11:44 pm (UTC)
As lovely as it would be to see more of the Noble/Mott clan, I think the majority of your readers, including myself, will agree that the DVD extra should be the main fic priority at this point. *wink*
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