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FIC: The Foreseen Wife: Sexual Education (1/1)

Title: The Foreseen Wife: Sexual Education (the DVD extra)
Rating: MA

Author: tkel_paris
Summary: In a world where Gallifrey survived the Time War, the Doctor must remarry. Only his wife will bear many responsibilities for helping rebuild and protect time. Not sure where to start, he gives Sarah Jane the power to choose. How will she pick? Written for bas_math_girl's birthday.
Required Disclaimer: This is a humorous twist on several ideas I've seen, built around one I thought of. So I don't own the characters within.
Dedications: BMG, of course! And... I suppose Juno_Inferno because of “Cosmic Love”, which fed a little into Muse's thinking about this story. And my beta for this work: tardis_mole. You really know how to make a girl feel better about what she thought was crack-fic. :D
Author's Note: Utter silliness that would NEVER have been canon. Written solely to amuse BMG. And hopefully my other readers. It clearly entertained TM, who apparently had a late breakfast because it was “compelling”. I don't encourage anyone to skip or have late meals, even if the effort is to my benefit. But I owe you one, TM. Thank you.

And here it is: the DVD extra. Finished it, and then got caught up in a flipping monster otherwise known as a plot balrog. So... here's something for everyone of age. ;) Extra thanks to TM for the smut pointers. I needed them. :)

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight

DVD Extra: Sexual Education

His parents hadn't been exaggerating, the Doctor realized in a hazy thought as he telepathically ordered the Old Girl to dematerialize. Now what had made no sense during the enforced research were suddenly things he was wild to try with his bride.

And he didn't care what his people thought. Even if she was their new Queen. Only his unwillingness to stop kissing her prevented him from crying triumphantly, as he carried her off, “Alons-y!”

Donna couldn't believe that he was still kissing her, carrying her through a room that – though the peek she had from opening her eyes – looked like a bizarre collection of scrap yard items that bore no resemblance to the TARDIS his mother had used, and not yet out of breath. The way this snog was going she had expected he would need to break for air.

Respiratory bypass, love.

She started. What the hell?! That was his voice, but how did he talk when his mouth was latched onto hers?

The bond, Donna. Two-way telepathic contact.

She paused. She focused her next thought on him. Is that why I'm getting images from you that belong in adult film?

I don't intend anyone to know what we're doing in private.

Good. Where are we going and how come you're not hitting yourself on the way?

The TARDIS is reminding me of where to step, and she's making it easier on me.

Is she the unusual singing I'm hearing in my head?

That's her.

Donna listened to it even as her lips kept returning the kiss. The singing was more like the most beautiful chimes she'd ever heard, mixed with something that sounded like the vocalizations (which was what it sounded like to her) heard in the soundtrack for the Lord of the Rings. Something from the soprano range, she thought. Then she felt chimes that sounded amused and yet seemed welcoming.

The Doctor grinned into the kiss. She's going to love you as much as I do.

You just bloody met me!

I'll explain the Untempered Schism later. It's how I recognised you.

Great. I have a husband who won't shut up even during sex. And he hasn't even started yet.

I believe there's a difference between sex and lovemaking.

You know it?

Well, we'll find out because I really want to make love to you.

Donna gasped into the kiss when she felt him kneel on a bed and then lower her onto it, his eager body quickly holding her in place. You know, most people probably start disrobing... Oh god, you taste gorgeous.

You taste and feel gorgeous.

Did you get A-levels in smirking?

We didn't have A-levels, but I suppose I would have. And how do you get this dress off you?!

She grinned at his impatient hands roamed her body, making her shiver. She'd never thought such eager possessiveness could be arousing. Here, let me. We can't tear my coronation gown. She managed to lift her back off the bed just enough to reach behind her, undid the clasp, and start to draw down the zipper.

Which as soon as he heard it he took over, and his hand reached inside her dress. His hands found her bra, and didn't seem to know what to do with it.

Again, let me. She had to push his hand aside so she could reach to release the clasp.

His lust-filled brain realizing what that meant, the Doctor took over and then tugged her dress down, bra with it.

This would be easier if you weren't on top of me, she reminded him, not sure whether to roll her eyes or giggle at his antics. And you need to lose your kit, too!

Oh, sorry. He sat up, breaking the kiss and then freezing as his eyes latched onto her exposed chest. She was magnificent.

Beautiful,” he breathed in reverence. “Oh, that’s beautiful... Oh, kiss everything... Oh, touch everything... oh taste... OH!”

In a second, not even remotely undressed, his moaned litany came to a groaned, explosive standstill.

I’m sorry,” he whimpered, sifting back on his heels, disgusted and dejected, as his eyes filled up with tears. “I wanted this to be perfect. But I’ve ruined it!” he grated in anger.

Donna sat up as he lifted both hands into the air and let them drop in despair. She could tell what had happened. All those years alone, preceded by countless years of inability, had made him reach climax prematurely. Never mind the rush she felt as it happened. He looked embarrassed and disappointed and lost and a failure.

Theta,” she crooned softly, soothing him with her mind, stroking away his tears. “It happens. And it’ll be more common than you think with this Curse thing coming to an end. Everyone will have problems of some sort. No one's probably talking about it, which makes it worse – no one knows what to expect or what to do.”

Yeah,” he conceded with a sniff, grateful she wasn't turning away from him but comforting and holding him instead. He still didn't feel able to or worthy of holding her back. “But this moment is ruined. I wanted to make love to you. I had it all planned out. And now it’s gone to waste.”

Well, that’s a problem for a start,” Donna replied feeling more than a bit skeptical about the words. He had likely been more alarmed until he saw her. Although she had a mental whiff of something about his hormones kicking in as soon as he could smell her – and damn those so-called superior senses for being more sensitive than her own. He might've had ideas, but he wasn't enthusiastic about them until after they met. She moved to kneel over him, and frowned. “Oi, I have to get out of this.” She made as quick work on it as she dared, moving to drape it over a nearby chair. “I hope your ship can make it look like new. I know that everyone has a clue what we're up to, but that don't mean I want them to see evidence.”

The separation made him uneasy, but he was immediately distracted by the sight of her nearly naked body. His eyes drank in the curves, the exposed skin, and the knickers that seemed made only to arouse a man. Not for the first time, he wondered about Humans and their sexual obsessions.

Donna moved back to his side, strutting deliberately and enjoying how his eyes grew even wider. “You don’t plan lovemaking. You want to be spontaneous. That way it doesn’t become monotonous or predictable,” she added as she surprised him by straddling him and removing his tie.

But I thought...” He didn’t finish the sentence. Not that he could be faulted for it. He was staring right at the magnificence that had caused his embarrassment in the first place. Add in her pheromones and it was amazing he could think at all. Not to mention where her privates were in relation to his.

She smiled knowingly as she slowly removed his jacket and then tossed it to the side as she continued the lesson. “Listen for a bit, as tricky as it might be given how randy you're acting. I might not have any practical experience myself, but I've read and studied and learnt about sex and lovemaking. And about the Curse. Tell me the truth: were you nervous about the chance that you wouldn't like me, that I might not like you, and yet we would still have to mate?”

He swallowed and nodded. “And I feel bad now for not trusting Sarah and – um, Sarah Jane and Jack. They both said I was lucky.” And his breathing quickened as her fingers undid the buttons on his dress shirt, drawing a gasp when she accidentally brushed his skin.

Donna beamed in pride. And the stories told her to not worry about how the Doctor accidentally referred to his ex – it was partial habit permitted because they had been so close, but you only did that to the person's face and never in reference. Even Donna was granted that honor, and she hoped to do her friend proud. “I'll be honest and say that I hadn't been sure that you wouldn't want to run when you saw me. Not exactly had the best luck as a ginger-nut.”

They're all idiots, because you're gorgeous.”

She blushed. “You're not just saying that because I'm almost naked, are you? Or is this something to do with that vision I got wind of in your mind?”

As she drew his shirt off, he blushed. “We all look into the Untempered Schism when we're eight years old. Shows us our place in time, and hints of who and what we'll see. You were there, although I don't remember anything other than your face, smiling at me. I've been looking forward to meeting you ever since, and even wanted to be ginger like you.”

She giggled. “My shade wouldn't look so good on you, Your freckles are too dark. You'd need a different shade.”

Then she stopped talking as she looked at his slightly furred chest. “Blimey, you're more muscular than that penguin suit suggested! From some of the things I heard about you I was half expecting a bloke that was a skinny streak, but – at the risk of inflating your already too big for your boots ego – you're bloody gorgeous!”

He blushed deeply even as he sighed in relief. She liked what she saw. And now he understood Rose's fixation on him. He should never have asked if he was attractive.

She touched his face. “And let's not think about daft underage bints. By the time I'm done teaching you tonight it'll be less wandering thoughts and more wandering hands.”

He blinked. “What?”

She smiled. Distraction effective. “Now... this will be easier if you lie back, love.”

Uncertain what she had in mind since she was suddenly guarding her thoughts from him, he followed her instructions. But when her hands reached for his belt he grabbed them, stopping her before he could think about it.

What's wrong? I'm... I'm feeling... Are you afraid?”

He paled, closing his eyes as if that could stop the sense memories from returning. “When I became the man you see here, I fell very ill from the regeneration. I had to be looked after by Rose, her mother, and Mickey Smith. Rose... she pulled the clothes that no longer fit off me and put me in jim-jams belonging to her mother's boyfriend.”

Donna stiffened. “She didn't...?” She couldn't finish the sentence.

Not that he needed her to. He felt her horror and anger on his behalf. He knew those emotions well. “No. She kept her hands off everything that... didn't concern her. That probably kept me from just letting my people have at her then despite... Time considerations. That and her mother actually took good care of me. I'd misjudged Jackie, and I felt I owed her the effort to punish Rose is a way that didn't cost Jackie her child forever.”

I'm going to assume you did everything you could, and I understand from Jack that she's paying her debt to Gallifrey. Now... would you feel better if you took off your own clothes?”

He nodded and sat up. His work was slow because he was growing increasingly nervous. Would she like what he had? How did he compare with a Human man? Then he remembered she said she had no practical experience, which suggested she might have come to him a virgin. And given what little he recalled of her thoughts it seemed true.

She waited until he had put everything to one side to even look anywhere near below the waist. “A Time Lord has the same anatomy where it counts as a Human. So all it takes is a little lesson in muscle control. And it certainly looks ready to go again,” she said carefully.

Muscle control? He mulled it over in his mind and then realised what she’d said. He looked down at himself and noticed his arousal still in evidence. “It didn’t say that in the books.”

Did someone give you books to read on sex?”

Yes,” he admitted, blushing despite knowing she had to be aware of all aspects of the Curse.

She took a deep breath. “Fat lot of good they’re going to be. They’re designed for Humans, not Time Lords. Forget what you’ve read and let me show you how to control orgasm.”

He gazed at her with wide eyes. “Control orgasm? How's that possible?”

She smiled gently. “Lie back, and I'll show you. All you need to do is trust me, and pay attention when I give instructions.”

He gulped before obeying the first real command she ever gave him. What was going to happen next?

Right, I'm going to gently touch you, a bit of a cross between caresses and massaging, to show you how you can't really plan anything down to the details even if you've made love before. If you don't like being touched in any place or if you really like a particular touch, let me know immediately. That's an important part of lovemaking, and you can't learn each other's likes and dislikes without it.”

He nodded, blinking in confusion.

Donna smiled as she gently rested her hands on his shoulders and softly began stroking his skin. “Of course, if you just let me in on your thoughts, that might do. I'm keeping mine guarded so you don't have any distractions.”

He sucked in a sharp breath. “This is distracting enough,” he whispered, his voice mostly absent all of a sudden. Which was shocking enough given his gob.

You just need practice, Theta. And trust me, practice will be fun.”

Within moments he wasn't so sure about that. Oh, the pleasure from her hands caressing his skin was nothing like what he had expected from reading the books. He'd been long aware that holding a hand was an important connection to another person, a way to stave off loneliness. After what Rose had done, however innocent it seemed from her side, he had not been looking forward to this nakedness.

But Donna made that different. He couldn't stop himself from making noises utterly unsuitable to a Time Lord's reputation. Despite that, he was in awe of her. She showed him the joys of touch, and made him eager for when he got to return the favor.

Yet he wanted this knowledge she had, this control she spoke of. It had to mean how to identify and use muscles he had never used. Not that he could think about that for long given her hands moving below his waist.

She paused with her hands on his hips. “Okay, now for the lesson.” She lifted one hand and moved it to touch the underside of his penis.

He gasped. “What?!”

This muscle I'm touching, Humans call it the bulbocavernosus. It's the muscle you need to concentrate on, the one that will delay and control orgasm. Can you make it tighten and relax?”

He managed a deep breath, and then used every scrap of discipline he could locate to do what she said. He tried a few times, and felt exactly what she said he should. “I did it!”

She giggled. “Okay, love. That's the first step. Now you need to be able to do it while making love. We'll start easy, and then work our way up.”

He opened his mouth to ask, but cried out in shock. Her hand moved from that spot to grasp what had caused his earlier embarrassment.

Remember, you have to focus.”

Focus? Now he understood why Human males sometimes referred to females as minxes. This seemed a tall ask.

Come on, you can do it. Do it for me,” she whispered.

That helped him gather himself together. He focused on what she'd told him, on making it happen even though he wanted to give in completely to the pleasure she gave him freely. He gave it everything he had, and just when he thought he couldn't go on any longer he felt a rush flood his veins and a loud moan escape him. But no fluids came out.

He looked down and blinked. “What happened?” he rasped.

She smiled widely, trying to recover her breath as what he felt triggered a reaction in her. “You orgasmed without spilling. You did it.”

I... I just learned how to stop ejaculation?”

Yes. You just learned how to have an orgasm without climaxing, to prolong lovemaking.”

He grinned and caught his breath. “I did it! Are you okay?” he added as he noted her breathlessness.

Yeah. Just seems like this bond means if one of us cums, so will the other. To an extent. Guess that'll make things easier at times.” She also supposed it meant that if she was just trying to be nice with some hand work she'd end up aroused at the very least. Whether she was in the mood to start with, she would be whether she liked it or not.

Oh.” Then he blinked again as he looked back down. “Shouldn't that be going down about now?”

Donna shrugged. “There's so little information about what's normal for Gallifreyans. I'm afraid it's the one thing I wasn't informed on.” She blushed. “Maybe it means you can go for hours. Oh, I'll be sore if that's the case.”

He looked concerned. “I'd never want that for you.”

Might not be able to help it. We just have to balance our species' differences.”

I want to make love now,” he declared, trying to sit up.

She stopped him. “I think you need more practice with controlling orgasm.”

I'm a Time Lord. I only need the one lesson.”

I'm your wife, and I say one more practice session is called for, one harder than the last. Now, close your eyes and concentrate – no matter what. And stay still.”

Bewildered, he complied and waited.

Donna took a deep breath. She wasn't sure she was going to enjoy this under any other circumstances, but she was willing to do a lot for his sake. Maybe she would like it through his pleasure.

He felt her shift on the bed, and tried to figure out how she was laying herself by his side. Not that he was able to do anything but gasp loudly when he felt her mouth somewhere he wasn't expecting. Even with all the “education” Jack put him through, he had not anticipated this happening.

Within seconds, he thought the pleasure might kill him. He really didn't want that, but he couldn't remotely form the words for her to stop. He didn't want that either.

Donna quickly found using all aspects of her mouth was trickier than she imagined. Not because she hadn't found ways of practicing the techniques, but because of the bond. His feelings flooded her mind, sending corresponding stabs of want through her body and almost tricking her privates into thinking they were being pleasured. It was all she could do to keep her thoughts veiled, although she suspected he had to be getting some feedback from her.

She hoped it would help train him, because the act wasn't as bad as some of her mates had told her it was. Or maybe Gallifreyan skin just tasted better than Human skin did.

Vague memories of the 'education' forced the Doctor to maintain control over those important muscles, but it left none for his mouth and throat. He was barely aware that he was making sounds that forfeited any right to being called a Lord of anything at all.

Not that he cared. Especially not when another flood of warmth slammed into him, making him bellow before sagging.

Donna let him go and panted. She'd been right. As soon as he'd cum, she'd felt a rush into her veins. “Oh my god!”

He beamed at her. “That was bloody brilliant!”

She had to smirk a little even as she tried to catch her breath, collapsing to the side. “Yeah, and to think I actually got something out of it other than the satisfaction of turning you into putty.”

Chuckling just a little, he pushed himself up enough to scoot down so his face met Donna's. “Give me a moment and I'll do the same to you.”

Um... as much as we're supposed to be trying for a baby whenever the time's right, and however that's possible given the species differences, I'm not as robust as the women of your kind. Not that I'm saying I'm a shrinking violet!”

Not saying you are. I just have to be careful until we know what limits there are based on those species differences, as you said. But I know we can mate. The parts fit together the same.”

She glanced back at the still reaching for her part of him. “Unless you've got some perception filter?”

Nope. Not that you wouldn't be able to see through one if I did.”

She sighed in relief. “Glad there aren't any thorns or extra things to deal with.”

He cringed. “Oh, don't remind me of overhearing someone ask 'anything else he's got two of'!”

She snorted as a moment from Whose Line Is It Anyway? came to mind. “Well, at least you don't have more than one wife at a time. That'd beg that question.”

Let's have less talk about the past,” he muttered. He curled right next to her and used his free arm to draw her body against his, making her eyes widen. “And more of the wandering hands you mentioned.” And he kissed her.

She gasped, he took that as an open invitation to explore her mouth again. She was impressed that he wasn't bothered at all by any tastes that might be lingering.

I've been known to lick random things. Doesn't bother me.

She stilled. How do I know where that tongue's been?!

He chuckled into the kiss. Jack made me use mouthwash. I'm clean.

Really, Sunshine? Considering what-

She cut herself off as his hands coaxed her body back up the bed, also drawing her knickers off. The way his hands roamed her bare body, cool and gentle and a hint possessive, made her lose track of her thoughts.

He broke the kiss so he could watch her reactions to his touch, bantering all the way until she came apart from his hands on her breasts – drawing him with her, barely hanging on to his control.

Panting with glee that he made his goddess queen limp with pleasure, he gave in to that yearning he had from the first moment he saw her bare chest.

She sucked in her breath, and kept struggling to breathe as all aspects of his mouth touched her. She couldn't keep her hands out of his hair, not that her hands were needed to tell him what she liked and what to repeat. Cumming felt deeper and longer than before.

As soon as he caught his breath, he rose enough so his hands could explore between her legs, being ever so careful and gentle. At least until she made telepathic pleas for changes in the touching that made her cry out.

Nowhere near done, he moved on to one of the things that had embarrassed and baffled him during the 'education'. He had no idea her cries would get louder and more passionate, or that her hands would unknowingly try to pull his hair out. Not that he could complain given the passion and screams he got from her, or the rush of pleasure via their bond. He had to try it again, this time with hands caressing her breasts.

She couldn't believe she had more in her after she came from that, or that he still wasn't done. Mouth back to her breasts while his hands played her into another frenzy.

Please,” she panted. “I don't have any more to give.”

He moved over her. “One more, please?”

She knew what he meant. Impossible not to. Deciding she had that left in her, she nodded, bracing herself for a moment of possible discomfort.

Aware that this next moment could be painful and hoping he'd pleasured her enough that it wouldn't be, he joined their bodies. And barely kept from ejaculating when she, after whimpering from the pain of her hymen breaking, came apart from the cool intrusion.

Trembling from all the effort of holding himself back, he built the added friction between their bodies. Look at me, he begged.

She opened her eyes, and his gaze caught and held hers. Hopes and dreams flashed before their eyes as they held hands. Her legs first helped with the counterpoint, and then wrapped around him to draw their bodies closer. And finally they climaxed together in tumultuous and joyous union.

Boneless, he barely managed to move off her body to not crush her. Still, his arms curled her close as he rolled onto his back.

Eyes closed, she nested against his body, head resting on his chest. She doubted she could move even if she had to.

He grinned like an idiot. They'd spent over an hour in bed, and he had brought her to orgasm more than six times! And each time he had joined her, only letting go the last time. She was brilliant!

Oi,” she muttered sleepily, “shut it a while. I need rest.”

He stroked her hair. “Then sleep, love. I'll keep my thoughts to myself.”

And it worked. She was unconscious within moments.

He looked at her hair and form, nestled trustingly against him. He was going to love every moment he had with her, for the rest of her life. Knowing she was Human, he would put off his adventures as much as possible to have as much time with her as he could since he couldn't imagine ever getting enough of her.

He loved her. More importantly, he could not wait for her to get pregnant. He could not wait for her to have children. And, greater than that, he could not wait for her to be his Queen.

But he'd let her sleep first. She earned it. And she'd need to be alert before she faced their people.

She woke later, no idea how long it had been. Although their positions had altered – she was on her back, and he was curled against her, almost on top. And yet none of her limbs felt like they were going to go to sleep.

She looked at his sleeping face. He looked so young and innocent. If she didn't know he was so much older, she would've sworn she'd gone cradle-snatching.

But he'd been so sweet and loving. She would love sharing a bed with him. She suddenly wanted his children. She hoped they would get his eyes, even if he could change bodies to avoid total death. But even regeneration was a death. No one had said it, but she knew. The old personality was gone, so what else could you call it?

He stirred, as if feeling her thinking. “Morning,” he murmured as he opened his eyes slightly, smiling at her.

She grinned. “How do you tell in a time capsule?”

Even though the TARDIS halts most biological functions, it's best that we keep some sort of natural rhythm as we travel. So it's morning.”

Does that mean I'm going to find your testosterone levels – or whatever equilelent you Gallifreyans have – are high right now?”

What are the signs?”

Not listening so well, extra eager for vigoruous sex, and just being blokes.”

Well, I don't know about most of those, but I wouldn't mind making love again.”

Donna snorted. “My point is proved. And I need a shower.”

He grinned and started picking her up. “Let me show you. I think we can have some fun cleaning up.”

Oi, shower sex is much more difficult than it seems.”

Time Lord, Donna. I'm stronger than I look.”

Obviously. You aren't even struggling to carry me.”

And you are lighter than you think you are. No more of those doubts. I'm going to snog you senseless each time you doubt yourself again, at the least.”

She blushed. And hoped that he would be careful. She wasn't sure the Gallifreyans and Karnaans were ready to let go of the rather prudish and innocent attitudes, so she hoped that no one would catch the Queen and Lord President sneaking a quickie in the shadows. And the thought seemed to amuse him just the same.

She had to get better at keeping her thoughts to herself. Or she'd give him too many ideas. He clearly got enough of them on his own.

Although she had to admit he was more clever about it than she thought. She knew that soaping each other could be very arousing, but his strength in holding her against a little shelf made their interlude very loud and satisfying.

Drying off, she looked at her hair and sighed heabily. The curls were all back. “Do you have a straightener on this ship?”

Why would you want to straighten your hair? It's beautiful this way!”

Straight hair is fashionable, desirable.”

Forget what Earth idiots think. You're Gallifrey's Queen now, and you can set the fashions. And as your husband I'm begging you to leave your hair as it naturally is.” He stroked the wet strands.

Even if it's frizzy?”

I bet we have things here that would help. But please?”

She had to admit he had the best puppy eyes she'd ever seen. God help her if all their children inherited them. Sighing, she nodded. “Fine. I'll only do it if I think it's a good idea for some meeting on Earth. There you'll have to trust my judgment, Spaceman.”

As long as you're not hurting that beautiful hair.” He kissed her wet scalp.

Daft Martian. Now let's dry off and get dressed. I can't wait to see what you have to wear for the coronation.”

She was Queen now. Officially made it through the scary trials, and the reception had wound down about an hour ago. The Humans had all gone back to Earth, and Jack had seen his own family to Andred's House to rest for the night. Donna had bid her family and friends a tearful 'until next time' before she and the Doctor took them home. She might never again see the home she grew up in, but she knew she could live with that. She had a permanent job and a husband who adored her.

All she had to do was wait for the children to come. And practice making them.

Now she was in her new home on Gallifrey, at the House of Lungbarrow. Eventually it was said that she and the Doctor would make their own place, but she said that would not be until more of the rebuilding was complete for the planet. So they would make his old room in his family's home theirs for now.

She had a moment to herself until he returned to her. She doubted he would be up for anything, but that didn't stop her from wearing the slinky nightdress her friends had talked her into buying. The blue silk went beautifully against her skin, and the bits of black lace would draw attention to her chest. At least she also had a dressing gown if anyone else knocked.

The Doctor finally entered, sighing heavily and not looking up. “You'd think my family would remember I'm not in my hundreds anymore! I'm on my third marriage!” He closed the door. “Not exactly helpful, don't you-”

He cut himself off as he looked up. He took in her appearance, and his eyes darkened.

Donna blushed. “Guess you're not too tired after all.”

For you? Never.”

Then what are you doing over there? Is this your childhood bed?”

Well... the frame is. The bed was changed for your sake.”

Then let me show you some things most blokes on Earth only dream of happening to them. Feeling up for some more fun?” She crooked a finger as she reposed.

Oh yes!” He barely kept from whimpering as he obeyed the unspoken order drawing him to her side

Donna grinned as he pounced. What a happy puppy she'd married!

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