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Archive 3: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Compiled of all my CI fics so far. Based on tardis_mole's archive system.


Title: The Chameleon RatingCharacters: Deakins, Goren, Eames, Carver Summary:

Title: Suppression Rating: T Characters: Goren, Eames Summary:

Title: Metamorphosis Rating: T (with one exception) Characters: See individual story listings Summary: Every relationship develops and grows/evolves because of pivotal moments. Never was this more true than for Alex Eames and Bobby Goren. Inspired by the original version of my story "Shattered".

  1. Title: Phoenix: Rating: T (with a DVD extra rated M) Characters: Goren, Eames, Deakins, Eames' family Summary: As Alex prepares to become a surrogate, Bobby learns his long-absent father has died. Ashes, a symbol of devastation, have been a part of Bobby's life since childhood, and the pile seems to endlessly grow. Will anything come to life from those ashes?

  2. Title: Two Solitudes Rating: T Characters: Goren, Eames, Deakins, Carver Summary:

  3. Title: More Liable Than Any Other Rating: T Characters: Goren, Eames, Deakins, Carver, Croyden, Nicole Wallace Summary:

Title: Girl Fight Tonight! RatingCharacters: Goren, Nicole Wallace, Eames Summary:

Title: The Cajor Mase Squad Rating: K+ Characters: Eames, Logan, Goren, Barek, Deakins Summary: My idea of an April Fools Day prank on the amorous_intent yahoo listserve back in 2006.

Title: Dr. Stern's Revenge Rating: T Characters: Gavin Haynes, his lawyer, Goren, Eames, Deakins, Carver, Nicole Wallace, Rogers Summary: After Gavin Haynes posts her bail, Nicole starts showing unusual symptoms. When that's brought to police attention, Alex and Bobby notice something overlooked on the test for anthrax.

Title: A Plan She Should Have Skipped RatingCharacters: Goren, Eames, Carver, Mala, Nicole Wallace Summary:

Title: Her Watery Grave RatingCharacters: Nicole Wallace, Rogers, Goren, Eames Summary:

Title: What Freedom Means Rating: T Characters: Goren, Eames, Ross, Declan Gage Summary: What I think happened after the screen went black in "Frame".

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