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Every Doctor Who story that I began posting in 2011. Some might still be Works In Progress, but I'll note that in the listing whenever that's the case.


Title: The Belted Doctor Rating: T Characters: Eight, Nine, Ten/Donna, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Sarah Jane, Martha, Jack, Sylvia, Wilfred, Jenny, Handy, River Summary: Crackfic started by sharing prompts with bas_math_girl. The Doctor is left with a very uncomfortable "protection" against unwanted advances. But will he find the one who is foretold to release him from his... prison?

Title: Shakespearean Cupids Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, Jenny, Jack, Martha, Sarah Jane, Sylvia, Wilfred, Luke, River, Mr, Lux, Proper Dave, Other Dave, Anita, Miss Evangelista, CAL, Dr. Moon Summary: When two people are reminiscent of a Shakespearean couple, friends and family are liable to borrow from the Bard himself to bring them together.  So what happens when the Doctor and Donna get treated like Benedick and Beatrice?

Title: From Ashes to a Phoenix Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, Handy/Pete's World!Donna, Jenny, Sylvia, Wilfred Summary: "The Belted Doctor" supplement. The story of Donna Belle, of Pete's World. How she lost her family, nearly lost herself, and was reborn with the right support.

Title: Legacy Rating: T Characters: Wilfred, Thirteen, Jenny, River Summary: Wilfred Mott experiences something tragic, which places a masive burden on him that he can never share. At least, not with anyone of his time-frame. A "missing scene" from the end of "The Belted Doctor."

Title: You Thought Wrong Rating: T Characters: Eleven, Amy, Rory, Handy, Donna, Shaun Temple, Sylvia, Wilfred Summary: The TARDIS mysteriously dumps Eleven, Amy, and Rory near Chiswick. Worried about running into Donna, Eleven instead runs into someone he thought he'd never see again. A songfic series inspired by Kelly Clarkson songs.

Title: Nothing to Any Purpose That The World Can Say Against It Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, Jenny, Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha, Sylvia, Wilfred, Thomas Brannigan, V, OCs Summary: Sequel to "Shakespearean Cupids". A distress call interrupts the Doctor and Donna's journey as a new couple, forcing them and Jenny to face mistakes he made... because of Rose Tyler. (Work in progress. Muse is stuck.)

Title: Donna's Terse, Unimpressed Replies Rating: T Characters: Donna Summary: Sequel to bas_math_girl's "Love Letters... Almost... Hopefully". Spaceman wrote to Donna three times. What were her answers?

Title: Eyes Forced Open Rating: T Characters: Ten, Rose, Jenny, Donna, Handy, Sylvia, Wilfred, Mikey Noble Summary: The Doctor wants Donna back after "Back to Base" (by bas_math_girl), and he'lll gladly welcome Andy and their children. But Rose isn't keen on it. Especially after they run into someone the Doctor thought lost forever... Written for bas_math_girl.

Title: A Tempting Trope Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: An overnight adventure forces the Doctor and Donna to share a bed. Can you say awkward? Or perhaps... something else? Written for sykira.

Title: Female Advice on Love Letters Rating: T Characters: Ten, Sarah Jane, Donna Summary: Part of the "Love Letters" series being written by bas_math_girl, tkel_paris, and nipponophile05.

Title: Return to Base Rating: T Characters: Donna, Handy, Jenny, Mikey Noble, Ten, Rose, Sylvia, Wilfred, Martha, Mickey, Jack, Pete's World!Donna Summary: Sequel to bas_math_girl's "Back to Base" and my "Eyes Forced Open". Jenny plots against Rose, the Doctor helps Donna deliver, and a surprise hits them all.

Title: Insecure Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna Summary: How did Donna get the Doctor to agree to teach her to pilot the TARDIS? Well, he had a wish... and she took adavantage. A response to a LJ picspam and comments on missing scenes.

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