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Archive 5: Doctor Who 2012 posted stories

All of my Doctor Who stories that I started posting in 2012. Some were not finished until 2013 or later. Any Works in Progress are noted.


Title: Cherub Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, Handy (Benny), Sarah Jane, Jack, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Martha, Sylvia, Wilfred Summary: Donna saved all of Creation seemingly on her own. Well, not quite. The Doctor isn't prepared to see what became of his old hand... My contribution for the Alternate Handy Fanfic Challenge I issued.

Title: Love is Thine to Teach Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, the TARDIS Summary:

Title: Love Potion #42 Rating: T/M Characters: Ten/Donna, Rose, Jackie, Handy, Martha, Mickey, Jack, Sylvia, Wilfred Summary:

Title: Waters of Lethe Rating: T Characters: Donna, Handy, Sarah Jane Summary: Donna Noble ponders why she is so sad... why she doesn't remember the world she lives in... and the people taking care of her. Second person POV, written for 2011 doctor_donna Secret Santa, for

Title: Idris' Revenge Rating: T Characters: Donna, Ten, Handy, Rose, the TARDIS/Idris, Martha, Jackie, Jack, Mickey Summary: The TARDIS isn't thrilled to realize what the Doctor is thinking toward Handy, that he doesn't realize how to save Donna, and how much of a danger Rose still is to the multi-verses. So she takes charge, and shock everyone by creating a body.

Title: Riverlets Through Time Rating: T Characters: River, Ten, Donna, Jenny, Handy, Rose, Jackie, Sylvia, Wlifred, Martha, Mickey, Amy, Rory, Melody Pond Summary: Series of fics stemming from River Song changing what she tells the Doctor, given that she's not

Title: A Time Lord's Fury Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, Rose Summary: A challenge answer bas_math_girl's "The Girl From Beyond". What did the Doctor say to Rose to tell her off? This goes beyond that to explain what the punishment really was.

Title: A Different Threefold Man Rating: T Characters: Donna, Handy (split into two), Ten, Rose, Jackie, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Sylvia, Wilfred, Minnie Manton, Jenny Summary: Not even Caan could see every possibility. The Hand was far more aware than anyone gave it credit for, and it transformed itself into something different. Now Donna Noble and the Doctor have their work cut out for them. Finished in 2013.

Title: Brazlian Wax Series: There's the Door! Rating: T Characters: Ten, Rose, Donna, Jenny, the TARDIS Summary: A visit to an outer space mall leaves Rose with an unpleasant surprise, and the Doctor utterly confused – and not very sympathetic. But who gave it to her? NOT FOR ROSE FANS.

Title: Cupboard Fantasies Rating: M Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: When the Doctor realizes he lacks the tools to get into Adipose Industries' computers, his mind wanders into dangerous territory...regarding a ginger who's been on his thoughts for over a year.

Title: Donna's Top Ten Lessons in Getting and Keeping a Mate Rating: T Characters: Donna, Ten, and others referenced, including Rose Summary: The school of hard knocks has given Donna invaluable advice to give to anyone – though ladies and girls especially should take careful notes.

Title: The Doctor's Top Ten Lessons in Getting and Keeping a Mate Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, and others referenced, including Rose Summary: Claiming 904 years of experience, the Doctor has some guidelines for anyone seeking assistants, friends, companions – or more.

Title: Donna's Healing Touch Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: Donna offered a healing touch to a mentally exhausted Doctor, who needs comforting. But he's freaking out trying to imagine what it involves.

Title: Gallifreyan Dirty Talk - A Lifesaver Rating: M Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: The Doctor's own thoughts uncover a way to keep Donna with him. Can be considered a prequel to sykira's “Talk Dirty or Die,” which was prompted by louiecat68 for the doctor_donna comm's Porn Battle.

Title: The Noble Girl - Jenny Rating: T Characters: Jenny, Donna, Mickey, Nine, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Wilfred, Clive Summary: The lives of a blonde teenage shop girl and her boyfriend are transformed forever when someone called the Doctor saves her life. Only... the girl isn't Rose Tyler. Written for cassikat's birthday, sort of on her request.

Title: The Truth in Her Kiss Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna Summary: A Time Lord can tell a lot about a person through close contact. What did he sense from the big shock Donna gave him?

Title: Ginger Goddess, Part 1 - A Very Big Shock Rating: M Characters: Ten, Rose, future Doctor/Donna implied, Mickey, Jackie Summary: Ten sees something he likes while on New Earth with Rose, but she doesn't. NOT a Ten/Rose story!

Title: Flipped, Book 1 Rating: T Characters: Nine, David Noble (a DT-played "male version of Donna"), Rose, Mickey, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Wilfred, Eileen, Madame Curie Summary: The Ninth Doctor saves two people at Henrick's. One is Rose Tyler. The other is a man who will change the Doctor's life forever. Written for tardis_mole's birthday.

Title: No, I Don't Have You! Series: There's the Door! Rating: T Characters: Nine, Rose Summary: Rose's words to Nine in “The End of the World” have the opposite effect of what she intended.

Title: Ginger Goddess, Part 2 - Eager Groom, Unaware Bride Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Lance, Wilfred, Eileen Summary: Ten has been patiently preparing himself to meet his bride and impress her. Naturally, their first proper meeting doesn't go well. After all, she's intending to marry another.

Title: Twitterpated Rating: T Characters: Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Jack, Martha, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Wilfred, Ten/Donna Summary: The Doctor and a number of companions run into the wise man of love, Jack Harkness. He foresees interesting things in their futures. Written for tardis_mole as a Christmas present and serenityslady as a birthday present.

Title: The Noble Girl - The End of the World Rating: T Characters: Nine, Jenny, Mickey, Wilfred, Donna, Jabe, Cassandra Summary: Jenny Noble and Mickey Smith's first TARDIS adventure? The Earth's Death. Time to see just how alien the universe is. Written for cassikat.

Title: A Christmas Planet?! Rating: T Characters: Ten/Donna, unnamed OCs Summary: The Doctor has taken them to the Christmas Planet. Donna has plenty to say about it. Written as a prompt answer to heintz57 for the 2013 Not-So-Secret Santa, and as serenityslady's Christmas present.

Title: The Doctor's Wandering Eye Rating: T Charcters: Donna, Ten Summary: Donna's noticed that Martian Boy's eyes are straying. Does he really just want a mate? She's skeptical – and fishing for answers.

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