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Cracked 60K tonight for NaNo

And the ending word count for the first NaNo project ever, now slightly revised since I lost words to my Mac crash (and didn't know it until I pulled the file out of the woodworks), is 60,208.

But it's only day 17. How the heck could I stand to NOT write or see how many words I can write in 30 days? So... Ginger Goddess 3 has been pulled from the wait list and now has an extra hundred or so words so far. That will be what I work on for the rest of NaNo. Will have to pause to plot it a bit tomorrow, just so I have goals to work toward. That seems to help me get those high word counts. Wonder if I can manage a double NaNo, more or less...? :D

And besides... I'll need to see what I can get written before Thanksgiving since I'll be at work ALL DAY. Still... I aim for at least par on that day. Even if we're crazy busy and I don't get out in a reasonable time.

Anyway... it's fascinating the things I take pride in and feel no compunction about bragging about. Oh, well. I need to tout my own horn more often. :)

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