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FIC: Flipped, Book 2 (4/10)

Title: Flipped, Book 2
Rating: heavy T for most contents, but it earns an M for occasional scenes and subject matter
Author: tkel_paris
Summary: David Noble has the biggest challenge of his life ahead – taking care of the new Tenth Doctor. Of course, it's harder because his male friend who was in love with him is now a gorgeous ginger woman... who's caught his eye. Sequel to Flipped, Book 1. Written for tardis_mole.
Required Disclaimer: The summary should be enough to tell you I own nothing.
Dedications: My good friend tardis_mole, for helping me discover my talent at editing and for being an inspiration. You've challenged me to go beyond what I previously thought I would like, and so this is the farthest I've gone from my comfort zone so far. Who knows where I'll go next?

And another important shout-out: sykira, whose LJ post about John Barrowman's comments about how Doctor Who could eventually go was the ultimate spark for this idea. So I suppose that means the ultimate blame for this lies with the Barrowman. I can only imagine what he would think, although I suspect he would heartily approve. :P

Author's Note: Originally spawned from a different idea that split into three, this is a new version of one of those ideas revived as a birthday present. And it's spawned a slightly AU version as a future present. The original prompt from TM boiled down to this: “The Doctor and Donna in a situation that's never been done before.” Ask and ye shall receive, my friend. Enjoy the sequel. :D Happy Belated Birthday, TM! :DDD I really jope you like this. I finally had to start posting because the uncertainty of whether I did well enough was getting to me.

Oh, and if you haven't read Flipped, please go back and do so. As in right now. :)

Special Disclaimer: I refuse to be held responsible for any $2000/2000 lattes, spit-takes, fainting spells, workplace/school gaffes, or falling against/from things that might happen if you're not careful while reading this story. Especially in certain chapters. Read at your own risk. (I put this in because I was warned by one of my betas, cassikat, that my emails should come with a spit-take warning. So I'm looking out for y'all. ;D)

Special Chapter Note: Congratulations, TM. You know why. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three


“Oi,” called out David. For the first time, he was standing in the Control Room alone, waiting on the Doctor. “When are we going on the adventure?”

“Right now,” said the Doctor, finally making her appearance. She had chosen the suit and berry colored top. “I'll have to test the other outfits later. Ready for our first proper adventure since my regeneration?”

He had to grin. “Past ready.”

She beamed at him. “Help me fly the Old Girl?”

It was almost like the old times. Except for the Doctor's change. At least she modified her bra so she didn't jiggle while they bounced in the Time Vortex. He might not have been able to handle that.

Parting with the Doctor during an adventure wasn't necessarily a good idea. As much as he'd been distressed during the first adventure, he'd learned his lesson when he realized that the metal spiders had caused the Steward's death. What if he'd been locked in one of those rooms? The question haunted his nightmares for some time afterward.

But when you didn't choose to be separated was another matter. And he found himself parted from the Doctor's company by a lift that suddenly closed on him. He found himself in a dark room, far underground. Try as he might, he couldn't make the lift move. So he had no choice but to explore... carefully. There had to be stairs, after all.

Moments later, he ran into a man with strange markings on his face. There was something rather simple in his speech, like he lacked more than basic intelligence. He begged him to come with him, to help someone. David hesitated, but followed cautiously. When Chip, as the man called himself, stopped, David saw someone he had been sure was dead. “Cassandra?!”

The alien was looking rather well for someone who had exploded due to the heat. “David Noble, if I'm not mistaken.”

“How the hell did you survive? Are you a clone?!”

“That piece of skin was taken from the front of my body,” Cassandra answered primly. “This piece is the back.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Hang on, are you saying that you're talking out of your-”

“Ask not!”

“Oh, and you don't think anyone was paying attention earlier? I talked with several of the guests afterward. They mentioned how you spoke of being a little boy, playing on the Earth. That means your first surgeries were transgender ones.” He blinked as a random thought hit him, which he immediately voiced. “Or... were you both and just started life being raised as a boy?”

“Hmmph. Fine, I was a boy in some ways. Enough that they raised me as one, but it felt wrong. I finally had the first surgeries in my twenties, after I left home. I must say you're rather open-minded for some random human.”

“I'm not a random anything,” he snapped, the Noble temper flaring slightly. “But what are you doing here? Is this the place to get your latest flattening treatment? Or was it blood bleaching you were going for next time? And who is he?” Eying him up and down, David looked more carefully at the unusual tattoo or some other kind of skin art on his face. He had no clue what the meaning was.

“It began with that, but these Cat-Nuns are up to something. And this is Chip. I cloned him from the last person who called me beautiful.”

Oh, she was vainer than he'd thought! “I'll deal with your need for flattery later, if I'm even bothered to do so. As for that suspicion, is that your distrust of the hybrids talking?”

“I do not deny that I wouldn't trust them very far, even though they are the best. There's a saying: 'Never trust a nun. Never trust a cat. And never trust a nurse.' They are all three, they are hiding something, and I suspect it's down here somewhere.”

He groaned silently. “That explains a few things.” Like why the Doctor's random setting drew them here. Well, it was really the Face of Boe calling to them, but he had to wonder if anything had caught the Face's attention other than what he had already shared. The Doctor still had terrible sense of timing, but he'd wondered if his friend's luck would change now that the Doctor was a woman. Evidently not.

“What's that?”

“Nothing. Now what are your suspicions?”

“I don't dare say them out loud. Come closer.”

“Not a chance, Cassandra. Chip might try to 'moisturise' me.”

“I actually need you alive for this. And I suspect if you're here then that swot who called himself the Doctor is also here. Much as I hate to admit it, I know we'll need him, too.”

“Well, you'll have to wait until I can locate the Doctor and signal to come down here.” He spoke carefully, making sure he didn't give away what had happened. Someone as surgery and appearance obsessed as Cassandra would surely envy what the Doctor had said was her species' greatest shame. Strange, he'd thought. That a race that lived so long-lived would consider a way of 'cheating' death a shame, but then he'd remembered Jack and decided that perhaps he just didn't get it. Yet.

Cassandra frowned a moment. “Well, I see I'll have to change plans.”

Before David could blink, she took a huge breath and exhaled. Visible energy flowed out of her and right into David's head, making him collapse against the boxes behind him. Cassadra's body shriveled and died as the energy left it.

David's head moved slowly, and he groaned. His eyes opened, and a triumphant smile broke out. “Oh, I knew I could cross the distance if I focused hard enough!”

The tone was no longer his. It was Cassandra's.

Cassandra made David's body stand up and go to a mirror. “Well, I lost my body, and this is not what I had in mind. I never wanted to be a boy again, but here I am – stuck in a skinny human lad's body.” His eyes narrowed thoughtfully. “But he's not bad-looking. I could've done worse. These features might look bad individually, but put together they work well enough to be called handsome.”

Chip seemed uncertain whether to smile again. “Is my mistress pleased to move freely again?”

“Yes, though I will want another body soon. Hmm...” His hands patted his front down. “Muscle tone would make a pleasing sight, he seems to be carrying a good weapon, and that's a rather nice bum.” One hand slapped it, and the face grinned. “I could even do a samba.” He moved to an unheard beat. “Yes, I could use this body to attract the attention of a woman whose body I'd rather occupy. But I'll have to find that Doctor first.”

Then his eyes narrowed, looking away from the mirror. “Wait... I'm accessing his memories.” He gasped. “The Doctor! He is now a she! I must speak to his... her surgeon!”

If Cassandra had intended for the Doctor to not be suspicious when she used David's body to kiss her, she'd made a miscalculation. The Doctor was all-too aware of David's sexual leanings, and rather suspected that her previously being a he would be a deal-breaker – if that was the right term. So being kissed, as much as it made her insides flutter, screamed that trouble had hit. Something or someone had possessed her friend.

Eyes wide open to the danger, she followed 'David' anyway, muttering, “Still got it” to conceal her suspicions. If there was another danger, she would need to know about it.

So she paid attention to where 'David' was at all times. Although that became a problem when she was introduced to the secret the Cat-Nuns were hiding. And leave it to Cassandra to manage to escape death, jump into the body of her (the Doctor's) best friend, briefly lock her inside one of the capsules for a long moment after spraying her with perfume, and then release the humans filled with enough infectious diseases that they instantly infected anyone they touched.

They escaped to a corridor, but the Doctor got Cassandra's attention. “That's a human mind you're inhabiting, Cassandra. He can't take that for long. You'll squeeze him to death in there, and I won't allow that.”

'David' gave a smile that would've looked right at home on that trampoline that had once been Cassandra's body. “And how are you going to do that?” He strolled right next to the Doctor, who choose to remain still. “Especially when I can do this?” And 'he' kissed her, the energy flowing out of David's body and into the Doctor's.

They both stumbled backward, and David grabbed his head, groaning. “Oi, that's a bad headache.”

Cassandra experimentally moved the Doctor's body. “Oh, baby, this is what I've been waiting for!”

Impressions hit David's mind hard, and he froze in horror as his eyes confirmed what his mind had pieced together. “Oh, my god.”

The Doctor's laugh rang through the room. “Now this is a beautiful body! So... these Time Lords can change when they die? Well, the Doctor I met certainly did himself a favor in transforming into this hot number! Look at these hips!” She ran her hands over them. “Perfect for belly dancing.” She did a little rapid shimmy.

David's eyes felt like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

“And this body has the perfect rear bumper!” She rubbed her hands over the Doctor's bum before turning their attention to her front. “But that might pale in comparison to these.” She rubbed the Doctor's breasts, feeling their weight and composition through the clothing and bra. “Oh, I've missed having breasts!”

“Oi!” David found his voice, even if it squeaked more than a bit. “Let her hands go!”

The Doctor's eyes gave one of Cassandra's measuring looks and kept touching the breasts. “Oh, don't you start. I looked into your memories. You saw her starkers. You're a hypocrite since you tossed yourself off to the mental image you couldn't shake.”

Closing his eyes briefly to ignore the taunting, David marched over and grabbed the Doctor's wrists, forcing Cassandra to stop her exploration. “Listen, Cassandra! You said it yourself: the Doctor is needed for this. Well, if you want to live, and I can tell you do, you're going to have to let her body go. I bet her mind's harder to access.”

“Yes. I can't even see proof that she's as in love with you as that bloke the Doctor used to be. Poor you, all heterosexual and you had your so-called best friend lusting after you.”

Only the sounds of the infected humans coming kept David on track. “Shut up! You want to live? Let her go! I'll accept you back into my mind until the Doctor's fixed this!”

A quick glance at the approaching beings, and Cassandra frowned with the Doctor's face. “I hate it when my fun's spoiled. And you don't know what you're missing.” She planted one on his lips, and flowed right back into him.

Both bodies were disoriented, but the Doctor recovered first. “Run!” She tugged him along.

David stood slightly behind the Doctor, watching as Cassandra, inhabiting Chip's body, completed the circle. As Chip (and Cassandra) died, the younger and still female Cassandra held the body and called for medical help. Compassion that she had tried to conceal in her later years. It would have made her life so much easier had she gone about her later years accepting that side of her. Perhaps it was what drove her to call for help.

Not that he was keen to think about the events of the day. Not given what he could remember of being possessed. As for what the Doctor thought... he really didn't want to go there. Not after the things Cassandra had said.

Back in the Vortex, the Doctor heaved a loud sighing exhale and examined her clothes. “Well, those medicines will come out. But I suppose I shouldn't go about wet very often.”

A tinge of pink highlighted his cheeks. He decided he wouldn't enlighten the Doctor on her unintentional innuendo. At least not until he could talk about it with anything like calm detachment. “Doctor, do you think Cassandra was a narcissist?”

“Well, she certainly had some of the pathology.”

“And... she spoke of growing up as a boy.” He noticed the Doctor's eyes meet his in surprise. “We know there was no regeneration there, so... what do you think happened?”

“I suspect Cassandra might have been a hermaphrodite. You're a physician. You must have heard of it.”

He blinked and slowly sat in the Jump Seat. “Oh, my god... I had it right. I've... I've read in medical texts about things like that happening, but never seen it myself. Except for Cassandra, that is. These cases, though... they're always assigned to a specific gender in the end. Average person in my day at best wouldn't know what to think, and some would outright call for death for those with such rare conditions.”

The Doctor sighed. “David, humans of your time assume there are only two genders. It's been a long tradition with tragic implications and consequences. Has it occurred to you that there may be more of a continuum than just two poles with nothing in the middle?”

“Well, I've certainly seen people who looked like one gender yet acted more like the other. I guess I never thought about it. The medical community assumes that there are only a few ways things can be in humans.” He looked up at her in horror. “How long will it take for my planet to learn that's not true?”

“Much longer than it should,” the Doctor murmured. She went about checking the console. “And some people refuse to believe it. I think Cassandra was proof.”

David felt like he needed a drink to deal with his memories. But he decided that tea would do. “I'll put the kettle on.”

As he left, the Doctor watched him out of the corner of her eyes. She swallowed as she remembered being possessed by Cassandra. It had only been a surface invasion, which was a blessing, but it meant she could remember everything said during that short time.

So her friend had been so... distracted by her new body he felt it necessary to... pleasure himself to the memory of her body? Had there been more than that one time the day she was born?

The Doctor knew to not make anything out of it. Human males – and the males of quite a few species – were visual beings, more so than David had been willing to admit to, and apparently her form triggered his instinctive hormonal reactions. It meant nothing, but had the potential to make things very awkward between them.

Would it have been better had she first met him in this body? Might that have placed her as someone reachable?

She laughed quietly. “No, it wouldn't have,” she murmured aloud. “This is the man who investigated my past because he refused to accept the answers I gave him when I tried to order him to forget me. He would've found out, and asked what I had in common with those eight or nine previous men who were seen in the company of the blue box. He might have reacted worse.”

Sighing, she whispered to the TARDIS. “I'll pretend those... kisses didn't happen. The one time he might appreciate my refusal to talk about something. We can get past it if we ignore the memories.”

Not that she would in her dreams. Unfortunately. And now she had to learn how to pleasure lady-bits, top and bottom. Would be much more fun if she did not have to worry about whether it might make things worse one day between her and her best friend.

Some days she hated that the Curse had been lifted in the end. Life was much easier when she did not know about emotions and lived as though they never touched her. Well, him. Except for in dealing with that first wife. He had despised her, and the feeling was mutual. Who knew how they would have coped had one of them switched genders? It was unlikely that it would have helped matters.

Having assistants and companions had made the Doctor a better person over each life. It had also ultimately made life much more complicated, but nothing compared with this!

Stepping out of the TARDIS some days later for them, David followed the Doctor and stopped before she did. “Oh, this doesn't look like a concert,” he dryly noted. “In fact, this looks like the middle of nowhere in some part of the British Isles.” And it did. No sign of a house or dwelling of any kind. Only miles of grass and trees, and one dirt road. At least neither of them were entirely ill-dressed. He had chosen his familiar brown pinstripe suit, finally giving in to her suggesting he wear that coat. She had chosen a pale blue dress jumper with trousers, a belt, and her new favorite brown coat. He personally thought the clothes could have been more flattering on her, but refrained from saying anything – couldn't seem too interested, after all.

The Doctor grimaced. “You helped me input the coordinates! I know we got them right! We should be exactly where we planned after you... helped your friends again.”

David was glad that no one would understand what she meant, even if anyone had been around to overhear. “Evidently, the TARDIS decided we were needed somewhere else right this moment. I'd half assume we're in the Scottish Highlands. Any clue when are we?” He waved a hand over the surroundings.

Looking around for a moment and licking a finger to test the wind, which was blowing a bit, the Doctor frowned. “The 1800s for sure. Ah, latter part, absolutely the latter part! Maybe the 1870s or 1880s.”

David blinked. “You never licked your finger before.” It reminded him of watching her eat. Not something he wanted to think about in public.

She shrugged. “It seemed to help narrow the possible dates.”

Any further explanation was cut off as a horse-drawn carriage with accompanying riders came into view on the road. The carriage was dark, and the livery on the men surrounding it suggested the carriage's occupant was extremely well-to-do in this period. David eyed it carefully, frowning. “I feel like I should know something about that. It looks like something I've seen before.”

“Nobility, perhaps? No... that's a royal carriage from the Victorian era. That must be... David, you're going to have to take the lead at first.”

His eyes imitated portholes. “What?! I only know what I know from those period pieces my mum and grans love. How can I manage to lead when I don't know what to do?!”

She handed him the Psychic Paper. “Look into this. It'll give us a cover story based on what the Queen might believe.”

David blanched. “Queen... You mean-”

“Yes.” She knew she didn't have to explain any further. He knew his kings and queens of England, after all. And he grasped that there were some places where you had to tread carefully or you'd attract the attention of someone likely to want to cut your head off. The Doctor had faced that threat more than once, barely escaping in some cases. Thankfully in this body it was nothing worse than the people dubbed the Infected and also David's shocked mother.

Swallowing, David took a hard look and watched as the story flashed before his eyes. It felt like he read it faster than he saw it, like the Paper had gone deep into his brain to give him the story to follow. Well, he'd have to make some alterations – some of the Doctor's ideas were flat out wrong for the time – despite all her claims to knowing virtually everything.

So there he was, having to claim to be a Scottish doctor of medicine with a degree from University of Edinburgh, trained under a Doctor Bell. Thank goodness he knew enough about their traditions – he had a few friends who went there, and they had been history buffs as a hobby – that he might be able to pass muster without the Paper. He also had spent time visiting cousins from Leadsworth who were working in Scotland, and he'd learned to perfect a Scottish accent, much to the amusement of his cousin's young daughter who picked up a different accent and never lost it.

He also made a point of avoiding looking directly at the Queen unless outright asked, since he suspected that the royals expected to not be challenged so in this age. And it also had him traveling to assist a friend in a study, which they were on their way toward when their transportation encountered a problem and they happened to be right where the Queen found them.

But where did this leave the Doctor? As his wife. Who, to avoid her being arrested for wearing 'men's clothes', he had to claim he had clothed in some of his garments, with the slightest alterations, as all of hers were completely ruined by the accident the Psychic Paper claimed they had had.

It was all he could do to not flinch. He was not even close to coming to terms with three possessed kisses between him and the Doctor while Cassandra was inhabiting one or the other. Four if you counted the Ninth Doctor's kiss to save his life from the Vortex energy, even though he didn't remember it. At least the era would likely preclude the possibility of having to kiss her – he had no clue how he would react, even though his previous two years with the Doctor had proved he could lie and act reasonably well.

Never mind that he didn't want to hurt his best friend. She hadn't mentioned anything about what Cassandra had said, or what had been said as her last self had been dying in the Control Room. He hoped that would continue for some time yet. At least until he could stop needing... quality time to deal with his hormones. He refused to call it tossing off. There had to be a better, more polite term for what he had to do to keep his hormones in check!

Survival proved a close call that day. Since David had to take command of the event to start, the Doctor soon forgot herself and began leading the investigation. David noted the Queen's displeased reactions, although she never once said that phrase often attributed to her. He later wondered if he and the Doctor would cause her to later use it. Indeed, her life was endangered more than once, and it was an uncertain thing dealing with these monks who acted out of Asian fighting movies and worshiped an alien.

But make it they did, and protected the Queen's life. The Doctor's attitude toward authority had to be reigned in more than once, which allowed David to make full use of the idea that he was the person in charge in their relationship. Had it still been the Ninth Doctor, David supposed he might have stored some major teasing later on toward his friend. But with a female Doctor, he wasn't entirely sure what to do and how to act. It might be why he was sometimes a bit short with her, which he knew she didn't deserve.

However he could have lived without being knighted. 'Sir David Noble of Chiswick'. Yeah, he hoped that would be forgotten. He was too young to have such 'honours' bestowed on him. He supposed he should consider himself lucky that the Doctor's apparent alienness was overlooked in the end, but he was certain the Time Lord wasn't thrilled about her own new title. And he made a point of bringing that up once they were back in the TARDIS and going to their original destination, laughter seeping into his tone. “The Duchess of TARDIS?” he teased. “Was Dame Doctor of TARDIS too silly for her, do you think?”

The Doctor groaned. “I have more titles bestowed on me than you have hours of education, Earthman! I try to leave before the ceremonies, try to tell them that I don't need them or want them, but what can you do sometimes?!”

“Well, I suppose it's better than offending a queen who had good cause to not be amused. And did she ever really say that?”

“Who knows? Lore and myth quickly surround most royals of your planet's past. More modern ones, the staff could potentially reveal the truth. Given your papperazis, I wouldn't be surprised if the myths are created by them instead of the courtiers.”

David blinked, looking down at the controls he was manning. “You can't possibly mean you've followed any of it, could you?”

“No, but I tend to be aware of the major moments in history. Weddings, divorces, deaths – those end as the subjects of books and glossies and television shows. They can be hard to avoid, especially when I often arrive in future colonies where people from the British Isles have settled on.”

He wondered about that. “How much attention do you bother paying those?”

“Just enough to notice what happened. I read faster than the fastest speed readers on Earth can.”

He believed it. He'd watched the Doctor flip through a thick tome when they saw Charles Dickens, and he had tested the Doctor for comprehension. The cheeky alien was able to answer any question he could field. It was shocking, and more than a little annoying. Not that David had much time to dwell on it. He'd instead needed to question Gwyneth, which had been unsettling in what she had said about his future. She got the Restorer part right and even seemed to know that the Doctor would change, but what about the other thing mentioned before she snapped out of her trance?

“Oi, we're here. Aren't you excited?”

David forced a sly smile. “I am. The question is whether something went wrong and history doesn't mention it.”

Didn't matter male or female – the Doctor hated being accused of not being able to avoid trouble. Even in jest. Which David did just to rattle his friend's cage.

He found it kept him from wondering what had happened to the Doctor's feelings. He waited for the reaction, and it didn't disappoint.

“Oh, who would want to mess with a Who concert?! Anyone else with the knowledge to time travel wouldn't care one bit, and anyone who did wouldn't have the knowledge!”

David laughed. “Try to not let your face match your hair, Doctor. It's one of the problems being ginger.”

She stopped to look in a reflective surface, checking her complexion. Seeing the extra color in her face shocked her.

He tried to suppress his smile, but there was something too amusing about seeing the alien deal with one more aspect of being someone so very different from the previous person. He wondered if being ginger would have been more awkward had the Doctor remained a man.

Chapter Five: An Awkward Reunion


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Dec. 12th, 2013 01:43 pm (UTC)
If the Doctor had any sense, she'd get David to show her "how to pleasure lady-bits" as I'm sure he has some experience in that, *waggles eyebrows*

It must have been really galling for her to have to let him take the lead like that when they met Queen Victoria. Even more to be told off by him in such a situation. Gr! It'd certainly make her want to stick to travelling in the future more than the past, I should think.
Dec. 12th, 2013 06:50 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Well, she has sense. It's why she hasn't asked. Although asking him for references on doing so, now that might be an option she feels she could ask him. *giggles*

Yeah. I knew instinctively that he had to take the lead as I started writing, but it was cassikat who wondered if her being in trousers had to be explained away. Hence the additions. And given how the TARDIS takes them where the Doctor needs to be, they might as well deliberately go into the past. Get the practice in place.
Dec. 14th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
"he seems to be carrying a good weapon, and that's a rather nice bum"
Okay, I'll just be over here contemplating that sentence for a while. *blush*

Once again. Poor David. His secret is out (sort of) and neither he nor the Doctor know what to do with the knowledge. I'm sure he hopes with all his being that she doesn't remember Cassandra's comments about his 'tossing off'. And the Doctor is confused about those implications. Does she yet remember how her previous self felt about him? Does she still feel that way? it's a dilemma.

"He also had spent time visiting cousins from Leadsworth"
The Ponds are cousins??? Or am I reading more into that than I should>!?!?!? :D

"At least until he could stop needing... quality time to deal with his hormones"
Yep. He's got it bad. :DDDDD

Dec. 14th, 2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
Ah, you didn't even comment on what she might be making his body do during that whole sentence? I didn't want to outright say it... *blushes*

Yeah, here comes the angst. And you'll see. :)

You read right. I knew if he had to fake a Scottish accent, since he's supposed to be from Chiswick, that he'd better have spent time there. So... being there while Amelia was picking up her own accent made sense. :D

*snorts* Well, it's possible to have a BAD lust for someone and it never goes any deeper. He MAY be hoping here that it'll turn out that way. ;)

Chapter Five's up. I bet you'll have things to say about that. :D
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I was too busy thinking about his "weapon" to make any kind of coherent comment! :DDDD

Angst comes hand in hand with these two.

Whew! I was beginning to think I read way too much into things where the Doctor is concerned sometimes. :D

Not a chance, David. Not a chance. *snicker*

I've read it twice now and will comment soon. There is so much. Where do I start!??!
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Okay... then I'll admit that I saw Cassandra... using David's hand to grab it. I chose to not say it, but hoped that it was implied sufficiently. *blushes* I suppose if I wanted to I could look back to that one photo I referenced in Threefold. *giggles*

Yes. Especially in this ficverse, as it seems.

Nah. :)

Nope. He's stubborn though. Just like someone else.

Pick somewhere and go with it! That's what I do when I'm trying to hit a flow.
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(I had to find this icon!!!)

Well, I assumed she would explore her new body. She's not one for discretion, after all. :D Does that photo include a bobby's hat perchance?!? *snicker*

And it's so easy (and fun) to write too.

Really? I wonder who that might be. *snickers again*

I want to be able to give it my full attention. Look for it soon.
Jan. 13th, 2014 01:51 pm (UTC)
Uhm... how did David know they had been called by the Face of Boe? I thought he would have gone to the basement before the Doctor found out, as in the original. Unless in yours the Doctor got a different message.

*splutterfit* "He's carrying a good weapon"!!!!! *faints*

Oh dear. The kiss. I knew this was going to be bad. :DDDDDDD

"Look at these hips"... *coughs* Er... I plead the fifth. Oh my lordy this is... O.O Phew, he stopped it. But the innuendo was hilarious. :DDDDD

Aww man... Pleasure lady bits???? Well, there's a bloke who's just left for the kitchen - HINT - who's probably NOT gone directly to the kitchen - HINT - that could give you a few pointers - HINT.

I might be wrong, but I think it't Leadworth without the S. Love the note about Amy's accent. The younger girl who played her had a distinctly Irish edge to her accent, just as DT does.

Yeah. There are a lot of myths surrounding Queen Victoria. Like the one that says she only gave Ireland a fiver for the famine relief - soo not true. A lie that hurt her deeply in her later years. It's little wonder she shunned public life when much of what was said about her was untrue. Frankly, I don't think Britain deserved to have such a monarch.

Still loving it. :D
Jan. 13th, 2014 05:21 pm (UTC)
With the whole situation changed because it's a different Doctor and a different companion, I'd imagine the message was a bit different. And it might've taken longer for them to be parted.

Ah, yes. You can amuse yourself by reading how serenity reacted to that line. I assume you could figure out what Cassandra was doing with David's hands at the time...?

I could've been more detailed and gone into the moment, but I didn't want to rewatch the episode JUST yet. :)

*tries to whistle innocently* :DDD

*cackles* I may have to steal that. :DDDD

No "s"? Okay. And did you like that they're cousins? Oh, he does? So he has Irish ancestors as well, or been there at a pivotal age?

Interesting. More to learn about. So... how did you think of how they handled the Queen Victoria situation, as little as I wrote about the actual events?

Thanks. :D
Jan. 14th, 2014 05:55 am (UTC)
Point taken.

I did. :DDD And yes, I can imagine with some accuracy what she was doing with his hands. *blush*

The hint line? All yours. :DDDD

I did. I blinked a bit, but I like it. Yes, his maternal grandmother was Irish. But there are a lot of Irish immigrant descent people in Glasgow so they all share a bit of an Irish lilt. Having family in Fort William and Edinburgh myself, I've noticed the difference in the accents. Karen Gillan's accent is 'more' Scottish than Caitlin Blackwood's, and I'm presuming that's due to having lived in Ireland for a while.

You're keeping me happy with the way you've had the events so far. And I am looking forward to more. Hint. :DDDDD
Jan. 14th, 2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
Good. Then I was right to not outright say it. :)

Oh, I think I already know where in Flipped 3 it's going. :DDDD

Now that's interesting. I wonder if I'll be able to hear it and recognize it as such. Wow.

Yes, I'll get to the Flipped 3 revisions. As soon as possible. :)
Jan. 14th, 2014 04:54 pm (UTC)
You had it perfect. :D

*rubs hands*

I shall look forward to it. :D
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