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FIC: Seals of Love - DVD Extra the Third

Title: Seals of Love - DVD Extra the Third
Genre: Much Ado About Nothing

Rating: M
Author: tkel_paris
Summary: Written as a Christmas present for sykira. A what if inspired by my writing “Glance of Love” and the indications of what might have been for Benedick and Beatrice had their merry war not been triggered.
Disclaimer: Good lord, I'm writing fanfic about a Shakespeare play! Do I need to write that I own nothing? Especially when it's inspired by a particular stage performance?
Dedication: sykira. With huge thanks to my beta, tardis_mole.
Author's Note: When my Muse got the bug that later became “Glance of Love”, she got a few other ideas as well. And now that NaNo's over, I'm working on the Christmas stories. Thank goodness some of them were already done. :D

This might be the softest M I've ever written. It just needed tenderness and love.

Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight
DVD Extra the First / DVD Extra the Second


The tale took a while to tell, even though Beatrice had remained silent and not asked questions to clarify details. Benedick had to pause more than once when a moment brought his heart pain to even recollect, and the horror of knowing how easily the Prince and Claudio had been misled cut him to the quick. A pain reflected in Beatrice's eyes as well.

Only when he concluded, telling of the marks he gave Claudio, did Beatrice finally speak, sorrow for Margaret seeping into her voice. “'Tis remarkable what men and women can be led to through drinking, although I suppose they might be similarly led without it.”

“If Don John had gone to the Prince whilst he was sober the plan could never have worked. Claudio I dare not speak for, as I do not know how much drink he had a week past, but I believe had he been in his right mind he would have demanded better proof; he hath been at odds with Don John before, which I assume inflamed the villain to target him. John the Bastard could never abide someone who made him look poorly.”

“How come he hath never aimed at thee before this?”

Benedick made a grimly pleased smile. “He knew my wit hath always been quicker than his, and that to attempt to deceive me would likely have made him a prisoner.”

“Shame that thou could not have been there to contradict his tale last night.”

“What knowledge could I have had that he aimed for mischief?” he answered sadly. A moment later his hands drew to her waist. “Comfort me,” Benedick whispered, his lips drawn downward by thoughts of what might have been.

“You are too tired and stricken for love, husband,” she noted tenderly, though she adjusted her dress to straddle him as she sensed he wished.

“I need not an act of love, just the tender mercies of love,” he said. “The scene of love, the touch of love and the look of love are enough to temper such a break in my heart as this.” He regarded the reddened rims of her eyes, still wet with tears as they were from the words he had shared with her. “I speak plain, wife, but thee has such a need as I right now.”

Beatrice nodded as she settled against him. Her fears, which had run wild the night before, suddenly felt a need to voice a new concern – one that seemed very real in light of the fright of the day. “Hast thou ever had such thoughts of me? Ever wondered, ever given any man or woman any cause to think on me like that?”

The very idea that she had a moment's doubt, and the sight of new tears in her eyes, struck his soul worse than Claudio's words. “Oh Beatrice,” he soothed, tucking her into his chest. “Cry no more. Claudio was angered and foolish in anger. And afraid for his life, as well he should have been. Sore men give account of sore words, but none are true of thee. I have never thought thee a wandering woman, nor have I ever wondered if any fruit were not mine. Thou have given me no cause to think it, neither given me to thought to look for cause, save that I am parted from thee so often in battle, but not so much more than a man who leaves home at dawn and returns at dusk in civilian life. Nay, fair wife, sunlight, moonlight and starlight of my heart, think not on Claudio’s words, lest is sour the softness of woman you are within. To see you think on this breaks my heart again.”

Beatrice reached up to stroke his face, her wild imaginings tempered and her sorrow mellowed. Breathing in his scent always helped soothe her spirits. “O that every woman had such a man as my husband,” she supposed. “A great many would wander not at all. And great many more would never be shamed.”

“Maria,” he noted. He would have known who she meant even if they had not encountered Bruno. “I have a thought on such, but I don’t know if I should speak its name. Not until I can prove yea or nay.”

“Please tell me not that you keep silence in oath to another.”

“No oath but that which I made with Bruno. I shall not keep silent once I know,” he promised, swaying gently in her arms.

“You are a man of honour.”

“I gained it the day I married you,” he told her softly, smoothing his hands over her buttocks to hold her closer.

Beatrice closed her eyes briefly, swaying with him. “I was born perhaps with your honour and in marrying you I delivered it from heaven.”

He smiled gently. “I am no angel, my love.”

“In mine House, if I say do’t then man, woman and child do’t. Therefore if I say mine husband be an angel then he do’t also.”

His smiled widened. “We are one and together equal. Therefore if I say mine wife is an angel she aught to do’t twice.”

Beatrice laughed sadly. “I have not the tender edges of a lady.”

Benedick swayed, holding her against him to give her a tender kiss. “I did not marry a lady. I married better. Half of my flesh, half of my being.”

Beatrice sucked in a breath and sang to a different tune, gripping him to her as her sway lost rhythm. “And glad of it when you hold me thus,” she panted.

He swayed for a few seconds more before gasping softly, pressed her against him and spat still clothed. “My love... I fear we will have to change before return to our uncle’s presence.”

Beatrice risked a laugh. “I dare say it would have been too late to plant if we had loved this night.”

“I might decide this is the last planting, but given how my wife loves to be loved, even when we are both worn out by events, I task myself to keep that promise unmade, lest she bade me in the doghouse sleep.”

Beatrice slapped his arm lightly in teasing and slowly released him. “Change and dress. I fear we have yet more weary events to witness this evening.”

Chapter Nine: A Gentleman's Recompense


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Jan. 30th, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
Oh this is so sweet and so lovely! Beautiful job, hon, a perfect compliment to the angsty chapter that comes before ♥

So much love for the Bruno issue ♥ ♥ ♥

And I adore how after all these years and children, they are dry humping like horny teenagers, LOL! I love the passion they share, and thank you for letting me re-experience it in this wonderful story.
Jan. 30th, 2014 05:31 am (UTC)
The DVD extras have all proved so different from each other, like they're tapping into various aspects of their private time. So glad you enjoyed this short one.

Stay tuned on the Bruno issue. In fact... chapter Nine is posted. :D

You're very, very welcome. I bet they do still do that... under less upsetting circumstances.
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