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First that dream. I swore I dreamed that I was watching a video made of the MAAN production. It felt so flipping real while I was asleep, but when I woke up I realized that the costumes were more fitting to the Casanova set than what I've seen from the Internet pictures. All the images seemed to be after Benedict and Beatrice were tricked, and some from after Claudio's accusations. Huh... It's like my unconscious mind had my story on the brain. Just not how I'd like it to be...

As for the story... When I originally drafted the outline, I didn't realize just how important keeping the scenes like watching a play would become. Until a reviewer on fanfiction.net said it read like that. Then I found I needed dialogue from "Silence in the Library" and "Forests of the Dead" to keep things like that. Which has pushed the page count to nearly 100 so far. "The Belted Doctor" I kept to 90 pages...

Yes, I'm bringing Ms Spoilers into the story. But have faith; time can be rewritten. Even Hers... And she's going to be useful...

The good news is that I've finished drafts of the original Chapters 5 and 6. I've just had to break each down into three separate chapters for easier reading; they were going to be too big otherwise. The bad news is that I think I failed to communicate some things that need to be clear within them, and so I'm working on the original Chapter 7 while I wait for beta feedback. That should make whatever changes need to be added clearer, and then the first of the next parts could probably be posted shortly after I get my answers.

So, no, I haven't forgotten. I'm just trying to fix some bugs within the story. I promise y'all: you'll love the first part of the original Chapter 7... and you'll like the last part - after you forgive me for making you scream at me... At least, that's what I think I'll get in reaction once I'm finally done and able to post the newer bits... And later, I'll probably ask for ideas about a brand-new adventure for our trio to go on - once we finish with the Library...

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