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Archive 7 - Doctor Who 2014 posted stories

Finally, I have stories to add. :D This will grow quickly, I hope.


Title: A Quirk of DNA Series: (none) Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, Martha, Jenny Summary: Change one detail about Jenny's appearance, and it leads to learning why she can't hear her second heart. And Donna suspected from the start...

Title: Saving Wiles for Later Series: (none) Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, Jenny, Martha Summary: Donna takes offense to the Doctor's remark about her wiles, but she's not ready for the Doctor's explanation.

Title: Reception Disaster Series: May Story a Day 2013 Rating: T Characters: Eleven, TARDIS, Sylvia, Wilf Summary: The Doctor is horrified when he sees where the TARDIS has dropped him: far too close to where he last saw Donna. But that's not the worst of it.

Title: What Did You Just Say? Series: The Many Things to Never Say to the Doctor Rating: T Characters: Nine, Rose, Wilf, Donna Summary: Rose's "You've got me" gets an almost immediate reaction. Just not to her liking.

Title: Amalgamation Series: (none) Rating: T-M Characters: Ten, Donna, Handy, Martha, Jackie, Rose, Mickey, Jack, Sarah Jane, Sylvia, Wilf Summary: The Meta-Crisis transforms Donna Noble in a way that only Caan could foresee. No one is prepared for what comes next.

Title: Ginger Goddess, Part 3: Drama in Venice and Spacial Multiplicity Series: Ginger Goddess Rating: M Characters: Ten, Donna, Sylvia, Geoffrey, Wilf, Martha, Casanova Summary: Unaware of the Doctor's intentions even after months of travelling with him, Donna confronts her own feelings when the Doctor is arrested and in danger of execution. She and Martha need help, and only the man the Doctor was mistaken for can save the day: Giacomo Casanova.

Title: Dares and PIllow Talk Series: (none) Rating: M Characters: Ten, Donna Summary: So how good is the Doctor with bedroom behavior? As usual, it happens accidentally. You know how he is. Donna finds something that changes their friendship into something more.

Title: Dress For Your Cover Series: (none) Rating: T Characters: Nine, Rose, TARDIS Summary: The Doctor's reaction to Rose's costume in "The Unquiet Dead", if he had been properly thinking about the historical connations.

Title: Wedding on Oodsphere Series: (none) Rating: T Characters: Ten, Donna, Handy, Rose, Jackie, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Ood Sigma, Jenny Summary: A sudden summons drives the celebrating Children of Time to Oodsphere. Donna's life is at stake, and there's an unusual way of fixing it. No one saw this coming. Or if they did, none will admit to it.


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Nov. 8th, 2015 11:46 am (UTC)
Great list, but I remember to have seen another 2014's story somewhere...
Yep, found it: Starting Over, from your There's The Door! series. you posted it on May 14, 2014.
Or doesn't it belong on your 2014's list because you started it in 2012? It's not on there too, I checked.
I do love your writing style.
And talking about 2012 (and some 2011), there seem to be a few stories that have a "to be continued" tag to it. Are you ever going to consider to finish those? Or is RL taking over? (RL is doing that to me, so I do understand).
Please go on and keep writing, I love your stories.
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