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FIC: Amalgamation (2/3?)

Title: Amalgamation

Series: (none)

Rating: T for the first two parts (naughty comments among... other stuff) and M for the final

Author: tkel_paris

Summary: The Meta-Crisis transforms Donna Noble in a way that only Caan could foresee. No one is prepared for what comes next.

Disclaimer: That this didn't happen proves I own nothing.

Dedication: tardis_mole. I was asking for ideas for another story's ending, and the third idea triggered this plot balrog. I doubt moley will mind. ;D

Author's Note: Various medical issues coming to play. Along with psychological ones. Be prepared for a ride. Posted for ellyfanfic's birthday.

Chapter One


Just when the Doctor himself was losing hope, the most welcome sound emerged from the ether. Along with the hints of air moving in a way that he rarely was on the receiving end of. And the last time was enough – the TARDIS abducted by the Master was bad enough to imagine, let alone experience.

The Doctor stared as the TARDIS began to appear. Had she really survived? Had Donna's flying lessons gone better than he'd realized?

He ignored all of the disbelieving exclamations, right down to Davros'. What consumed his mind was how would Donna and the Old Girl be able to stop this.

The doors opened and a white light poured out, just like when he and Donna rescued the family in Pompeii. Even he had trouble making out anything.

Suddenly a blast of energy shot from the open doors and hit Davros. He screamed as the energy triggered more energy, making him shake like a taser was still going off on him.

Shudders hit the Doctor's ear. He looked around and noticed that the Daleks with him were also shaking and screaming incoherently.

Then out of the light Donna ran toward the controls for the Magnetron, carrying a makeshift gun. The source of the blast, the Doctor realized. But what was it?

He however remained silent. A tiny part of him feared what would happen if he spoke.


Sadly Rose had no compunctions about breaking the silence. He really should have expected it since she tested the strength of the force field, despite everything he had told her. He had had higher hopes for her given the time she should have spent at the parallel Earth's Torchwood.

Then again, if it was anything like Torchwood One he had to be impressed she had not been so deeply corrupted that she had outright barged in. Unless she had instead learned subtler methods? And why did that not comfort him?

Mercifully the Daleks failed to recover. Donna made it to the controls, looked them over for a moment and then flicked a switch. The countdown stopped with a bang, and the machine ground to a halt.

Donna smirked. Inside her twin was laughing with glee. This was going to be fun! “And... closing all Z-Neutrino relay loops with an internalised synchronous back-feed reversal loop. That button there!” She pressed it, and more clacking and clinking rang through their ears.

Through the link, the Supreme Dalek boomed, “Detonation negative! Explain!”

Donna's fingers were not idle. She hurried through turning off the force fields, silencing the complaints and suddenly making the Daleks in the room spin one direction and then the other. “Doctor,” she called out. “You and Sarah Jane, I need you to handle the other stations. Jack and Mickey: get the weapons from inside the TARDIS and guard in case Big Red up there decides to come for a visit. Martha and Jackie, be ready to push the Daleks out of the way. Down those caverns will do.”

Rose noticed the glaring exception in her orders. “Oi! What about me?!”

“Oh, you can help push.” She had more on the tip of her tongue to say, but she was not feeling eager to give her real opinion – or her twin's – before things were fixed. “Now, let's send that trip-switch all over the ship while we send the planets all back!”

The Doctor and Sarah Jane had reached the controls, but the former wanted answers. “Donna, how do you know how to do all of this?”

“We can talk or we can save the day, Spaceman. You'll get answers later. Now... get to work!”

And she kept them all working as quickly as possible, even as the Supreme Dalek came down.

“Jack!” she cried. “Buy us time!”

The Boe-Kind was only too happy to get permission to shoot, something he never got from the Doctor. “Like I said earlier, feel this!” And he blasted the Supreme Dalek just before he could blast the Magnetron or do more than boom “Davros!”

Rose found a grin. “How much longer?”

Donna ignored her. “Keep going! We need to stablise the Crucible to keep these Daleks from escaping! Let's send them into the Void where they'll never get out!”

“What? But-”

“Don't argue,” Donna cut off the Doctor's complaint. “It's either my way or genocide. And do you really want another Dalek genocide?”

All at once the Daleks vanished and the Cruicible was eerily silent. Just seconds after that and the planets were also gone. It was like going from a horrifically overcrowded room to a suddenly empty room. And suddenly you knew “alone”.

She looked at the Doctor, who instantly backed up half a step. Her eyes had changed color. He was looking at his own eyes, looking back at him.

“Now, we can get everyone home,” she said, unaware of the source of his alarm.


At last, they were away from the Medusa Cascade and Earth – along with all of the other planets – was safely returned to its proper place. Donna and her twin had to pause to make sure that Earth was also right-side up, which the Doctor had failed to manage. If he had left Earth on its side Africa would suddenly have more water than they would know what to do with. Most of it frozen.

And he didn't take too well to their teasing. In fact, he had had enough.

“Donna, it's time for answers.”

She snorted, but it didn't quite sound like her. Martha blinked, noticing it as well. “We have some people who need to return to their families, some of them on the other side of a fault between universes, and you're still worried about answers? That's just like you, focusing on the details when the big picture is needed and the big picture when it's the details you need to see. And to think you called Donna thick!”

Suddenly she face-palmed herself and her expression changed to the kind of anger she displayed the moments she first met the Doctor and thought he had kidnapped her. “Ah! Oh, this is going to be harder than I thought! Be quiet, Head-Mate!”

“Head-Mate?!” Martha repeated in confusion. Donna's strange actions were giving her flashbacks to those weird Gollum/Smeagol moments from when she saw a Lord of the Rings marathon with her brother. And in glancing at the others she was not the only one who was making that connection. “Donna, you're not well!”

“Oh, I'll be fine. Just... I have to get used to this. And I'll be able to. Long as I stay around the TARDIS.”

Rose squeaked all of a sudden. “Where'd this glass come from? Where's the hand?!”

Everyone but Donna looked at the shards on the grating, the dried fluid trails splattered all over the vicinity, and the damaged container now empty of everything.

It made the Doctor's head whip to look at Donna while his body trembled. “Donna, that hand was chock full of regeneration energy when I vented it. That extra energy that would have changed what I look like. It's dangerous for anyone to touch it, even another Time Lord. And you touched it?!”

“Oi, and you give your companions a warning when you're about to regenerate?! Polly and Ben, did they get any warning when your first regeneration became your second? What about Sarah Jane? Did she get a warning when you changed before her eyes? Or Tegan and Nyssa, when your fifth regeneration was unwell after your fourth one died? Or Peri, who could've benefited – not to mention lived longer – from the knowledge that a Time Lord can be extremely unstable after rebirth?!”

The Doctor flinched. He hated to remember that awful moment, and this was the worst time to remind him of it.

“Never mind that poor physician in San Fransisco who didn't know that operating on you would kill the seventh regeneration! And you didn't give Rose any warning, did you? She didn't understand at all, and that's the one time I can excuse her actions. Aside from those while she was trying to rip the TARDIS open and then fell under the influence of the Bad Wolf! I'd say she's still under its direction!”

“But I was the Bad Wolf!” Rose protested.

“So you think, Rose. Sweet Prizithi, you are giving stupid apes a bad name! Doctor, are you going to enlighten Rose about the real Bad Wolf or will I have to?!”

He trembled. “Donna, you know I can't!”

Donna's body relaxed. “Okay, you're right. A lot of those memories are locked away at present, with good cause. Let's see what I can speak of without triggering something. Oh, yes. In the Dark Times there were terrible weapons made, all locked away deep within Gallifrey to protect the universe from them. But with what became the Last Great Time War raging across Time and Space the Time Lords began to use them one by one. The Doctor, the regeneration he was on then, pulled the most terrible of these weapons away and out of the reach of the other Time Lords. It was known as The Moment.”

The whole room noticed how the Doctor reacted at the mere mention of the name. If flinching described how he handled being reminded of a companion whose death could be laid at his door, this was a hundred times worse.

“You don't want to know what it could have done, but the worst part was that the weapon gained sentience during all the years of waiting in the vaults,” Donna swiftly continued to draw their attention away and give the Spaceman a moment to compose himself.

Jack interrupted. “But wouldn't that mean you could reason with it?”

“That's what she wanted you to think. The truth was that she was a manipulative seductress who tried to persuade the Doctor to use her. But he found another way, and The Moment didn't like that. In revenge she imprinted herself on the TARDIS, having already read his timelines. There's no way she didn't see Rose Tyler coming before she formed a body and a face to speak with him. She chose your face, Rose, and then I bet she found a way to imprint upon you from the moment you first stepped into the TARDIS, maybe even from the first moments you were near the Old Girl. Twisting your mind to remain on your teenage self rather than grow up. Not caring about what your mother or Mickey or the Doctor needed.”

“Oi!” screamed Rose, lunging to punch Donna.

Only Donna's reflexes were always good and now they were faster. She twisted Rose around and to the ground before anyone could blink or cry out in protest.

Donna groaned over the stunned moan beneath her. “Oh, I wish I could've slapped you! But the other part of me says that's not okay, so you're getting off lightly. For now!”

The Doctor rubbed his forehead and face. “Jack, please help out. I want to hear the rest of this before we have to continue with what needs doing.”

Jack hurried over and put himself between the two would-be combatants. “Come on, Rose. Let's stand aside. The Doctor needs answers.”

Rose sulked but remained silent.

Donna rolled her eyes and coughed. Neither mannerism looked quite right to the Doctor.

“As I was saying, the hand was calling out to me all day! This heartbeat. I'd hear it one moment and then not the next. But it was the strongest inside the TARDIS when the Daleks had us. It distracted me from going outside, and then when I was just about to lose hope it bubbled and called out louder than ever. I can't explain it but I felt this compulsion to reach out to comfort it. And the energy took over and the next thing I know I'm trying to get to my feet and feeling really strange. Without thinking about it I went to the console and pressed that big blue button.”

“The Hostile Action Displacement System button!” cried the Doctor. “The chronon field was gone and so the TARDIS could shift away with help from a pilot!” His relieved smile faded. “But how did you know?”

“I was wondering that, too. We hadn't got that far in the lessons.”

“Lessons?!” shouted Rose.

“Rose Tyler,” snapped Donna Noble, “for once you are going to listen to the words that the last Doctor should have said to you and not to your mum in that alternate day you created: shut up and do what I say!”

A pin could have dropped and sounded like a thunderclap.

Donna shook her head. “Oi, teenagers! Susan was never this bad.”

“Donna,” prompted the Doctor.

“Right, and I can finish if no one will interrupt me mid-explanation!”

“Then go ahead,” prodded Martha. “Although you can't blame us for wondering why you sometimes sound more like the Doctor than yourself.”

“That's because instead of becoming a separate body, the Hand was somehow absorbed into my body and I regenerated. I'm no longer Donna Noble the Human. I'm Donna Noble and the Doctor's Hand in one. Two hearts, a bigger on the inside head, two sets of memories, and who knows what else! Obviously I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. I just need some time to integrate these two halves, Spaceman. So, satisfied? Shall we take Jackie and Rose and Mickey home?”

“I travelled all this way to find him! I'm not going back!” cried Rose.

Donna scoffed. “Your only choice is whether we drop you back on Pete's World where your mum will be instructed to see the Cannon destroyed and you'll be kicked out of Torchwood because you nearly destroyed all of Creation, or handed over to the Shadow Proclamation to stand trial for those crimes – including the ones you committed before you crossed over the Void.”

“You're lying! Doctor!”

The Doctor groaned. “Thank you for airing all of my secrets, Donna and... What are we going to call you now? Are you the Doctor-Donna the Ood foresaw?”

“Well, I was, but I think it'll get a little confusing. Although... I don't like calling myself Donna-Doctor. Besides, I want to be able to go about my life again sometimes. So Doctor Donna Noble sounds perfect if I have to be called anything special at all.”

Then she twitched and her tone changed. “Once we've integrated. Although it's a step down that I'm stuck living as a woman, especially a stupid ape woman.”

“Oi! cried Donna in her normal voice. “If you'd become your own body we'd both be in danger of dying and who knows what the Doctor would've done to you!”

“Yeah, he might've foisted me onto Rose as a means of distracting her with no thought to what's best for any of us.”

The Doctor groaned. He knew he'd better make a decision about Rose before these two revealed any more of his secrets. If he had any left given the implications of if it was in his head it was now also in hers. No, theirs. And given the ones already exposed he knew that if Rose was lucky she would merely be dropped back on Pete's world. It all depended on how she reacted, and he wondered if she had enough self-preservation to recognize that his own patience was wearing thin.

Now he understood why he once overheard Martha muttering about what 'Saint Rose' might have been allowed to get away with merely because she was blonde. He had given Rose too much leeway, had more than messed up several lives and now owed a lot of people. For life.


“I've never seen this before or even heard of this possibility,” the Doctor marveled as he looked over the scans. Everyone else was dropped off, and now he was checking over his best friend's health now that she was one of his own. “You're now a mixture of Human and Time Lord. No one's ever managed this before.” He was silent for a long moment, entranced. “It's all beautifully compact, like 3D Tetris. Physical age 29 in Human years, but 203 in Gallifreyan years. Oh you sexy thing! Two hearts, oxygen storage organ, two brains, two kidneys and two sets of... er, erm, well, I'll just say everything down there works, shall I?”

Donna and the Duplicate watched through her eyes, looking at the Doctor's wide grin as he focused completely on the readings. Her eyes widened over the last part, and she looked down, focusing on what she could sense from her own body. And it seemed the Doctor was right.

Yeah, a bit awkward. But I promise you that Jack's anatomy is much weirder.

Her lips twitched as the inherited memories of the Doctor floated into her awareness. Yes, as odd as her own situation was the Boe-Kind had an even more unusual anatomy to contend with.

“Can't do anything about that since it'd be cruel and too like some of the practices in your own time. I'll need to make sure your perception filter hides that. I'm not about to risk seeing you desexed either way. Oh, and the filter will also hide that your eyes have changed. Or find you contacts that will duplicate your original eye colour, which will take me a while but will be worth it so you can see your friends and family without raising questions. Oh! You're going to be amazing! Not that I thought you weren't before, but you are going to be so extraordinary that even I might be blinded!” He was beaming so much his face looked like it would split in two.

Hmm, Donna thought, he's sort of cute when he's happy.

Sort of cute? Come on, you're not that that immune to his charms! You called him pretty!

She flushed a deep red. Oi! I didn't mean it that way! I just meant that he was the one Professor Song meant!

Oh, he knew you thought it, too. Because you're cute when you lie. And you didn't exactly disabuse him of the notion.

We were a bit busy, if you remember.

Not so much that you couldn't have come between the two of them. He would've appreciated it, trust me. That woman is a stalker and an entrapment master.

She flinched at the memories. Ooh, you're right. She broke how many laws of Time and time travel with her spoilers? Guess I'd better protect him from her.

So how you going to do it?

Well, there are options-

“Well, you seem like you'll be fine,” the Doctor sighed, shutting down the equipment and turning to join her. “It's brilliant how the DNA fused together.” He paused and blinked over the sudden clearing of her expression, like she and her Head-Mate were talking with each other in her mind. “You may need some headache medicine to help with the transition of having two minds in one head, and-”

His eyes were wide as he was cut off by Donna planting a huge smacker on him, and she wouldn't let go. With the respiratory bypass she now possessed she wouldn't need to. His kicked in by instinct when he stopped breathing, but his hands waved about instead of trying to dislodge himself from the kiss.

Part of him didn't want to anyway. But the rational side knew that this was a problem. Donna could not be in her right mind.

She pulled away. “Oi! You should be happy, Mr. 'I must do that more often'!”

He blushed. “Donna, you're going to be having an identity crisis for who knows how long. It's not right for us to do anything right now.”

She huffed. “Fine. Then I guess you won't mind if I go for a swim more regularly. In my skimpiest bikini.”

He nearly choked as his eyebrows tried to make room for his eyes.

Donna smirked, hiding the laughter from her head-mate. “And if I start doing what you do, sleeping in the scud?”

His hands gripped a nearby table.

She nodded in satisfaction. “You know where to find me. Now for making me wait to work off this excess energy I have I'll fly us to my Gramps' place.”

He groaned aloud, this time tapping his head against the table. This was going to be a long night.

Chapter Three: Pushed Beyond the Breaking Point


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Sep. 3rd, 2014 09:06 pm (UTC)
This has been so fun to read! I can see Donna taking down Rose with ease, and I know people who would pay good money to see that!

Thanks much for this.
Sep. 4th, 2014 01:18 am (UTC)
Right now I can name some people who would really pay money to see Rose taken down. Oh, well. JB's social media followers should help on that score. Now if we could only take down someone else to make way for the Most Important Woman in all of Creation...

Welcome. :D
Sep. 4th, 2014 12:57 am (UTC)
Oh yeah. This was pretty much awesome. I"m kind of giggling at everyone's reactions though. It would be odd.

Hah. Rose was taken down. *fistpump* Bye Rose. Don't stay in touch.

Are you going to have Sylvia's reaction? =D That will be highly amusing.

Loved it.

~Ali ♥︎
Sep. 4th, 2014 01:18 am (UTC)

Okay. I will. Wilf's, too. :D
Carolyn Harrison
Sep. 4th, 2014 03:08 am (UTC)
Next time, instead of giving the Doctor a choice in the matter can Rose just be taken straight to the Shadow Proclamation? I mean really, with all those deaths she's responsible for and the only thing the Doctor is going to do to her is leave her in a Parallel World where her Step Dad and her Mum are filthy rich? How ever will she cope? Oh the horrors.

I loved it when you let Jack shoot his gun, with his thoughts of how the Doctor never let's him shoot his gun.

I loved everyone's reactions to what has happened to Donna. Especially the Doctor's. She's not going to make life easy on hiim, that's for sure.
Sep. 4th, 2014 09:25 am (UTC)
This is someone Donna recognized doesn't want to kill if he has the choice. He may also feel that he still owes Jackie for taking her child away in the first place. And I believe I didn't exactly say what he chose, did I?

My beta liked it, too. I know Jack did. ;)

Oh, just wait... Just wait... ;D
Sep. 4th, 2014 08:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, take her down, Donna!

Everyone's reaction was priceless, although, I thought Jake would have had a bigger reaction. Love how everyone listened to Donna though. :-)

Oh... I love the teasing! Can't wait to see more of that!

This is so wonderful!
Sep. 4th, 2014 10:00 pm (UTC)
Heh! That's what I'm thinking regarding the Radio Times thing right now, only a different R. :)

Well, Jack's not so tied to events and timelines. He might've figured things out before the Doctor did.

More coming up. When I can spare the time and make the energy to do it. This has been a long week and it's not over.
Sep. 5th, 2014 09:19 am (UTC)
Can we just take Rose to the Shadow Proclamation already? I mean, how is she still allowed to have second chances? Maybe in her head being in the parallel universe and away from the Doctor is the worst thing that can happen but after everything she did, being there is as good as winning the lottery. The Doctor is too kind to her. I know he doesn't want to hurt anyone but Rose is a hazard to herself and all the universes (as proven over and over again).

Yes! I love sassy Donna (and TenII). More sassy Donna please! It's wonderful to see the Doctor speechless and lost. Only Donna has the ability to do that :D

Two sets of everything. Hmm. I don't know what to think. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Sep. 5th, 2014 01:32 pm (UTC)
I think I said it before: it only makes sense if he feels he owes Jackie. But he'd better inform her that the condition is she and Pete see to the Cannon's destruction and keep Rose away from Torchwood. If she doesn't feel they can succeed... and she'd better be honest with him about it...

Anyway, there will be lots of sass still to come. And torment for the Doctor. ;D
Sep. 7th, 2014 09:17 pm (UTC)
Another twist on the meta-crisis and a dang good one at that! This has been such an entertaining read so far. I'm conflicted with the hope that Doctor Donna Noble can handle the identity crisis with grace, and the hope that there will be many more laughs in store with the sassy banter in her head.

Oh! You're going to be amazing! Not that I thought you weren't before, but you are going to be so extraordinary that even I might be blinded!” He was beaming so much his face looked like it would split in two. I awwwwed. So much love!

Another kiss. Yeah, they should totally do that more often! And what to do about River...? Will you address that in a future chapter?
Sep. 7th, 2014 11:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's a unique one. I'm pleased that I wrote it. More sassy banter? I bet I can oblige. ;)

Yep, he is. Which makes her new state a little confusing to him.

Um... I will now. :D
Oct. 6th, 2014 11:53 am (UTC)
Guess I'd better protect him from her.
You go, girl!!!
This is going in a direction I like, very much. :DDDD

Edited at 2014-10-06 03:53 pm (UTC)
Oct. 6th, 2014 11:55 am (UTC)
And which direction would that be? ;D
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