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Title: Broadchuch: Sins Of The Father

Date of commencement: September 22 2013

Date of completion: December 24 2014

Series: Broadchurch, a sequel to the original, and following on from Life Without Joe

Rating: M

Authors: tkel_paris and tardis_mole

Summary: Two years after Danny's death, life is slowly getting back to normal in Broadchurch. But Hardy's happy life is about to be turned upside down by a spectre from the past he had hoped had been laid to rest. Someone from his past wants to talk to him, someone wants revenge, someone wants to see him ruined. But it's not one 'someone'. But first, he must face the girl in his garden.

Disclaimer: We own nothing, but this is based on Broachurch by Chris Chibnal, with added clues from the novel by Erin Kelly. We gain no financial benefit nor gratuities, only the enjoyment from writing and working together on this epic journey, shared for the enjoyment of others.

Dedication: Chris Chibnal, long time friend. bas_math_girl, for her beta. And each other for hopefully not ruining each other's lives for too long during the writing part.

Warning: If you have not watched Broadchurch in its entirety, do not read this. We mean it. You will be spoiled. Stop and go back. Now. Ideally you have seen the entire show, not just what was aired on BBC America if you live on that side of the pond, but this is understandable in either case. Also, if you have not read tardis_mole's Life Without Joe, that's okay. It's possible to read this without reading that, if you're not on Moley's approved list. You'll probably find this makes a little more sense if you have read it, but you should be fine without it. Take the time to read Erin Kelly’s novelization, if you can, as it provided certain details that helped with writing this. Though you won’t need to rely on it.

Authors' Notes: See Episode One, Part One. They're a bit long to include in each post.



Episode One, Part Six: Return of the Psychic

Hardy forced himself to walk evenly, holding in the torrent of feelings about what had just happened. Taken off the case because of, what? Because his son had found a body in their driveway? Why was Ellie still on the case? Did they suspect him of murder?

Okay, it was his daughter in one of the photos the Super had pinned up, which meant Daisy knew the victim at one point. But he could not remember her. How could he remember all of his daughter's friends? He was pretty certain he could only name a few of the ones she spent the most time with before the last time he saw her. And five years was a long time to a father who missed his child.

It did not matter how many children he had to care for. He loved Tom, Fred, Harry, and Catherine. But there would be a hole in his heart until he could see his daughter again. Would she want to see him once she was of age? Why hadn't she returned any of his calls? Tess had not been blocking them from connecting, had she?

DI Hardy?”

He closed his eyes. One of the last voices he wanted to hear right now. He turned slowly to face him.

Connelly. This is a bad time.”

The man was trembling, and to Hardy's keen eye looked like he had been sweating. Nervous sweating.

Sir, I said I don't wish for these, but they come to me. And I'm sorry, but believe me, this is urgent.”

Hardy rubbed his eyes. He had given Connelly no credence at first when he burst onto the scene – in a manner of speaking – of Danny Latimer's case, but he had known details about Sandbrook that there was no way anyone who had never read the case or worked on it could have known. And yet he had been right about key details of Danny's murder as well, for which he had had an alibi and so could not have been the killer. Even down to the thought that it would hurt the community – particularly Beth – more once the truth came out. So he had to be listened to, which Hardy had only done when he was getting desperate to find the killer before his heart gave out.

That had been a close call. Much longer and the doctors were certain that he would not have survived the pressure.

Still, it was not something he wished to deal with, especially not now. And yet he was trying to be more patient. Sighing, Hardy lowered his hand and met Connelly's gaze. “What?”

Connelly looked around a moment, and then lowered his voice. “It's about a girl. I saw her lying on the ground, dead. She was murdered. Was she found this morning?”

A girl was found this morning; murder hasn’t been confirmed at this stage.” Even if he had got key details right, Hardy was taking no chances of giving anything away. It was simply police procedure: never give away every detail, always hold at least some details back to weed out the nutters from those who actually had useful information to provide.

Or for being certain that the person who confessed was in fact the perpetrator. He had over the years met some who would confess merely for the attention.
It was interesting how their psychology worked, but Hardy was more interested in sending those nutters off and working on finding the real criminals.
He knew which category Connelly came into, even if he did have the odd useful insight.

Connelly took that as enough encouragement to continue, which he did in a hurry. “Well, I saw part of a locket near her, under the hedge where she was found.”

That got Hardy's attention. No one had said a word to him about a locket, but her body had definitely been dumped under a hedge. No chance that detail had been slipped to the press yet. Near as he knew, not one word had been said to the press. And given the semi-remote nature of their home he doubted anyone had found out by merely passing by. So, no chance of a Twitter report before they had even located the family.

But that wasn't all I saw. I kept seeing a kale leaf, a fresh but very torn one, so it must be important somehow.”

Hardy frowned. Those did not grow in Ellie's garden. If anything, they grew closer to the beach. He wondered if that would be a relevant detail, if SOCO had found any on the girl’s body. But it always possible that some were accidentally dragged from the beach to where she was killed. Or that she was killed by one of the beaches.

I think she was near one when she died, or near a kale plant. And she had photos on her. One of her and another girl. They're connected by a promise. The other is of girls she never knew. But the two are linked. All the way back to Sandbrook. Don’t dismiss anything or divide it up. It’s all connected, like a Celtic Knot.”

Connelly paused to see how the information was being taken, but he could get no reading off of the DI. The man was too good at hiding his real feelings. But he was not done. There was still more.

This murder, this one is going to shake the town worse than Danny's did. And it's not going to be the only one. It’s too late to stop the second, but you can and need to act to stop the third. If you don’t, there will be a fourth.

Hardy stiffened. Fourth? There had only been one murder. Why was Connelly talking as if there had been a second? “I'm not investigating this murder. DS Miller is.”

Connelly's eyes widened. “No, you have to be on the case. You may be the only one who can stop the killers.”

Connelly, I don't have time for this. You know too much. And you’re implying that another murder has already happened. I have to place you under arrest as a suspect.”

He raised his voice for the last part to draw the attention of nearby officers as he pulled out the cuffs, and began to read his rights.

Connolly spluttered in shock. “I told you, I don't wish for these visions!”

It's not my call. You'll be answering Miller's questions as soon as she has a moment.” He clicked the cuffs into place. “She's the lead investigator. Tucker,” he called out to one of the passing officers,


See this man gets questioned by Miller. He knows too much about the case.”

The psychic moaned and hung his head. “Here we go again,” he whispered.

Hardy pretended he did not hear.


To be continued...


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Dec. 30th, 2014 01:04 pm (UTC)
Poor Connelly, I can't help but sympathise with him though I still want to know where he gets his info from *narrows eyes*

(super short comment, I'm on my way to finish the episode today ;3)

Edited at 2014-12-30 04:04 pm (UTC)
Dec. 31st, 2014 06:18 am (UTC)
I think he'd like to know. To ask them to leave him alone or be a bit clearer. But I'm guessing as much as you are on that one.

Enjoy the rest! :D
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